In 2005, Jason Habeck founded the station as a talk radio station.  He became the first Station Manager of the eventual WGBX.   After starting as a freshman at the University, Habeck began the process of creating the station, after only one semester the University agreed that it was time to get a student radio station on campus. In 2006 Andrew Pekarek came on board and was a vital part to starting the station. Both Pekarek and Habeck were passionate about the station and put in numerous hours configuring the new station Under Habeck’s direction, he developed a strategy, with the Chancellor and Dean, to create a web streaming station for the college campus.  After a year of meetings and station set-up, the station streamed live worldwide on October 7, 2005 with Andrew Pekarek, Jason Habeck, and then-chancellor Bruce Shepard, hosting the first show.  In his three years of managing the station, Habeck laid the groundwork for the plans of a new radio booth in the Union renovation in 2007, started talks with the athletic department to broadcast Phoenix Athletics, developed the first staff for the station, and the first station imagery.

In 2007 Ben Kvalo joined Habeck as joint Managers.  Kvalo became the Station Manager at the end of 2007 and has overseen a vast change in the station since taking over, including the selection of WGBX as the call letters.  During his time the station moved from what was a broom closet into a new radio booth in the basement of the University Union. Next up was new equipment, including a new mixing board, new microphones, a laptop and portable equipment for on-location events. In the fall of 2008 a new web design was made for WGBX to show the incredible change. During Kvalo's reign as Station Manager both the amount of DJs and the listenership has doubled four times over. Also, the station started broadcasting Volleyball, Softball, and Soccer. During 2009, the WBA presented WGBX with three Student Awards for Excellence, including:

1st place- Best Website

1st place- Sports Radio Show- The Double Team with Scott Kirst and Ryan Fantozzi

2nd place- Sports Radio Show- BC Sports Connection with Ben Kvalo and Chris Hady

Much of the credit has to go to the amazingly talented team Ben Kvalo pulled together for the fall of 2008 made of students who held the same passion for WGBX. Alex Ostrander, Chris Hady, Katelyn Broda, Adam Biemeret, Tim Maylander and Kvalo have led WGBX to become one of the major student organizations on campus and the University's only live media outlet. The growth continues and all the credit goes to the very dedicated DJs and Directors. All these people's hard work has enable the station to run concerts, help with charity events, and get involved with other organizations on campus to make a better environment for all students.

In the Fall of 2009, WGBX began another transitional phase that continues to take place until the Fall of 2010. First off, the station began having live-streaming music in the Rock/Alternative genres. Through countless hours of hard work by Ben Kvalo and Alex Ostrander WGBX, first time ever, played music on-air and had music shows. Along with this, Steve Paulus a DJ with the station is set to become the next General Manager. He began by taking over the position of Station Manager to learn the ins and outs of campus radio and will become the second-ever General Manager as Kvalo begins to take a step back to get ready for graduation. This slow but steady succession ensures the continuance of quality that WGBX guarantees. Paulus will lead, with the next generation of directors, WGBX to the next level in the years to come. Joining the staff as newcomers for the fall of 2009 is Public Relations Director Abby English, Entertainment Director Dan Schill, Sales Director Sanjay Murthy, Human Resources Director Jessie Moe, and Website Director Ryan Fantozzi along with holdovers Sports Director Chris Hady and Music Director Alex Ostrander.  For the Spring of 2010 WGBX added Emily Makowski as a Promotions Director.  It was an exciting beginning to the year with WGBX.  The station helped to run a band series called the "Deep Fried Series" with the Union and other clubs that brings even more concerts to campus separate from the many that WGBX currently runs.  The future continues to be bright for WGBX "A New Era in Radio".

Under new General Manager Steve Paulus, literally a new era in WGBX Radio began as he took over for Ben Kvalo who led WGBX from a closet in the Instructional Services building to become an award-winning station in the basement of the University Union that is now one of the largest student organizations on the campus of UW-Green Bay.  A new staff of directors fills in for a number of long time holdovers.  Aaron Clements took over as Sports Director for Chris Hady, Chad Kreinus became the second Music Director in station history as he took over for Alex Ostrander who graduated and moved on to the professional sound industry, Entertainment Director Dan Schill moved over to Website Director as Wes White took over Dan Schill's former position and Ryan Fantozzi moved on to Professional Radio as he graduated.  These former directors have surely been missed but they were replaced by a number of extremely talented and ambitious young directors ready to take the station to the next level. 

