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  1. Select to search all sampling sites, to search by a particular site, or to search by a particular stream.
  2. Select to search all records or only audited data. Searching audited records will return only data that have been quality-assured by LFRWMP staff. Searching all records will also include data entered by participating teachers that have not yet been checked. For additional information, please see our QA/QC page.
  3. Select a table to query. Only macroinvertebrate index, habitat score and water quality tables can be queried. Other tables designated "NA" may be populated later; however, links to amphibian, bird and macroinvertebrate data summaries can be found on another web page. The site information table gives identification information for the sampling sites.
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Stream Monitoring Site Codes and Locations:
SiteID Site_Location Stream_Name
APP-MST-030 Frontage Rd near Campground Apple Creek
APP-MST-040 Campground - CTH U Apple Creek
APP-SBR-121 S. Branch - Detention Out Apple Creek
APP-SBR-123 S. Branch - Detention Mid Apple Creek
APP-SBR-125 S. Branch - Detention In Apple Creek
APP-SBR-130 S. Branch - French Road Apple Creek
ASH-MST-120 Creamery Road Ashwaubenon Creek
BRD-MST-060 Superior Road Baird Creek
BRD-MST-090 Northview Road Baird Creek
DUK-MST-050 CTH FF Duck Creek
DUK-MST-060 Overland Road Duck Creek
SPR-MST-020 CTH E / 4th Street Spring Brook
SPR-MST-030 9th Street Spring Brook
DUT-MST-110 Associated Bank Dutchman Creek
DUT-MST-380 Hidden Valley Park Dutchman Creek


Note Regarding Fall 2003 Student Data:

As it was the first year of the program, not all Fall 2003 data met precision goals for the project. However, these data were included in the database for comparison with subsequent years. As teachers and students familiarize themselves with project procedures, precision goals will be more stringently enforced for quality-assurance.