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This book was done for the family, in hopes that everyone who reads it would get a sense of the times in which their ancestors have lived, the places in which they have lived, and the way the family has developed since it came from Quebec Province, Canada, to the United States.


A numbering system is used to keep track of the relationship of the family members. The first ancestor is given the number "1". His children are numbered in order of birth, "1.1", "1.2", "1.3", etc. When we look at the family of his third child, they in turn are numbered in order of birth: "1.3.1", "1.3.2", "1.3.3", etc. So it goes, adding a number for each generation a person descends from the original ancestor. Each generation is divided by the use of a period, so that if a family had more than 9 children, the numbering system does not get confusing.


Once you have found a name that interests you in the index, look it up on the page. To find the parents, back up until you find that number minus the final digit; to find the grandparents, back up until you find that number minus the last two digits, etc. Eventually, you will come back to ancestor #1.


The photographs included in the book illustrations are not included in the index, as they were not assigned page numbers. There is a list of the illustrations following the Table of Contents.




General Sources of Information:


No effort has been made to footnote every individual statement in this chapter. Much of the information on current generations was provided by family members, whose contributions are acknowledged. Important records have been quoted in full. The standard modern vital statistics are readily available.


Baptismal records, St-Jean-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada

Index 1828-1876, LDS Microfilm 1,290,044

Registres 1828-1841, LDS Microfilm 1,290,044

Registres 1841-1861, LDS Microfilm 1,290,045

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French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.

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Birth and Marriage Records, Dunn Co., Wis.

Birth and Death Records, Pierce Co., Wis.

Various newspaper obituaries, often clippings with no dates on them.

Old Settlers Association Scrapbooks, Arkansaw, Wis.

Personal information from Ethel (Richardson) DeMarce, Mabel (DeMarce) Metcalfe, Daisy (DeMarce) Martin, Vera (DeMarce) Helgeson, and Lyle DeMarce

Data from Lelah Bruso, 1349 Eagle, Rhinelander, WI 54501 (stepdaughter of Wilbur DeMarce)

Information from Inez (DeMarce) Larson, Elk Point, S.D. (granddaughter of Salem DeMers)

Information from Elaine Patnode and Evelyn (Patnode) Marbes on the descendants of Mary Malinda (DeMarce) Patnode.

Information from Karyl (Sumner) Bainbridge.

Glimpses of Arkansaw History (Arkansaw Creek Park Dedication July 1, 1979).

Pepin County History. Pepin County Wisconsin by the People of Pepin County, (Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Company, 1985.





1. Leon Demers and his wife Elisabeth/Isabelle Morais did not emigrate to the United States. However, he has been determined as the starting point for the genealogy in order to make the various relationships clear. Leon Demers was born 16/17 February 1805 to Pierre Demers and Brigitte Guertin of the parish of St-Joseph-de-Chambly. His father, Pierre Demers, was a blacksmith. He was baptized 17/18 February 1805, at Chambly, under the name of Simeon Demers.

He was one of a large family. His brothers and sisters were: Joseph, born about l798 and married in 1824 to Flavie Trudeau, then as a widower in 1828 to Emelie Laroque; Brigitte, born 1 January and buried 20 July 1800, Chambly; Pierre, born 23 February 1801 and married in 1825 to Marguerite Gauthier; Sophie, born 22 October 1803 and married in 1833 to Ambroise Provost; Francois (twin to Leon/Simeon), born 16/17 February and buried 3 August 1805; Narcisse, born 23 April 1806 and married in 1828 to Marie Provost; Marie Archange, buried 11 June 1808, aged 4 months; David, born 8 May 1809; Edouard, born 29 October 1812; Abraham, born 18 October 1815; and Patrice, born 7 April and buried 29 April 1817.


Marriage Record:


Parish of Saint-Athanase d'Iberville, 500 1ere Rue, Iberville, P.Q.


Le treize janvier mil huit cent vingt-neuf, apres la publication de trois bans de mariage, faite au prone des messes paroissiales tant de cette paroisse que de Ste Marguerite de Blairfindie, comme il appert, par le certificat de Monsieur Pasquin, cure de la dite paroisse, pendant trois dimanches consecutifs, entre Leon Demers, domicilie en cette paroisse, fils majeur de Pierre Demers, cultivateur, et de Brigitte Guertin, ses pere et mere, de St--Joseph de Chambly, d'une part; et Elisabeth Morais, aussi domiciliee en cette paroisse, fille majeure de Jean-Baptiste Morais, cultivateur, et de Elisabeth Nadeau, d'autre part; ne s'etant decouvert aucun empechement au dit mariage, nous, soussigne, cure de cette paroisse, avons recu leur mutuel consentement de mariage et leur avons donne la benediction nuptials en presence de Jean-Baptiste Morais, pere de l'epouse, de Joseph Nadeau, de Pierre Frechette, de Louis Morais, qui ainsi que les epoux, n'ont su signer.

J. M. Giroux, ptre




January 13 1829, after the publication of three banns of marriage at the parochial masses, both in this parish and at Ste Marguerite de Blairfindie as it appears from the certificate of Mr. Pasquin, pastor of the said parish, for three consecutive Sundays, between Leon Demers, domiciled in this parish, major son of Pierre Demers, farmer, and of Brigitte Guertin, his father and mother of St. Joseph de Chambly, on the one part, and Elisabeth Morais, also domiciled in this parish, major daughter of Jean-Baptiste Morais, cultivator, and to Elisabeth Nadeau, of the other part, no impediment having been discovered to the said marriage, I, undersigned, pastor of this parish have received their mutual consent to marriage and have given them the nuptial benediction in presence of Jean-Baptiste Morais, father of the bride, of Joseph Nadeau, of Pierre Frechette, of Louis Morais, who like the spouses do not know how to sign.

J. M. Giroux, priest


The family appears as follows on the 1851 Census, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada: the age given is as of next birthday:


St. Athanase Parish

Leon Demers, Cultivateur, b. Can. Fr. Cath.Rom. 47 M

Elisabette More " " 42 F

Gidien " " " l7 M

Salime Demers " " 11 M

Joseph " " " 9 M

Theophile " " " 2 M

Anastasie " " " 22 F

Philomene " " " 9 F

Onesime " " " 7 F

Euphemie " " " 5 F


Following French-Canadian custom, Elisabeth (Morais) Demers is listed under her maiden name. It is probable that the "Gidien More" who follows is the Joseph-Leon DeMarce of Pepin Co., Wis., with a mistaken ditto mark for his mother's maiden name. It will be seen that the 1861 census also refers to Joseph DeMarce as "Gedeon."


In this same census, Elizabeth Nadeau, the mother of Elisabeth Morais, age 66, was a widow and living with her son Jean-Baptiste Morais and his wife Catherine Frechette. Jean-Baptiste and Catherine had 8 children living at that time. The name Morais receives many variant spellings in the Canadian records, including: Morais, More, Moret, Morray, Mauray, Murray, Maurray, Maurais.

The entire family grouping appears as follows on the 1861 census, Iberville Co., Quebec, St. Athanase Parish. It will be noted that Elisabeth Nadeau is now caring for all the orphaned children of Jean-Baptiste Morais and Catherine Frechette (her grandchildren): again, the age given is as of next birthday:


Name Occupation Age Birthplace Sex


Elisabeth Nadeau 75 Bas-Can. F

Isabelle Morais 26 " F

Pierre Morais Cultivateur 20 " M

Celina Morais 18 " F

Magloire Morais 16 " M

Onesime Morais 14 " F

Edesse Morais 12 " F

Catherine Morais 11 " F

Etienne Morais 8 " M

Jean Bte Morais 6 " M


Leon Demers Cultivateur 55 " M

Elisabeth Morais 55 " F

Salyme Demers 20 " M

Antoine Morais 99 " M

Joseph Morais 19 " M

Philomene Demers l9 " F

Onesime Demers l7 " F

Euphemie Demers 16 " F

Theophile Demers 11 " M

Marie Plante 6 " F


Gedeon Demers Cultivateur 27 " M

Lisette Kelly 27 " F

Marie Kelly 25 " F

Joseph Demers 6 " M

Florence Demers 4 " F

Henry Demers 2 " M


Again, it will be noted there are some discrepancies. All of the above families are on the same page. Religion of all persons was Catholic. However, with the Demers twins Joseph and Philomene, Joseph is accidentally called Morais his name following that of his great-uncle Antoine, who was apparently living with the family. Joseph DeMarce is again called Gedeon, and his children are listed as having been born in Canada rather than in Vermont.





The list of children for Leon Demers and his wife Marie-Elisabeth/Isabelle Morais is taken from the baptismal records of St-Athanase-d'Iberville and St- Jean-d'Iberville, and the 1851 and 1861 census records of St-Athanase-d'Iberville. The data for each child is supplemented by other records, if any have been located.


1.1 Anastasie Demers, born 25 September 1830; baptized 28 September 1830, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Pierre Demers and Marie Elisabeth Nado. m. 7 November 1852, St-Dominique, Joseph Plante, son of Joseph and Marie (Casavant) Plante.


??1.1.1 Marie Plante, b. c. 1855.


1.2 Eulalie Demers, b. 3 June 1832; baptized 3 June 1832, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Jean-Baptiste Morais and Celeste Derome.


1.3 Leon Demers, b. 25 August 1834, baptized at St-Jean-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada. The entry reads:


Baptismal Record:


Le vingt sept Aout mil huit cent quatre, nous cure soussigne avons baptise Leon, ne depuis deux jours du legitime mariage de Leon Demers menuisier et d'Isabelle Maurray de la paroisse de st-Athanase. Le Parain a ete JeanBte Murray et la marraine Catherine Frechet qui n'ont su signer.

J. E. Monfret, P.




The 27 August 1804, we the undersigned priest have baptized Leon, born two days ago of the legitimate marriage of Leon Demers, mason, and of Isabelle Maurray of the parish of St-Athanase. The godfather was Jean Baptiste Murray and the godmother Catherine Frechet, who did not know how to sign.

J. E. Monfret, P.


The documents printed in the section on Joseph and Eliza (Kelley) DeMarce of Pepin Co., Wisconsin, should be read to see the evidence indicating that the child LEON DEMERS baptized in 1834 was the same as JOSEPH DeMARCE who came to Pepin County, Wisconsin.


1.4 Aglae Demers, born 5 January 1837; baptized 6 January 1837, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Toussaint Poutre and Marie-Anne Joubert. Probably died young.


1.5 Magloire Demers, b. 21 April 1839; baptized 21 April 1839, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Leandre Morin and Onesime Morray--d. 27 February 1843, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, age 4 years.


1.6 Joseph Solyme Demers, born 29 April 1841; baptized 13 May 1841, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Pierre Moret and Sophie Plamondon. As Salem DeMers, died 6 August 1911, Jefferson, Union Co., S.D. m. 1866 in Canada, Marguerite Desmarais, dau. of and ( ) Desmarais, b. 28 October 1847--died 1 January 1920. In the U.S., he was known as Salem DeMers.


It was the records of this man's life which enabled the tracing of the ancestry of the DeMarce family of Pepin Co., Wis. The local news column from the Durand, Wis., newspaper (Pepin County Courier, 27 November 1903, p. 4, col. 3) indicated that Joseph DeMarce would start on Monday for South Dakota to visit a brother whom he had not seen for 40 years. On 15 January 1905, the Pepin County Courier (vol. 27, no. 3, p. 8, col. 1) indicated that Joseph Demarce returned Thursday from S. Dak. where he visited a brother he had not seen for forty years.

Two men of appropriate age to be Joseph's brother were located in the 1900 U.S. census of South Dakota: they were Amedee Demers in Lawrence Co. and Salem Demers in Union Co. Amedee, according to his death certificate, was born in Ste-Brigitte-d'Iberville, son of Luc Demers and Pelagie Audet, who were married 25 November 1828 at St-Luc, near Lacadie. The baptismal records at St-Luc listed the older children of this couple as Flavie Demers, born 13 July 1829; Anasthasie Demers, born 2 October 1831; Perpetue Demers, b. 7 January 1834; and Celeste Demers, b. 20 February 1836. The birth dates of Perpetue and Celeste made it improbable that the couple had a son born in the summer of either 1834 or 1835, while no birth of a son Solime was listed for them.


The death certificate for Salem Demers named his father as Leon Demerse. The dates suited the birth of Salime Demers, son of Leon Demers and Elisabeth Morais found in the 1851 census of the Parish of St-Athanase- d'Iberville, Rouville Co., Quebec.


A section on his descendants follows at the end of the book.


1.7 Philomene Demers, b. 16 February 1843 (twin); baptized 16 February 1843, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Medard Robert and Zoe Thibodeau.


1.8 Joseph Demers, b. 16 February 1843 (twin); baptized 16 February 1843, St-Athanased'Iberville. Godparents Olivier Laporte and Josephte Viau.


1.9 Onesime Demers, b. 31 December 1844; baptized 4 January 1845, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Joseph Meunier and Julie Meunier.


1.10 Euphemie Demers, b. 3 June 1846; baptized 7 June 1846, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Joseph Demers and Emilie Larocque--bur. 11 January 1864, St-Athanase-d'Iberville.


1.11 Rosalie Demers, b. 29 June 1848; baptized 9 July 1848, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Jean-Baptiste Laferriere and Louise Plante--d. 16 July 1848, St-Athanase-d'Iberville.


1.12 Theophile Demers, born about 1850.




1.3 Joseph DeMarce. The first DeMarce (in American records the name is also spelled Demars and Demarse) to come to Pepin Co., Wis., was Joseph DeMarce, born (according to his newspaper obituary) in July of 1834 in "St. Marz," Canada. In fact, he was born as Leon Demers, 25 August 1834, baptized at St-Jean-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada, son of Leon Demers and Elisabeth Morais, who are discussed in the first section of this family history. The entry for the baptism reads:


Baptismal Record:


Le vingt sept Aout mil huit cent quatre, nous cure soussigne avons baptise Leon, ne depuis deux jours du legitime mariage de Leon Demers menuisier et d'Isabelle Maurray de la paroisse de st-Athanase. Le Parain a ete JeanBte Murray et la marraine Catherine Frechet qui n'ont su signer.

J. E. Monfret, P.




August 27 1804 I the undersigned pastor have baptized Leon, born two days ago of the legitimate marriage of Leon Demers cabinetmaker and of Isabelle Maurray of the parish of St-Athanase. The godfather was JeanBte Murray and the godmother Catherine Frechet who did not know how to sign.

J. E. Monfret, P.


Joseph DeMarce died 1 November 1904, while visiting a sister at Bedford, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. The death record at Bedford gives the French-Canadian version of Joseph DeMarce's name as "Joseph-Leon Demers":



Death Record:


Extrait du Registre des Actes de Baptemes, Mariages et Sepultures, faits dans la Paroisse de Saint-Damien de Bedford, comte de Missisquoi, P.Q. en l'annee mil neuf cent quatre.


"Le trois novembre mil neuf cent quatre, nous, pretre-cure soussigne, avons celebre un Libera sur le corps de Joseph-Leon Demers, decede le premier courant, age de soixante-dix ans, epoux de defunte Lisy Killey, dont l'inhumation a eu lieu a Arkansas, Pipin County, Wisconsin. Presents au Libera, les soussignes et autres. Alphonse Bastien Napoleon Pratte

J.B. Tetreau, ptre-cure"



Extract of the Register of Performances of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, made in the Parish of Saint-Damien de Bedford, county of Missisquoi, Province of Quebec, in the year 1904.


The third of November 1804, I, the undersigned priest in charge, have celebrated a Libera over the body of Joseph-Leon Demers, deceased the first of the current month, aged 66 years, spouse of the late Lisy Kiley, whose burial has taken place at Arkansas, Pipin County, Wisconsin. Present at the Libera, the undersigned and others.

Alphonse Bastien Napoleon Pratte

J.B. Tetreau, Priest in Charge


Joseph DeMarce was survived by the above sister and by two brothers, one of whom he had visited in South Dakota in 1903, after they had not seen one another for 40 years. See entries in the Pepin County Courier, 27 November 1903, p. 4, col. 3, and 15 January 1904, vol. 27, no. 3, p. 8, col. 1, for the reports on this visit that led to the tracing of his ancestry. Both he and his wife are buried in the French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.

Joseph DeMarce of Pepin Co., Wis., was a carpenter and farmer. According to his obituary in The Entering Wedge, Durand, Wis., 3 November 1904 and 10 November 1904, he lived with his parents until age 17, when he went to St. Albans [probably Vermont] to learn the carpenter's trade.

His wife was Eliza [or Elizabeth] Kelley, daughter of John and Florence (Pepin) Kelley, b. c. 1833/34 in Canada, N.Y., or Alburgh, Vt.--d. 18 November 1900, Pepin Co., Wis.

According to the obituary, Joseph DeMarce and Elizabeth Kelley were married 27 August 1854 at North Hero, Vt. The oldest child was born in 1855.


The marriage record was found on 24 February 1856 at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (St. Mary's), St. Albans, Vt., as Leon Demers to Eliza Kelley:



Feb -- 24th In mat. conjunx (Leon Demers (et(Eliza. Kelly


The witnesses were Mioses Bouchet and Mary Jane Bouchet.


The most probable explanation is that the first marriage was a civil ceremony (there were no permanent Catholic churches on the Lake Champlain islands at the time--only occasional missionary priests travelling through) and the second was an ecclesiastical ratification according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Neither ceremony was filed in the records of the Vermont Secretary of State's Office in Montpelier. Methodical registration of civil marriage ceremonies did not begin in North Hero until 1857. There are some earlier records, but they are not comprehensive.

In 1861, Joseph DeMarce and his family went back to St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Quebec, supposedly to escape the draft for the Civil War. The 1861 census for the parish of St-Athanase lists his name as "Gedeon" Demers.

In 1865, he came to Pepin Co., Wis., where he bought land and lived for the last 40 years of his life. He appears on the 1870, 1880, and 1900 census records of Pepin Co., Wis.


He made his Declaration of Intention to become a Citizen of the United States in Pepin Co., Wis., on 1 April 1867.

Joseph Demarce did personally appear before the undersigned Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pepin County, aforesaid, a Court of Record, and made oath that he was born in Canada on or about the year 1834 and that he emigrated to the United States and landed at the port of Arburg, Vermont, on or about the month of May A.D. 1847 that it is his Intention, in good faith, to become a Citizen of the United States, and to renounce forever all fealty, allegiance and fidelity to any and every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to the Queen of Great Britain whereof he is now a subject. Joseph X Demarce [his mark]

Subscribed and sworn to, before me, the 1st day of April 1867.

Alexr. G. Coffin

Clerk of Circuit Court


1870 U.S. census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co., Wis., reads: Demars, Joseph, 36, farmer, b. Canada; Louisa, 37, b. Canada; Joseph Jr., 15, b. Vt.; Henry, 11, b. Vt.; Lyman [sic, has to be Simon/Seymour], 9, b. Canada; Peter, 7, b. Canada; Melinda, 4, b. Wis.; John, 2, b. Wis.


1875 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-8): Joseph Demarce, 6 white males, 2 white females.


1880 U.S. Census, Pepin Co., Wis.: Joseph DeMarce, 46, farmer, b. Canada, parents b. Canada, illiterate; Eliza, 47, wife, keeping house, b. Canada, parents b. Canada, illiterate; Joseph, 24, farm laborer, b. Canada; Henry, 21, farm laborer, b. Vermont; Seymour, 19, farm laborer, can read and write, attended school within years, b. Vt.; Peter, 17, apprenticed carpenter, attended school within year, b. Canada; Melinda, 14, attended school within year, b. Wis.; John, 12, attended school within year, b. Wis.; Franklin, 6, attended school within year, b. Wis.; Kelley, Florence, mother-in-law, 63, illiterate, b. Canada, parents b. Canada.


1895 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-17): Joseph DeMarce, 3 white males, 3 white females, 5 born U.S.


1900 U.S. Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co., Wis.: Joseph Demarce, b. July 1834, age 65, b. Canada, parents b. Canada; Lizia Demarce, b. Oct. 1833, age 66, b. N.Y., father b. Ireland, mother b. Canada.


Grantee Index to Deeds, Pepin County, Wisconsin.

Demarce, Joseph, from State of Wisconsin, 12 November 1874. Full payment, I, 255.

Deed Book I, p. 255, no. 1115. University Grant. The State of Wisconsin. Sale of Public Lands set aside for the support of a University. To Joseph Demarce. Oct. 16, 1874. Sealed Nov. 12, 1874. By the Commissioners of School and University Lands. 40 acres. NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 22 Twp no. 25 North of Range 14 West.

DeMarce, Joseph from Henry Kelley & wife, Mortgage, March 6, 1876, $500, C, 551.

