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Web Services

External Linking


Thinking of linking to an external website? Think about this first...

In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), an .EDU domain holds a lot of clout. Any URL we choose to link to is raised up in their own search engine rankings simply because links to them.

In the eyes of a search engine, our link adds credibility to the third-party website. This is well known among search engine marketers and we are begged several times a month to provide outbound links to sites on all sorts of topics. (not to mention all the spam links posted on our blogs daily!)

We recommend that you carefully review any website you would like to link to and weigh out whether or not they are worthy of a link (read: endorsement) from us.

RSS Feeds

Along the same lines mentioned above, pulling in a feed full of constantly rotating links on our EDU domain to new content on a third-party site is the kind of text link advertising an internet marketer dreams of, and we'd be doing it for free. Technically we can add "nofollow" references to the links, but it's still a pretty big endorsement.

We recommend against this practice. If you feel strongly enough that providing a link to that site is important and of value to your audience, consider using a regular link instead.

One exception we would consider is if you would like to pull in a feed from a highly regarded academic journal with no peers.