Family history said our Louis OZIOS came from Quebec but the name had been changed and the records were lost. They also said that after his mother and a baby sister's death, his father left the home for Michigan or Wisconsin. But a fur trading record I obtained from the Wisconsin Historical Society (a copy of which I will mail you) showed

1) the name was originally BOUDREAU and
2) the family was from Nicolet, Quebec.

With that I determined his birth record, the records of his mother's (Marie Lemire) and sister's death.

Louis' father (Louis OSIAS BOUDREAU) left Quebec in 1836. Louis was raised by an Uncle.

When Louis, 1833-1883, was about 22 years old, he came to Wisconsin in search of his father. What he found was that his father had 1) died a short time earlier, 2) his father's "new" wife, as of 1841, Margaret DEMARAIS.

Louis Osias BOUDREAU as he was identified in Crawford, had stated on his second marriage he was a widow and had been married to Marie Neyre. (Which has to be "Lemire) and his "new children." half brother and Half sisters to Louis of 1833, another, also named "Louis, this one born 1845."

The Prairie du Chien family:
Louis Osias BOUDREAU (1801-1855) & Margaret DEMARAIS:
* Philomen born 18 Feb 1846
* Lila christened 13 Jan 1850
* Louis born 30 April 1845
* Marguerite born 1 Nov 1843 - married 1) Joseph G. LAMOTT 10 Dec 1862, 2) Richard PRICE 15 Nov 1856
* Baptiste

One daughter was to have been married to a McCarthy but that has never been found.

Louis (1833-1883) family - all born in Chippewa Falls as found on Notre Dame records:

Wife: Josephine BOISSEAU, born 17 Dec,1848, died abt 1885, Chippewa Falls, WI) daughter of Joseph BOISSEAU and Mary Ann.

*Emma Magdalena 29 Nov. 1864-8 Nov. 1881, born Chippewa Falls, died Los Angelas - married Joseph Stanislaus DUMONT.

* Louis born abt 1866-10 Sept 1882 - Chippewa Falls

*Mary Ellen - 15 April 1868 - Chippewa Falls, married 12 Jul 1888 Frederick William POPPE

*Olive abt 3 July 1870, Chippewa Falls - died 1894, 1895 - marreid Sam SHOOP about 1890 near Greenwood, WI

*Alexander born 28 Nov 1873, Chippewa Falls, died about 1926/1927 Los Angelas, married Hanna GLINN about 1902

* Josephine born 27 Jan 1876 Chippewa, died 13 June 1891/1892, married 13 Jun 1891/1892 Ernest Gottlieb POPPE, Withee, WI

* Adeline born 23 Dec 1877 Chippewa Falls, died as a child

* Margaret Elizabeth born 7 Nov 1879 died in infancy

* Albert born 1880/1881 Chippewa Falls, died 19461947., married 6 May 1903 Ashland, WI to Margarete

* Josephine, born 3 May 1882, Chippewa Falls

All of these lines can be found at: Rootsweb - for all the records

I found a book in the Seattle Public Library by a Betty Madden *Ancestors of Exzelia Elizabeth Boudreau and Branch Lines of the Boudreau Senezque, Senet and Maynard Ancestors,* with many of the Quebec connections and since then have copies of the Quebec parish registers going back to first entry into Canada of the family.

I will send you a copy of the Fur Trading Records showing Louis born 1801 Also a copy from *Gould's History of River Navigation* page 728 showing BURDEAU on the Lower Mississippi. Louis, born 1833 supposively worked on the flat river boats up and down the Mississippi before the Civil War. A copy from *Past and Present of Chippwa County* Page 311 showing Mr. Osai (born 1833) who built the first house on Catholic Hill about 1856.

Finally, a copy of the finding of his body in 1883.

You can see this family is rich in Wisconsin history. Thank you for this opportunity.

submitted by Karen Miller
page added: September 22, 2000

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