DeMarce, Joseph from Henry Kelley & wife, J, 541.

July 31, 1976. From Henry Kelley and Frances Kelley his wife to Joseph DeMarce. For $500.00. 40 acres. East 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 and the East 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 15 Twp. No. 25 North of Range No. 14 West.

Demarce, Joseph from Florence Kelley, mortgage, D 571 & 572.

Kelley, Henry from Joseph Demarce & wife, mortgage, C, 592.

Kelley, Florence from Joseph DeMarce & Wife, L, 139.

From Joseph Demarce and Eliza Demarce his wife to Florence Kelley. April 19, 1877. 40 acres. E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 and the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section No. 15 in Twp. No. 25 North of Range No. 14 West.

Kelley, Henry from Joseph DeMarce, satisfaction, J, 356.


Mabel (DeMarce) Metcalfe wrote in a letter dated 15 November 1987:

My grandfather died when I was fairly young but I remember him very well. My grandmother died when I was four years old. I still remember how she looked. She was perhaps 4 ft 11 inches and weighed 110 pounds all around.


Taped recollections of Mabel (DeMarce) Metcalfe, 22 April 1988:

And I would like to tell you about my grandfather DeMarce, Joseph DeMarce. Really, I don't have any picture of him, and you seem to have a good, you seem to have had good, from some good source you got a lot about her, and every word was so true. I remember her as a little tiny lady with a bun on top of her head. I was young when she died, I don't think I was much more than four or five years old. She had--and my grandfather just continued staying on the farm--but then after my grandmother died, he started building buildings, houses and barns. And he was about 71 years old when he started that. He was a short man, well perhaps 5 foot 5, and he had a fringe of white hair around his head. He was perfectly bald headed on top. He had blue eyes which I always thought looked kind and jolly. I liked him very much. And you know about his going to Canada and dying there. And I don't know that I know anything too much about their life.


The following information was written out by Ethel (Richardson) DeMarce:

Notes on the DeMarce Family

Joseph and Eliza (Kelly) DeMarce were natives of Canada near Quebec. He came in his youth to the U.S. Eliza (Kelly) DeMarce was one of a family of six children, - Henry, Joe, Seymour, Eliza, Edward and a sister whose married name was Markadont.

Joseph DeMarce was a carpenter by trade. He came to Pepin County, Wis. at an early date locating first at Round Hill. He later moved and settled on a farm in Forest Vale about 4 mi. west of Arkansaw. His first task was to clear a space large enough on which to build a log house. He resided there for a number of years earning a living by doing carpenter work and clearing the land as he found opportunity. After making many improvements on the farm he continued to do carpenter work until he retired and sold his farm to a son. He served on the school board for some time and took an active part in school work.

Joseph DeMarce Sr, husband of Eliza Kelly went to visit his relatives in Quebec in Jan. 1903 or 1904 and died there. He died there but was brought here for Burial in the French Catholic Cemetery on Dead Lake Prairie.

He and his wife Eliza (Kelly) DeMarce were the parents of 9 children one dying in infancy. Those who lived for a time were



Florence - - - died at an early age

Peter, lived in Saskatchewan Canada for many years

Seymour Joseph born Feb. 7, 1861 died May 1909

Mary married Frank Patnode

John born Feb. 7, 1868, died Feb. 26, 1962

Frank born Sept. 25, 1873, died Jan. 16, 1963


Obituary, Pepin County Courier, Durand, Wis., Friday, 23 November 1900, vol. 23, no. 47, p. 5, col. 6:

Mrs. Joe Demarce one of the pioneers of Waterville passed to her reward on Sunday last aged 67 years. Deceased whose name was Eliza Kelly was a native of the State of Vermont. She came west some twenty years ago settling in the town of Waterville. She was sick but a short time being a victim of diabetes. She was a lady of excellent character and was highly respected. She leaves her husband and five sons and a daughter with many other relatives to mourn her loss. Her daughter Mrs. Frank Patnode lives near Antigo, her sons Seymour, John and Frank in the Town of Waterville while Henry and Peter reside in N. Dak.

Her son John had only returned the evening before from a hunting trip north. The funeral took place on Tuesday conducted by Rev. Redding of Eau Galle, Mrs. Demarce having been a faithful member of the Catholic Church all her life. The remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery on Dead Lake Prairie. The mourning relatives have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their sorrow.


In the same paper, same page, col. 3, was the note: "Mr. Henry DeMarce of Minnewaukan N.Dak. arrived here on Tuesday afternoon being called here to attend his mother's funeral. He arrived too late for that, she having been buried that forenoon.


Pepin County Courier, 29 January 1904, v. 27, no. 5, p. 10, col. 3.

Sophia DeMarce of Dakota has been visiting Joseph DeMarce, Sr.


Pepin County Courier, 11 November 1904, vol. 27, no. 46, p. 1, col. 3.

"Arkansaw. A number from here attended the funeral of Joseph Demarce, Sr., Sunday afternoon.


The Entering Wedge, Durand, Wis., Thursday, 3 November 1904.

Jos. Demarce Dead

Died in Desfeed, Quebec Canada Tuesday Morning. Word was received here Tuesday morning that Joseph Demarce had died at Desfeed, Canada that day and that the body would be sent here for burial. Mr. Demarce was visiting at Desfeed where he went a couple of months ago.

He was an old resident of town of Waterville where he had resided for nearly forty years. Mr. Demarce was seventy years old last July and was born in Canada. He moved west with his family in 1863 and settled in the town of Waterville. He is survived by seven children. Mrs. Demarce dying three years ago. The children are Henry and Peter of S. Dakota; Mrs. Mary Patnode of Elton, Wis.; Seymore, John, Frank and Jos. of Waterville. The remains will arrive here on Saturday and the funeral will be held either Sunday or Monday from the Catholic church in Waterville.


The Entering Wedge, Durand, Wis., Thursday, 10 November 1904.

[Grammar and spelling sic.]

Jos. DeMarce Obituary

Joseph DeMarce Sr. was born at St. Marz, Canada 1835. Lived with his parents until the age of 17 he went to St Albans to learn the carpenter trade three years later moved to North Island then was married to Eliza Kelly Aug. 27, 1854 lived there a few years then moved to Arkansaw where he resided until the time of his death, nine children were born to bless their union, seven of whom survive him, Joseph, Seymour, John, and Frank of Arkansaw, Peter and Henry of N. Dak. and Mrs. Frank Patnode of Elton, Wis. Mrs. Joseph DeMarce departed from this world Nov. 18, 1900.

Mr. DeMarce was a faithful member of the Catholic church, besides the family two brothers and one sister are left to mourn his loss and many friends. On the first of August he left his home to visit his sister for forty months whom he had not seen for 40 years in Bedford, Canada, he had enjoyed his visit and was on the point of coming home when he was taken ill the 30th of Oct. On the 31st a telegram came to John, the son with whom he had been living for eight years; remains were sent for by J. L. DeMarce which left Bedford at ten o'clock A.M. Nov. 3rd and arrived at Durand at six o'clock A.M. Nov. 5th and was laid at rest on the sixth in the Dead Lake Cemetery beside his wife. Father Miller of Eau Galle officiating.






1.3.1 Joseph DeMarce, Jr./"Monkey Joe" DeMarce, b. 9 July 1855/1853, Isle la Motte, Grand Isle Co., Vt.--d. 1 April 1932, Dunn Co., Wis. m. 2 February 1896, Pepin Co., Wis., Violette/Lettie White, b. 20 February 1880--d. 30 October 1899, of typhoid, Pierce Co., Wis., dau. of Gryus and Rissel (Place) White. Buried at Round Hill Cemetery, Pepin Co., Wis.


1900 U.S. Census, City of Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. NARS Microfilm Series T623, Reel 1810, p. 211B/212A, #278/279, household of Charles and Selinda (Kelley) Taylor: Joseph Demarce, nephew, b. July 1855, age 44, b. Vt., father b. Canada, mother b. Vt., day laborer; Ernie, grandnephew, b. July 1897, age 2, b. Wis., parents b. Vt.


Not located on 1905 Wisconsin state census.


I included this man's nickname in the family history because it was given to me many years ago by Jim's father, Lyle DeMarce, when I was first collecting information for the family history.


The following is from a letter sent to me by MabeL (DeMarce) Metcalfe dated 15 November 1987:

As to Joe DeMarce, my Dad's brother, I hated to think, after all these years, to be remembered as Monkey Face. My mother helped take care of him when he was so ill with intermittent fever, they called it then and of course the fever was very high and all the women could do for him was put ice packs to reduce the fever. He was very ill for two weeks, so he may have been and I think was slightly retarded, not enough to keep him from always making his own living.

Later, I don't know the year he married Letty--forgot her last name--and they had a house. The back was their living quarters and he ran a shoe repair shop. Everyone said he was excellent at it. They, after a few years, had a bright, lovable son, Ernest. His mother died when he was about nine, I think.

So my parents took, fed and cared for him as tho he was their son. After a year my uncle wanted him with him but he used to come to our place often. Believe me, we never would have thot of calling him Monkey Face. He was a gentle, kind man.

After high school later Ernest left for Canada. He corresponded with us for quite a while. When he didn't we assumed he was dead. I just don't want Jim or you to believe that rumor. Only mean people ever called him Monkey Face.


The Pepin County Courier, Durand, WI, 6 April 1900, v. 23, no. 14, p. 1, col. 3.

Joe Demarce of Spring Valley is here making final arrangements for moving his household goods there. He is going to keep house.


The Pepin County Courier, Durand, WI, 26 November 1909.

Joe DeMarce has a new shoe and harness shop in Arkansaw. Ernest J. DeMarce, b. 18 July 1897, Pepin Co., Wis. Perhaps lived near Green Bay, Wis. m. ________ _________. Ernest DeMarce disappeared in the 1920's and was never heard of again.


Taped reminiscences of Mabel (Metcalfe) DeMarce, 22 April 1988:


I have a card here Ernest wrote me from Canada--Ottawa--addressed to Miss Mabel DeMarce, so you see how long ago that was. I was fourteen, I remember: just after that Father died. We were always sorry he hadn't gave his address. It was postmarked, I believe, Ottawa, Canada.


Information received 9 May 1998 from Donald E. DeMarce, 9716 Russell Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55431-2438. He is not a Pepin Co., WI, DeMarce, but has been collecting general information on the family name:


I find several of the DeMarce clain I have written seems to be related to that part of the family. One person in particular is Roxanne L DeMarce of Browning, Montana and whose mother is Blackfoot Indian. Browning, Mt. is a Blackfoot reservation and Roxanne is currently living there and is in the process of writing a second book on this tribe. She will be leaving Browning sometime this summer to take a job in Spokane, WA. She is 46 years old and single. Her father name is Robert, Grandfather Ernest and Great grandfather Joe who she thinks was born in Vermont. She is sending me more info and I will pass on to you. Ernest of Robert was born in Arkansaw, Wisconsin. I talked with her last night and said I would be sending her more info.


Additional data received from Don DeMarce (not of the Pepin Co., WI, DeMarces): Robert DeMarce. Roxanne DeMarce, b.c. 1952. 2 Blackfeet Indian; enrolled member of tribe; official tribal historian as of 1998. Lived in Browning, MT; moved to Seattle, WA. __________ DeMarce (dau.)










1.3.2 Florence DeMarce, b. 15 February 1857, North Hero, Vt.--d. 1869, Pepin Co., Wis. Buried in the French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.






1.3.3 Henry "Jako" DeMarce, b. 11 February 1859, North Hero, Vt. By 1900 had moved to Minnewaukan, N.D. m. (1) Adeline Bashaw, dau. of John and Almira (Richer-Lafleche) Bashaw/Bergeron, b. c. November 1862/1864, N.Y.--d.__________ and had by her the following two children. He is said by family rumor to have married (2) an Indian girl in Dakota or Canada. Adeline (Bashaw) DeMarce remarried between 1900 and 1903 to Hawkins and was widowed by 1905.

By repute (according to Lyle DeMarce, at any rate), Henry DeMarce was something of a con-man.


1900 U.S. Census, Benson Co., N.D., Minnewaukan City, vol. 1, E.D. 11, sheet 2, line 87: Henry DeMarce, b. Feb. 1869, age 41, Canada French.


1900 U.S. Census, Town of Frankfort, Pepin Co., Wis.: NARS Microfilm Series T623, Reel 1810, p. 227B, #160/163: Hawkins, Frank, b. March 1849, widower, b. Can. Eng., father b. Ire, mother b. Ire; Hawkins, Clara, dau., b. Aug. 1890, Wis.; Hawkins, Clarence, son, b. Aug. 1890, Wis.; Lenhard, Wesley, stepson, b. Mar 1886, Wis.; Addie Demarce, b. Nov. 1862, age 37, widow, b. N.Y., father b. Canada, mother b. Vt., servant.


1905 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Frankfort, Pepin Co., Wis. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-46), Pp. 56-57, Family # 84: Hawkins, Adalia, Head, 42, widowed, b. NY, parents b. NY, landlady; Demarce, Bert A., son, 23, b. Wis., father b. Can., mother b. NY, farmer; Demarce, Peter, son, 20, b. Wis., father b. Can., mother b. NY, farm laborer; Demarce, Laura B., D in law, 21, b. Wis., Housekeeper; Hawkins, Clarence, stepson, 14, b. Wis., father b. Canada, mother b. Wis.; Hawkins, Clara, step dau., 14, b. Wis., father b. Can., mother b. Wis.


Pepin County Courier, 7 August 1903. Mrs. Adeline Hawkins of Plum Creek and Mrs. H. Demarce of Dakota called in our valley Tuesday.


The above tradition was given me many years ago by Jim's Dad, Lyle DeMarce, when I was first collecting stories about the family. The following was written to me in a letter from Mabel (DeMarce) Metcalfe dated 15 November 1987:


I'd like you to know that I was 14 when I last saw Henry DeMarce. I don't know for sure my age but I was grown up and remember.

He was no con man--who told you that, I wonder? His own niece should know. I do not believe he married an Indian girl. It would be alright if he had. He and my Aunt Jessie [sic] divorced. My parents said it was because he wanted to go to N. Dakota and prove claim to the free land you could get there. He thot it was a rare opportunity. But Aunt Jessie [sic] wouldn't go and leave her people here so it caused friction. Their two sons, Bert and Peter were grown. Bert became a farmer and oddly enough married Uncle John's wife's sister Laura. Jessie [sic] stayed around did housework for others--maybe Henry sent her money. One wouldn't need to worry about that with Social Security. She never remarried. She lived for some years--kept house for a widower who at that time was rich for those days. She had it very nice then. Bert Arthur DeMarce. b. ____ January 1882, Wis. m. 17 May 1905, Pepin Co., Wis., Laura B. Grammond, dau. of Oliver and Seraphine (Barcelore) Grammond of Chippewa Falls, Wis.


1900 U.S. Census, Town of Frankfort, Pepin Co., Wis. NARS Microfilm Series T623, Reel 1810, p. 220A, #3: Bert Demarce, b. Jan. 1882, age 18, b. Wis., father b. Canada, mother b. N.Y., farm laborer, servant in household of Mrs. H. W. Barber.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1575, Reel 39. Demarce, Albert, W, 37, b. Wis., res. Chippewa Co.; Demarce, Laura, wife, 37, b. Wis.; Grammond, Olivier, father-in-law, 83, b. Canada.


The Pepin County Courier, Durand, WI, 6 April 1900, v. 23, no. 14, p. 1, col. 3

Bert DeMarce is sick with the pneumonia.


The Entering Wedge, Durand, WI, 13 April 1905

Forest Vale. Bert DeMarce and wife are visiting relatives here. Mrs. Demarce was formerly Laura Grahman of Chippewa Falls, where they were married recently. Peter Louis DeMarce, b. 25 March 1885 Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1 December 1907, Pepin Co., Wis., Carrie Caturia, b. c. 1885/___ September 1884, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 22 May 1955, Puyallup, Washington, dau. of Winfield and Maryette (Patraw) Caturia.


Obituary, no name or date on paper [1955].


Mrs. Peter (Carrie) DeMarce, 70, died unexpectedly Sunday, May 22, following a heart attack at her home in Puyallup, Wash. The body is being brought to the Goodrich funeral home at Durand, where it will lie in state Thursday and early Friday. Funeral services are to be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Arkansaw Methodist church, the Rev. E. J. Jeffrey officiating. Burial is to be in the Arkansaw cemetery. Mrs. DeMarce is survived by her husband, a son, Russell, and a daughter, Mrs. Byrant Rippley of Puyallup. Since leaving this area, Mrs. DeMarce returned frequently for visits. Among relatives residing here are Mrs. Elwood Myers, Mrs. Glen Bignell and Shirley Caturia of Durand, all nieces; Mrs. Harry Doughty of Menomonie and Mrs. John Off of Minneapolis, both sisters. Wayne DeMarce, b. Arkansaw, Wis.--d. in WW II. Russell DeMarce. Fray DeMarce, b. 27 April 1910, Pepin Co., Wis. m. Byrant Rippley.






1.3.4 Seymour James [or Seymour Joseph] DeMarce, b. according to his newspaper obituary, 7 February 1861, at St. Ann, Canada. His baptismal certificate was obtained from the parish of St-Athanase-d'Iberville, where his parents were living at the time--see the above 1861 census record on Joseph DeMarce. It indicates that he was born on 6 February 1861, and gives his name as Simon--a close phonetic equivalent of Seymour. His godfather was Solime Demers, later of Union Co., S.D., his uncle:


Baptismal Record:


"le dix Fevrier mil huit-cent soixante-un, Nous Pretre soussigne avons baptise Simon ne le six du courant du legitime mariage de Gedeon Demers et de Eliza Kelly de cette paroisse. Parrain Solime Demers, Marraine Julie Meunier qui ont signe, le pere n'a su signer. Julie Meunier J Salime DeMerries

O Pelletier Ptre."




February 10, 1861. I the undersigned priest have baptized Simon born the sixth of the current month of the legitimate marriage of Gedeon Demers and of Eliza Kelly of this parish. Godfather Solime Demers, godmother Julie Meunier who have signed, the father does not know how to sign.

Julie Meunier J Salime Demerries

O Pelletier priest


Seymour DeMarce died 21 May 1909, Pepin Co., Wis. "Simore Demarse" married 4 November 1880, Pepin Co., Wis., "M. Lapine." She was Matilda Margaret LaPean, dau. of John and Matilda (Bolia/Bolier/Hudon dit Beaulieu) LaPean/Berard dit Lepine. She was b. 28 October 1861, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., N.Y.--d. 25 February 1946, Minneapolis, Minn. She married (2) 22 October 1912, Pepin Co., Wis., Julius/Jules Caturia, b. 14 July 1861--d. 24 November 1946, son of Joseph and Rose (Taylor) Caturia.


1895 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-17): Seymour Demarce, 5 white males, 2 white females, 7 b. U.S.


1900 U.S. Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co., Wis.: Seymer Demarce, b. Feb. 1861, age 39, b. Canada, father b. Canada, mother b. NY; Mitilda M., b. Oct. 1861, age 38, b. NY, father b. Canada, mother b. NY; Lemie J, b. Aug. 1881, Wis.; Alford S., b. May 1883, Wis.; Wilbur V., b. Feb. 1885, Wis.; Emery L., b. Apr. 1889, Wis.; Mable M., b. Aug. 1894, Wis.


1905 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-46): Pp. 127-128, Family # 12: Demarce, Semour, 44, b. Canada, father b. Canada, mother b. NY, farmer, owns farm with mortgage; Hilda [sic] M., 44, b. NY, parents b. NY; Wilber, 20, b. Wis.; Emery, 16, b. Wis.; Mable, 10, b. Wis.


Karyl Bainbridge writes:

Around 1975 I asked my Grandmother, Mable, how she ended up Methodist since the DeMarce's had originally been Catholic:

When Mable was about 5 years old, her father quit the Catholic church. He had been working near Wabasha on the Mississippi pushing logs down the river. He and a friend had arrived in Durand late at night and had decided to stay at a hotel in Durand instead of walking 6 miles home. The next morning instead of walking to Eau Galle, the two men went to the Catholic church (St. Joseph's?) in Durand. In those days people rented pews - which were reserved for them. Mable's father and friend waited until after the service began, to get a seat so that they wouldn't take someone's seat. The Priest had been drinking and ordered the two men to get out of the pew. The Priest apologized later, but Mable's father didn't accept. He said he'd been thinking about it for a long time.

Mable's father paid money to the Methodist church. When her father died, there was a black altar cloth at the Methodist church in recognition of his membership in the Methodist church even though he had never "taken vows" at the Methodist church. Mable and her brother Emery did not take Catholic catechism but rather went to the Methodist Sunday School. The three oldest children took Catholic catechism but didn't stay active in the church. Mable's mother, Matilda, said she didn't want to meet her maker because she didn't have any children to bring to him.


