the lower fox river watershed monitoring program    
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

University Environmental Science Course for High School Students

Stream Ecosystem Monitoring Field Experience
Env Sci 283A, Summer 2013

Course syllabus

A one credit watershed monitoring course is offered to high school students participating in the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program. This course is administered through the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences at UW-Green Bay. Students will normally begin participating in watershed monitoring activities prior to completion of their Junior year in high school and then complete this course for credit during the Spring semester of their Senior year. Students will perform the following stream ecosystem monitoring activities on a periodic basis: collection and analysis of physical and chemical water quality parameters; assessment of stream corridor habitat; and surveys of amphibians, macroinvertebrates and birds. In addition, students will present findings at an annual student watershed symposium, and prepare a final report.