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Information from Mrs. Norma Mills, Alexandria, Va.

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Information from Sister Barbara Bashaw, Ellsworth, Wis.


At times this name was further anglicized from Bashaw to



1. Louis Bashaw/Bergeron/Barshan/Bergion, b. 4 April 1800/c. 1792-98, Canada--d. 13 April 1883, "aged 78", Pepin Co., Wis. m. Mary Taryon, b. Santime, Canada, 23 March 1804 (or 10/18 April, 1799/1795/1802 or c. 1805)--d. 23/31 October 1901, Pepin Co., Wis., with an elaborate newspaper obituary, as she was said to be over 100 years old. Her death certificate gave the names of her parents as Louis and Mary ( ) Levan/Leavin. Her son Peter gave his mother's name as Terrier. According to the census records, the family seems to have come to the U.S. between 1848 and 1850. 1850 census, Town of North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt., as "Mr. Barshan".


Their marriage was:

Louis Bergeron (Jean-Baptiste Bergeron and Marie Deguire)

m. 16 February 1824, St-Michel-d'Yamaska

Marie-Catherine Therrien (Joseph Therrien and Marie-Anne



The following information on the family background comes from a biography of Peter Bashaw in the Willamette Valley Oregon Biography. As far as can be told from the documentary record, it seems to be mainly romantic fiction. The book was published in 1903. It is included for whatever it may be worth.


The establishment of the Bashaw family is interestingly interwoven in the early history of the country, the emigrating ancestor being the paternal grandfather, who was born in France and sharing a kindred interest in the colonies with La Fayette, accompanied that illustrious soldier on his unselfish mission to the states. From money standpoint a millionaire, he went to Canada on his return from France, and bought landed estates in the northern part of the country.

From the first he espoused the cause of the U.S. and as he had aided them in securing independence from English rule, so he helped them in securing the boundary line east of the St. Lawrence River. His efforts were detected by a spy in the British Gov't who forthwith reported his misdemeaner, in consequence of which his northern lands were confiscated by the English.

While hiding from the British, after disclosure of his part in the boundary question, he was attacked by a bear, a portion of his leg torn away, and he was smuggled into the United States by friends, who concealed him between layers of straw on a wagon.

It is presumed that this adventurous forefather settled, eventually, in Vermont, for here his son Louis . . . was reared and eventually succeeded to a farm. In 1849 Louis located in New York State, where he bought a farm on the highway between Bangor and Nicholville, which was a large farm for New York State, consisting of 75 acres. In 1868 he took his family to Pepin Co., Wisc., where he bought eight acres of land upon which his death occurred at the age of 78 years. His last years were spent in comparative retirement, his health having been impaired during a two year service with the Green Bay Boys during the war.

He (Louis) married Mary Terrier, who was born near the Vermont line in Canada, and who died in Pepin Co. in 1901.


It was also claimed that Louis and Mary (Taryon) Bashaw had fifteen children. Fourteen have been located in the records. There is room for a child who died between Lavinia and Clarissa, but no evidence that it is when the fifteenth birth occurred.


1.1 Louis Bashaw/Barshaw/Bergeron, baptized 19 January 1825, St-Michel-d'Yamaska--d. 4/5 April 1901, Pepin Co., Wis. U.S. records said b. c. 1826/27/8 January 1823/31 October 1821/c. 1818, in Canada. m. (1) Aurilla Lafleche, dau. of Peter and Mary L./Eliza/Marie Louise (Choquet) Richer-Lafleche, b. c. 1828-29/7 May 1829/1836, Canada--d. 22 January 1889, Pepin Co., Wis. Her family is in the 1850 Census, Grand Isle Co., Vt.; 1860 Census, Dickinson Township, Franklin Co., N.Y. m. (2) 26 April 1890, Pepin Co., Wis., Mrs. Sarah (Collett) Barly, dau. of Samuel and Anne ( ) Collett; m. (3) 22 April 1900, Pepin Co., Wis., Mrs. Amelia (Laboe) Bart, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Trombly) Laboe.


