Le Blanc

Le Blanc-Hisgen, Jane I am fascinated by your efforts to trace French and French Canadian history of Wisconsin because my family makes up part of that history. I am just beginning to try to learn more about my genealogy. My grandfather, whom I never met unfortunately, came from New Brunswick. Le Blanc ( had been changed by a slip of a pen I believe to La Blanc ( grammatically incorrect!) He married Alice Paquette daughter of Jean Baptiste Paquette and MarieLouise Laroque. I've heard stories about my great grandmother Paquette. They lived in Marinette and my grandfather worked in logging until he was injured. According to info. I found on the internet, all Acadien Le Blanc's have oneDaniel LeBlanc as their forefather. He was born in France around 1626 and arrived in Acadie in app. 1650.
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