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1. Charles Germain dit Belisle, son of Henri Germain dit Belisle and Genevieve Marcot, m. 12 January 1750, Deschambault, Josette Arcand, daughter of Francois Arcand and Francoise Dubreuil.


1.1 Marie-Louise Germain dit Belisle. m. 4 February 1771, St-Cuthbert, Alexis Heve, son of Joseph Heve and Barbe Gauthier.


1.2 Pierre Germain. m. 25 January 1779, Berthier, Genevieve Adam, dau. of Antoine Adam and Madeleine Yvon.


1.2.1 Pierre Belisle dit Germain. m. 22 July 1822, Berthier, Marie-Louise Berard dit Lepine, dau. of Joseph Berard dit Lepine and Marguerite Barthe dit Belleville.


1.2.2 Marie-Louise Germain dit Belisle. m. 14 February 1803, Berthier, Thomas Lavoie, son of Joseph Lavoie and Veronique Boucher.


1.2.3 Judith Germain dit Belisle. m. 1 February 1802, Berthier, Louis Marsan, son of Charles Marsan and Catherine Rondeau. Charles Germain dit Belisle witnessed as her uncle.


1.2.4 Suzanne Bellisle. m. 3 August 1812, Ste-Elisabeth, Joseph Roy, son of Louis Roy and Amable Lanoraye of St-Paul-de-Joliette.


1.3 Charles-David Germain dit Belisle, d. before 1850, Grand Isle Co., Vt./died 13 and buried 14 February 1847,aged about 95 years, St. Joseph du Corbeau, Cooperville, N.Y. Witnesses Louis Paquet and Joseph Lepine. Died yesterday at the Grand Isle.


1843 school list, Grand Isle, Vt.

1840 census, Grand Isle, Vt., as David Germain.


m. (1) 14 November 1788, St-Cuthbert, Berthier Co., Quebec, Suzanne Adam, daughter of Antoine Adam and Madeleine Yvon.

m. (2) 6 February 1792, Berthier, Berthier Co., Quebec, Marie-Archange Neveu, daughter of Vital Neveu and Marguerite Brisset, born c. 1772--died 23 May 1820, Berthier, buried 25 May, aged about 48 years.

m. (3) 13 August 1823, St-Paul-de-Joliette, Marie-Anne Mongle, dau. of Jean Mongle and Angelique Panneton of l'Assomption. Her second marriage is recorded October 24/26, 1850, Grand Isle, Vt., as Andrew Martin to Mary Bellisle/Billings of Grand Isle. It was rehabilitated in a religious ceremony, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., 29 April 1851, as Andre Martin dit Barnabe to Marie Anne Mongle.


Child of the first marriage and his descendents:


1.3.1 Charles Belisle-Germain, b. c. 1790. m. 14 February 1814, St-Cuthbert, Marie-Anne-Jeanne Dauphin, buried 3 January 1833, Berthier, age 38 years, died 31 December, dau. of Noel Dauphin and Celeste Denomme; m. (2) 22 October 1833, St-Cuthbert, Julie Sylvestre, dau. of Pierre Sylvestre and Josephte Beaugrand-Champagne. Charles Germain-Belisle, bap. 26 June 1815, Berthier. Henriette Germain-Belisle. Bap. as Marie-Henri Germain, 1 October 1818, Berthier. m. 27 November 1838, Berthier, Joseph Adam, son of Pierre Adam and Marguerite Valois. Marguerite Belisle-Germain, bap. 25 December 1820, Berthier. m. 5 July 1842, Berthier, Alexis Adam, son of Pierre Adam and Marguerite Valois. Sophie Belisle-Germain. m. 22 November 1842, Berthier, Pierre Sylvestre, son of Amable Sylvestre and Marie-Anne Dauphin. Marie-Eleonore Belisle-Germain, bap. 2l August 1824, Berthier, born yesterday. m. 8 August 1843, Berthier, Prosper Bidaguin dit St-Martin, of St-Thomas, son of Nicolas Bidaguin dit St-Martin and Isabelle Rondeau. Aglae St-Martin, b. 10 May 1868, baptized 11 May 1868, Redford, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Medard Perrot and Elize Langevin. Adelaide Germain-Belisle. m. 16 February 1843, Berthier, Amable Sylvestre, son of Amable Sylvestre and Marie-Anne Dauphin. Pierre Germain dit Belisle, bap. 22 July 1826, Berthier, born yesterday. Jean-Baptiste Germain-Belisle, bap. 24 July 1828, Berthier. Louis Belisle-Germain, bap. 23 September 1834, Berthier, born yesterday. m. (1) 16 August 1853, St-Barthelemy, Emerance Proscotte; m. (2) 15 July 1857, St-Norbert, Jesse Valois. Prosper Belisle. m. 16 September 1873, Maskinonge, Rose-de-Lima Dupuis, dau. of Onesime Dupuis and Marie Adam.


Children of the second marriage and their descendants: these children settled primarily in Clinton Co., N.Y. and Pepin Co., Wis.


1.3.2 Marie-Archange Germain-Belisle, b. c. 1792/3. m. 4 April 1811, Berthier, Antoine Piette dit Trempe, son of Joseph Piette-Trempe and Charlotte Dupuis of Maskinonge. (Joseph Piette, son of Jean-Baptiste Piette and Francoise Antilla/Antayac m. 2 February 1761, Maskinonge, Charlotte Dupuis, dau. of Charles Dupuis and Ursule Sicard. They had other sons: Jean, Charles, and Louis. This line was earlier at Sorel.)