1.1.1 William Henry Bashaw (adopted), b. November 1851/c. 1853, N.Y., son of W. H. and Helen (Morris) McLaren or McLaughlin, both b. Ireland--d. 19 July 1919, Pierce Co., Wis. m. 28 November 1878, Dunn Co., Wis., Julia May Patnode, dau. of Leonard and Julia (LaPean/Lapine) Patnode. The marriage record in Dunn Co., Wis., gave his name as Bergeron. Nellie Berdena Bashaw, b. 15 January 1887, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 16 November 1904, Pepin Co., Wis. William Henry Bashaw Jr. Herman Bashaw, b. 1889. Lived 1957 in New Richmond, Wis. Russell Ruben Bashaw, b. 7 November 1897. Delphine Bashaw. m. 22 November 1905, Pierce Co., Wis., Robert LeRoy Plumley, son of Robert and Jeannette (Johnson) Plumley. Lived Onalaska, Wis. Bashaw (son), d. inf. Bashaw (son), d. inf.


1.1.2 George Bashaw (probably adopted), b. August 1879, in Dacota or Wis. m. 1 May 1900, Pepin Co., Wis., Arminta Patnode, b. May 1882, dau. of Leonard and Alice (Demo) Patnode.


1.2 Joseph Bergeron, b. 20 October 1826--d. 8 May 1827, St-Michel-d'Yamaska.


1.3 Mary Bashaw/Marie Bergeron, bap. 23 March 1828, St-Michel-d'Yamaska. U.S. records said b. 22 April 1818/ March 1827/1830, in St. Emma, Canada. m. 1851 in N.Y., Zebulon Patraw, b. July 1828, Canada, son of Charles and Lorain (Lundeville) Patraw/Petrin of Vercheres. Three adopted children. See under PATRAW.


1.4 Esther Bergeron/Bergeant/Bashaw, bap. 1 March 1830, St-Michel-d'Yamaska--d. 1906. U.S. records said b. March 1827/1824/1826/1834/1837, at St.-Amy, Canada. m. 1848/30 September 1849, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt., Marcellus Demo/Dumont, b. c. 1818 in Vt.--d. January 1864, son of Peter Demo; m. (2) 4 January 1868, Nelson Furnia, b. c. 1825/ July 1834/1835/1838--d. 22 July 1900/1906. Methodist Episcopal.

Marcellus Demo had three older children, apparently by a previous wife. They are listed in the 1850 census, Grand Isle Co., Vt., and 1860 census, Dickinson Twp., Franklin Co., N.Y. The older children were Lydia Demo, b. c. 1840; Aurelia/Orilla Demo, b. c. 1842; Selert Demo, b. c. 1846.


1.4.1 Ida Demo, b. c. 1851, Vt. m. Joseph Patraw of Weston, Wis., b. c. 1850, son of Charles and Louise (Bashaw) Patraw. See under PATRAW.


1.4.2 Milford/Melford/Wilford Demo/Dumont, b. June 1853/1852, Vt. of N.Y. (probably at North Hero). Lived at Cameron, Wis. m. 14 October 1876, Pepin Co., Wis., Julia Caturia, b. June 1850/1855, vt.--d. 12 October 1912, dau. of Joseph and Rose (Taylor) Caturia. See under DEMO.


1.4.3 Alice Julia Demo, b. c. 1855/56, N.Y. or Vt. m. 4 December 1873, Pepin Co., Wis., Leonard Patnode of Elton, Wis., son of Leonard and Julia H. (LaPean/Lapine) Patnode. See under PATNODE.


1.4.4 Annis Demo, b. c. 1858/59, N.Y. or Vt.--d. 10 March 1929, Pierce Co., Wis. m. 24 December 1874, Pepin Co., Wis., Fred Caturia of Weston, Wis., son of Louis and Harriet (Jarvis/Gervais) Caturia/Couturier. See under CATURIA.


1.4.5 Esther Demo, b. c. 1863/64, Vt. or N.Y.--d. 29 February 1936, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 14 November 1886, Pepin Co., Wis., Eli Patnode of Weston, Wis., son of Leonard and Julia H. (LaPean/Lapine) Patnode. See under PATNODE.


