STAFF: 2015-2016


That Guy


 That Guy is a huge fan of music, math, theory, and sports. He is currently the General Manager, Station Manager, Marketing, Web Designer, and a full time student with his major is in the Electrical Engineering field. He decided to join the WGBX radio station to give people dance music for their parties, Monday jams to get the week started, rock music to really jam out to, and classical music to explian the evolution of music through time (although his interest is rock, all rock, all day). Explaining his theories of music, people, and other odds and ends, That Guy strives to explain the unexplainable, and gain knowledge in understanding how things work. "The universe is complicated. Learning about it all is fun and simply outstanding. I encourage everyone to get out there and expand their minds. Imagination is not something restricted to when you were a kid. Imaginaton is just an extension of ourselves, our feelings, and who we are. Music can help express feelings we find inexpressable through other means. Also, knowing someone else feels the same way, and listens to the same music says a lot about that person."




STAFF: 2013-2014


Clint Berge


 Clint is in his first year as the General Manager of WGBX. Having spent the previous two years as the station’s Sports Director, Clint learned what it took to lead the station. Since taking over, WGBX has more than doubled its staff, has purchased new computers and new promotional items, rejoined the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and much more! Clint also works as a public address announcer for several Green Bay Phoenix athletic events. He has also worked as a Sports Intern at WBAY-TV in Green Bay. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful girlfriend, family and friends, and cheering on the Packers, Brewers and Phoenix.



Josh Bernhardt 


Josh is currently a junior and double majoring in Political Science and Communications with an emphasis in public relations and mass media. He has been a part of WGBX for three years as the talk show host of Jibba Jabba with Josh and James. He is very excited to be named Station manager and join a great group of directors to help produce the best radio possible He enjoys sports and music. In the past few years his summer highlights have been waterskiing which he has really grown to enjoy.  Josh has aspirations to get into the media someday whether that be radio or TV. He also has political aspirations and dream is to become President of the United States.  He is very excited about the 2013-2014 WGBX season and truly believes it will be the best one yet!





Brett Bangen




Charles Andrews


Chuck Andrews, also known by his radio name Chuck Hancock, is Music Director (appointed March 2013) and host of "What the Chuck." He started at WGBX in September of 2012 where the idea of What the Chuck was born. He currently has a Facebook page, a podcast, a Twitter handle, Instragram account and YouTube channel where he posts videos of his interpretations of topics he discusses. You can search for him on any platform using whatthechuck99. Chuck is a senior in the Communication department with an emphasis in Mass Media and Public Relations and anticipates graduating in May. He currently works at WIXX as a board operator during Packer and Phoenix games.



Jayme Thiel


Jayme is a senior Human Biology major and English minor who started with the station back in 2011. He's been with the station for nearly 3 years now and may be leaving us the summer of 2014. Until then, he plans to launch the new WGBX webpages this January and aid in the rebranding of the station, which could include eveything from shirts to a brand new YouTube channel for the station! Stay tuned for goodies from this guy!


Jacob Westendorf


Jacob is in his second year at UWGB, as a transfer student from Rockford Illinois. Jacob is a communication major with an emphasis in Mass media and journalism. Jacob hosts two shows for WGBX titled "Pulse of the Pack" and "Wags and West" on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Jacob is the sports director at the radio station. 




Ben Liebmann


Ben is a man of humble beginnings. He was born in the rural Wisconsin town of Freedom, to parents Patrick and Kelly. He shared the privilege with his younger sister Lily. He was send to St. Nicholas School for many year of vigorous study. He emerged with an average GPA and an intimate knowledge of the Catholic Church.  From there, it was off to give the public school system a try. During his attendance of Freedom High, he participated in a bevy of activities from football and baseball to Art club and Chess club. He is now in his sophomore year at UWGB  studying Communication. He does a sport talk show called Real Talk with his roommate Tuesdays at 6pm and is he is currently the Human Resources Director for WGBX.




Paige McAuly


Paige McAuly is entering her second year at WGBX. She serves as the Assistant General Manager of the station. She is in her junior year at UWGB along with Bellin College of Nursing as a nursing student working on her BSN. She loves to be outside, help people and volunteer her time as much as she can. Her dream is to work at a well-known children’s hospital in the state of Wisconsin. She works hard to keep WGBX’s station looking great and working to create advertisements to promote WGBX.




Station Manager: Christina Hacksbarth
Station Manager: Jason Habeck

Station Manager: Jason Habeck
Station Manager: Andrew Pekarek

Station Manager: Jason Habeck
Station Manager: Ben Kvalo
Entertainment Director: Adam Biemeret
Marketing: Andrea Frederick
Sports Director: Chris Hady

Station Manager: Ben Kvalo
Entertainment Director: Adam Biemeret
PR/Marketing: Kateyln Broda
Sports Director: Chris Hady
Music Director: Alex Ostrander
News Director: Tim Maylander

General Manager: Ben Kvalo
Station Manager: Steve Paulus
Entertainment Director: Dan Schill
PR Director: Abby English
Sports Director: Chris Hady
Music Director: Alex Ostrander
Sales Director: Sanjay Murthy
HR Director: Jessie Moe

Website Director: Ryan Fantozzi

Promotions Director: Emily Makowski


General Manager: Steve Paulus
Entertainment Director: Wes White
PR Director: Abby English
Sports Director: Aaron Clements
Music Director: Chad Kreinus
HR Director: Jessie Moe

Website Director: Dan Schill

Promotions Director: Emily Makowski

Advisor: Ben Kvalo


General Manager: Chad Kreinus
Station Manager: Emily Makowski
Sports Director: Clint Berge
Music Director: Dylan Dobson

Website Director: Jayme Thiel

Promotions Director: Camille Kussow

Entertainment Director: Jenna Richter

Advisor: Ben Kvalo














































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