The following information was written out by Ethel (Richardson) DeMarce:

Seymour DeMarce. Seymour J. DeMarce was born at St. Ann Canada. He came from a family of industrious settlers to this Pepin County when he was about 4 years old. His mother came from Irish ancestors and his father was of French ancestry having been a settler in Canada near Quebec.

Seymour DeMarce was a good neighbor and had many friends in his community. He was very ambitious, a good farmer and was interested in his children having the opportunity of attending the nearby school where their home was. His wife Matilda was a very good helpmate and did her part in rearing their family of 5 children. They were good Christian people and used every opportunity to attend their church. Mr. DeMarce had poor health for a long time before his death. But he was helped in the farm work on his large farm by his four sons. He was the owner of "Forest Vale Farm" and the overseer until his health gave out. He died at the age of 48 in 1909.

Seymour J. DeMarce family record notes.

Seymour J. DeMarce. Born in St. Ann Canada, born Feb. 7, 1861, died May 1909.

Married to Matilda Margaret LaPean Nov. 4, 1880.

She was born in Plattsburg, N.Y. Oct. 28, 1861

died Feb. 25, 1946.

After her husband Seymour J. DeMarce died in May 1909, On Aug. 22, 1912 she married Julius Caturia. She lived in Arkansaw for 33 years and moved to St. Paul where she lived one year & passed away Feb. 25, 1946.

Seymour J. and Matilda LaPean DeMarce became the parents of 5 children.

Lemuel DeMarce born Aug. 5, 1881 in Waterville Twshp., died at Glendale Calif. Apr. 24, 1948.

Seymour Alfred DeMarce born May 6, 1883 in Waterville Township, died in Plum City Hospital May 7, 1950.

Wilber Vernon DeMarce born Feb. 27, 1885 In Township, Waterville, Pepin Co. died at La Habra, Calif. Marc. 12, 1964.

Emery L. DeMarce born April 22, 1889 in Waterville Township, Pepin Co. died at Lake City, Minn. on Nov. 2, 1951.

Mabel Matilda DeMarce born in Twship Waterville. Pepin Co. Wis on Aug. 9, 1894

Seymour and Matilda DeMarce bought a 40 acres of land in Waterville Township and there built up a home in about 1887 which was their home until about 1901 when they purchased more land near the Forest Vale school house and moved there which was their home until Seymours death on May 1909. Mrs. DeMarce lived there on the farm with her daughter Mabel and her son Alfred worked the land and lived in a tenant house until she married Julius Caturia Aug. 22, 1912. The daughter Mabel had married on Nov. 17, 1912. Mr. & mrs. Caturia moved to Arkansaw.


The DeMarce family used to have family reunion picnics at which the staple food was fish soup. In the taped reminiscences she made on 22 April 1988, Mabel (Metcalfe) DeMarce said:

My brothers were older than I. I had four brothers. The eldest was thirteen and the youngest six when I arrived. They all loved me, but Alfred was precious, so thoughtful of me, bringing me little gifts whenever he came back from, after working. In later years, Alfred and Ethel; Lyle, Wayne and Vera; Darrel, Earl, Marguerite, and Hope fished together. Also spent holidays in each other's home. I remember when we fished in the lake at Eau Galle, the men would clean the fish and light a fire and Ethel and I would get potatoes, carrots, and salt and onions ready and add to the fish. They called it by a French name that sounded like "bouillon," but I don't know how to spell it. My mother and stepfather often went along.


To the best recollection of Eleanor (Nelson) DeMarce, this is the way that Grandma Til made it:

Fish Soup as near as I can remember. I don't remember the rice, but it could have been in there, too.

You slice raw potatoes, carrots & onions - & rice if you want to - boil until tender - when they are nearly done, add the fish - we usually used sunfish, cook until the fish is tender - season with butter - salt - pepper. I have even used just canned salmon - you add that when the potatoes, etc. are done --

If the fish is raw - it will usually break up and the bones go to the bottom when it is done. You can have as much or as little liquid as you like.

I can say the name (in French) but I can't spell it. I think fish fillets or any kind would work -- you have to use your own judgment on how much to use.


Jim DeMarce recalls:

Matilda had a happier match from the religious point of view with "Grandpa Jules." I remember from when I was a very little boy how he knew the Latin of the liturgy by heart from his missal, though aside from the liturgy he didn't know a word of Latin.


The following reminiscences are from DeVerna (DeMarce) Riley:

Chuck and I stopped to see grandma and grandpa Caturra on our honeymoon, and stayed with them for a few days. I remember sleeping in a feather tick bed. It was the first time for me, but Chuck said his grandma had them, so he'd slept in one before. Also, grandma Caturra was very short and had a big bust and she would rest a loaf of bread on her bust and slice it--and I think she was left handed, too! Chuck and I were worried the knife would slip.

Grandpa Caturra had a glass eye and when we (she and Lelah) were little, he and grandma came to the farm to visit. He took the glass eye out and popped it into his mouth and I almost got sick. He loved to play jokes on us, but that was almost too much.


Taped reminiscences of Mabel (DeMarce) Metcalfe, 22 April 1988:

Jim reminded, remembered his father telling him that my father loved animals. Yes he definitely liked them all, but I really believe that he loved horses and little pigs best. When they were tiny, he used to like to pick them up and cuddle them. He used to say that pigs were more lovable than more intelligent than people thought--than people thought that they were. We got a lot of our income from raising and selling hogs. We always had plenty cows, sheep and poultry.

When I was four years old, my father bought another farm with good buildings on, and everything. I remember it so well. I remember, too, that he made a swing for us, two swings, for the school children to come. I had four good pals, and for us to come and swing. Mable Schruth, maple tree near the house, and one swing on each side of the road . . . I had special friends, two girls and a boy, who would come and swing before school began . . . it was great, and we sang our school songs . . . I kept contact with them for years, and now they're all dead, but I still remember them and love their memory. The Schruth girls and I had a club . . . just us . . . during vacations, in a house which was on the land that my father had bought. We worked and cleaned it up and even had tables and chairs our parents donated. We even had a blackboard . . . we also had a treasurer . . . We bought candy and gum. The candy was much cheaper than now, one got bigger amounts than one gets now. We played school and had spelling matches and so on. We got along so well.

My father was confined to his bed ten months before he left us, and mother had lot to do in her garden and helped with milking the cows most of the time. She had a girl, a hired girl they called them then, to help with father's care and the housework. . . it wasn't often, mother and she made quilts, and also sewed carpet rags.

One hot day . . . girls came to play with me . . . and there was a closet under that part . latch was used to shut it. . . Mother stored blankets with mothballs . . .and winter clothing . . . We decided we'd play hide and seek, and very quietly we hid. three of us decided to hide in the closet. went to look for us, she found us in the closet, and somehow when she walked in that door slammed behind her and she really couldn't get out. It couldn't be opened from the inside. The air was filled with mothball odor and lack of fresh air. We all laid down and tried to get some air . .door . Mother and Nora . . . heard us . . . very muffled sounds. Mother said, "You know how children are," but Nora said, I'm going upstairs and see what they are doing." When she opened the door, we all fell out. We were all exhausted, and Mother put us to bed. It was scary, and it could have been much worse.

Perhaps Josie would like me to tell her something about my childhood. My grandfather bought 80 acres not far from where we lived, and the schoolhouse was on the farm . . . I liked horses too, very much, and used to go. . . enjoyed it. I had a horse named Wren, spelled W R E N. . . great comfort to me . . .

Would Josie care to hear about the log cabin I was born in? It was kept very clean, inside and out. . . buildings and whitewashed on the inside. It had two rooms, the one larger which was our kitchen and dining room and living room, with a large kitchen stove with a reservoir in the back. We had hot water. We had to carry water in and empty out afterwards. What . . . was close. Some people had to carry water from the creek, and everyone saved the rain water. It was so soft and nice. In the back, we had a bedroom. My parents slept there and I slept there too in a trundle bed, which was pushed under the big bed daytimes. A stairs led to the two big bedrooms upstairs. When I was about four years old, I had one of the rooms for my bedroom. My brothers had the back part. Mother papered and kept it always papered and painted, the woodwork, and she always kept pretty curtains on the windows. It got hot in summer, but it was comfortable in winter, because the stovepipe came through the floor and it made it very comfortable, too. I played upstairs in my room a lot after school.

I . . . started school, when I was four years old . . . brother was in his last year . . . he walked to school to Arkansaw. After two years he went to Durand to finish high school. He boarded with a sister and brother, both in their seventies. My father generally got him on Friday nights, but one Friday a neighbor of ours was taking . . . to Durand, and he offered to bring Emery back. father also . . . shouldn't come back with him. He drank very heavily a lot of the time, and Alfred didn't think . . . should be associated with him. He meant to say, "Birds of a feather fly together," but he said, but he got it wrong and said, "When you're a blackbird, you're flying with the wrong ones." It doesn't sound funny, but it was.

. . . put fresh new straw and put it in my bed, and put it in ticking and put it in my bed. We didn't have mattresses until later. The tick was filled . . . bedsprings, I had to climb up to get in bed . . . One evening, I was sleeping when the straw started to quiver, and settling down. I thought, of course, it was mice, and screamed for my mother to come. She looked under the bed, and there lay Emery, my brother, poking up the ticking up through the middle. He had been poking the straw. He thought, believed, it was funny, but I didn't, and neither did Mother. She scolded him good, but I don't think he ever repented about it.


Matilda DeMarce Caturia

by Vera DeMarce Helgeson. December 1992.


Grandma Tilly was a hit with everyone she knew. She was a social little lady and loved to have company. She entertained easily.

Every summer I would stay with my two grandmothers in Arkansaw for a week. It was an event filled with anticipation. I loved it. At Grandma Tilly's, I got to sleep out on the screened porch. She and Grandpa slept in a big bed and I slept on a green porch bench. We didn't have a porch and never got to sleep outside. She also had a hammock. I loved it but if I swung slowly for a long time, I would get a quezzy stomacy. She also had a cement sidewalk and steps that led out to the road that we loved to skip on.

Grandma had a round oak table that always had a silver container labeled "crackers" in the center. It had delightful surprises in it, animal crackers, corn candy, chocolate stars or pink and white peppermints. She would let us climb up on a chair and help ourselves to a treat.

She had a wonderful organ in her living room. She would let us play it--we thought we were playing it, and we would sing "Jesus Loves Me." The shades were kept pulled in the living room so nothing would fade. It always smelled sort of dusty & musty but we loved to go in there.

Grandma was short, busty, and rather round--not fat--just plump. Her hair was very thick and long. She wore it in a big put at the nape of her neck or curcled on top of her head. Even when she was very old, her hair was quite dark with silver running through it. The grandchildren would coax her to let her hair down and when she took her braids out, her hair would touch the floor as she sat in her little rocker. I would be appalled at the sight of her long hair. She loved to have it brushed and we loved to do it.

When I was 15, a sophomore in high school, I lived with Grandma and Grandpa and worked for my room and board. Grandma was in bed with blood clots in her leg, so I was nurse, housekeeper and cook. I put hot packs on her leg twice a day and tried to keep her quiet. Changing her bed was traumatic and I was afraid she would move too much, a blood clot would move and she'd die. She had to have her meals in bed, too. On Saturdays there were clothes to wash, ironing, cleaning, and baking. It was a one man circus. She eventually got better and I stayed working till school was out.

Each morning as I came to the kitchen to get breakfast I was greeted by three cups, two with false teeth in them and one with Grandpa's glass eye.

Grandma always had cookies on hand. She made nice thick, white rolled out cookies with a raisin in the middle. She always had homemade bread too, that she would slice on her chest--cutting toward herself. I never knew her to cut into her apron and dress, but it surely kept you guessing. She most always had frozen mince and apple pies in her summer kitchen in the winter.

Grandma was a dressy little lady. She always had becoming dresses and lovely hats. Her hats were usually black or navy blue with big flowers or feathers. She had hat pins like daggers that went through the hat and her braids to hold it on. As a little girl, I can remember trying on her hats and holding her putse in front of the mirror. I would put the hat pin through the hat or it would completely cover my face! She usually had a black coat and looked dressy and well groomer. At the time I stayed with them, they had a small terrier dog and it was my first job to pick off its hair from her coat--much to my despair!

Grandma and Grandpa loved to play cards and they both liked to win. They had many friends that would come to play and they would be in their glory. Grandma could be ailing and a little depressed, but if someone would pop in--she's be as good as new. She foten times had a bad cough and was wheezy. A spoonful of whiskey that she kept by her bedside would usually calm her coughing.

Grandma was a devout Catholic but her children left the church as adults for various reasons. She bemoaned the fact many times in her older years. She was afraid she would not have spiritual bouquets and masses at her death, but she worried needlessly.

She was a loving grandma, a typical little French lady, talked French fluently.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.


It is our very painful duty at this time to chronicle the passing of the spirit of Seymour J. DeMarce from earth on last Friday evening, May 21. As many of our readers already know he has been sick since last fall. About seven weeks ago he rallied and for a short time his friends and relatives had hopes that he would ultimately recover but it was not to be for he was soon obliged to return to his bed from which he did not arise. Every possible effort was made for his recovery but without avail and he gradually grew weaker until the end. His life was an open book known and read by all his acquaintances. A man of strong personality he drew many people to him.

Mr. DeMarce was a native of St. Ann, Canada, where he was born Feb. 7, 1861. In 1880 he married Miss Matilda LaPean of Arkansaw, Wis. Five children were born to this marriage, Lemuel, Alfred, Wilbur, Emery and Mabel all of whom survive him. Besides these children he leaves a widow, five brothers and one sister to mourn their loss. In his early life Mr. DeMarce immigrated to Wisconsin with his parents and settled in the town of Waterville which has since been his home. All through life he was engaged in farming and at the time of his demise was proprietor of the well known as "Forest Vale Farm." His departure was deeply felt by his relatives and friend and if fervent prayers and loving ministrations could have kept him he would have been spared to them much longer.

A congenial companion, a warm friend, a generous neighbor, a loving husband and father, he goes to the great beyond, mourned by many who knew and respected him in his life time. His funeral was held at Arkansaw at 2 o'clock p.m. last Tuesday and the interment made in the cemetery there, Rev. Bell of Durand officiating.


Obituary, The Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI, 7 March 1946. With photograph.


Mrs. Julius Catura died Feb. 25 at the home of her stepdaughter, Emma Catura, of St. Paul, at the age of 84 years.

Matilda Margaret LaPean, daughter of John and Matilda LaPean, was born in Plattsburgh, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1861. She came with her parents to the town of Waterville where she always lived, except the last year in St. Paul.

Nov. 4, 1880, she was married to Seymore J. DeMarce. To this marriage, 5 children were born: Lemuel of Los Angeles, Calif, Wilbur of South Gate, Calif., Alfred of Arkansaw, Emery of Lake City and Mrs. Howard Metcalfe of Arkansaw.

In May, 1909, her husband died and on Aug. 22, 1912, she married Julius Catura, who survives her.

She was a devout member of the Catholic church and took an active interest in her family, her friends, and the community. She was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

Besides her husband and five children, she is survived by four stepchildren who are Mrs. John (Mattiebel) Dobus of Minneapolis, Emma of St. Paul, Mrs. Russell (Helen) Taylor of Ashland, and Vern of Glenwood City, 33 grandchildren, 60 great grandchildren and two great, great grandchildren.

Services were held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Howard Metcalfe, Thursday, Feb. 28, followed by requiem mass at St. Joseph's Catholic church near Arkansaw, Fr. Edward Hess officiating. Members of St. Anne's Altar Sodality attended as honorary pallbearers. Burial was in the Arkansaw cemetery.

Those from out of town at the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. John Dobus, Minneapolis; the Vernon Dobus and Francis Betlock families and Miss Emma Catura, of St. Paul; John Metcalfe family of Shakopee; Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Brunette, the Fred Ramadals, Mrs. Gertrude Beffa, Mrs. Iola Moe, and the Herman Patrow and Lee Patrow families of Rice Lake; the Russell Taylor and Rush Bokeim family of Ashland, Mr. and Mrs. Emery DeMarce, Lake City; the Richard Wakefields, the Allan Helgesons, and George LaPean, Menomonie; Mr. and Mrs. Vern Catura, Glenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nelson, Mrs. Archie Gahler, Sand Creek; Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Sumner, River Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Darrel S. Metcalfe, Manhattan, Kansas. Lemuel/Lemis/Lemma Joseph DeMarce, b. 5 August 1881, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 24 April 1948, Glendale, Calif. m. (1) 8 March 1904, Pepin Co., Wis., Caroline Holmstead/Homstead/Holmstadt/Homestead/Holmstovld, b. 8 January 1880 near Plum City, Wis.--d. 22 February 1931, dau. of John and Frances (Kannel) Holmstead; m. (2) Lola Young. He was Methodist Episcopal. A notice in the Pepin County Courier indicated that in April 1903, he went to White Earth, N.D. for a time.


1905 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-46): Page 139, Family # 58: Demarce, Lema, 24, b. Wis., father b. Canada, mother b. NY, Day Laborer, rents a house; Caroline, 25, b. Wis., father b. Sweden, mother b. Germany; Guy, 1, b. Wis.; Homestead, Frank, B in law, 19, b. Wis.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: Lemmie J. DeMarce, white, 38, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; Caroline, wife, 39, b. Wis.; Guy S., son, 15, b. Wis.; Frances M., dau., 14, b. Wis.; Ina M., dau., 12, b. Wis.; Ida E., dau., 9, b. Wis.; Lynn S., son, 8, b. Wis.; Lila L., dau., 4 6/12, b. Wis.


Interview information, provided by Karyl Bainbridge:

Lemuel and Caroline separated but were not divorced. He moved to California, worked in landscaping, and lived in Phoenix for a while. After Caroline's death, he remarried.


Lemuel DeMarce

by Vera DeMarce Helgeson. December 1992.


Uncle Lemmie looked much different than the other boys in his family. He must have resembled his father more. He was fairly short like Alfred and Wilbur, but had brownish auburn hair.

He loved to fish. His family and our family would go to Eau Galle fishing. Grandpa & Grandma and Aunt Mable's would go too and there would be a big picnic. Grandma Matilda would oversee making the "boo-ya" fish soup, in a black iron kettle over an open fire. Grandma usually brought fresh cucumbers to slice. She would cut the tip off and we smaller children would tub the top against the cut top of the cucumber to get out the poison. It sort of foams and grandma would cut that off--that was the poison part!! I have never heard of anyone else doing this but it was a necessary ritual with grandma.

Uncle Lemmie & Aunt Carrie, Alfred & Ethel in later years would go to Cornell fishing. It's a miracle that Dad and Uncle Lemmie didn't drown, neither of them could swim and when they would catch a fish they would be standing up, shouting and rocking the boat!

Uncle Lemmie's lived in Porcupine Valley and there was always great sliding for us kids when we would visit them.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Mrs. L. J. DeMarce

Caroline Homstadt, daughter of John and Frances Homstadt, was born January 8, 1880, near Plum City and died at her home in Porcupine February 22, 1931, aged 51 years, 1 month and 14 days.

March 8, 1904, she was united in marriage with L. J. DeMarce and to this union were born eight children: Guy F. of Cornell, Frances M. (Mrs. John Girard) of Durand; Ina M. (Mrs. John Metcalf) of Swanville, Minn.; Ida E. (Mrs. Glen Myers) of Porcupine; Lynn S., Lila L., Merle L., at home and Delma D., who passed away in infancy.

In early life she was baptized in the German Lutheran Church and this religious influence has been felt by all who came in touch with her, both in her home and among her neighbors and friends.

She was a member of the Royal Neighbor Lodge of Porcupine and was a "Royal Neighbor" in the fullest sense of the word in the lodge and in the community in which she lived.

She was a devoted wife and mother, giving her all to and for those she loved.

Among those who mourn her passing are her husband, children, nine grandchildren, one brother, three half-brothers besides many other relatives and friends.

The funeral service was held from the Arkansaw Methodist Church Tuesday, 2 p.m. Robert Goodrich, assisted by James Webb, conducted the funeral. Reuben Doughty, accompanied by Harold Hammond, had charge of the music. Rev. W. F. Grandy preached the sermon to a congregation that filled the church and overflowed into the grounds so that they who were without were more than they who were within. The Royal Neighbors were present in large numbers and assisted in the service at the cemetery. The large display of flowers, the throngs of people testified to the high esteem in which the deceased was held by all who knew her.

Interment was made in the cemetery at Arkansaw.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1948].


Lemuel DeMarce, 67, died at Glendale, Calif., April 24. He had suffered a stroke a week earlier while at work and death came as a shock to his family.