1.4.6 Mary Furnia, b. November 1868/69. m. Lewis Thompson of Eau Galle, Wis., b. June 1866. Isbel Thompson, b. August 1890. Ellen L. Thompson, b. March 1893. Estela M. Thompson, b. May 1900.


1.5 Louise Bashaw, b. 2 February 1828, Canada or Burlington, Vt. m. 1847 in Vt. to Charles Patraw, son of Charles and Lorain (Lundeville) Patraw/Petrin of Vercheres. See under PATRAW.


1.6 John Bashaw/Jean Baptiste Bergeron, bap. 3 March 1832, St-Michel-d'Yamaska--d. 15 July 1884, aged 52. U.S. records said b. c. 1831/c.1833-34, Canada. m. Almira Lafleche/

LaFletch/Richard/Richer-Lafleche, b. 16 April 1838/c. 1832, Vt.--d. 8 November 1893, dau. of Peter and Mary L./Marie Louise/Elisa (Choquet) Richer-Lafleche of Grand Isle Co., Vt., and Franklin Co., N.Y. She was baptized at St-Jean-

d'Iberville while her parents lived at North Hero, Vt.


1.6.1 Addeline Bashaw, b. November 1862, N.Y. m. Henry DeMarce, b. 1859, North Hero, Vt., son of Joseph and Eliza (Kelley) DeMarce. See under DeMARCE.


1.6.2 Louis Bashaw, b. November 1865, N.Y.--d. 4 April 1901, Pepin Co., Wis.


1.6.3 Jane Abbie Bashaw, b. 28 October 1867--d. 3 September 1911. m. 5 July 1886, Pepin Co., Wis., Joseph Patnode, son of Leonard and Julia H. (LaPean/Lapine) Patnode. See under PATNODE.


1.6.4 John Bashaw/Bergeron, b. July 1869, N.Y. m. 19 June 1894, St. James Roman Catholic Church, North LaCrosse, Wis., Ella Olympia/D./Alisse Asselin, b. April 1872, French Island, Lacrosse, Wis., dau. of John and Clara (Sears) Asselin. She m. (2) Dowd. John Earl/I. Bashaw, b. 28 December 1895/1896, LaCrosse, Wis. m. (1) Edith ; m. (2) Mata Puent. Mary Almira Blanche/Mary Elmira/Mary A.B. Bashaw, b. 26 October 1898. m. (1) Charles Nicholson; m. (2) Malcolm McPherson; m. (3) Neville Cook. Elrick Nicholson, b. 1935. m. Margaret Pokrandt. Elrick Nicholson Junior, b. 1935, LaCrosse, Wis. m. Mary Wehr. Kandy Nicholson. Blanch Nicholson, b. 1938, LaCrosse, Wis. m. Odell Edmunds. Pamela Edwards, b. LaCrosse, Wis. Josephine Edwards, b. LaCrosse, Wis. Penny Edmunds, b. LaCrosse. Patricia Edmunds, b. LaCrosse. Andy Edmunds, b. LaCrosse. Jill Edmunds, b. LaCrosse. Edwards Edmunds, b. LaCrosse. Jane Edmunds, b. LaCrosse. Sonia Nicholson, b. 1944, LaCrosse, Wis. m. (1) Vix; m. (2) Lynch. Diana Vix, b. LaCrosse, Wis. Elrick Leroy/Lee Vix, b. LaCrosse, Wis. Colleen Lynch, b. LaCrosse, Wis.


