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Web Services

WordPress Plugins

We use a network install of WordPress at UW-Green Bay. This allows us to manage hundreds of blogs on our domain using a single install. Because anything we install on the network can affect everyone else on the system, we only offer a limited selection of plugins that we have reviewed.

If you're looking for a specific functionality or have a request for a plugin you'd like to use, please email web services and we'll consider your request. Plugin requests will be evaluated based on how active the development is, how secure it appears when we review it, and how useful it may be to others on the system.

Mandatory Plugins

Below is a list of the plugins currently installed and network activated on all blogs (these cannot be disabled for any blog).

  • Active Directory Authentication - LDAP Authentication to allow you to login with your campus credentials.
  • Akismet - Comment Spam Filtering.
  • Google Analytics - Includes our campus-wide Google Analytics tracking code.
  • UWGB Shortcodes - Campus-wide shortcodes you can use in your blog for embedding things like slideshows, youtube videos, etc. Learn more about the shortcodes we currently support »

Available Plugins

These plugins are available upon request on a per-blog basis.

  • Authors Widget - Display list of authors in a sidebar if you have multiple authors on your blog.
  • Latest Tweet - Display the latest tweet from your twitter account.
  • Event Posts - If you're on a supported theme, we've created a custom post type to let you create events. This makes it much easier for you to promote events on your blog and is more effective than creating regular blog posts because you can set dates in the future. We also offer a few widgets to help you promote the events on your blog, and we can make them display on your main website as well.
  • Regenerate Thumbnails - If you've changed themes and need to regenerate your smaller images in the appropriate size for your new theme, let us know and we can do it in an automated fashion with this plugin.
  • Kimili Flash Embed - This helps you embed flash content in your blog. We'll activate this on a limited basis as we strongly recommend against flash content.

Highlighted plugins have been developed internally.