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Web Services

Using Microsoft Expression Web

Expression Web menu drop-down

Connecting To Your Website

The first step to edit your website using Microsoft Expression Web is to properly open your site within the application.

  1. Be sure you have editor access to the web share you wish to manage. If you're not sure, inquire with the Web Services department.
  2. Map your web share on the workstation you will be using.
  3. Open Microsoft Expression Web and in the top menu, go to Site > Open Site.
  4. Enter the proper Location for your site and click Open. You'll see in the image below that the location begins with two backslashes, followed by the server name (typically weba or webc), then a slash and the name of your web share. If you are unsure of your site's location, contact Web Services.
    Opening a website in Expression Web

Many people find they prefer the code view to use word wrap. To turn this on, go to TOOLS > "Page Editor Options" and check the box for Word Wrap.