?? LeRoy Nicholson. Myrtle Bashaw, b. 1900. m. Irvine Newton. Harold Bashaw, b. 3 July 1902, LaCrosse, Wis. m. Leona Puent, b. 1910, LaCrosse, Wis. John Bashaw, b. 10 September 1932, LaCrosse, Wis. m. 12 January or 1 December 1956, Lois (Erickson) Walsky, b. 31 July 1936. She had 2 girls by a previous marriage: Karen Walsky, b. 8 November 1852, m. Drew Kivisto, and Debra Walsky, b. 1 February 1935, m. David Wetterlin. Debra had a girl named Julie Wetterlin. (The two girls were as dear to him as his blood children.) Steven John Bashaw, b. 12 September 1956, LaCrosse. Diane Bashaw, b. 3 Novem- ber 1958, LaCrosse, Wis. m. Doug Newman. Michael Bashaw, b. 6 January 1962. Mark Bashaw, b. 21 February 1964. Daniel Bashaw, b. 19 May 1966. Lori Bashaw, b. 29 June 1970. Robert Bashaw, b. 29 June 1935. m. 29 June 1963, Grace Rochester, b. 3 November 1940, LaCrosse, Wis. Raymond Bashaw, b. 12 April 1964, LaCrosse, Wis. Barbara Bashaw, b. 29 November 1965, LaCrosse, Wis. Lisa Bashaw, b. 11 January 1971, LaCrosse, Wis. Elaine Bashaw, b. 20 August 1937. m. (1) 13 October 1946, Newland Campbell, b. 1937--d. 22 April 1957; m. (2) 29 November 1959, Gerald Gross- bach, b. 10 January 1938. Cathy Campbell, b. 22 October 1956, LaCrosse, Wis. Carla Grossbach, b. 27 November , LaCrosse, Wis. Timothy Grossbach, b. 28 May , LaCrosse, Wis. Terance Grossbach, b. 14 January , LaCrosse, Wis. Barbara Bashaw, b. 3 March 1940, LaCrosse, Wis. Became a Benedictine Sister, 11 July 1958, at Saint Bede Priory, Eau Claire, Wis. Provided data on this branch of the family. St. Francis Convent, P.O. Box 267, Ellsworth, WI 54011. Paul Bashaw, b. 28 July 1941, LaCrosse, Wis. m. (1) 14 June 1967, Kathy Osiecki; m. (2) Willie Rogers, who had 3 sons by a previous marriage. Mike was a teenager at the time of the marriage, and Buddy Rogers was a small boy and raised by Paul and Willie. Thomas Bashaw, b. 14 August 1942, LaCrosse, Wis. Evelyn Bashaw, b. 18 December 1943, LaCrosse, Wis. m. 1965 Clarence Kramer, b. 1940, LaCrosse, Wis. Cynthia Kramer, b. 29 March 1966, LaCrosse, Wis. Linda Kramer, b. 26 September 1967, LaCrosse, Wis. Richard Kramer, b. 25 August 1968, LaCrosse, Wis. Peter Bashaw, b. 12 September 1947, LaCrosse, Wis. m. 1977 Pamela Kramer, b. 20 June 1956, Rochester, Minn. Joseph Bashaw, b. 4 March 1950, LaCrosse, Wis. m. 1967 Renee Shuda, b. 1950, LaCrosse, Wis. Daniel Bashaw, b. 18 December 1952, LaCrosse, Wis.--d. 15 April 1954, LaCrosse, Wis. Joseph Jearls Bashaw, b. 6 May 1909-- d. 20 May 1909. Silvie Bernice Bashaw, b. 22 January 1911--d. 14 April 1911.


1.6.5 Edna/Edne/Edme Bashaw, b. September 1870, N.Y. m. 1 November 1891, Pepin Co., Wis., George Jacob Caturia, son of Louis and Louisa (Fournia) Caturia, b. September 1870, Wis. See under CATURIA.


1.6.6 Joseph F/E. Bashaw, b. 16 May 1874, Wis.--d. 1906, Pepin Co., Wis., aged 33 years 6 months. m. 10 November 1896, Pepin Co., Wis., Maybell/Mabel Patnode, b. 4 August 1881--d. 8 February 1900, dau. of Louis and Maryette (Caturia) Patnode. Myron G. Bashaw, b. 8 March and d. 8 May, 1898.


1.6.7 Josephine Bashaw, b. c. 1875, Wis.


1.7 Joseph Bashaw/Bergeron, bap. 8 April 1834, St-Michel-

d'Yamaska--d. 3 January 1921, Minnewaukan, Benson Co., N.D. U.S. records said b. 8 April 1834/1833/1838, Canada. In the military records, the location of his birth in Canada was given variously as St. Antony, St. Amey, Saint Ami, Santamy, probably all recollections of St-Aime-de- Massueville/

St-Aime-sur-Richelieu, where the family lived for several years after his birth.

m. 6 October 1865, Malone, N.Y., by Rev. Albert E. Cass of the M.E. Church to Catherine Tromblee, b. 24 November 1844/1847, Perryville, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.--d. 1908, dau. of Joseph and Catherine ( ) Tromblee. They lived 1880 at Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.; 1912 in Eau Galle, Dunn Co., Wis.; 1919 in Minnewaukan, N.D. He was a naturalized U.S. citizen, 26 October 1959 declaration/26 October 1863, final papers. The obituary of Catherine (Tromblee) Bashaw is 6 April 1908, in the Entering Wedge, Durand, Wis.

