I have french family history in Wisconsin....My Great Grandpa William Leo Bougie's family came down to Wisconsin from French Canada (Quebec) and their lands they lived in and farmed on were deeded to them by King Louis of France (don't know exactly which Louis it was, since I know there were more than 1). This was in and around the DePere area of Wisconsin. My Great Great Grandpa John Baptist Bougie and his brothers were deeded 160 acres apiece from the King. The Bougie family settled in the area and became woodworkers, carpenters, farmers, seamstresses, teachers and principals. They also build the first and many barns, silos, roads and bridges in that area. Also they built the very first cheese factories. Also, on their farms they used tools that they themselves made from tree branches, wood and metal.

The name "Bougie" is french for "candlemaker".

My Great Great Grandpa John Baptist Bougie was pure French.

I don't know if they were BORN in the Wisconsin area, but my Great Grandparents were deceased in Wisconsin. Their dates are:

William Leo Bougie:
June 17, 1907 (born) - March 18, 1996 (deceased)

Catherine Marie Noe (she married William Leo Bougie January 10, 1934)
September 3, 1914 (born) - January 27, 1998 (deceased)

If you need anymore information or want anymore information feel free to write me: Albrie Miller

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