 In the beginning of 2010 Steve Paulus resigned as General Manager/Station Manager.  Chad Kreinus took over the position of General Manager and Emily Makowski took over the position of Station Manager.  Chad and Emily learned how to run the station without any assistance.  The station quickly gained its popularity back and is on the right track to award-winning status.



Jason Habeck's Accomplishments as Station Manager:


• Founded Station in the Spring 2005

• Hosted first ever show

• Created first station imagery

• Began talks with Athletic Department

• Got the first advertising deal for the station

• Put together the first ever staff


Ben Kvalo's Accomplishments as Station and General Manager:

• Took over station in the Spring of 2007

• Moved the station to new booth in 2008

• Got new equipment for the new booth

• Helped to make the station award-winning

• Received Music Licensing and CDs so that music could be played on-air for the first time in the stations history

• Received portable equipment to broadcast on-location

• Came up with WGBX as the name of the station

• Received permission to increase the staff from 4 to 10 people

• Station became fasting growing student organization on campus during the 2008-2009 year

• Took the station from 5 DJs to over 25 in a one year period

• Created the current format with 4 radio shows a day with music playing in-between

• Negotiated a number of big advertising deals for the station

• Received help to create a brand-new website that became award-winning in 2009

• Broadcast the first sporting event for WGBX

• Negotiated deals to do Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer for UWGB

• Helped to create a number of concerts and a concert series that was co-ran with other student organizations and the Union

• Ran the first charity drive for WGBX

• Created a business plan for WGBX

• Joined the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

• Created annual awards banquet for all DJs and Directors

• Helped to create annual March Metal Mayhem

• Helped to get nominated for Organization of the Year, Best New Organization on Campus, and Most

• Improved Organization during his time at the station and individually got nominated for a University Leadership Award 4 times

• Received WGBX's "Community Service" award for the 2007-2008 year and "Director of the Year" award for the 2008-2009 year


Steve Paulus's Accomplishments as Station and General Manager:

• Took over as Station Manager in the Fall of 2009 and General Manager in the Fall of 2010

• Began pre and post game broadcasts for UWGB Basketball games

• Got nominated for a University Leadership Award

• Received WGBX's "Rookie of the Year" award for the 2008-2009 year

• Received WGBX's "Director of the Year" award for the 2009-2010 year

Began getting all media outlets at UWGB to work together

Began the process of having WGBX work with the Communications Department

Chad Kreinus's Accomplishments as General Manager:


• Took over as General Manager in the beginning of 2010.

• Began broadcasting new innovative shows for listeners

• The original host of the Afterhours dance

• Got nominated for a University Leadership Award

• WGBX now works with the Communications Department

• Gained the most listenership for the show "Shock of Personality" during the fall 2012

• Gained new partnership for streaming live website

• Brought back broadcasting for sporting events

• Nominated for two WBA awards

• Gained partnerships with popular artist's and internet personalities for interviews

• Gained a partnership with PMI for the Resch Center

• Recruited over 20 DJ's and 7 other directors

• Brought back advertisements back to the station in 2012

• Received WGBX's "Event of the Year" award for the Thompson Square concert in 2010-2011

• Received WGBX's "DJ of the Year" award for the 2010-2011

• Received WGBX's "Event of the Year" award for the Hot Chelle Rae concert in 2011-2012

• Received WGBX's "Director of the Year" award for the 2011-2012


Emily Makowski's Accomplishments as Station Manager:


• Received WGBX's "Rookie of the Year" award for 2009-2010

• Received WGBX's "Director of the Year" award for 2010-2011

• Recruited over 20 DJ's and 7 other directors

• WGBX now works with the Communications Department

• Brought back broadcasting for sporting events

• Got nominated for a University Leadership Award

• Nominated for two WBA awards

• Brought back broadcasting for sporting events

• Gained new partnership for streaming live website








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