Joseph Bashaw in the Civil War was a Private, 60th Inf., Co. I, enl. 24 August 1861; discharged at Wauhatchee, Tenn., 24 December 1863; re-enl. as Private, 6th Art., Cos. C and M, 25 December 1863; discharged at David's Island, N.Y., 5 September 1865. In the military records he is described as 5' 1/2" tall, sandy complexion, grey eyes, dark hair, and a farmer.

Although he died in North Dakota, he is buried at Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.


1.7.1 Sherman Bashaw, b. 10 July 1866, N.Y. m. (1) 12 May 1897, Pepin Co., Wis., Lottie Andrews, d. 2 July 1898, with a child, dau. of Henry and Mary (Trombly) Andrews; m. (2) 29 November 1900, Dunn Co., Wis., Bessie Eighmy, b. Chetek, Wis., dau. of William and Chlorie ( ) Eighmy.


1.7.2 Alice Bashaw, b. 24 February 1874, N.Y. m. 31 December 1891, Thomas McRoberts, b. 6 March 1868--d. 1 December 1954, son of David and Sarah (Nixon) McRoberts. Lived at Eau Galle, Wis. David E. McRoberts, b. 14 July 1893. m. Laura Golden. Lewis M. McRoberts, b. 2 April 1895. m. Matilda Shaw of Buffalo Co., Wis.


1.7.3 Willie Bashaw, b. 1878, Wis.


1.7.4 Frank Bashaw, b. 6 May 1868--d. inf.


1.7.5 Lafayette J. Bashaw, b. 20 April 1870--

d. 4 June 1871.


1.7.6 Ettie/Emma Bashaw, b. 21 January 1872--d. July 1875.


1.7.7 Moody Milton Bashaw, b. 24 May 1878/1879, Wis.--d. 22 January 1934/1935, Manitowoc, Wis. m. 28/21 June 1900, Pepin Co., Wis., Minnie Mary Manore, b. 1884--d. 1960, dau. of Joseph L. and Sarah E. (Martin) Manore. William Bashaw, b. 1902--d. 1957. Died unmarried. Sarah Bashaw. m. 8 March 1929, Adolph Brull, b. 19 October 1907. Janet Brull, b. 21 July 1900. m. 15 July 1950 to Victor LeClair, b. 8 July 1930. Gary LeClair, b. 24 October 1952. m. 12 October 1974, Gwen Brinke/Bunke. Terry LeClair, b. 2 March 1954. Victor LeClair, Jr., b. 12 May 1956. James B. LeClair, b. 27 December 1962. Kenneth Brull, b. 28 September 1931. m. 2 July 1955, Lois Kapeskey, b. 18 June 1933. No children. Betty Brull, b. 15 February 1936. m. 5 January 1957, Jack Strathmann, b. 29 May 1936. Debby Strathmann, b. 26 June 1957. Linda Strathman. b. 12 April 1959. Michael B. Strathmann, b. 14 June 1960. Pamela Strathmann. b. 10 November 1961. Patrick Strathmann, b. 13 June 1966. Robert Brull, b. 17 March 1940. m. 11 June 1960, Sue Miller, b. 6 October 1941. Lori Brull, b. 30 April 1961. Lisa Brull, b. 17 February 1963. Greg Brull, b. 11 January 1966. James Brull, b. 18 January 1946. m. 27 June 1970, Sue Moldenhauer, b. 5 November 1947. Alvin L. Bashaw, b. 22 August 1916. m. 26 October 1940, Genevieve Herzog, b. 5 August 1918, dau. of Gustav and Mary (Dietl) Herzog. Milton Alvin Bashaw, b. 26 April 1942. m. 27 July 1963, Bonnie Jean Reuys, b. 13 March 1946 (div.). Lives at Manitowoc, Wis. Brian Bashaw, b. 15 February 1963. Darryl Bashaw, b. 16 May 1966. Duane John Bashaw, b. 15 May 1943. m. 7 May 1966, Sharon Weimer, b. 4 July 1947. Rodney Duane Bashaw, b. 23 February 1967. Dawn Michelle Bashaw, b. 1 October 1970. Peter Girard Bashaw, b. 23 August 1954. Genal Mary Bashaw, b. 23 April 1941. m. 27 May 1961, Marvin Jerome Kopetsky, b. 13 July 1935. Johnny Kopetsky, b. 24 February 1962. Mark Kopetsky, b. 27 January 1963. Mary Kopetsky, b. and d. 23 February 1964. Margaret Kopetsky, b. and d. 23 February 1964. Leo Kopetsky, b. 2 February 1967. Franklin Bashaw, b. 19 November 1922. m. (1) 21 June 1942, Gertrude Hebert, b. 1 January 1921; m. (2) 21 September 1950, Lascene North, b. 15 March 1915--d. 23 May 1967; m. (3) 11 December 1967, Xenia "Cindy" . William Bashaw, b. 5 July 1943. m. 1 February 1964, Diane Volkema, b. 16 February 1945. Wayne Bashaw, b. 17 July 1966. Brenda Bashaw, b. 5 August 1968. Adopted 1974. Ruthanne/Ruth Ann Bashaw, b. 15 June 1946. m. 19 February 1966, Tom Osieczcnek, b. 29 January 1947. Tommy Osnieczcnek, b. 6 August 1969. Tammy Osnieczcnek, b. 16 December 1970. Franklin Bashaw Jr. m.

