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How to Find Your Way Around the WFC Site

As you enter the WFC house, take a moment to look over this blueprint so you know where we've put things. Click the name of the room you'd like to visit along the left margin or within the blueprint text, and enjoy your stay! Watch out for the cat, and please excuse the dust on the furniture. The carpenters haven't been cleaning up after themselves.

What's New?. The "What's New ?" logo is always a good place to start if you visit regularly. It is a journal of major additions to the site so you'll know what we've added since your last visit. You'll be able to access our new furnishings, books, art work and music directly from the "What's New?" page as we add them.

Front Door. The way in, naturally. The "home page." No need to knock, the door is always open. If you don't want to see the moving canoe being paddled across the top of the screen by a hardy "voyageur" or hear the old voyageur song that keeps beat with his oar, make a bookmark of this (blueprint) page and use it instead.

Welcome Mat. Please wipe your feet before entering. Links to the residents; guidelines for submitting material to this project; definition of "francophone" and list of francophone countries around the world. This project concerns ties that Wisconsin has to all francophone countries.

Project Desk. We just cleaned it ,so you can see the desk top for a change. The WFC Project Description is sitting right on top. Take a look if you would like to know about it. Also includes links to French place names in Wisconsin (we'll be adding audio files soon, so you can compare the way local folks pronounce them and the way they would sound in French). Notice the photo of Project Director, Gabrielle Verdier, receiving an award from Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. Please don't smudge the photo. It's a family memento.

Library. The shelves of the library are starting to fill up fast. The card catalogue is divided into several categories:

  • History of French-speaking people in Wisconsin (Find out what a Walloon is);
  • A growing collection of on-line articles to read in the overstuffed easy chair next to the fireplace;
  • An atlas of fascinating old maps showing how map makers saw North America and the Great Lakes in the the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. We'll be adding more maps to the library walls as soon as we can afford to have them framed;
  • More information on francophone Wisconsin;
  • Space for school research projects.
Photo Album. Take a look through the album of pictures of anything and everything that is an image of the State's French and Francophone Connections. Feel free to add your own. We'll get another album when space runs out.

Family Room. Look here for all sorts of information on Wisconsin's families with francophone origins. There are family histories (consider writing yours), family anecdotes, statistics on ethnic origins, etc. You might even find Uncle Louie.

Office. The WFC Office is the place to look for information on Wisconsin's business connections with French-speaking countries, on sister city agreements, school and teacher exchanges, etc. As always, if you see notice that is missing, feel free to send us the information to add.

Study. Students from around the state are working on projects for Wisconsin's French Connections. If you teach and have an idea for class or individual projects, we'll find a nice spot for them in the Study or in one of our other rooms. Soon you will also find interactive quizzes on French Wisconsin, plans for study units, teachers' comments on and suggestions for projects, guided web exercises, etc. in the Study area. All we ask is a little silence, please.

Media Center. The computer on the desk leads to a long list of Web sites linking Wisconsin with the Francophone World. The stereo is ready to play some French tunes ( We plan on adding more, and we'll manage to make the words available for you one of these dayss so you can sing them to your friends.) We also plan to add some short video clips. Please don't crank the volume. The neighbors are rather sensitive.

CalendarThe calendar next to the phone will let you know what French and francophone cultural events you might like to take advantage of throughout Wisconsin. You can pencil in (well, e-mail in, actually) any you'd like to add.

Art Studio We hope the walls of the art studio will soon be covered with your art work. Do you have a social studies class studying Wisconsin's history? Perhaps you'd like to see some of your students' art work on the walls of our studio. Whenever the spirit moves you, please feel free to draw on the Art Studio walls, yourself. You don't have to be Monet.

Kitchen. When you feel hungry, find some French, Québécois, North African, Belgian,or other delicious recipes here. Please wash your own dishes and save a few bites for the webmaster.

Address Book. Need to locate one of the project directors? Here's what you need. We plan to add all sorts of related addresses (museums, area resource centers, genealogical societies, cultural organizations, etc.) Please send us any you have.

MailboxYou can drop us a note or post card any time you want. We'd love to hear from you.

 We'd like to thank Sue Mckay who designed our animated voyageur canoe and a number of the other graphics that decorate the WFC house. Thanks as well to project assistants Ellen-Marie Pumo, Sarah Mcdaniel, Diane Duffey, and Anna Yevsiyevich. All these good folks are from UW-Milwaukee. Thanks also to the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay for providing server space and to the many who have contributed to the site from all corners of Wisconsin and beyond.

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