Advertising Guidelines:

All advertising must be turned into the station manager or student advisor two weeks prior to the ads being aired. This will allow WGBX to work the ads into certain shows

  • Ads must be e-mailed to the station manager with details.
  • Ad must go over 30 seconds in length.
  • Ad must comply with University of Wisconsin-Green Bay guidelines.


Rates and Packages:


depends on
the event
depends on
the event


We as a radio station on campus would like to start bringing live acts to the University for the students. Sponsorship of events like this are needed and can benefit both the business and campus involved. Some aspects of the sponsorship may include:

  • Attaching your company or organizations name to an event.
  • Special recognition during the event.
  • Special recognition during the advertising slots including the event.


Underwriting is the sponsorship of programs on campus. This is a brief description 15 to 30 seconds in length about a feature of a business, but cannot be used to persuade the audience to act upon the message.


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