. Cynthia Bashaw. m. Ed Reamer. Has children.


1.7.8 Hattie May Bashaw, b. 27 April 1882, Wis. m. William Wilson of Dunn Co., Wis. Lived at Weston.


1.8 Elizabeth Bergeron/Betsey Bashaw, bap. 25 March 1836, St-Michel-d'Yamaska. U.S. records said b. c. 1837/39, Canada--d. 19 October 1880, Pepin Co., Wis. m. George Dupree, b. c. 1838, Canada. He was a Civil War veteran.


1.8.1 Myrtie Dupree, d. 11 August 1876, aged 3 years 3 months.


1.8.2 Wertha Dupree, d. 12 March 1874, aged 4 years.


1.8.3 Moses Duporee, d. 3 August 187 , aged 2 years.


1.8.4 Minnie Dupree, b. 1871--d. 1933. m. 11 December 1887, Pepin Co., Wis., George Herbert Brown, son of Green K. and Ann (Lyons) Brown, b. 1863--d. 1950.


1.9 Busaw Bashaw/Basile Bergeron, bap. 8 April 1838, St-Aime-de-Massueville, Quebec. Apparently died between 1850/1860. Not listed on the 1860 U.S. Census, Dickinson Twp., Franklin Co., N.Y.


1.10 Peter Bashaw/Pierre Bergeron, bap. 30 October 1840, St-Aime-de-Massueville--d. 1 October 1919, Pepin Co., Wis. U.S. records said b. 1 October 1842/1840/1843. The location of his birth was variously reported as Santa Emma, Canada (military records), N.Y. (census), and North Island, Vt. (biography). m. 17 April 1870, Eau Galle, Dunn Co., Wis., Josephine Manore, b. 26 July 1855, Richmond, Ill., dau. of John and Amelia/Emeline (Bland or Labo) Manore--d. 4 January 1939, Portland, Oregon.

He enlisted as a Private, 60th Inf., Co. I, 24 September 1861; discharged for disability at David's Island, N.Y., 17 June 1863. Military records describe him as height 5' 2 1/2", light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and a farmer. Lived after 1898 at Newburg, Oregon, and Elsworth, Washington.


1.10.1 Horace/Oris Bashaw, b. 21 March 1872, Wis. m. 31 October 1896, Dunn Co., Wis., Linda Martin, b. January 1880, Wis., dau. of Joseph and Agnes (Brown) Martin. Lived at Pullman, Washington. Mertel L. Bashaw, b. November 1897. Blanch Bashaw, b. March 1900.