He was born in Pepin county August 5, 1880 [sic--should be 1881], son of Semer and Matilda DeMarce. He lived in this vicinity until he moved to California, about 20 years ago, where he operated a trucking business.

His first wife, Caroline Holmstead, preceded him in death about 17 years ago. He later married Lela Young who survives besides the following children: Guy of Cornell, Mrs. John (Frances) Girard, Durand; Mrs. Lila Ewert, Wausau; Mrs. John (Ina) Metcalf, Shakopee; Lynn, Grange Hall; Mrs. Glen (Ida) Myers, Arkansaw; Merle, Phoenix, Arizona.

There are 22 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren and three brothers who survive, Alfred, Arkansaw; Emery, Lake City, and Wilbur, South Gate, Calif.

The funeral was held at Glendale, Calif., Monday with burial there. Guy F. DeMarce, b. 21 June 1904/05, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 26 April 1980, Cornell, Wis. m. 1927, Wabasha, MN, Hazel Hanson. Lived at Cornell, Wis. Her address 1980: Hazel DeMarce, 604 Main, Cornell, WI 54732.


Obituary, Cornell Courier-Sentinel, 1 May 1980:

Guy DeMarce

Guy Frederick DeMarce, 75, died at home Thursday morning, April 24, in Cornell.

He was born June 21, 1905, in Arkansaw, Wis. He married Hazel Hanson in Wabasha, Minn. in 1927.

He was employed by the Cornell Paper Mill many years before retiring.

Surviving are his wife; a son, Dean, Vermon, Conn.; two daughters, Delores Wajek and Catherine Crosby, both of Cornell; a brother, Lynn, Elmwood; three sisters, Frances Davidson, Phoenix, Ida Myers, Arkansas, and Lila Pregont, Wausau; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

A funeral service was held Saturday at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Cornell, with the Rev. Jim Leschensky officiating. Interment will be in the Cornell Cemetery. Cornell Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements. Dean DeMarce. 1980 resided in Vernon, Conn. Katherine/Catherine DeMarce. m. Crosby. 1980 resided in Cornell, WI. Delores DeMarce. m. Wajek. 1980 resided in Cornell, Wis. Phoned autumn 1992 to say she would provide updates on this family branch, but did not give address or phone number. Haven't heard from her by March 1993. Frances Mabel DeMarce, b. ________________, 1905. m. (1) 12 December 1922, Pepin Co., Wis., John Alexander Girard, b. 8 May 1896, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 15 August 1957, Durand, Wis., son of George and Mary E. (Labbe/McGraw/Maigrot) Girard; m. (2) 29 April 1959, Oscar Davidson. 1975 lived in Phoenix, Arizona; 1982 and 1992 lived in Durand, Wis.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1957].


John A. Girard, 61, died Wednesday, Aug. 14, at the hospital in Durand. He had been in poor health for several years and spent some time in the veterans hospital in Fort Snelling, Minn. After two trips to Arizona, the second time for a year, he was brought back to Fort Snelling by plane and later to Durand.

Born May 8 near Arkansaw, Mr. Girard was a son of George and Mary Girard. He served in the United States army in World War I and after receiving his discharge returned to the parental home. He was married Dec. 12, 1821, to the former Frances DeMarce of Arkansaw. They became the parents of three sons and four daughters. One daughters, his parents, a sister, Bessie Lobitz and a brother, Peter Girard, preceded him in death.

Surviving besides his wife are these sons and daughters: Merwyn of Milwaukee, John jr. of St. Paul, George with the air force in Germany, Mrs. Carl (Virginia) Capion of Clinton, Iowa, Mrs. Gilbert F. (Betty) Bauer of Lima, and Mrs. Robert (DeVerna) Logslett of Durand.

There are also four sisters, Mrs. Josephine Karshbaum of Arkansaw, Mrs. Margaret Radle of Lima, Mrs. Agnes King of Long Beach, Calif., and Mrs. Eva Brynok of Winona. Mr. Girard had 10 grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Friday at 2 p. m. in the Goodrich chapel, the Rev. Haglund and the Rev. Carroll Anderson officiating. Burial was in the Arkansaw cemetery. Mary DeMarce, b. 25 May 1922, Porcupine, Pepin Co., Wis.- d. 26 May 1922. Buried at Arkansaw, Wis. Merwyn James Girard, b. 12 July 1923. m. 26 October _____, Iowa City, Iowa, Almeda __________ (Bignell) (Mrs. C. L. Peterson), b. 19 May 1925. Address 1980: Rt. 4, Box 1, Mondovi, WI 54755. James Girard, b. 29 March 1946. Was married in 1980. Peggy Girard. Was divorced in 1980. Randy Girard. Was married in 1980. Jay Girard. Was married in 1980. Paul Girard. Ellie Mae Girard. Virginia Mae Girard, b. 9 May 1925, Durand, Wis. m. (1) Ole Supri (div.); m. (2) Carl Kapion/Capion. Address 1980: 618 34d Ave. South, Clinton, Iowa 52732. Dennis Supri. Married in 1980. Gloria Supri. Married in 1980. Terry Kapion. John Alexander Girard, Jr., b. 28 February 1927, Durand, Wis.--d. 19 June 1969 in Michigan [Denver?? Lake - hard to read]. Lived at St. Paul, Minn. Never married or divorced. No children. George Lemuel Girard, b. 18 February 1936, Durand, Wis. m. 4 July 1957, Menomonie, Dunn Co., Wis., Charlotte Lorette Stiver. Address 1980: Rt. 4, Box 296, Menomonie, Wis. 54751. Pamela Ann Girard, b. 25 August 1958, Wiesbaden, Germany. Johnny Edward Girard, b. 29 April 1962, Denver, Colorado. Lisa Marie Girard, b. 2 December 1963, Menomonie, Wis. Sarah Jane Girard, b. 8 July 1966, Lakenheath, England. Betty Jean Girard, b. 12 February 1930. m. Gilbert F. Bauer. Lived at Lima, Wis. Address 1980: R. Rt. 1, Box 126, Durand, WI 54736. Sharon Bauer. Diane Bauer. Vicki Bauer. Brent Bauer. Brian Bauer. DeVerna Marlene "Bucky" Girard, b. 17 November 1933. m. Robert Logslett/Logsled. Lived at Durand, Wis. Address 1980: 600 Fairview Ave., South Milwaukee, Wis. 53172. Kyle Logsled. Brad Logsled. Jody Logsled. Terry Logsled. Patrick Logsled. Ina Mae DeMarce, b. 15 September 1907, Union, Pierce Co., Wis.--d. 2 July 1975, St. Francis Hospital Shakopee, Minn. m. 7 November 1927, Pepin Co., Wis., John Albert Metcalf, b. 10 August 1904, Durand, Wis.-d. 26 December 1975, Minneapolis, Minn., son of John Sala and Minnie (Sweitzer) Metcalf. Lived at Shakopee, Minn. John Metcalf was in the Minnesota Senate from the 14th District for years. Their address was: 534 S. Holmes St., Shakopee, MN 55379.


Obituary, Shakopee Valley News, 9 July 1975, p. 2.

Mrs. John A.

Metcalf died

July 2 here

Ina Mae Metcalf, 67, wife of former Senator John A. Metcalf, died of heart failure July 2.

Funeral services were conducted from St. Mary's Catholic Church July 5 at 11 a.m.

Interment was at St. Mary's Cemetery.

Ina Mae DeMarce was born September 13, 1907 in Arkansaw, Wisconsin to Elemuel and Corrie DeMarce. She married John A. Metcalf in Durand, Wisconsin on November 7, 1928.

She was a member of the St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary and St. Mary's Rosary Society.

She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Gilbert (Irene) Lebens and Mrs. Larry (Nancy Lee) Schmit of Shakopee and Mrs. Eugene (Pinky) Dahl of Prairie Village, Kansas; two brothers, Guy DeMarce of Cornell, Wisconsin; Merle DeMarce of Phoenix, Arizona; four sisters, Lynn DeMarce of Elmwood, Wisconsin; Mrs. Oscar (Frances) Davidson, Phoenix, Arizona; Mrs. Ed. (Lila) Prejont, Warsaw, Wisconsin and Mrs. Glen (Ida) Meyers of Arkansaw, Wisconsin.

Pallbearers were David and Curtis Dahl of Prairie Village, Kansas; James and John Schmitt of Shakopee, Scott Lebens of Shakopee, all grandsons, and Wayne Engelen, a son-in-law from Shakopee.

Cavanaugh Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.


Obituary, Shakopee Valley News, 31 December 1974, p. [2], col. 2 (with photograph)

John Metcalf,

former Senator

is cancer victim

Funeral services for John A. Metcalf, educator,businessman, and former State Senator, were said Monday, December 29, from St. Mary's Catholic Church in Shakopee.

Father Schoenberger, Father Russell and Father Hennen officiated at the 11 a.m. services.

Interment was at St. Mary's Cemetery.

Metcalf died December 26 at Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, the victim of cancer. He was 71.

Metcalf was born August 10, 1904 in Durand, Wisconsin and married Ina Mae DeMarce there on November 7, 1928. He was preceded in death by his wife, who died July 2, 1975.

Metcalf, former owner of Metcalf Motor Service, served as superintendent of schools at Swanville, Burnsville and Shakopee and was elected State Senator from District 21 in 1954.

He was a graduate of St. Mary's College in Winona and earned his Master of Science degree from the University of Minnesota.

He was a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Shakopee Businessman's Association and the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association.

He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Irene Lebens of Shakopee, Mrs. Nancy Schmidt of Shakopee and Mrs. Mary Ellen Dahl of Fullerton, California; Mrs. Corwin (Irene) Wood of St. Charles, Illinois, 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Honorary pallbearers were Dalles Capesius, Judge F. J. Connolly, Bill Wermerskirchen, Sr., Don Ries, Harry Rich, Jerome Wampach, Monroe Kopisca, Wayne Konga, Ronald McKee, Jim Perry, Ron Wieler and Sen. Ralph Jopp.

Active pallbearers were Jim and John Schmidt, Curt and Dave Dahl, Scott Lebens and Wayne Engelen, all grandsons of the deceased.

Cavanaugh Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements. Irene Theresa Metcalf, b. 24 June 1928, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minn. m. 20 March 1947, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minn., Gilbert Earl Lebens, son of August Sebastian and Theresia Mary (Theis) Lebens. Lived 1975 in Shakopee, Minn. Address 1979: 600 Jackson Park, Shakopee, MN. Terry Anne Lebens, b. c. 1947. m. Wayne F. Engelen. Brian Michael Engelen. Mark John Engelen. Deborah Jean Lebens, b. c. 1954. m. John O. Sjolander. Scott David Lebens, b. c. 1957. Janet Mary Lebens, b. c. 1962. Mary Ellen "Pinky" Metcalf, b. 14 April 1930, St. Gabriel's Hospital, Little Falls, Morrison Co., Minn. m. 21 September 1948, Shakopee, Scott Co., Minn., Eugene John Dahl, b. 11-05-1927 [sic], son of Elmer Ludwig and Catherine Mathilda (Budde) Dahl. Lived July 1975 at Prairie Village, Kansas; December 1975 at Fullerton, CA. David Lee Dahl, b. 14 July 1949, St. Francis Hospital, Shakopee, Minn. m. 29 August 1970, Asbury Methodist Church, Wichita, Kansas, Tony A. Lininger. Curtis John Dahl, b. 5 September 1950, St. Francis Hospital, Shakopee, Minn. Barbara Jean Dahl, b. 17 June 1952, St. Francis Hospital, Shakopee, Minn. m. 3 March 1978, Queen of the Holy Rosary Church, Overland Park, Kansas, Michael A. Ward. Jennifer Mae Ward, b. 22 April 1979, Overland Park, KS. Peggy Ann Dahl, b. 10 June 1955, St. Francis Hospital, Shakopee, Minn. m. 26 April 1975, Prairie Village, Kansas, Gerald D. James. The couple uses legally the surname "Dahl-James." Aaron Clifton Dahl-James, b. 8 November 1977, Asbury Methodist Hospital, Salina, KS. Dahl-James, b. c. 1979. Mary Gene Dahl, b. 12 April 1960, St. Francis Hospital, Shakopee, Minn. Nancy Lee Metcalf, b. 12 August 1937, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minn. m. 20 August 1955, Shakopee, Scott Co., Minn., Lawrence C. Schmit/Schmidt. Lived 1975 at Shakopee, Minn. James Schmit/Schmitt. John Schmit/Schmitt. Ida Ethel DeMarce, b. 10 January 1910, Union Twp., Pierce Co., WI--d. 16 March 1990, Porcupine Valley, Pepin Co., WI. m. 19 September 1928, Wabasha, MN, Glenn Shirley Myers. Lived at Arkansaw, Wis. Address 1980: Ida Myers, R. Rt. 2, Box 92, Arkansaw, WI 54721.


Obituary, The Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI, no date of paper (with photograph).


Ida Ethel Myers (80) of Route 2, Arkansaw died Friday, March 16, 1990 at her home in Porcupine Valley. She was born January 10, 1910 in Union Township, Pierce County; daughter of Lemuel and Caroline Holmstadt DeMarce. She attended Porcupine School.

September 19, 1928 she married Glenn Shirley Myers in Wabasha, Minnesota. They lived all their married life in Porcupine Valley, Frankfort Township, Pepin County.

Ida enjoyed sewing, crocheting, baking and housekeeping. She particularly enjoyed being with and talking about her family, especially her grandchildren. She was an avid Minnesota Twins Baseball fan.

Ida was a very active member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Arkansaw.

She is survived by her husband Glenn; daughter, Iris Simonson of Red Wing, Minnesota, daughter and son-in-law, Charlotte and Bernard Marcks of Pepin, Janice and Vaughn Girard of Plum City, Jeanette and Daniel Richardson of Arkansaw, Jackie and Brent Herbst of Arkansaw; son and daughter-in-law, Clayton and Gerry Myers of Arkansaw, Donald and Arlene Myers of Arden Hills, Minnesota; 35 grandchildren and 61 great-grandchildren; two sisters, Francis Davidson of Durand, Lila Pregont of Wausau, nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Lemuel and Caroline Holmstadt DeMarce; two great-grandsons, Dennis Myers Jr. and Eric Myers; son-in-law Arnold "Arnie" Simonson; two sisters, Ina Metcalfe and Velma DeMarce, three brothers, Guy, Lynn and Merle DeMarce.

Funeral services were held at 11:00 a.m. Monday, March 19, 1990 at the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Arkansaw. Daniel Richardson and Glenn Peterson officiated. Burial will be in the Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery.

Casket bearers were: Rodney Simonson, Jeffrey Myers, Donald Myers, Randall Marcks, William Girard, Gregory Richardson, Timothy Herbst.

Music was by soloist -- Lori Simonson Jensen, organist - Joan Lauer.

Goodrich Funeral Home, Durand, was in charge of arrangements. Clayton Myers. m. Gerry . Address 1988: Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Myers, Rt. 2, Arkansaw, WI 54721. Iris Myers. m. Arnold "Arnie" Simonson, d. before March 1990. Address 1988: 103 East 5th, Red Wing, MN 55066. Charlotte Myers. m. Bernard Marcks. 1990 lived at Pepin, WI. Janice Myers. m. Vaughn Girard. 1990 resided Plum City, WI. Jeanette Myers. m. Daniel Richardson. 1990 resided Arkansaw, WI. Jackie Myers. m. Brent Herbst. 1990 resided Arkansaw, WI. Donald Myers. m. Arlene . 1990 resided Arden Hills, MN. Lynn Seymour DeMarce, b. 20 December 1911, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 25 June 1982, Elmwood, Wis. Buried Poplar Hill Cemetery, Rock Elm, WI. m. (1) 20 June 1931, Pepin Co., Wis., Helen E. Weber, who d. aged 53 in 1966; m. (2) 7 June 1969, at Elmwood, Pepin Co., Wis., Mrs. Blanche (Hetrick) Thompson. Farmed at Plum City, Pierce Co., Wis., until 1954, when he moved to Elmwood. Operated DeMarce Television and Cable Co. at Elmwood. Retired 1977. Administrator of Bell farm estate for United Methodist Church for 15 years, served on the Elmwood church board seven years, school board 17 years. Member of Elmwood Rod and Gun Club. Lived at Elmwood, Pierce Co., Wis.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Lynn DeMarce

ELMWOOD -- Lynn S. DeMarce, 70, died Friday at his home.

He was born in Arkansaw and married Helen Weber in 1930. They farmed for several years in the Plum City and Elmwood areas. In 1954 they moved to Elmwood and started DeMarce Cable Co. After her death, he married Blancie [sic] Hetrick Thompson in 1969.

Survivors include his wife; a son, Nolan, Elmwood; two daughters, Joan Lecheler, Terry Krause, both of Elmwood; three stepsons, Jerry Thompson, Durand, Daniel Thompson, St. Paul, Minn., Mitchell Thompson, Mondovi; four stepdaughters, Rita Seger, St. Paul, Minn., Joan Longsdorf, Stockholm, Carol Bower, Durand, Sharon Roatch, Spring Valley; three sisters, Ida Myers, Arkansaw, Francis Davidson, Durand, Lila Pragont, Wausau; 11 grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, 20 step-grandchildren, 11 step-great-grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday at United Methodist Church, Elmwood, with burial in Poplar Hill Cemetery, Rock Elm.

Friends may call from 3 to 9 p.m. today at Rhiel Funeral Home, Elmwood, and an hour before services at the church.


News article, The Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI, 1 July 1982, p. 1.

Elmwood Cable

Merchant Dies

Retired operator of a television and cable service at Elmwood, Lynn DeMarce, died Friday at home.

Funeral services were held Tuesday at 11 a.m. in United Methodist church of Elmwood, the Rev. James Thunstrom officiating. Burial was in Poplar Hill cemetery at Rock Elm.

Born Dec. 20, 1911, at Arkansaw, Mr. DeMarce was a son of Lemuel and Caroline Holmstadt DeMarce. Married in 1930 to the former Helen Weber, he farmed near Plum City until 1954, when he moved to Elmwood.

After the death of his wife in 1966, Mr. DeMarce was remarried with the former Blanche Hetrick Thompson of Durand. He started DeMarce Television & Cable Co. at Elmwood, and remained active until retirement in 1977.

During his lifetime, Mr. DeMarce was administrator of Bell farm estate for United Methodist church 15 years, served on the Elmwood church board seven years, school board 17 years and joined Elmwood Rod & Gun club.

Surviving with the wife, are a son, Nolan of Elmwood, two daughters, Mrs. Albert (Joan) Lecheler and Mrs. James (Terry) Krause of Elmwood, three stepsons, Jerry Thompson of Durand, Daniel Thompson of St. Paul and Mitchell Thompson of Mondovi, four stepdaughters, Mrs. Robert (Rita) Seger of St. Paul, Mrs. Joan Longsdorf of Stockholm, Mrs. LaVerne (Carol) Bauer of Durand and Mrs. Wayne (Sharon) Roatch of Spring Valley, 11 grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, 20 step-grandchildren and 11 step-great-grandchildren.

In addition, there are three sisters, Mrs. Glenn (Ida) Myers of Arkansaw, Mrs. Oscar (Frances) Davidson of Durand and Mrs. Lila Pregont of Wausau. Joan Carolyn DeMarce, b. 10 December 1931, Pepin Co., Wis. m. Albert Lecheler. Lived at Rt. 1, Elmwood, Wis. Larry Lecheler. Bob Lecheler. Bruce Lecheler.


?? Mark Lecheler.


?? Cindy Lecheler. Nolan Lynn DeMarce, b. 11 October 1933, Pepin Co., Wis. m. Janice Claflin. Lived at Elmwood, Wis. Operated DeMarce Television and Cable Co. m. __________ __________. Address 1986: Mr. Nolan L. DeMarce, 802 Winter Ave., Elmwood, WI 54740. Debra DeMarce, b. 6-8-54. m. Richard Micek. 1992 resided So. St. Paul, MN. Christina Micek. Eric Micek. Susan DeMarce, b. 5-16-56. m. Wayne Stashek. 1992 res. Menomonie, WI. Ben Stashek. Lindsay Stashek. Michael DeMarce. m. Dianne . 1992 resided Elmwood, WI. Brian DeMarce. Renee DeMarce, b. 10-26-61. m. James Conway. 1992 res. So. St. Paul, MN. Mathew Conway. Ryan Conway. Jeffrey DeMarce, b. 5-23-63. 1992 was not married and resided in Elmwood, WI. Terry Lynn DeMarce. m. James Krause (divorced). Lived at Elmwood, Wis.; 1992 lived at Plum City, WI. Lila Luela DeMarce. b. 19 June 1915, Pepin Co., Wis. m. (1) 22 February 1936, Pepin Co., Wis., Robert Gerald Britten; m. (2) __________ Ewert; m. (3) Ed Prejont (or Pregont). Lived at Wausau, Wis. Address 1980: Lila Pregont, 215 Lincoln Ave., Wausau, Wis. 54401. Delma Dora DeMarce. b. 20 January 1919, Porcupine, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. aged 7 mo., 20 d., Porcupine, Pepin Co., Wis. Merle Lemuel DeMarce, b. 27 November 1920, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 12 February 1979, Phoenix, AZ. He had a heart attack on the way home from a restaurant. m. (1) Vesta Irene Yarbrough, b. 24 January 1921, Marble [sic], Arkansaw, Wis., daughter of Jasper T. and Mary Josephine (Phillips) Yarbrough (div.); m. (2) Lee __________ (div.); m. (3) Alma __________ (div.); m. (4) Kay __________. Address 1975: 4227 E. Patricia Jane Drive, Phoenix, Arizona. His children were by the first wife. Irene's address 1980 was: 2718 N. 40th St., Apt. 6, Phoenix, AZ 85008.


