the lower fox river watershed monitoring program    
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Bird and Amphibian Monitoring

In order to assess the biodiversity of the riparian community, bird and amphibian surveys are being performed as part of the LFRWMP. At a minimum of 10 stations along the riparian corridor, 10-minute bird counts are conducted on June mornings at daybreak to determine what species are using the habitat. Amphibian surveys are planned for three occasions in the spring as determined by overnight temperatures. Survey one occurs when overnight temperatures reach 41°F, survey two at 50°F, and survey three at 63°F. The time frame for amphibian surveys is from one-half hour after sunset to midnight. Audio CDs with detailed species’ calls provide the training for both the bird and amphibian assessments. (download spreadsheets: 2004-05 Bird Survey ; 2004-05 Frog Survey and Site Visit NEW)

Practicing Bird Counts at the Student Symposium