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UW-Green Bay offers a blogging service powered by WordPress.

Blogs can be used for a variety of projects:

  • In courses to encourage discussion and debate
  • Student assignments
  • Publishing new ideas and areas of research to a much wider audience
  • Newsletter, or a faculty group blog to keep everyone up to date on departmental matters
  • Shared governance information
  • University wide conversations

Getting Started

To set up a new blog, contact Web Services with the following information:

  • purpose of the blog
  • title of the blog
  • who will be responsible for the blog

Once the blog has been approved and set up, you will receive instructions on how to customize your blog and get it going.


If you have an existing subsite within the domain, the URL of your blog will match your website directory like this:

If the blog is related to a specific course, the URL will contain the course number.

If the blog is for a faculty or staff member, the URL will match the username.

If the blog is not related to an academic program or a particular faculty/staff member, the directory name is negotiable.