How It Is


Covers: Entertainment, Controversy, and Random Talk

Genre: Issues Talk

How It Is is an issues, debate, advice, celebrity talk show with up to four hosts.  Abby, Emily and Jessie have a great variety of differences and bring out a variety of interesting topics.  If you want to hear about Movies, Celebrity News,Daily News, Advice, and much more, this is the show for you!

Emily Makowski AKA "E-Mak" Co-Host

Emily brings a more conservative side to the issues.  She is unsure of her future goals, but hopes to do something that involves writing.  She is currently a Sophomore.  She went to high school at the largest high school in Wisconsin (Arrowhead).  She is very creative and runs the advertising for WGBX, having come up with a lot of unique and interesting ideas to promote the station.  Emily has two little brothers and a sister.


Abby English AKA "Abs of Steel" Co-Host
Abby brings a moderate view of politics and issues to the table.  She has a firecracker personality and is not afraid to speak her mind.  Abby is currently a Senior and has a younger sister in high school.  She plans on working in radio or to go to law school someday.



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