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Web Services

Off-Campus Editing

There are a number of different ways you can connect and update your website from off-campus. Below are the most common methods. If these don't work or you have other issues, please contact us for assistance.

Windows users with Microsoft Expression Web

  1. Open Expression Web
  2. Choose 'File > Open Site'
  3. Choose the 'Look in:' drop-down menu and choose 'Add/Modify FTP locations'
  4. In the Add/Modify FTP Locations dialogue box use the following settings:
    Name of FTP Site: Log on as: 'User', uwgreenbay\username (this is the same as your campus username)
    Password: your password (this is the same as your campus password)
  5. Choose 'Add', then 'OK'
  6. Choose 'Finish'
  7. This location is now saved and will be available by going to 'File > Open Site' and then choosing 'Web Sites'
  8. You can choose 'Edit live site now' which will edit the files directly or 'Edit local copy now, and publish changes to the server later'
  9. If you choose the publish option in step #8 you will need to publish files using the right arrow and get files using the left

Windows users with Dreamweaver

  1. Define a site choosing a local location on your computer for your files.
  2. Set the 'Remote Info' with the following settings:
    Access: FTP
    FTP host:
    Host directory: this should be left blank
    Login: uwgreenbay\username (this is your campus username)
    Password: your password (this is your campus login password)
  3. You can choose 'Automatically upload file to server on save' and every time you save a file the file will be uploaded to the server.
  4. If you don't choose the option in #3 then you will have to use the GET (green arrow) and PUT (blue arrow) functions. GET will pull the files from the server to your computer. PUT will place the files from your server to the Web server.


Connections needed to use FTP:

  • FTP host:
  • Host directory: leave blank it will automatically take you into your directory on the server
  • Login and password: use your campus username and password, putting uwgreenbay\ before your username.
  • NOTE: FTP access is provided by request only