Mouton-Riggio, Suzanne I was born Suzanne Marie Mouton, a Cajun from Louisiana. I have traced myFrench roots for 14 generations, back to Marseilles. Between me and Marseilles,there was Nova Scotia, then called Acadie. And there was the Grand Derangementfrom Acadie to the bayous of La Louisiane. One of my ancestors, Jean Mouton,founded Lafayette, Louisiana. An uncle many times removed was governor of thestate. When I came along in 1932 during the Depression, things were rough. Myfather was a sharecropper. Later, during World War II, he became a welder inshipyards and a worker in an airplane factory. I graduated from BreauxBridge (Pont Breaux) High School where French is still spoken. I attendedLSU, met young Donald Riggio from Ohio, a graduate student in music. Wemarried before I completed my degree and proceeded to start our family.We subsequently lived in Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, Ohio again, Illinois, andWest Virginia, the latter for 35 years.

Mouton Family History

From "The Moutons" by J.Franklin Mouton III
Contributed by Suzanne Mouton Riggio

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Cyriaque Degeyter, Sr. (b. March 16, 1869)

Honorina Castille Degeyter (b. October 1, 1874)

Married October 8, 1895

Grandparents of Suzanne Mouton Riggio



Rose Degeyter Mouton (b. February 18, 1912)

Mother of Suzanne Mouton Riggio


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