1.3.3 Alexis Germain dit Belisle, bap. 15 February 1794, Berthier.


1.3.4 Jean-Baptiste Germain dit Belisle, buried 27 January 1796, Berthier, aged one month 4 days.


1.3.5 Honoree Germain-Belisle, bap. 23 December 1796, Berthier. m. 7 September 1818, Berthier, Joseph Berard dit Lepine, son of Joseph Berard dit Lepine and Marguerite Barthe dit Belleville. Frequently called Leonore/Eleonore. Descendents in Clinton Co., N.Y. and Pepin Co., Wis. For descendents, see under LaPEAN.


1.3.6 Marguerite Germain-Belisle. m. 20 November 1821, Berthier, Antoine Berard dit Lepine, son of Joseph Berard dit Lepine and Marguerite Barthe dit Belleville. Descendents in Clinton Co., N.Y., Toledo, Ohio. and Pepin Co., Wis. For descendents, see under LaPEAN.


1.3.7 Marie-Amable Belisle-Germain, bap. 30 May 1801, Berthier. m. (1) 28 August 1820, Berthier, Joseph/Pierre-Louis Bidaguin dit St-Martin, widower of Rose/Angelique Guilbault of Ste-Elisabeth, son of Pierre-Louis-Martin Bidaguin dit St-Martin and Marie-Rose Genereux, b. c. 1762--buried 7 September 1832, Berthier, died of cholera. Amable Germain-Belile, widow of Pierre Bidagan dit Saint Martin, m. (2) 12 November 1833, Ste-Elisabeth-de-Joliette, Louis Roque, widower of Angelique Lescarbeault. For the children of her first marriage, see under MARTIN/St. Martin. The children of her second marriage settled in Grand Isle Co., Vt.


Children of the third marriage. These people settled primarily in Grand Isle Co., Vt.


1.3.8 Arcos/Archange/Angeline Belisle. 1843 school list, Grand Isle Co., Vt. As Arcong Belisle m. Joseph Blow 2nd, 5 June 1843, Grand Isle, Vt. Buried 23 July 1859, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., age 36.


1.3.9 Edis/Edesse Belle Isle/Billile, b. c. 1830, Canada. m. (1) 24 September 1846, Grand Isle, Vt., David (Dubin) Martin-Barnabe, b. c. 1823, Canada--d. 25 August 1863, Grand Isle, Vt. m. (2) 27 September 1864, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Michael Briggs of Chazy, N.Y., French name Maxime Pontbriand/Pombrieau/PontBrillant, b. Sorel, Canada, son of Eustache Pontbriand and Felicite Vandal, widower of Julie Pinsonneau. 1850 census, Grand Isle Co., Vt.


1.3.10 Aiken Billings (Ahan Belile, Etienne Germain). m. 27 October 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Mary Sylvestre, b. c. 1833/35, Canada, daughter of Peter and Catherine (Gregoire) Sylvestre. Lived at Grand Isle, Vt. Augusta Billings, b. c. 1857, Vt.-- d. 1927. m. 13 June 1875, Grand Isle, Vt., John Pariseau, b. c. 1853, St. Charles, Canada, son of Joseph Dalpe-Pariseau and Marie-Reine Meunier dit Lapierre. Susan Billings, b. c. 1859/60, Vt.-- d. 1951. m. 14 January 1878, Grand Isle, Vt., Joseph Thebeault, b. c. 1855, St. Casmir, P.Q., son of Joseph-Charles Thebeault and Sophie Lamothe. Ann Billings, b. c. 1862, Vt. 1880 census as Anna Billings, age 17. m. 16 August 1881, Grand Isle, Vt., Joseph LaMott, age 21, son of Joseph and Gertrude (Rabior/ Robillard) LaMott.


1.3.11 Sarahann Belile/Sarah M./Sarah A. Billings, b. c. 1839, Grand Isle, Vt.--d. 3 May 1903, age 63, Grand Isle, Vt. m. Henry Sylvester, b. c. 1830/31, Canada--d. 10 April 1906, Grand Isle, Vt., aged 75 years 9 months 11 days, son of Peter and Catherine (Gregoire) Sylvestre. For descendents, see under SYLVESTER.


1.3.12 John Hyde/Jack Billings/John Germain, b. c. 1844/46--d. 22 October 1874, Grand Isle, Vt., aged 29 years 6 months 22 days. Baptized 14 January 1846, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt., son of Charles Germain and Marie Moner. Godparents Joseph Bloss and Arcanse Beline. m. 2 July 1871, Grand Isle, Vt., Flavia Bullock, age 13, daughter of Lewis and Elisa (Parot) Bullock. Co. F, 12th N.Y. Cavalry, Civil War Service.


1.4 Marie-Josette Germain dit Belisle. m. (1) 9 January 1770, St-Cuthbert, Michel Berard dit Lepine, son of Gabriel Berard dit Lepine and Therese Chevalier; m. (2) 4 November 1794, St-Cuthbert, Joseph Moreau, widower of Charlotte Cottenoir.


1.5 Marie Germain dit Belisle. m. 24 February 1783, St- Cuthbert, Jean-Baptiste Plante, widower of Josette Ladouceur.


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