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Welcome back UW-Green Bay students! Hope you all enjoyed your vacation. Want to join an organization to keep the summer fun going right through the cold winter months in Wisconsin? We are accepting new members for the semester and beyond! We would LOVE to add you to our lineup! Joining is simple! All you need to do is contact the station at sowgbx@uwgb.edu to get started! WGBX offers great experiences and looks fantastic on a resume. Many opportunities are available so we can find something to match each need and desire. Looking forward to hearing from you and having you join the award-winning WGBX! Internship credits are also possible moving forward to help you achieve graduation status at UW-Green Bay. Contact us TODAY!

WGBX a New Era in Radio!

WGBX is the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s only on-campus radio station run by students, for students. The station was founded in 2005 by first Station Manager, Jason Habeck, and has grown every year since. The first General Manager, Ben Kvalo, increased both the amount of DJ’s and listeners in a year. General Manager Chad Kreinus and Station Manager Emily Makowski look to increase the amount of DJs and produce a station that will continue to grow on campus.  We’re located in the bottom floor of the University Union, in the Student Organizations room, so stop by and check us out!  Also, look for us on Facebook and Twitter!

WGBX is proud to be an award winning station after winning 3 Awards for Excellence at the 2009 WBA Student Awards, including the best website and the top sports shows out of any college in Wisconsin.  WGBX is proud to host multiple unique talk radio shows for the first time in 2012, with subjects ranging from politics to sports to music to pretty much whatever. We are UW-Green Bay's home for Rock and Alternative Music.  We’re also UW-Green Bay's home for Phoenix Athletics, as we host live broadcasts of soccer, volleyball, and softball matches available for free. To find out when your favorite shows are hitting the airwaves, be sure to check out the schedule by clicking the programs and events tabs at the top of your screen.

General Manager: Chad Kreinus, Station Manager: Emily Makowski, Promotions Directors: Michael Richmond, and Camille Kussow, Sports Director Clint Berge, Website Director: Jayme Thiel, Music Director Dylan Dobson. and over 40 other DJ’s on staff. To find out more about our staff and DJ’s, click the links at the top of your screen. WGBX is always excited about getting more on-air talent, so if you’re interested in DJing a music show or helping out with a talk show, please contact the station.

We’d like to thank all our listeners and supporters for tuning in and rocking out with us. WGBX is your station, and we’re proud to entertain the UWGB campus and the world with our programming. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!






WGBX streams Rock and Alternative Music Make sure you are ready to listen in to everything from rock to acoustic and all the stuff in between.  We will also feature a lot of local music, so if you know a band that wants to get their music on-air, have them contact us!

WGBX Interviews

WGBX interviews many tatented artists from Boys Like Girls to The Maine.  Also WGBX interviews many talented celebrites and sport's athletes such as David Cook and John Henson (First round draft pick for the Milwaukee Bucks) 


  Good Luck this Year!

WGBX wishes everyone the best this semester.  If you want to relieve some stress make sure to tune into WGBX!  "Most things I worry about never happen anyway"-Tom Petty

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