The Valiquette Family

(Information obtained from an interview with Lynne Valiquette, an English teacher at Longfellow Middle School in LaCrosse, WI)

The Valiquette family, which originated in Normandy, traveled to Canada and settled in the French-speaking region what we know now as Quebec. Buck Valiquette, the great grandfather of Keith Valiquette, husband of Lynne, came to the LaCrosse area along with the rest of the Valiquette family and other travelers and settled in the area of French Island. For a living they were trappers and traders. They had Native American blood and got along well with the natives.

Buck built a farm known as Oak Ridge Farm near Onalaska although when that area flooded and formed Lake Onalaska the farm was destroyed. You can still see ruins of it today though. When the Valiquettes were first situated in this area they worked on the railroad.

The Valiquette family is a very common French name in the area along with the Jolivettes and the Goyettes. To find more information about these families you can contact two people who have written a book containing information about these families entitled Family History of Jolivette. Their addresses are:

Wanda J. Hayni
327 Moro
Manhatten, Kansas 66502

June Carson
2216 Seaton Avenue
Manhatten, Kansas 66502

Interview conducted by Kristen Lawrynk, student at Central High School, LaCrosse, WI, student of Dianne Seyler.

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