Sippy, Tremeau, Beaumont, La Mer

I have several anscestors who have French surnames. Joseph Tremau or Tremeau who came to the Colonies to support the revolution. He was a marine in the French military who came with LaFayette and was under the officer De Grasse. He fought at Yorktown. For some reason he changed his name to Sippy. He married a woman from Virginia named Lucretia Johnson who was born in northern Ireland. They had 18 children. One of their sons, Dr. Joseph Sippy came to Wisconsin just after the Civil War from Akron, IN. Over time several of his brothers and their families likewise migrated to Wisconsin from Indiana and settled in Richland County. Dr. Joseph Sippy had a life long quest to find a place to settle that had perfect weather and atmosphere to promote health. He settled or founded Neptune, WI which is in the County of Richland. I also have two great grandmothers who were probably from the Green Bay area at one time, one who lived in Stevens Point the other in Richland County. Their srnames were Beaumont and La Mer. Family myth or fact says that the Dr. Beaumont of Green Bay's early military history was related. I assume that all were Huguenots since my family on both sides have been protestant as far back as I can determine.


Dr. John C. Sippy
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

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