NOTE: from Linda S. McCleary, Head, Reference/Documents Section, Department of Library, Archives and Public Records, State of Arizona: Also, enclosed is the Funeral Announcement stating that the interment took place at Greenwood Memorial park, 2300 West Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85009. This is one of the largest cemeteries in Phoenix and have extensive records dating back to 1906. They are always happy to assist genealogists!

The Arcadia Funeral Home is still in existence in the location mentioned in the obituary. The zip code is 85018. They, also, answer letter requests. In addition, the Theodore Roosevelt Boy Scout Council's address is 2959 Greenfield Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Perhaps they may have additional information on Mr. DeMARCE since he was honored with the Silver Beaver award for his work in scouting.

Also, the Elks BPOE Phoenix Lodge #335's address is 14424 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85024. They may have membership records on him.


Obituary, Arizona Republic newspaper, 14 February 1979, p. D-5:

Merle DeMarce

Merle Lemual DeMarce, 58, president of Imperial Construction Co., who was honored with the Silver Beaver for his work in scouting, died Feb. 12, 1979, in Doctors Hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Mr. DeMarce, 4227 E. Patricia lane, moved to Phoenix in 1933 from Imperial Valley, Calif. Active in scouting the past 28 years, he was a former vice president in charge of all properties of the Theodore Roosevelt Boy Scout Council.

He was a World War II veteran and a member of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and Elks Lodge 335.

Survivors include his wife, Kay; children, Carolyn Voorhees, Connie Vega, Leon and Wesley DeMarce; stepchildren, Barbara Wilson and Harry Salayton; 19 grandchildren, a great-grandchild, three sisters and two brothers.

Services will be 11 a.m. Friday in Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 3641 N. 56th St. Friends may call from 2 to 7 p.m. Thursday in Arcadia Funeral Home, 4800 E. Indian School.


Funeral announcement, Arizona Republic newspaper, 16 February 1979:

DeMARCE, Merle L. Funeral services 11:00 a.m. today in Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 3641 N. 56th St. Interment Greenwood Memorial Park. Whitney & Murphy Arcadia Funeral Home, 4800 E. Indian School Rd. Leon Edgar DeMarce, b. 11 February 1941, Phoenix, AZ. m. (1) Ann Pandori; m. (2) Ila Black; m. (3) Bonnie Ponting. He works for a construction company. Lori Ann DeMarce, b. 28 June 1963, Phoenix, AZ. (child of 1st m.) Todd Steven DeMarce, b. 28 February 1965, Mt. Plymouth, MI. (child of 1st wife). Debra DeMarce. b. 2 October 1968, Scottsdale, AZ. (child of 3rd wife). Carolyn Sue DeMarce, b. 26 January 1943, Phoenix, Az. m. (1) 16 September 1962[?], Gary Allen Vorhees; m. (2) __________ Kochanski. Cori Ann Vorhees, b. 4 December 1962, Phoenix, AZ. Married and divorced prior to 1988. Candy Sue Vorhees, b. 17 November 1963, Phoenix, AZ. Theodore Allen Vorhees, b. 5 March 1966, Phoenix, AZ. Eric Merle Vorhees, b. 20 June 1968, Phoenix, AZ. Wesley Allan DeMarce, b. 17 October 1948, Phoenix, AZ. m. Susan __________. Address 1986: Mr. Wesley DeMarce, 101 E. Joan d'Arc Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85022. Matthew Loren DeMarce, b. 22 September 1972, Phoenix, AZ. Christina DeMarce, b. 23 November 1976, Phoenix, AZ. Connie Kay DeMarce, b. 5 April 1950, Phoenix, AZ. m. John Vega. Kimberly Kay Vega, b. 11 October 1968, Phoenix, AZ. John Anthony Vega, b. 24 January 1975, Phoenix, AZ. Seymour Alfred DeMarce, b. 6 May 1883, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 7 May 1950, Plum City, Pierce Co., Wis. Buried Memorial Cemetery, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.

m. (1) 27 April 1908, Dunn Co., Wis., Josephine M. Hofacker. b. 25 May 1889, Dunn Co., Wis.--d. 1 March 1912, Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Conrad and Wilhelmina (Rauenbuehler) Hofacker. Buried at St. Henry's, Eau Galle, Dunn Co., Wis.

m. (2) 24 March 1913, Pepin Co., Wis., Ethel Irene Richardson, b. 22 July 1892 at Dead Lake Prairie, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 17 October 1976, Menomonie, Dunn Co., Wis., dau. of Thomas Ira and Luella Grace (Tulip) Richardson. Buried Memorial Cemetery, Arkansaw, Wis. As a widow, Ethel (Richardson) DeMarce lived in Arkansaw, Wis. Her funeral book place Wednesday, October 20, 1976, at 11 a.m., United Methodist Church, Arkansaw, Wis., with Rev. Marilynn Rushton officiating. Music was by Lowell and Irene Hoffman. Pallbearers were Charles Hutter, Lyle Hutter, William LaPean, Thomas LaPean, Roy Prissel, and Calvin Richardson. She was buried at Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery.

There is Richardson ancestry information in Pepin County History, pp. 107, 119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 127, 148 & 149, 165. The underlined pages are on the direct ancestry of Ethel Irene (Richardson) DeMarce. She also had what she called a "Family Book" with information on the Richardson family.

Alfred DeMarce was a Roman Catholic to the death of his first wife; then became Methodist Episcopal.

About 1929, near the beginning of the Depression, the big barn on Alfred DeMarce's farm burned with a significant financial loss to the family. There should be a newspaper report on this available.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: DeMarce, Alfred C., white, 37, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; DeMarce, Ethyl I., wife, 27, b. Wis.; DeMarce, Lyle J., son, 8, b. Wis.; DeMarce, Norma I., dau., 6, b. Wis.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1909].

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred DeMarce mourn the loss of an infant son born August 10th. The little form was laid at rest in the Catholic cemetery at Eau Galle, Wednesday. The sorrowing parents have the heartfelt sympathy of their many friends and relatives in their bereavement.

The Pepin County Courier, 8 March 1912 (from "Glimpses of Arkansaw History").

On the morning of March 1, Arkansaw was saddened by the tragic death of Mrs. Alfred DeMarce. Her clothing was thought to be caught on fire by an air tight heater. Her main concern during her suffering was an infant son which she had put on the bed and covered so the smoke wouldn't suffocate it. The baby was saved. Mrs. DeMarce passed away at 2:35 p.m. in the afternoon.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1912]

Sudden Death in Waterville


Mrs. Alfred DeMarce died in Waterville Friday, March 1st.

The deceased came to her death in a sad and tragic manner. While alone in the house with her infant child in the early morning, she was sweeping the floor and bent with the broom and dustpan to take up the litter. Her back was toward an air tight heater and it is thought the draft must have blown her skirts within reach of the blaze. After vainly trying to extinguish the flame with quilts, terror stricken she ran to the nearby home of her mother-in-law. Her cries quickly brought the family, who at once aided her to the best of their ability. To their first question the only reply was, "Save my baby! Save my baby!" The little one was found in the bed in the smoke filled room where it had been safely covered by its suffering mother. Medical aid and loving care could do little to ease the pain. The spirit passed to the Eternal rest at 2:35 in the afternoon. Josephine M. Hofacker was born in the town of Eau Galle, May 25, 1889. She was the youngest child of Conrad Hofacker, recently of Eau Galle, now a resident of Durand.

April 27, 1908 she was united in marriage to Alfred DeMarce of Arkansaw. Two children came to bless this union, the eldest dying in infancy. The other, a babe of five months, lyle James, is left with the grief-stricken father to mourn the loss of their nearest and dearest. Other near relatives are: An aged grandfather of 86 years, a father, Conrad Hofacker, Durand; three sisters, Anna, Mrs. John Pittman, Arkansaw; Mary, Mrs. Herman Reitz, Eau Galle; Kate, Mrs. Rufus Schroeber, Farm Hill and three brothers, Louis, and Joe of Rock Elm and Charley of Eau Galle.

All through her life the deceased was a devout member of the Roman Catholic church. Of a loving, happy nature, she leaves many friends who deeply sympathize with the family in their sorrow.

Funeral services were held Sunday, March 3rd. at St. Henry's Catholic church in Eau Galle. Interment was in the family lot at the same place.


Seymour Alfred DeMarce

by Vera Helgeson, 1992


Alfred's father was Seymour also, so my father always went by his initials, S.A., or Alfred. With 3 brothers and a baby sister, theirs was a busy household. The boys used to tell how they ate sweet potatoes most of the winter. Their cellar was so cold that the white potatoes would freeze and from then on they would taste sweet!

They had no stairway up to their sleeping quarters, just boards nailed up the wall like a ladder. When Grandma Tily would meet her saturation point of pranks and noise by the boys, she would order them to bed. They would start across the room & make a run for it. She would stand at the bottom of the ladder with a little switch and give them each a switch as they'd try to run up the ladder. I can remember my dad and Uncle Wilbur reminiscing this event and laughing until the tears would come.

The boys had a mother cat that had several kittens. Food and milk were scarce and Grandma told them they would have to kill the kittens and their mother. They were pretty sad but knew it had to be. They put the cats in a sack, took a hammer, and set out to do the killing. They walked about a mile, up a hill, let the cats out of the bag in the deep snow, and gave each one a whack with the hammer. They went home, reporting to their mother that the job was done. Four or five hours later they years some yowling and here was the mother cat, and kittens, at the door. The blows evidently just knocked them unconscious. They boys were frightened at first, sure they were seeing ghosts!! After much pleading from the boys, their parents allowed the cats to live. The boys never forgot it!

The DeMarce boys were fairly short legged and often times their overalls would have to be cut off. This particular time while Tilly was shortening overalls, the boys were overzealous and she had had to stop several times to stop the bickering. She went to hem a leg and here she had cut one leg twice instead of each leg! The "fur flew" as my dad would say. She sewed it back on as best she could and the boy had to wear it! A new pair of overalls was hard to come by!

My dad was a hard worker. I can remember him plowing, walking in the furrow, soaking wet with sweat. Haymaking was a hot, dusty job too. I have seen him lieing down under the hay wagon on the ground to cool off.

Usually, right after he had eaten, my dad would stretch out on the day bed for a little snooze. He would sleep about 1/2 hour, get up, and rub his mustache with his first finger--it must have tickled. One particular time the hired man and Lyle put yellow mustard on his mustache. He woke up as usual, rubbed his mustache as usual, and his eyes almost popped out of his head, not knowing what was on his finger. His French temper soared as the boys tore out of the house laughing. He was angry momentarily but enjoyed laughing about it later!

Dad was probably one of the worst drivers that ever got behind a wheel. He had one of the first cars in the neighborhood but was never mechanical. He could never repair a vehicle. He usually drove in the middle of the road, my mother chiding him to drive on his own side. he never missed a crow on the fence and knew every crop that was planted instead of watching the road. He drove pretty fast and hated to shift. He would try to go up as far as he could on a hill road before shifting, and often time the engine would kill. Mom would jump out and get a rock and put behind the back wheels. One of the boys would get out and crank the car while Dad would be holding the emergency brake. Mom would be "tongue lashing" him the whole time and I would be frightened to death we were going to crash down the hill--there were no guard rails. This usually happened when we went to Porcupine to Aunt Mable's. There were two ways to go, big hills each way, the Highback and the Ganoe Hill.

Another time we were driving from one farm to the other, the car was packed full of people and raspberries. I was sitting on Mom's lap in front. We were getting to the corner of the driveway and my mother said a couple of times, "Alfred, slow down," but he loved to see how fast he could take the corner--too fast this time--up the bank he went, almost tipping over and stopping with a big jolt. I flew up & hit the mirror & raspberries flew everywhere. He felt badly, but nothing seemed to improve his driving methods!

My dad loved to be pampered. He was a loving man. He would hug us kids and my mother. Not many men showed affection in those days. He would sit on the floor and play Shuffle, Shuffle with us. You passed a bedroom slipper under your knees. He would go upstairs and come down draped with a black horsehide robe, get down on his knees, and crawl & growl like a bear. We knew it was our dad but were still half frightened. We'd climb on his back & he'd buck us off. The squealing and laughing would fill the house--he would laugh until he was breathless!

My father had a lot of adversity in his life. His first born son died at birth, his first wife burned to death. His large Jamesway barn burned to the ground and was only partially insured. The depression came along and he lost 2 farms: he was only able to save 100 acres of land that he had inherited from his father and he would never use it as collateral.

During the depression he took his team of horses and worked on W.P.A. This was agony for my father. Everyone that saw him working knew he was getting government aid. He was a proud man and this was a humbling experience. He and neighbors build a straw barn on the 100 acres and he moved a little house on it and he started over. The whole family worked very hard but things went well financially for him from then on.

My dad had a quick temper but a great sense of humor: he loved to tease. He was a survivor.

He was raised a Catholic but at the time of Josephine's death, their dues weren't paid and the church would not take her into the church proper for burial. My father was devastated and swore he would never set foot in the church again--and he didn't until the time of his mother's funeral. It took firm persuasion from my mother to convince him to go. I had never seen my mother ever talk to my dad before in such a manner. She backed him into a corner, shaking her finger under his nose, all the while telling him he was going--and he did, reluctantly. It took a female Methodist minister to convince him to let go of his hut and get on with a new spiritual life.

On the sly he enjoyed playing nickel slot machines. My husband tells me Dad would buy a roll of nickels before coming home so my mother would think he had won. He loved trading horses and livestock and making deals.

Dad loved to go fishing. He had many picnics. He couldn't swim a stroke but would stand up in the boat, waving his arms & looking over his catch. The Lord had to be watching over him or he would have drowned! He didn't like to pick bones from the fish when eating them. One time he got a big bone caught in his throat and had to go by horse buggy to Durand to the doctor to have it removed. My mother would grind the fish and make fish patties. She wouldn't pick out bones for everyone. They were crisp and delicious.

My father died prematurely of cancer at age 67.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1950]

Arkansaw Rites Set for Seymour DeMarce

Durand - (Special) - Funeral services will be held today for Seymore Alfred De Marce, 67, Arkansaw resident who died at the Plum City hospital May 7. The Rev. Marion Kline will conduct the 1:30 p.m. services and interment will be made in the Arkansaw Methodist church cemetery.

Mr. DeMarce was born in 1883 in the town of Waterville and lived in the vicinity all his life. He married Josephine Hofacker of Eau Galle in 1908. After her death he married Ethel Richardson of Frankfort.

He is survived by his wife and two sons, Lyle of Spring Valley, Wayne on the home farm; two daughters, Mrs. Richard Wakefield Mrs. Allen Helgeson of Menomonie, 11 grandchildren, one sisters, Mrs. Howard Metcalf of Durand and two brothers, Wilbur of South Gate, Calif., and Emery of Lake City.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1950]


Alfred DeMarce, 67, owner of three farms near Arkansaw and a widely known dealer in livestock, died at his home Sunday.

Mr. DeMarce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Seymour DeMarce of Forest Vale, was born May 6, 1883, on a farm. He died a day after his 67th birthday. His first wife was Josephine Hofacker. They had two children, Lyle of Spring Valley and a son who died in infancy. Mrs. DeMarce died from burns when her clothing was ignited by a stove in the home. His second wife was Ethel Richardson, who survives. They had three children, all surviving: Wayne of Arkansaw, Mrs. Allen (Vera) Helgeson, and Mrs. Richard (Norma) Wakefield, both of Menomonie. Two brothers, Wilbur of California, and Emery of Lake City, and a sister, Mrs. Howard Metcalf of Durand, also survive.

The funeral services were held at the Methodist church at Arkansaw Wednesday, the Rev. Marion Kline officiating. Burial was in the Arkansaw cemetery.


Ethel DeMarce

by Vera Helgeson, 1992


I think my mother was a born "learner." She was always eager to learn new things and explore different ideas.

She started teaching rural school (all 8 grades) when she was 15 years old. She was an excellent student. I have some of her old report cards to this day! She received her certificate to teach out of Pepin High School. She had students older than she was. The first school she taught in didn't have a clock and she didn't have a watch. The lady that provided her with room and board also lent her a watch to wear until she was paid. The lady took her to Durand with her first paycheck and she bought a little gold Elgin pocketwatch. The lady charged Mother's room & board for a couple of months so she could purchase a chain to put it on. My daughter has the watch and chain today, still keeping perfect time! She taught several years--6 or 7 months during the school year. The school years were short so that the boys could help with the farm work.

My mother was enterprising, so she and her sister Florence had a sewing business and made custom made clothing for their patrons. Grandma Matilda Caturia was one of her best customers, having a couple of outfits made spring and fall. Matilda wanted them to make a little suit for her grandson. They didn't make children's clothing, but since she was such a good customer, my mother volunteered to do it on her own time. It was the little suit that later was stored in Lyle's trunk. My mother met my dad at the Odd Fellows' Hall at a dance later that winter, they had a whirlwind courtship--were married the end of March. That little grandson of Matilda's became my mother's son!

My mother was always interested in education, & read everything that was available. She served as clerk of the school board for years & years. We boarded the school teacher: even in our tiny house we found a spot for her. Mother was always interested in nutrition. She would get information from Home Extension long before the neighbors were interested. She always had a big garden and canned hundreds of quarts of fruits, vegetables, and meats.

We always had big berry patches: strawberries, black caps and raspberries. She would always plan to have enough berries to sell to buy back apples, blueberries, peaches pears and cherries. She would sit by the hour depitting cherries with a hair pin for pies! Mother sold strawberries for 10 cents a quart of $1.50 for a 16 qt. crate. We were always happy when berry season was over.

My mother was a wonderful cook and baker. She was always trying new recipes up until she was no longer able to live along. I have many of her recipes and they are as good today as they were then. She would try to make her meals nutritious and well balanced. She made wonderful fruit pies. The thresher always ended up at our house for meals. They always had big stacks of fried chicken (home grown), fresh bread, and fruit pies and everything else that went with it. It would be hotter than blazes in the house from the cooking but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Mother sewed all our clothes that she could, being an excellent seamstress.

She loved flowers and always had beautiful gladiolas and other flowers. Even in her farm garden she would have flowers here and there.

After Mother moved to Arkansaw, after my father's death, she worked as a telephone operator. I thought my mother was an old lady at that time--she was actually 57! She was very active in the Methodist church at this time. She made and donated a lot of food for their dinners and funerals. She retired from waitressing to become the pie cutter and server at 77. She served as treasurer of her church for some time.

Mother was a loving mother, rocking us when we were sick, making us special foods and fussing over us. Her specialty was mustard plasters. She would mix up goose grease and mustard or onions and put it on our chests for bad coughs. It seemed to work. Honey and lemon was her cough syrup.

In later years, Mother sewed bushels of carpet rags, made quilt tops and embroidered a lot. She also did some crocheting for the grandbabies. Her hands were never idle: they were always involved in some creative activity. When she was in her 70's, she learned to decorate cakes. There was always something new to be learned that excited her. She could recite history dates and poetry: her memory was active until the last few years of her life.

I think of my mother as a lady. She disapproved of gambling and drinking. She would never allow the boys to play cards of games with money. They used toothpicks of match sticks.

Mother was frugal, as most women had to be at that time. During the depression she had one dress up dress. It was black. When it wore out under the sleeves, she made inserts of printed pongee, also new sleeves. It must have been her one good dress for 15 years. She made all of her own cotton housedresses and aprons. She spent hours darning over a gourd for her children, grandchildren, & sons-in-law.

She loved her children and grandchildren and was never happier than when they would pop in. She always had favorite foods for each child. The cookie jar was always full and she would make everyone feel welcome.

I think of my mother with many emotions. She was kind, gentle, intelligent, ambitious and loving.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.


