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Shortcodes for WordPress

[youtube id="xxxxxxx" width="xxx" height="xxx"] Videos

Looking to include a video in your blog post? Grab the ID for the video from the embed code on youtube's website, and use the youtube shortcode above. Width and height are optional, but recommended so we get the proportions correct for your video.
[vimeo id="xxxxxxx" width="xxx" height="xxx"] Videos

For videos, the ID is just the numbers from the URL. Width and height are optional.
[slideshare id="xxxxxxx"] Slideshows

Are you looking to include a slideshow (PowerPoint or otherwise) in a blog post? Once your slideshow is on slideshare, you can easily include it in your blog using our special shortcode. Just go to your slideshare page and find the embed code. In the embed code, you should see a reference along the lines of id="__s_9723178". This contains the ID for your slideshow which you'll need for your shortcode. Just grab the numbers from that code, drop them in place of the xxxxxxx, and like magic, your slideshare will be embedded in your post.
[ted id="xxxxxxx" width="xxx" height="xxx"] Videos

For TED videos, when viewing the video on their site, click the "Share" button below the video and copy/paste the shortcode they provide. Our system will take care of the rest. The shortcode they provide will look like this: [ted id=947], and you can add width/height settings if desired.