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Web Services

Faculty & Staff Websites

All faculty and staff may have a website for professional or educational use, as long as the site is designed in accordance with the policies and procedures for the campus website.


Faculty and staff website URLs are pre-determined and typically cannot be changed. The URL will match your campus network account username like this:

Individuals interested in a custom URL to advertise professional organizations, research projects, grants, products, conferences, or services can pursue a "Marketing URL". More information on Marketing URLs and how they are approved on a case-by-case basis can be found in the website policies and procedures.


Each individual site represents a unique part of campus, but all sites together create one web presence. Your department site contributes to the perception of our University. We currently do not restrict faculty or staff to particular site designs or templates, but reserve the right to warn site owners or directly modify websites that are unprofessional or offensive. Please review our website policies and procedures for more information.


Web Services primarily supports academic programs and the top level pages of our website. We can assist with, but do not fully support, faculty and staff website development. You (or someone you designate) will be responsible for maintaining your own website within the web share we provide.

Your web share is like any other network share you may have access to, but is used for web purposes only. You can copy, move, or create files within the web share. The difference is that anything you put in your web share can be accessed by anyone using the Internet. You do not want to store sensitive material in the share. NOTE: This space is not to be used as a storage area for archived files.

Developmental Web Share

We highly encourage use of a developmental web share where you can work on files before they go "live" to the production server. This allows you to make changes to your website without others necessarily seeing your work in progress, and provides a way to test your work before it is made live. Let us know if you are interested in having a separate web share for development.

Working From Off-Campus

Off-campus editing is possible by default for all websites built within WordPress. If you need off-campus editing access to your non-WordPress website, please contact Web Services for the required access information.