Mrs. Ethel DeMarce, 84, Arkansaw, died Sunday, Oct. 17, 1976 at the American Lutheran Home, Menomonie.

The former Ethel Richardson, she was born July 22, 1892 in the town of Waterville, Pepin County, to Thomas and Luella Tulip Richardson. She married Seymour Alfred DeMarce March 24, 1913. The couple lived in Arkansaw their entire married life.

Survivors are: one son, Wayne, Hastings, Minn.; two daughters, Mrs. Norman Wakefield and Mrs. Alan (Vera) Helgeson, Menomonie; 14 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Wednesday at the United Methodist Church, Arkansaw, the Revs. Richard and Marilyn Rushton officiating. Burial was in the Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery.

Goodrich Funeral Home, Durand, was in charge of arrangements. (Unnamed) DeMarce (son), b. and d. 10 August 1909. Buried at St. Henry's, Eau Galle, Dunn Co., Wis. Lyle James DeMarce, b. 11 September 1911, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 11 January 1967, Spring Lake Twp., Pierce Co., Wis. (He committed suicide by hanging himself in the barn on the family farm.) The pallbearers at his funeral were Leonard Fuhrman, Carl Knegendorf, Elmer Hannack, Harry Reed, Lloyd Karnes, and Lawrence Bock. Buried at Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery, Arkansaw, WI.

He was named after the doctor who delivered him. m. 10 October 1934, Pepin Co., Wis., Eleanor May Nelson, b. 15 July 1916, Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Charles August and Amy Lillie May (Harris) Nelson. He became a Lutheran when he married. Lyle DeMarce was a dairy farmer throughout his adult life. They lived for some time on a farm on Jahnke Hill near Pepin, Wis., and then about 1948 moved to a farm near Spring Valley, Wis.

Eleanor May (Nelson) DeMarce m. (2) 27 January 1970, St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cady, Pierce Co., Wis., Marcus Wilhelm Ludwig Fuhrman, b. 14 August 1910, Pierce Co., Wis.--d. 24 January 1982, Chester, Iowa, son of Julius Edward and Anna (Naseband) Fuhrman.


Lyle James DeMarce

by Vera Helgeson, 1992


Lyle was 1 1/2 years old when my father married my mother. From all accounts he was a handsome baby, big dark eyes and serious. AT the wedding reception my mother was holding him and he wet--all over the skirt of her satin wedding dress that she had made for the occasion. It had a panel of pleats, covered buttons, a work of art! He initiated his future mother the first day. The dress could never be worn again!

Lyle always called me "Dolly" and was a kind big brother. We had a big barn with a track for the barn cleaner. He would "show me off" to his friends by having me go hand over hand hanging from the track, full length of the barn! One time I was with him in the barn. I was always following him around. I was abut four years old. He went out of the barn for a moment and he heard me screaming to the top of my lungs. He came running into the barn thinking the worst, perhaps the bull had gotten loose and was goring or pawing me to death. He was pleasantly surprised but angry at me. Here the mother cat was moving her kittens, she had them by the back of the neck and they were meowing and kicking and I thought she was harming them. I remember him scolding me soundly!

I remember one time when Lyle was about 15 we had a big jar of peanut butter. It was a prized treat. When Lyle would take his knife out of the peanut butter, he would lick it. Dad told him several times not to do that. Of course he had to try it once more--his punishment was to have the jar of peanut butter at his place, three meals a day until it was gone! I can see that jar at the top of his plate yet. That was a bottomless jar of peanut butter.

Lyle used to like to ride horseback and had one of the first coupes in the neighborhood. He was very popular with the neighbor boys!

I remember him as a teen ager. It was the fad not to buckle your boots when you dressed up. I can see him with his pants inside his boots--the buckles open--they would click and clack as you walked. Mom and Dad both tried to convince him to buckle them so the buckles wouldn't tear off, but to no avail. It was important to be in style. He also had spats he wore with his dress shoes.

The first time Lyle brought Eleanor to our house, I was already in bed. Once in bed we were to stay there! I heard their voices, hopped out of bed and peaked down through the floor register in the floor. All I could see were her crossed legs. I decided I would lay there until they left and I'd be able to see her. It was very cold in our upstairs and I almost froze. I must have waited and watched for over an hour and when she finally stood up--all I could see was the top of her head!

I never knew Lyle wasn't my full brother until I was probably twelve. I could never figure out why he had his own trunk with some dishes and clothing that Mom opened once a year & checked. The little tan suit with knickers that my mother had made for him for Grandma Caturia before Mom had met my dad was in it too.

Lyle was a sensitive man: his feelings were easily hurt. He was proud of his wife and son. Lyle was a good brother and we all loved him dearly.


Obituary, Spring Valley Sun, no date of paper [1967]


Funeral services were held Friday, Feb. 3, at Geving & Keehr chapel in Spring Valley for Lyle James DeMarce, 55. The Rev. Chester Zuleger officiated and burial was in Arkansaw cemetery.

Mr. DeMarce died Tuesday, Jan. 31, at home on route 2, Spring Valley. Born Sept. 7, 1911, in Pepin county, he was a son of Seymour Alfred and Josephine Hofacker DeMarce. All his life he farmed. He spent 15 years in Pepin county before purchasing a place in the town of Spring Lake, where he resided 18 years. Mr. DeMarce was a member of St. John's Lutheran church of Hatchville.

Surviving with his wife, the former Eleanor May Nelson, are a son, James Lyle DeMarce of Maryville, Mo., a brother, Wayne DeMarce of Hastings, Minn., two sisters, Mrs. Richard (Norma) Wakefield and Mrs. Alan (Vera) Helgeson of Menomonie, and his stepmother, Mrs. Ethel DeMarce of Arkansaw.


Clipping, Spring Valley Sun, no date of paper [1967]


We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our friends, neighbors and relatives for the kindness shown us at the time of the sudden death of our beloved husband and father. A special thanks to the ladies who helped at the house, to the ladies who served the dinner at our home, to all who brought food, to the men who assisted with chores and to the ladies of the Arkansaw Methodist church who served lunch after burial services. A special thanks to Pastor Zuleger for his comforting words, to Geving and Keehr for their many acts of kindness, to the pallbearers, and to everyone who sent flowers or memorials. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

Mrs. Lyle DeMarce

James Lyle and Virginia

DeMarce James Lyle DeMarce, b. 2 October 1939, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 25 August 1962, Boone Co., Mo., Virginia Marie Easley, b. 28 November 1940, Boone Co., Mo., dau. of William Henry and Margaret Wilhelmina Angela (Jongebloed) Easley. As of 1993 she is employed as a historian by the Branch of Acknowledgment and Research, Bureau of Indian Affairs.


Jim DeMarce attended grade school in one-room rural schools, first at Pepin, Wisconsin, and then after 1948 at Spring Valley, Wisconsin. He graduated from Spring Valley High School and Wisconsin State College at River Falls with a dual major in history and political science. After graduating, he spent one year in Germany on a Fulbright Scholarship, took his M.A. in history at Stanford University, and then taught for eight years at Northwest Missouri State College in Maryville, Missouri.


Leaving teaching, he moved to Washington, D.C., obtained his J.D. degree from the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University, and took a position with the Benefits Review Board of the U.S. Department of Labor. As of 1989, he is Director of Coal Mine Workers Compensation Programs, U.S. Department of Labor. Address: 5635 North 25th Road, Arlington, VA 22207. Karl August William DeMarce, b. 18 August 1968, St. Francis Hospital, Maryville, Nodaway Co., Mo. m. 24 October 1992 at the McAdow Church near Memphis, Scotland Co., Mo., Brenda Annette Russell, b. 13 May 1967, Laughlin Hospital, Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo., dau. of Franklin Dale and Lee Ann (Wullbrandt) Russell.


Brenda Annette Russell m. (1) 1 September 1986, Joseph F. Schneider, Jr., b. 17 September 1956, Kansas City, Mo. Divorced 30 March 1990 [1991?]. She had one daughter, Catherine Anne "Cathe" Russell, b. 7 October 1991, Kirksville Center for Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo., daughter of Brenda Annette Russell and Donald E. Baldwin.


Karl attended grade school at Grace Lutheran School, Falls Church, VA. Graduated from high school at Gonzaga College High School, Washington, D.C. In 1990 he received a bachelor's degree, summa cum laude, in Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. He began work on his master's degree in community development, receiving it from the University of Missouri in December 1992. He accepted a position in Memphis, Mo., with University Extension, as community development specialist for a four-county area. Address 1992: 246 N. Adams St., Memphis, MO 63555. Catherine Ann "Cathe" Russell (adopted), b. 7 October 1991, Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo. Marie Josette DeMarce, b. 11 June 1993, Memphis, Scotland Co., Mo. John Baptiste DeMarce, b. 31 January 1971, Maryville, Nodaway Co., Mo. Graduated from Grace Lutheran School, Falls Church, VA, and Gonzaga College High School, Washington, D.C. During the academic year 1988-89 attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The next year he returned to the D.C. area, worked at Bill's Tru-Value Hardware in Arlington, Va., becoming assistant manager of the garden store, and took classes part-time at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. through 1991. Josephine Marie DeMarce, b. 18 January 1978, Arlington Co., Va. She attended preschool at The Falls Church (Episcopal) in Falls Church, Va.; kindergarten at Nottingham Elementary School in Arlington; grades 1-6 at Grace Lutheran School, Falls Church, VA; 7th and 8th grades at Williamsburg Middle School, Arlington, VA. In the fall of 1992, she began high school at Georgetown Day in Washington, DC. Norma Irene DeMarce, b. 26 January 1914, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 10 January 1987. Buried Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 4 June 1936, Pepin Co., Wis., Samuel Richard "Dick" Wakefield, b. 13 April 1899--d. 4 December 1965, Dunn Co., Wis., son of Clarence and Rhoda (Bignell) Wakefield.


Norma Wakefield

by Vera Helgeson, 1992


Norma was 8 years old when I was born. Our parents were in the midst of a big barn building project and our mother was extremely busy cooking for the men. Norma had been rocking "the baby" for two years when along I came. She told me how unhappy she was to have yet another baby to rock!

She was a good student and started high school. She drove old Ben, the buckskin riding horse, hitched to a buggy to Arkansaw, tethering the horse in Granpa Richardson's barn for the day. She would walk up the hill to school. It wasn't long until boys would hurl insults at her as she drove through town. She couldn't handle their ridicule and she quit school. There were no buses or other transportation for her to get to school.

She worked out some doing housework and kept house for Great Grandfather Charles Richardson in Pepin for some time.

One time Norma and I were picking wild grapes for jelly and a caterpillar fell down her neck. The furry cover sticks into your skin and it burns and hurts. She went home crying and I brought up the rear carrying the grapes home.

Another time we went picking gooseberries. Gooseberries were a real treat, in pie or sauce. We took the horse and buggy, lots of tin syrup pails and off we went on our adventure. We found some berries in the bottoms by Thompson Lake near Durand. We went down quite a steep embankment to get there and tied up old Ben. We were there quite some time and had several little pails full. It was time to go home. I was to hold onto the pails. Norma untied the horse & jumped in the buggy. About that time, Old Ben went crazy, pawing, snorting, shaking his head, reading up on his hind feet. Norma used all the expertise she had in horsemanship. After all his cavorting he started running for home, Norma screaming for me to hang on, gooseberries & buckets flying everywhere! We went up the embankment, around the corner on two wheels and home on a dead run. She never could get him calmed down in the 4 1/2 miles home. Most of the berries were gone except for a few on the floor of the buggy. Our parents were happy we hadn't tipped over or fallen out. They came to the conclusion that he must have had a bee in his ear.

Wayne and I used to tease Norma unmercifully when she would have dates. When Dick (Samuel R.) started courting her, he lived with his mother in Porcupine. He had a beautiful stallion horse that he went around the country in on a cart, servicing female horses. The first time he came to see Norma, Dad thought he had come to see him. My mother kept trying to get Dad to go to bed, but to no avail. After a lot of persuasion, he finally went to bed so Dick & Norma would have some time alone. Dick was a tall, distinguished looking fellow and soon won her heart. When Wayne and I would see him coming, we'd sing, "He'll be coming 'Round the Mountain when he comes." She would chase us around the dining room table and run outside. She wouldn't chase us outside because Dick would see her. I'm sure we were a pain in the neck to her!

After the girls were born but were still small, Dick left the family and went to Alaska to help build the Alcan Highway. Norma cared for the girls uncomplaining. In later years she cooked at several eateries. She was an excellent cook and baker. She spent several summers at a neat lodge at Hayward, Wis., cooking. Most of their guests were wealthy and from Chicago but they loved her food.

Norma was always there if you needed her, caring for children or doing whatever needed to be done. She was kind, loving, jovial, resilient--no matter what came up in her life, she coped. She worked very hard for modest wages, but was always willing to share. She loved her children and grandchildren. She was a wonderful sister and her life was too short, being snuffed out by cancer.


Norma Wakefield

by Charles Weber, grandson, 1992


Gram, as many of her grandchildren referred to her, was a warm, loving, caring woman. I remember her china cups the most, out of all her knickknacks. She loved them so much and had so many. She also had an uncountable amount of plants. My favorite plants were her huge Thanksgiving/Xmas cactus.

I also remember her cooking. She loved to cook, especially for family. It seemed like she was always cooking. Some of my favorites were her caramel rolls, sweet rolls, fruit pies, especially her assortment of apple bars, and bread. Of course she always wanted to try new things. Kay Irene Wakefield, b. 7 September 1937, Pepin Co., Wis. m. (1) 7 October 1959, Leland Veith, (div.); m. (2) 29 June 1968, at Elmwood, Pierce Co., Wis., Harold Gene Kundy, b. __________, son of __________ and Evelyn (__________) Kundy. Judith Ann Wakefield, b. 21 April 1940, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 20 June 1959, Leroy D. "Skip" Wagner, son of Albert and Evelyn (__________) Wagner (div. c. 1973). Lived in Colorado. Amy Katherine Wagner, b. 6 October 1959. m. 15 June 1985, Mark Hefestay. Steven David Wagner, b. 25 June 1963. Rebecca Wagner. Jane Alice Wakefield, b. 28 September 1941, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1 September 1962, Wilfred Weber, b. 2 October 1936--d. 14 May 1985, Eau Claire, Wis., son of Charles and Emma (Wolf) Weber. Charles Richard Weber, b. 1 July 1963, Dunn Co., Wis. Mark David Weber, b. 23 July 1965, Dunn Co., Wis. m. 6 October 1990, Catholic Church, Menomonie, WI, Beth Knutson. Divorced 1992. Gregory Weber, b. 22 January 1970, Dunn Co., Wis. David Lee Wakefield, b. 28 April 1947. m. (1) 3 August 1969, Dunn Co., Wis., Paulette Geisert, b. 9 March 1951, dau. of Paul and Lucille (Harmon) Geisert; (div.); m. (2) Yolanda __________. Chris Wakefield, b. 21 November 1970. Jenny Wakefield, b. 11 December 1972. Dana Wakefield. Amy Wakefield. Wayne Alfred DeMarce, b. 23 March 1920, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 4 April 1988, St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul, MN. Buried Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery, Arkansaw, Wis.

Wayne served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

m. 1 May 1940, Pepin Co., Wis., Lola Lucy King, b. 26 September 1919, Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Thomas Joseph and Mary Ella (Caturia) King. They separated, but did not divorce. Lola lives near Arkansaw, Wis. Her address 1986: Ms. Lola DeMarce, RR 1, Box 2, Arkansaw, WI 54721.

He lived in Hastings, Minnesota, where he was employed at Trusbuilt Co. from 1960 until he retired in April 1986.

While he lived in Minnesota, he also had a farm. After his separation from Lola, he lived with and had two children by another woman who was his companion for over 25 years, Mrs. Lucille (_________) Bignell.

The children are Arlin Bignell and Jan Bignell. Jan has a son, Chad Bignell. born 15 February (1982?).


Wayne DeMarce

by Vera Helgeson, 1992


I was born on Wayne's second birthday and he never let me forget that I was the worst present he ever received! As a child, his hobby was teasing me. I would whine, and he dearly loved it. When finally my mother had enough, she would put us each on a chair, not to move off or speak for a set time. I would be sad but he'd be making faces, smiling and pointing at me. I would want to whine but didn't dare because then I'd have to stay longer. When the time was up we would run outside and play, best of buddies again. One time he wrapped up some sticks and put them under the Christmas tree for me from Santa. It was the first thing I opened and I was devastated, thinking Santa thought I was bad. Of course I cried--again--my mother made him tell me that he had done it.

We had many great buggy rides together. He's hitch old Ben, a buckskin riding horse, to the red buggy and away we'd go. Sometimes we'd go about 5 miles out on Dead Lake Prairie to take gopher heads to the town treasurer. I would hold the tin syrup pail full of salted heads (covered) and he'd drive the horse. I believe it was 10 cents a head and that was a lot. We would carry pails of water to the gopher hold, pour them in and wait for the wet gopher to come out the other end. Wayne would be waiting to hit it with a club. Sometimes they would get away. Many times we would go to arkansaw to get some necessities. I was to carry the money and list and Wayne was to drive. We wouldn't even get out of the driveway and he would take over the money! This one particular time we were to buy $1.00 worth of wieners. That was a lot of wieners in those days. We had no more than started home when we decided to try the wieners. Anything cold was a big treat in those days: we didn't have an ice box, just the cellar floor. It was so delicious that we decided Mom wouldn't miss another--another and another. We ate wieners the two miles home. When my mother opened the sack, she was shocked. "Is this all the wieners you got for $1.00"? We both nodded, "Yes." "Well," said my mother, "We won't be buying any more wieners.! They were such a treat, we went outside and felt pretty blue. We didn't need any more punishment.

Another time when we were home alone, we were about 13 and 11, we decided to make ice cream. I had seen Mother make ice cream many times: cream, sugar, eggs & vanilla. We froze it in great anticipation. When we took the paddles out it was smooth and delicious, better than mom's! Wayne ate a big gravy bowl full and decided to have the second, praising me the whole time In about an hour he thought he was going to die, he was so sick to his stomach--my mother always made a custard with milk & then added cream and eggs. I fell out of grace that time.

When he became 16 and could drive, we would go to dances together. If I would polish his shoes, press his pants, etc., he would take me with him. I can't believe yet my mother would let me go--public dances at 14!! It was great fun. We didn't tell on each other, either!?!

We had a great childhood. We would each have our own birthday cake. Mother would make them from scratch, of course. Wayne would usually have chocolate or jam cake and I'd have sunshine or white cake. Mother would make a nice supper. The cake & supper would be a day's project. I only remember one birthday party. Mother invited the whole school (14). It was a surprise and wonderful.

Wayne spent time in World War II, leaving two little girls at home. He was wounded in the posterior with shrapnel but not seriously.

His retirement was very short when he died of cancer.


Obituary, Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI, 7 April 1988.


Wayne A. DeMarce, 68, of rural Hastings, Minn., died Monday, April 4, 1988, at St. Joseph's Hospital in St. Paul.

He was born March 23, 1920, in Pepin County, the son of Alfred and Ethel (Richardson) DeMarce. He married Lola King on May 1, 1940, in Arkansaw.

A veteran of World War II, he farmed in the Arkansaw area until moving to Hastings in 1960, where he was employed at Trusbilt Co. He retired in April, 1986.

Survivors include his wife; six daughters, Theresa Munizich of Vancouver, Wash., Darlene Noyce of Lake Mills, Melvina Weis of Bird Island, Minn., Joan Sosalla of Whitehall, Audrey Fedie of Durand, and Mary Herman of Minneapolis; a son, Dennis of Maiden Rock; four grandchildren; and a sister, Vera Helgeson of Menomonie.

He was preceded in death by a brother, a sister, a grandchild, and a son-in-law.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, April 6, at the Caturia Funeral Home in Hastings. Burial was in Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery.

Pallbearers were James DeMarce, Dan helgeson, Mark Weber, Korey Sosalla, Rob Fedie, and Paul Sosalla.


Last week's obituary for Wayne DeMarce contained some errors and omissions among his survivors. In addition to those listed last week are 23 grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Theresa Marie DeMarce, b. 29 January 1941, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 8 August 1964, Richard Munizich, b. 2 November 1939--d. 23 November 1980, Mt. Shasta, Calif. He was a musician, and was killed in an automobile accident. 1981 address: 10316 N.W. 12th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98665.


News Article, Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, Calif, Monday 11/24/1980, p. 13:

Washington Driver

Killed In Accident

YREKA -- Richard Munizich, 41, of Vancouver, Wash. was killed yesterday in a single-vehicle accident five miles east of Bartle on Route 89, the California Highway Patrol reports.

