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Lower Fox RiverWatershed Monitoring Program

Fox River Watershed Maps

The following links are downloadable JPEG and Adobe PDF files for current maps of streams in the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program.


Area (km2)

Land Use and Land Cover

NRCS soil web site

Bird Survey Sites

Fox Wolf Basin 16,000



SSURGO Hydro-group and permeability

(png), (pdf)

N/A (temporary L. Fox Ortho final)

Lower Fox River (boundary shapefile)

(major boundary shapefile)

TMDL area


landuse PDF Image

boundaries PDF Image

permeability PDF image

Statsgo (pdf)

Shapefile of Surveyed Sites (2004-07, 2005-07 locations all same; WTM coordinates)
Apple Creek 140 (750 KB, jpg) (1.2 MB, pdf)   (750 KB, jpg) (1.3 MB, pdf)
Ashwaubenon 76 (600 KB, jpg) (1.3 MB, pdf)   (610 KB, jpg) (1.2 MB, pdf)
Baird Creek 68 (830 KB, jpg) (1.3 MB, pdf)   (850 KB, jpg) (1.4 MB, pdf)
Beaver Dam Creek 19 (550 KB, jpg) (1.1 MB, pdf)   N/A
Duck Creek 392   (830 KB, jpg) (1.3 MB, pdf)
Dutchman's Creek 78    
East River 374   N/A
Plum Creek        
Spring Brook (LFRWMP area only) ~ 58   (660 KB, jpg) (3.5 MB pdf)
Trout Creek 39 (2.5 MB, jpg), (0.3 MB pdf)    
Wequiock Creek, Mahon, East Shore

30, 6.9, 10

(png), (pdf)

SSURGO Hydro-group (png), (pdf)

Soil Slope % (png), (pdf)



  • Rain Gauges in Lower Fox River Subbasin (pdf) (jpg) DRAFT Precip data (XLS)

Apple Creek Phosphorus Forms Study Area