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School-Based Monitoring Program

The overall goal of the school-based program is to improve student, teacher and community stewardship and understanding of watershed and land use impacts on water quality and stream ecosystems (objectives).

Our Program:

Current News and Announcements

Upcoming events: 

June 1 - July 1: Bird Monitoring
----- Monitor at a minimum of 10 points over a 1-2 day period

 LFRWMP Summer Teacher Workshop -plans in progress

July 5- August 4: Summer Monitoring Period : Summer Monitoring Period
----- Monitor the same two stream stations for water quality, macroinvertebrates (Biotic Index) and habitat, don't forget Habitat Numerical Assessment form

We hosted our Eleventh Annual Watershed Symposium on April 8th, 2014, and it was our largest one yet!  More than 90 high school teachers and students shared research and information about the streams they monitor in our communities. Aquatic Ecologist and UW-Green Bay Alumnus Dan Cibulka of Onterra LLC was our keynote speaker. Afternoon sessions include a birding field trip with Prof. Bob Howe, a tour of the Richter Museum, and campus tours. To view our presentations and research posters, check out our Symposium Page.

Links to our latest outreach videos from Pulaski HS!

NEW Water (GBMSD) and the Green Bay Water Utility are hosting a celebration of World Water Day on Friday, March 21 at 1:00 p.m. at the Jack Day Environmental Education Center.  This annual event highlights issues facing our community, and recognizes partners for their efforts toward improving water quality. This event will launch the first annual “Watershed Champion Award,” which this year goes to teacher Charlie Frisk (who also serves as President of the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation) and his students at Luxemburg-Casco High School for their work on Baird Creek.

 New Water will recognize Charlie Frisk for his many years of work with the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation, the research work he and his students did on Baird Creek as part of the LFRMWP, Envirothon achievements, and contributions to community education and stewardship of our most valuable water resources, the Fox River and Green Bay.

 Charlie has been a part of LFRWMP since its inception in 2003.  Thank you so much Charlie for all you’ve done for our program and for our community. You are a wonderful teacher, activist, scientist, steward, and ambassador and I’m privileged to have this opportunity to work with you for the past four years, and hopefully many years to come.

 Congratulations Charlie!

View our new LFRWMP activities brochure !

In the News:  

WFRV Channel 5 news story: Unique program takes local students out of the classroom

Link to newspaper article in Oshkosh Northwestern:  Chemistry Club participates in Watershed Monitoring Symposium

GeoStory- we made it!  Congratulations to Elizabeth Braatz of Appleton North HS and her advisor, Jamie Sadogierski!

Our program received some national attention through National Geographic! The GeoStory features a photo of Elizabeth presenting research findings at the Lower Fox River Watershed Symposium on the UW-Green Bay campus last year.  Elizabeth’s story and thoughts are inspiring and she is a great ambassador for the program!  See the link below and have a great tour of what is happening out there (when you enter the website:  click on “start GeoStory” and then click on her picture -she is wearing a purple t-shirt):


Videos by our LFRWMP Students from Pulaski High School-- Green Bay and Fox River "Area of Concern" Water and Habitat Impairments

See our current article in Environmental Monitor Magazine  Wisconsin Watershed Program Involves High Schools to Collect, Share Data

Great Lakes Ice Cover Article here

Frog Call Quiz

Frogs-Useful Links  student/resources/frogs_useful_links.docx

Bird Call link

Photos of spring runoff into the Bay of Green Bay click here

See the calendar for other upcoming events.


Teacher Charlie Frisk and Baird Creek team students from Luxemburg-Casco and Preble High Schools were recently featured on the UWGB website. Click here to see the video.