Munizich was westbound at 2:45 p.m. when his vehicle went out of control on slush in the roadway and struck a tree before overturning. Gregory Alan Munizich, b. 27 August 1965. Eric Paul Munizich, b. 30 October 1966. David John Munizich, b. 3 July 1973. Darlene Ann DeMarce, b. 9 June 1944, Pepin Co., Wis. m. (1) 18 May 1963, Pepin Co., Wis., John James Simpson, b. 31 December 1941, son of John Simpson Sr. (div. 1975); m. (2) 25 September 1976, Alan Noyce. 1981 lived at Sun Prairie, Wis. 1988 lived at Lake Mills, Wis. Mark Joseph Simpson, b. 21 November 1963. Margaret Ann Simpson, b. 26 January 1965. Susan Kelly Simpson, b. 6 April 1966. Ellen Theresa Simpson, b. 20 May 1968. William John Simpson, b. 15 April 1971. Linda Sue Noyce, b. 16 November 1977. Spencer Paul Noyce, b. 20 October 1979. Melvina Jane DeMarce. b. 12 February 1947, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1 June 1968, Bird Island, Minn., Robert M. Weis, b. 11 October 1944. 1988 lived Bird Island, Minn. Shane Michael Weis, b. 9 September 1969, Bird Island, Minn. Shannon Weis (stillborn), b. and d. 2 September 1972. Heather Lynn Weis, b. 23 April 1974. Dennis Wayne DeMarce, b. 9 June 1948, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1976, Penelope "Penny" Krings, b. 19 May 1954. Address 1988: Rt. 2, Maiden Rock, Wis. 54750. Address 1992: N2781 320th St., Maiden Rock, WI 54750-8118. DeAnn Denise DeMarce, b. 24 February 1978. Derek Dennis DeMarce, b. c. 20 November 1981. Delton Dwayne DeMarce, b. 29 May 1987. Joan Lola DeMarce, b. 31 July 1949, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 18 April 1970, Pepin Co., Wis., Dennis J. "Dan/Danny" Sosalla, b. 30 July 1947, son of Dominic and Angeline (Kupka) Sosalla. Address 1988: Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sosalla, R.R. 1, Box 147A, Whitehall, WI 54773.


Obituary, Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI, no date of paper.



Dennis J. "Danny" Sosalla, 44, of rural Whitehall, died thursday, April 30, 1992 from injuries received in a motor vehicle and train collision.

He was born July 30, 1947 in Whitehall to Dominic and Angeline (Kupka) Sosalla. He married Joan DeMarce April 18, 1970 in Arkansaw.

Mr. Sosalla was a 1966 graduate of the Whitehall high school. He served in the U. S. Army from January 11, 1967 until August 20, 1969 when he received an honorable discharge. He was a member of Moen-Hamilton VFW Post #8288, for the past twenty years, having served as Post Commander for several years. He was also a member of Hutchins-Stendahl American legion Post #191, Whitehall. He has worked as a carpenter and construction foreman for the past twenty years. He also farmed in the Fly Creek area for ten years.

He is survived by his wife; two sons, Korey (and partner, Jacqueline Hanson) of Northfield and Paul at home; his parents; three sisters, Nancy (Jerry) Stellflue, Bonnie (Creighton) Staff, and Sherry (David) Frei, all of Whitehall. He is also survived by his mother-in-law, Mrs. Lola DeMarce of Arkansaw.

Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m. Monday May 4, 1992, in St. John's Catholic Church, Whitehall. The Rev. James Hagmann officiated. Burial was in Lincoln Cemetery, Whitehall.

Casketbearers were David Hegland, Dennis and Douglas Schuch, Douglas Kopp, James Frei, Gary Kupka and Aaron Torud. Arrangements handled by Jack Funeral Home, Whitehall. Korey Dennis Sosalla, b. 2 December 1970. Paul Dennis Sosalla, b. 4 December 1972. Audrey Mae DeMarce, b. 8 May 1951, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 19 September 1970, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis., Robert Lee Fedie, b. 30 April 1951, Pepin Co., Wis., son of Henry and Annabelle (_______) Fedie. 1988 lives Durand, Wis. Robert Lee Fedie, Jr., b. 29 March 1972, Pepin Co., Wis. Jacob Lee Fedie, b. 3 April 1975, Pepin Co., Wis. Dominic Lee Fedie, b. 2 May 1977, Pepin Co., Wis. Mary Ethel DeMarce, b. 4 July 1955, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 23 July 1983, Michael Herman, b. 16 April 1947, son of ________ and Dorothy (__________) Herman. 1988 lives Minneapolis, Minn. Sara Lynn Herman, b. 23 May 1985. David Michael Herman, b. c. 1987. Vera Grace DeMarce, b. 23 March 1922, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 10 June 1943, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Alan Raymond Helgeson, b. 8 June 1921, son of Edward Hans and Anna Oline (Haugen) Helgeson. Twenty-eight days after they were married, he was shipped overseas for 30 months, which was the kind of thing that happened during World War II. Address 1989: 1203 16th Avenue East, Menomonie, WI 54751.

Until her retirement, Vera taught school in Menomonie for many years. She was a reading teacher. Daniel Alan Helgeson, b. 14 July 1946, Dunn Co., Wis. m. 26 November 1977, Jacklyn Rae Miller, b. 10 June 1952, dau. of Eugene and Arlys (Schindler) Miller. She is a dentist. They live in Eau Claire, Wis. Kathryn Lindsey "Katie" Helgeson, b. 12 November 1980, Eau Claire, Wis. David Daniel Helgeson, b. 27 October 1983, Eau Claire, Wis. Andrew Scott Helgeson, b. 15 June 1985, Eau Claire, Wis. Lynda Kay Helgeson, b. 10 September 1952, Dunn Co., Wis. m. 22 June 1974, Madison, Wis., Gregg Howard Thompson, son of Clint and Ruth (Kreeger) Thompson. Megan Elizabeth Thompson, b. 24 April 1978, Madison, Wis. Martha Corinne Thompson, b. 19 December 1980, Madison, Wis. Wilbur Vernon DeMarce, b. 27 February 1885/86, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 12 March 1964, La Habra, California. Funeral at Coleman Mortuary Chapel, 16 March 1964, 1:30 p.m., Rev. Eugene E. Bell of the La Habra Methodist Church officiating. Interment at Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, California. m. (1) 5 May 1909, Pepin Co., Wis., Ida Belle Hagen, b. c. 1883, Wabasha Co., Minn.--d. 19 May 1925, Rhinelander, Wis., dau. of Chris and Mary (Kearns) Hagen; m. (2) 23 July 1928, Rhinelander, Wis., Mrs. Anna (Pernaske) Cuenin, b. 29 December 1892, Menasha, Wis., dau. of Joseph and Anna (Monarski) Pernaske (original spelling of the name was Pruchnofski), widow of Emil Joseph Cuenin. Her address in 1987 was: Taylor Park, Box 857, Rhinelander, Wis. 54501.

Much of the data on this line was received from her daughter (Wilbur's stepdaughter) Lelah Bruso, 1349 Eagle, Rhinelander, WI 54501.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: Wilburn DeMarce, white, 36, b. Wis., res. Oneida Co.; Ida, 36, wife, b. Minn.; Hagen, son, 10, b. Montana; Harold, son, 8, b. Montana; Juanita, 6, dau., b. Montana; DeVern, dau., 2/12, b. Wis.


Lelah Bruso sent the following reminiscences:

Wilbur promised his mother he'd stay at home until he was 21 years old. His father died after that. Wilbur left and moved to Great Falls, Mont., later he went to Rhinelander, Wis. and bought a chicken farm about 6 miles south of town. Later on, he had a dairy farm. In 1942 he moved to South Gate, Calif. and died there in 1964.

Ida, his first wife, had heart trouble and was a semi-invalid. Their son, Hagen, died the morning of May 19, 1925, and when Wilbur returned home from making the funeral arrangements, he found Ida had died.


Wilbur DeMarce

by Vera DeMarce Helgeson. December 1992.

Even though Uncle Wilbur's life was plagued with tragedy, he was able to keep a great selse of humor. He resembled Grandma Matilda a lot, dark hair with silver streaks, and twinkling, laughing eyes. He was short but carried himself tall. He loved to visit and tease his mother. He most always wore a grray suit when he was dressed up. He looked as neat as a pin and dapper. He was a loving father and worked very hard for a livelihood.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Two Die Same Day

The "Angel of Death" called at the Wilbur DeMarce home in the town of Pelican, Tuesday and claimed two. They were Mrs. DeMarce and son Hagen. The unexpected and sudden death of Hagen DeMarce was a shock to everyone. The lad had just returned home from school for dinner when death occurred. The call came at 12:10 p.m. Death was due to heart failure it is believed.

Hagen Francis DeMarce was born in Great Falls, Montana, fifteen years ago. He came with the family to Rhinelander nine years ago. Since that time the family have resided in the town of Pelican. He received his education at the Ferndale school from which institution he was to have graduated May 29.

Hagen was very well liked and highly esteemed due to his splendid qualities. He was unusually pleasant and agreeable; kind and courteous to all, and was never known to complain. He was also an industrious and deep thinking student.

The death of Mrs. DeMarce, who for some time has been failing in health, was hastened by the shock of the death of her son, Hagen.

Mrs. Wilbur DeMarce whose maiden name was Ida Belle Hagen, was born in Milville, Wabasha county, Minnesota, forty-one years ago. On May 5, 1909, she was united in marriage to Wilbur DeMarce. The family then moved to Great Falls, Montana, from which place they moved to their present home. The deceased wife and mother is survived by her husband and three children, namely: Harold, aged 13, Juanita, aged 11, and DeVerna, aged 4. She also leaves to mourn her death, four sisters and two brothers. They are Mrs. Bernard Riebe of Wausau, Mrs. Mary Decker of White Bear, Minnesota, Mrs. Fred Draheim and Mrs. Chas. Ostrom of Rochester. John Hagen of Minneapolis, and Will Hagen of Rhinelander.

Funeral services will be held from the Hilderbrand chapel Friday afternoon. Interment will be made in Forest Home cemetery.

The many friends of the bereaved ones extend their heartfelt sympathy to the family.--The True North, Rhinelander, Wis.


Obituary, La Habra Star & Brea Progress, Monday, 16 March 1964, p. A-2:

Wilbur DeMarce

Services Today

Services for Wilbur V. DeMarce, 79, 151 S. Marion St., who died Thursday at his home, were held today at Coleman Mortuary Chapel, the Reverend Eugene Bell, La Habra Methodist Church, officiating.

A native of Arkansas, Wisconsin, Mr. DeMarce lived in California for 21 years and resided in La Habra for nine years.

He is survived by his widow, Anna, a daughters, Mrs. DeVerna Riley of Port Washington, Wis., one stepson, Robert Cuenin, of Ventura, a stepdaughter, Mrs. Lelah Bruso, of Rhinelander, Wis., one sister, Mrs. Mabel Metcalfe, of Durand, Wis., 11 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Interment followed today's services at Memory Gardens in Brea. Hagen Francis DeMarce, b. c. 1909/1910, Great Falls, Montana--d. 19 May 1925, aged 15, the same day as his mother, Rhinelander, Wis. Harold DeMarce, b. 9 November 1912, Great Falls, MT--d. 2 January 1935, Rhinelander, Wis.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.




Harold DeMarce, Son of Town

Chairman, Dies of Heart



Harold DeMarce, son of Town Chairman Wilbur DeMarce of Pelican, dropped dead of heart failure Saturday evening at 4:30 o'clock near the DeMarce farm home.

He had been troubled with heart disease for a number of years, but on Saturday had seemed to be in fairly good health. His death came as a severe shock to his relatives and friends.

He was born Nov. 9, 1911, in Great Falls, Mont., and came to Pelican with his parents 18 years ago. He attended the Ferndale school, and spent one year in a mechanical school at Wausau. Since then, he had worked on the farm with his father.

He is survived by his parents, by three sisters, and by one brother. Mrs. Harry Schultz of Port Washington, a sister, is expected here today.

Funeral services will be held from the Hildebrand chapel on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

On Saturday evening, Harold had gone to the grain shed to do some chores. He was attacked suddenly by heart trouble and passed away. A brother, Hagen DeMarce, also dropped dead near the grain shed of heart attack nine years ago, and Mrs. DeMarce, mother of the two youths, suffered a heart attack and died when she was informed of the death of her son Hagen. Juanita DeMarce, b. 25 January 1914, Great Falls, Montana--d. 26 January 1952, Port Washington, Ozaukee, Co., Wis. Burned to death. m. Harry John Schultz.


Obituary, Port Washington Herald, 10 February 1952:

Mrs. Juanita Schultz

Funeral services were held for Mrs. Juanita Schultz, 39, at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 29, from the Horn Funeral Home in Port Washington to Frieden's Evangelical Church. The Rev. C. H. Boland officiated at the rites and the interment which was made at the Union Cemetery.

Mrs. Schultz (nee De Marce,), was born January 25, 1913, at Great Falls, Montana. She died Saturday, January 26, as a result of second and third degree burns suffered at her home.

Surviving are her widower, harry; a daughter, Darlene, 15, a son, Darrell, 19; a sister, Mrs. Charles (DeVerna) Riley of Port Washington; and her father, J. DeMarce, living on the west coast. Darrel Paul Schultz, b. 25 January 1933, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis. m. 13 June 1953, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis., Nola Rae Heinzelman, b. 7 February 1933, Milwaukee, Wis., dau. of Harold and Norma (Zeunert) Heinzelman. Minister, United Church of Christ. Also resided Louisville, Ky., and New Orleans, La. She is a registered nurse, Lutheran. Address 1987: 4580 Washington St., Gary, IN 46408. Sheri Li Schultz, b. 21 April 1954, Sheboygan, Wis. m. 24 August 1974, Gary, Lake Co., Ind., William M. Buschuk, b. 11 October 1951. Brooke Li Buschuk, b. 7 July 1980. Brian Buschuk, b. 28 September 1982. Scott Paul Schultz, b. 26 September 1957, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis. m. 10 November 1980, Merriville, Lake Co., Indiana, Patricia Vagnone, b. 21 October 1957. Kimberly Lynn Schultz, b. 18 January 1983. Stuart Brad Schultz, b. 18 November 1963, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis. Skipp Tod Schultz, b. 26 May 1961, Louisville, Ky. Shaun Michael Schultz, b. 1 March 1968, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana. Shad Mathew Schultz, b. 29 December 1970, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana. Darlene Elizabeth Schultz, b. 8 March 1936, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis.--d. 7 September 1982, Milwaukee, Wis. m. James Allen Roth, b. 23 October 1934. Res. Milwaukee, Wis. Policeman, Catholic, served in the Marines. She died of heart trouble. Renee Elizabeth Roth, b. 30 July 1957, Milwaukee, WI--d. 29 June 1980, Milwaukee, WI, of heart trouble. Romaine Mary Roth, b. 22 October 1958, Milwaukee, WI. David Allen Roth, b. 28 January 1960, Milwaukee, WI. Daniel Paul Roth, b. 2 September 1961, Milwaukee, WI--d. 17 January 1981, Milwaukee, WI., of heart trouble. m. Ronda LaBarbera, b. 1964. Robert Allen Roth, b. 17 December 1980, Milwaukee, Wis. Rachel Marie Roth, b. 2 October 1963, Milwaukee, WI. Darrin Roth, b. 10 December 1966, Milwaukee, WI. DeVerna Matilda DeMarce, b. 28 October 1919, Wis. m. 10 October 1940, Port Washington, Ozaukee, Co., Wis., Charles Michael Riley, b. 28 June 1918, Manastique, Michigan, son of Milton and Rose (Lecher) Riley. 1952 lived in Port Washington, Wis. Address 1987: 833 Oake Dot Circle, Apt. 1302, Orlando, FL 32801. Linda Ann Riley, b. 21 January 1942, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis. m. 17 September 1956, Port Washington, Wis., Roger Frank Luczak, b. 27 February 1944, Milwaukee, Wis., son of John and Mary (Visek) Luczak. Lives 1987 in Orlando, FL. Jennifer DeMarce Luczak, b. 4 March 1967, Milwaukee, Wis. Peggy Marie Luczak, b. 15 January 1970, Milwaukee, Wis. Joseph Luczak, b. 28 February 1976, Appleton, Wis. Dennis William Riley, b. 22 January 1944, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis. m. 5 February 1961, Port Washington, Wis., Shari Lee Bernice Fischer, b. 5 April 1945, Cedarburg, Ozaukee Co., Wis. Address 1987: 2608 Hwy. 33, Port Washington, WI 53074. Kelly Rose Riley, b. 4 March 1965, Fond du Lac, Wis. Chasidy Rose Riley, b. 20 January 1987, Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee Co., WI. Her father was Fred Wells. Sean Patrick Riley, b. 6 August 1968, Port Washington, Wis. Patrick John Riley, b. 4 June 1946, Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wis. m. 22 June 1967, Port Washington, Wis., Diann Kay Wilke, b. 2 December 1945, Sheboygan, Wis., dau. of Marlowe and Vera (Gatzake) Wilke. Lives 1987 in Orlando, FL. Kimberlee Kay Riley, b. 9 May 1968, Port Washington, Wis. Michele Lyn Riley, b. 2 March 1970, Port Washington, Wis. DeMarce (baby boy), died after two days. Emery L. DeMarce, b. 3 April 1889, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., WI--d. 2 November 1951, Lake City, MN. Lived in Lake City, Minn. m. 19 February 1911/1910, Pepin Co., Wis., Agnes Mary "Mayme" Richardson, b. 20 August 1891--d. 10 December 1974, Lake City, Minn., dau. of Franklin and Josephine (St. Martin) Richardson. Her last address was 417 N. Oak, Lake City, Minn. 55041.


Emery DeMarce

by Vera DeMarce Helgeson. December 1992.

Uncle Emery always appeared as the "gentleman" of the family. He made a lot more money, lived in a big house, and the whole family was dressed very well. His family were envied by the many members of the rest of the DeMarce family. Aunt Mayme, his wife, was a cousin of my mother's, so our families were doubly related.

Uncle Emery looked a lot like Alfred and Wilbur, only taller. He had the same black and silver hair. He usually wore a navy blue suit and a gold pocket watch when he dressed up, and was a handsome fellow. He and Aunt Mayme loved to dance and liked a pretty social life.

My mother thought he ran a tight ship in his household, strict with his children. We never visited their house as children. Lake City was a long way in those days. One time my mother and dad were visiting them. I don't know who they went with, but my mother was overwhelmed with Aunt Mayme's beautiful dishes, glassware and linens. She was also impressed that the children couldn't eat with the adults or use the living room! My mother wasn't so sure that "high society" was so great! I'm sure my parents were intimidated.

When they would come to out house, they would bring just one or two of the children. I remember one time Jeanne's black patent leather shiny shoes, that I would have killed for!! They always would rave about my mother's cooking, so I suppose that would make my mother feel more comfortable.

Uncle Emery had a great sense of humor like his brothers and when we would all be at Grandma Matilda's, the air was filled with laughter. They loved to tell stories on each other and clap each other's kneew and backs. It was a gloriously happy time.

Uncle Emery set high standards for his family in sports, academically, spousal choices, and vocations. He was a very proud man.


Obituary, no name or date of paper (handwritten date 2 Nov. 1951).

E. L. DeMarce, 62,

Lake City, Dies

Lake City, Minn. --(Special)--

E. L. DeMarce, 62, died Friday at the hospital here, where he had been a patient since early September.

Masonic funeral services will be at the DeMarce home. Burial will be at Lake City.

Mr. DeMarce was born April 22, 1889, at Arkansaw, Wis., and moved to Lake City at the age of 20, where at the time of his death he owned and operated the Independent Grain & Coal Company. He was taken severely ill with a heart ailment last January and never fully recovered his health.

Survivors are his wife, seven children, Vaughan and Bruce DeMarce, San Diego, Calif.; Mrs. Delbert (Dorothy) Anderson and Elwyn DeMarce, Lake City; Mrs. Colonel (LaVerle) Larson, Whitehall; Mrs. Jean Berg, Red Wing, Minn., and Robert DeMarce, Detroit; 12 grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Howard Metcalf, Durand, and a brother, Wilbur DeMarce, California.

Mr. DeMarce was a member of the Methodist church at Lake City and was active in the Masonic bodies and Order of the Eastern Star.


Obituary, Lake City Graphic, 12 December 1974, p. [3], col. 5-6.

Mrs. Mayme DeMarce, 83

longtime resident dies

Mrs. Agnes (Mayme) DeMarce, 83, Lake City, died Dec. 10 at the Lake City Hospital. She had been ill one week.