1.10.2 Delphine Bashaw, b. 15 April 1875, Wis. m. 7 September 1891, Pepin Co., Wis., Albert LaPean, b. c. 1868/69, Wis., son of John and Mary (Bolia) LaPean. Lived at Dundee, Oregon. See under LaPEAN.


1.10.3 Rosa Bashaw, b. 14 July 1878, Wis. m. (1) Jesse A. Smith of Newburg, Ore.; m. (2) Pflager.


1.10.4 Lillian May/Lillie Bashaw, b. 11 July 1880/1881--d. 1942. m. 14 February 1897, Dunn Co., Wis., Willard Martin, son of Joseph and Agnew (Brown) Martin. Lived at Shell Lake, Wis.


1.10.5 Arthur Bashaw, b. 9 June 1882. Lived at Portland, Oregon.


1.10.6 Mary Bashaw, b. 29 June 1885. m. Si Hannett/Hammock of Newburg, Oregon.


1.10.7 Annie Bell Bashaw, b. 24 January 1888. m. F. A. Taylor. Lived at San Francisco, Cal.


1.10.8 Lena Bashaw, b. 20 March 1898. m. R. B. Jacks. Lived at Portland, Oregon.


1.10.9 Vernon H. Bashaw. Lived at Portland, Oregon.


1.11 Moses Bashaw/Moise Bergeron, b. c. 1840/42, Canada East--d. 28 April 1875, Pepin Co., Wis., aged 34 years.


1.12 Carlos/Kyes Bashaw/Calixte Bergeron, bap. 5 February 1844, St-Aime-de-Massueville. U.S. records said b. December 1846/c. 1847, N.Y. m. 25 January 1884 or 26 December 1883, Pepin Co., Wis., Maria/Mary Carlotta Johnson, b. in Edsberg Socken, Orebro Lan, Sweden, dau. of John and Maja Etta ( ) Johnson--d. 13 July 1933, Minneapolis, Minn.


1.12.1 Oscar C. Bashaw, b. November 1884. San Francisco, Cal.


1.12.2 Elizabeth M. Bashaw, b. March 1886. m. Meyer. Billings, Mont.


1.12.3 Erland H. Bashaw, b. June 1888. Los Angeles, Cal.


1.12.4 Edith/Ethel F. Bashaw, b. April 1894. m. Downie. Minneapolis, Minn.


1.13 Lovinia Bashaw/Marie Dalvina Bergeron, baptized 29 November 1847, St-Aime-de-Massueville--d. after 1921. m. (1) 14 November 1865, John Furnia, b. 19 February 1841, Malone, N.Y.--d. 30 August 1923, Eau Claire, Wis. Div. m. (2) 14 May 1891, Pepin Co., Wis., John Rondo, b. June 1836, Clinton Co., N.Y., son of Louis and Catherine ( ) Rondo--d. 26 June 1900, Pepin Co., Wis.


1.13.1 John Furnia, c. February 1890, aged 13.


1.13.2 James Furnia, b. 1870--d. 1885.


1.13.3 Gilbert A. Furnia, b. 1882--d. 1917.


1.13.4 George Furnia, b. 1872--d. 1884.


1.13.5 Furnia, son, d. before 1923.


1.13.6 Lilly Furnia. m. Pickering. Lived at Lake City, Minn.


1.14 Clarissa Bashaw/Clary Bergion, b. c. 1850/51, Vt. or N.Y. Bap. 26 January 1851, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., b. 2 December, dau. Louis Bergion and Marie Terrien. Godparents Louis Terrien and Theotiste Gendro(?). m. c. 1875, Joseph Caturia Jr., b. c. 1850/52 in Canada or Vt., son of Joseph and Rose (Taylor/Taillis/

Tanguis) Caturia/Couturier. See under CATURIA.






Bashaw, dau. of Peter Bashaw, d. 5 January 1892,

Pepin Co., Wis., age 3 hrs.

Bashaw, son of Peter and Mary Bashaw, d. 20

December 1892, Pepin Co., Wis., aged 1 hr.


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