The former Agnes Richardson was born Aug. 20, 1891, in Arkansaw, Wis. to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richardson. She was married to Emery DeMarce Feb. 19, 1909, in Arkansaw. Mr. DeMarce was owner-operator of Independent Grain and Coal until his death in 951. Mrs. DeMarce was a member of United Methodist Church, Order of Eastern Star, GAR, Degree of Honor.

Survivors include two sons, Bruce of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., and Bob of Colorado Springs, Colo.; three daughters, Mrs. Delbert (Dorothy) Anderson of Lake City, Mrs. Colonel (LaVerle) Larson of Whitehall, Wis. and Mrs. Francis (Jeanne) Judd of Lake City; 16 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren; five brothers, Archie Richardson of Arkansaw, Ralph Richardson of Wadena, Jay and Warren Richardson of River Falls, Wis. and Lee Richardson of Spring Valley, Wis., three sisters, Mrs. Archie (Bessie) Coburn and Mrs. Peter (Mabel) Poquette of Arkansaw, Mrs. Kenneth (Martha) Preston of Balsom Lake, Wis. and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, two sons, one brother and one sister.

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at United Methodist Church. The Rev. Charles Burnham will officiate with burial in Lakewood Cemetery.

Pallbearers will be Vaughn and Kirby Berg, Bobby and Tom DeMarce, Bruce Anderson and Gary Larson. Honorary pallbearers will be Dick Hart, Duane Glad and Gerald Gilbertson.

Friends may call after 2 p.m. Thursday at the Peterson-Sheehan Funeral Home, until one hour before services.


Obituary, Winona Daily News, 11 December 1974, p. 17, col. 5

Mrs. Mayme DeMarce

LAKE CITY, Minn. (Special) -- Mrs. Mayme DeMarce, 83, Lake City, died Tuesday at Lake City Hospital, following an illness of one week.

The former Mayme Richardson, she was born Aug. 20, 1891 at Arkansaw, Wis., the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richardson. . . . [Remainder identical with the obituary printed above.] Vaughn Virgil DeMarce, b. 27 December 1911--d. 6 November 1961. m. (1) in 1933, Louise Kilmer; m. (2) in 1947, Viola Nelson. 1951 resided in San Diego, CA. Mary Von DeMarce, b. 10 December 1934. John DeMarce, b. 1 October 1937. Stephen DeMarce, b. 1 October 1949. Jeffrey DeMarce, b. 7 July 1953. Dorothy Doris DeMarce, b. 9 May 1913. m. in 1934, Delbert Anderson, d. before 1976. 1951 and 1975 resided Lake City, MN. Sharon Sue Anderson, b. 10 April 1936. m. 3 July 1957, Duane Glad. Ann Louise Glad, b. 15 May 1961. Bruce Delbert Anderson, b. 30 August 1941. m. (1) ; m. (2) 15 December 1974, Michaeline Petrowski. The children were by the first wife. Andrea DeMarce, b. 13 September 1965. Jennifer DeMarce, b. June 1968. Elwyn Seymour DeMarce, b. 5 September 1914--d. before 1975?. m. in 1941, Marion Schumacher. 1951 resided Lake City, MN. Her address 1986: 820 S. Lakeshore Dr., Lake City, MN 55041. Richard Bruce DeMarce, b. 8 January 1942. Agnes LaVerle DeMarce, b. 24 April 1916. m. in 1934, Leon "Colonel" Larson, d. 1974. 1951 and 1975 resided Whitehall, WI. Gary Lane Larson, b. 21 November 1936. Judy Larson, b. 10 June 1940. Bernard Bruce DeMarce, b. 1 November 1919. m. in 1945, Dorothy Carlson. 1951 resided in San Diego, California; 1975 resided in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Wilma Jeanne DeMarce, b. 12 February 1922. m. (1) 1942, Phalon Berg (div.); m. (2) Francis Judd. Address: 312 N. Oak St., Lake City, Minn. 55041. Lyna Jeanne Berg, b. 21 June 1943. Vaughn Phalon Berg, b. 24 September 1944. Kirby Berg. b. 23 September 1948. m. 24 August 1968, Jeanne Lifto. Theron Berg, b. 10 October 1972. Turner Berg. b. 3 April 1975. Kermit Robert "Bob" DeMarce, b. 2 May 1923. m. (1) in 1941, Kathryn Wise (div.); m. (2) in 1951, Margaret Dinnell. 1951 resided in Detroit, MI; 1975 resided in Colorado Springs, CO. Robert Lee DeMarce, b. 15 November 1940. Thomas Bruce DeMarce, b. 12 July 1944. Debra Mary DeMarce, b. 20 January 1953. Mabel Marie DeMarce, b. 4 August 1894, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 19 August 1990, Hawthorne, WI. m. 19 November 1912, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis., Howard Lee Metcalfe, b. 23 March 1892--d. 1 June 1976, Tucson, Arizona, son of George and Adelaide (Wakefield) Metcalf. (Arizona death certificate #0102-76-009051).


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Howard L. Metcalf

DURAND, Wis. -- Howard L. Metcalf, 84, a former Durand resident who had lived in Tucson, Ariz., since 1967, died Tuesday at Tucson Medical Center after an illness of three weeks.

He had farmed in the Town of Frankfurt, Pepin County, before moving to Durand in the late 1940s. Mr. Metcalf was born March 23, 1892, in the Town of Waterville, Pepin County, to George and Adelaide Wakefield Metcalf. He married Mabel DeMarce Nov. 19, 1912.

Survivors include his widow; two sons, Darrel and Burr, both of Tucson; two daughters, Mrs. Earl (Marguerite) Sumner, Tucson, and Mrs. Clifford (Hope) Swenson, Poplar, Wis.; 11 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren, and a brother, Archie, Plum City, Wis.

Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday in United Methodist Church, Durand, with Daniel Richardson officiating. Burial will be in Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery. Friends may call at the Goodrich Funeral Home, Durand, from 7 to 9 p.m. today and from 10 to 11 a.m. Saturday in the church.


Obituary, The Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI, no date of paper.


Mabel Marie Metcalfe, 96, died Sunday, August 19, 1990 at the Middle River Health Care Facility in Hawthorne, Wisconsin. She was born August 9, 1894; daughter of Seymour and Matilda LaPean DeMarce.

In 1912, she married Howard L. Metcalfe. They farmed in Porcupine Valley. She was active in the Arkansaw and Durand Methodist Churches, Royal Neighbors of America where she received her 50 year membership pin, Homemakers, Ladies Auxiliary of VFW, Arkansaw Old Settlers and was project leader in 4-H. After retirement, they moved to Tucson, Arizona. Howard died June 1, 1976.

In 1983, she moved to Poplar, WI to live with her daughter Hope Swenson. Mable attended the Poplar Covenant Church, Piney Rambler Garden Club, and the Poplar Study Club.

She moved to the Middle River Health Care Facility on July 13, 1990.

She is survived by son and daughter-in-law, Darrel and Lucille Metcalfe of Tucson, AZ, and Burr and Marie Metcalfe of Tucson, AZ; daughter and son-in-law, Marguerite and Earl Sumner of Hudson, WI, and Hope and Cliff Swenson of Poplar, WI; 11 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by parents, Seymoure and Matilda LaPean Metcalfe; her husband, Howard, four brothers, Lemuel, Alfred, Wilbur, and Emery; one grandson, Perry L. Sumner.

Funeral services will be 11 a.m., Thursday, August 23, 1990 at the United Methodist Church in Durand. Rev. Dennis C. Weiss officiating. Burial will be in the Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery. Friends may call at the Goodrich Funeral Home in Durand from 6-0 p.m. Wednesday evening and one hour prior to the services at the church on Thursday. (Ladies Auxiliary of VFW services will be at 8 p.m. Wednesday evening.) The family has requested memorials be given to the Auxiliary of VFW Building Fund in Durand.

Casket bearers are Alan Helgeson, Alan Metcalfe, Roy Metcalfe, Scott Metcalfe, Clifton Swenson, Lee Swenson.

Honorary Casket Bearers were James DeMarce, Hale Girard, Robert Laschinger, William Metcalfe, Kenneth McMahon, Glenn Myers, Howard Stafford, Hjlmer Swenson, Roy Wayne, Donald Wekkin.

Arrangements by Goodrich Funeral Home, Durand. Darrel Seymour Metcalfe, b. 28 August 1913, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis. m. 16 May 1942, Manhattan, Riley Co., Kansas, Ellen Lucille Moore, b. 5 April 1917, Jarbolo, Kansas, dau. of Tully Harvey and Blanche Viola (McCune) Moore. Res. 1986 Tucson, AZ. Address 1993: 5811 East Ninth, Tucson, AZ 85711. Dean Darrel Metcalfe, b. 27 June 1944, Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon. m. 23 December 1967, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Jean Irene Peterson, b. 3 September 1946, Cleveland, Ohio.

1973 a Medical Intern in Ann Arbor, Mich. Address 1988: Dr. and Mrs. Dean Metcalfe, 9412 Wadsworth Dr., Bethesda, MD 20034. Justin Dean Metcalfe, b. 27 April 1973, Ann Arbor, Wastenaw Co., Mich. Metcalfe. Metcalfe. Alan Moore Metcalfe, b. 22 December 1949, Ames, Story Co., Iowa. m. (1) 2 September 1971, Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona, Gloria Theresa Broussard (div.) ; m. (2) 15 May 1988, Tucson, AZ., Sharon Douglas, dau. of Mr. Jerry A. Douglas and Ms. Dolores P. Swasey. Law student in 1973. Matthew Tully Metcalfe, b. 1 June 1989. Marguerite Virginia Metcalfe, b. 21 March 1917, Frankfort Twp., Pepin Co., Wis. m. 5 September 1937, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis., Earl Samuel Sumner, b. 2 August 1913, Thurston, Thurston Co., Nebr., son of Owen Perry and Bertha Wilamina (Limburg) Sumner. They spent many years abroad, as Earl Sumner worked for the U.S. government in agricultural aid programs. Res. 1986, River Falls, Wis. Address 1991: 1312 Wisconsin St., Apt. 304, Hudson, WI 54016. Perry Lee Sumner, b. 28 March 1940, Emporia, Lyons Co., Kansas--d. 16 October 1962, Story Co., Iowa (automobile accident). m. 8 July 1962, Onawa, Monona Co., Iowa, June Elaine Eyerly, b. 15 April 1940, Grinnell, Iowa. No children.



by Karyl (Sumner) Bainbridge

Perry Lee Sumner died 30 years ago as result of a car accident that occurred while perry was on the way to classes at Iowa State University. The Rev. Paul Johnson said at Perry's funeral that Perry had lived more in 22 years than most people live in a hundred. People who knew Perry agree.

Perry was born in Emporia, Kansas on March 28, 1940. He lived there until his father, Earl Sumner, was commissioned into the United States Navy during World War II. Perry attended kindergarten at Harvard University in Boston because his father was getting special naval training there. While his father was on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, Perry lived with his mother, Marguerite, in Arkansaw, Wisconsin and in River Falls, Wisconsin. In 1946, Earl returned to civilian life and the Sumner family returned to Emporia. Soon Perry moved to Huron, South Dakota where his father was a soil scientist with the Bureau of Reclamation.

Perry attended Huron schools for second through eleventh grades. His main elementary school activities were playing the flute and cub scouts. At the end of his fifth grade, Perry started taking care of his baby sister, Karyl, and was in great demand as a baby-sitter in the neighborhood.

Perry's musical interests at Huron High School included playing the flute in the band, pep band, and ensemble, as well as singing in chorus, and glee club. Perry also took private flute lessons. Earl and Marguerite were able to buy a Haynes flute from an estate for Perry to use. A Haynes flute is top-of-the-line. Perry was one of six flutists in the South Dakota all-state orchestra when he was a Junior in high school.

Non-musical interests at Huron High school included writing for the newspaper and year book, working on the prom committee and prompting a play. Perry's A - average earned him membership in the National Honor Society. The driver's education contest was always won by seniors until Perry won it as a junior. In addition to school activities, Perry had a great garden. He won so many prizes for his flowers at the county fair that he was offered a scholarship to a florist college.

In 1957, Earl Sumner moved to Iraq to help plan a massive dam and irrigation system. The family followed at the end of the school year. Perry enjoyed visiting the ruins at Babylon and elsewhere in Iraq with his family. The Sumners also visited Bethlehem and Jerusalem, which were in Jordan at that time.

For his Senior year of high school, Perry attended the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon, which was the closest American high school available. While at A.C.S., Perry visited Baalbeck and other sites in Lebanon. He visited Cairo and Luxor in Egypt over spring break with other A.C.S. students.

Toward the end of the school year, an anti-American revolution broke out in Beirut. Perry asked the principal of the high school to allow the students who were living in dormitories to skip finals and rejoin their parents. The principal told him that if he wanted that done, he would have to do it himself. Perry made the necessary arrangements to get flights out of Beirut and got protection from the Lebanese government for the trip from the school to the airport. A French television journalist was impressed, and filmed Perry's activities. This story was picked up by an American national television network.

In June of 1958, Perry and his friend, Robert West, tried to join the Iraqi Army band. The two talked about their request to Colonel Abdel Karim Kassem, who said that he would get back to them. On July 14, 1958, a coupe lead by Colonel Kassem ended in the death of the King of Iraq. Perry was caught in a mob that eventually killed two American men. His quick thinking and French-Canadian coloring allowed Perry to escape unharmed. Exit visas were hard to obtain after the revolution. Kassem signed Perry's exit visa and gave him permission to visit any military installation in Iraq.

Perry had fallen in love with Iowa State University while visiting his uncle, Dr. Darrel Metcalfe, who was a professor at ISU. Perry wanted to be a Cyclone even though his uncle had moved to the University of Arizona. His original major was History.

Perry has a strong Iowa pioneer heritage. He was related on his father's side to the Sumner, Lanman, Stapleton, Dotson, and Cummins families, who were some of the original settlers of the Iowa towns of Eldon, Moravia, and Ute. He was related on his mother's side to the Wakefield family who settled in early Indianola, Iowa.

On the trip from Iraq to Ames, Perry visited Rome, Italy, Brussels, belgium, dublin, Ireland and New York City. He had a hard time getting a flight out of Brussels because of the heavy air traffic created by the International EXPO there. On the flight into New York City, Perry had the opportunity to speak with Dag Hammarskjold, the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Perry was involved in many activities during his time at Iowa State University. He was in the Iowa State Orchestra for four years and was first chair flutist the fourth year. Other long time involvements at IsU include Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, YMCA, the Methodist church, the Veishea Central Committee, the Iowa State Debaters and the Cosmopolitan Club. To earn money, Perry worked during busy times for a florist and tooled leather items. In addition to these continuing activities, Perry was involved in special activities each year at Iowa State University.

As a Freshman, Perry was in the Cyclone Sabers fending club. He was also on the Pledge Council, which was made up of representatives of the pledge classes from the different fraternities. He started dating June Eyerly who also played the flute in the Iowa State Band.

Between his freshman and sophomore years, Perry spent the summer with his Metcalfe grandparents in Durand, Wisconsin. He worked at the Dairy Queen and got to know many relatives that lived in the area. After being in Wisconsin for several months, Earl, Marguerite, and Karyl Sumner moved to Kabul, Afghanistan in July of 1959. Earl started work as an agricultural advisor to the Afghan government.

The bit job of Perry's sophomore year was chairing the United Nations Model Assembly which was patterned after the real United Nations. Students from Iowa State University, Grinnell, Graceland, and Drake represented thirty-one foreign countries. That year he was also on the Joint Social Council for all the campus residences.

During the summer of 1960, Perry traveled by Japanese freighter to Tokyo, by rail to Kyota and Osaka, and by plant to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Calcutta, and Delhi on the way to be with his family in Kabul. The family traveled over the Khyber Pass to Peshawar, Pakistan for a short visit.

In August Perry headed back to Iowa State University. Perry wanted to visit Russia. Gary Powers and his U-2 spy plane had been shot down in May and very few American tourists were being allowed into the USSR. Perry was permitted to visit Russia after an official at the Russian embassy had read the entry from Colonel Kassem in Perry's passport. Perry's travel in Russia was tightly controlled by the KGB, especially after Perry insisted on talking to ordinary citizens on the street without the approval of the KGB. His next stops were in Denmark, Sweden, and France.

During Perry's junior year at ISU, Perry won a merit of excellence award at the Iowa Forensic League Tournament. He also won first place in the National Discussion Tape Competition on where the topic was civil rights. He got engaged to June Eyerly during this school year. At the end of his junior year, Perry successfully ran for a senator-at-large slot in the next year's Cardinal Guild, the ISU student government.

Perry Sumner was in Air Force ROTC. During the summer training camp between his Junior and Senior year, Perry was one of the 26 chosen as group commanders out of 325 cadets. However, during his Senior year, Perry decided that he could best serve his country by working for the United States State Department. Consequently, he resigned from ROTC and switched his major to psychology thus requiring an additional semester of study.

In addition to being in the Cardinal Guild his senior year, Perry was Rush chairman and secretary of his Alpha Sigma Phi chapter. He was also involved in the ISU Religion-in-Life Week program and became a Mason.

Since he had done an excellent job as Rush chairman, his fraternity brothers asked him if they could pay him to be Rush chairman the next year. He agreed on the condition that he could do some remodeling on the fraternity house at 2717 West street, especially the bathrooms. Perry spent the summer of 1962 remodeling the house and getting ready for his wedding.

Perry married June Elaine Eyerly on July 8, 1962. The wedding was held at the bride's Methodist church in Onawa, Iowa. Perry did the floral arrangements for the wedding.

In the fall Perry headed back to classes and Alpha Sigma Phi rush. Perry Lee Sumner died October 16, 1962 in a two car collision near Kelly, Iowa. Several hundred people attended Perry's funerals in Ames, iowa, and Durand, Wisconsin. He was buried in the Arkansaw, Wisconsin cemetery. After the funeral in Ames, several students told Perry's family how Perry had helped him on an individual basis. Money given as a tribute for Perry was used to purchase the sound system for an auditorium that was build on the Iowa State University Campus soon after Perry's death. Each spring, the Iowa State University chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi gives a "Perry Sumner" award to the member who has been the most active on the college campus during the school year.

Now the family of Perry Sumner is giving his Haynes flute to the Music Department at Iowa State University. This will be used as a scholarship instrument usually, for the principal flutist in the University Band or the Orchestra or the Flute Choir. The principal flutist chair will be known as the Perry Lee Sumner chair.


News article, Ames Daily Tribune, Ames, Iowa, 16 October 1962, p. 2a (with photograph and caption).

Accident this morning

fatal to student, 22

Story county recorded its fifth fatality of the year this morning when a 22-year-old Iowa State University student died of injuries suffered in a two-car collision a mile west and a mile north of Kelley on the Slater blacktop.

Perry Lee Sumner, 22, Perry, died at 10 a.m. at Mary Greeley Hospital from injuries incurred in the accident shortly after 8 a.m.

On Way to Classes

The youth was believed on his way to classes on the county road from Minburn when the accident occurred.

His car, eastbound on a newly blacktopped county road, collided with a southbound car driven by Evelyn Grace Peterson, 46, 1537 Roosevelt Ave. She was treated for abrasions at the hospital.

With her was Mrs. Emma Grau of Ames. The women were on their way to Polk City where both teach school. Mrs. Grau was not injured.

The east-west road is under construction and the young man apparently went through the intersection. A stop sign had been taken down by construction crews and lay in the ditch nearby.

His car careened several hundred feet east of the intersection, overturning several times in the ditch. The Perry youth was pinned under the car after the right front door was ripped off. He was still strapped in his seat with seat belts.

Removed from Car

Three men arrived on the scene soon after the accident and rolled the car off the man. They said it didn't appear he was breathing and a resuscitator was dispatched from the University fire station in Ames.

He was taken to Mary Greeley by ambulance but died of his injuries about 10 a.m.

The Perry youth was married and apparently was commuting to school each day. His parents are reported out of the country in Bagdad, Iraq.

He was a senior at Iowa State, majoring in psychology.


A TRIBUTE published in the pages of THE AMES DAILY TRIBUNE, AMES, IOWA, OCT 19, 1962.

Memorial Obituary

Services Monday

for Perry Sumner

Funeral services for Perry Lee Sumner, 22, perry, will be held here Monday.

Mr. Sumner died at Mary Greeley Hospital about 10 a.m. Tuesday of injuries sustained in an automobile accident earlier in the day.

Born at Emporia, Kan., he was a fifth-year student at Iowa State University, majoring in history and psychology.

He was a member of the Methodist Church, the Masonic Lodge, Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, the Iowa State Debaters, YMCA, Cosmopolitan Club, and was a senator-at-large in Cardinal Guild student governing group. He served three years on the Veishea Central Committee.

He and June E. eyerly were married last July 8 at Onawa. Other survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sumner, and a sister, Karyl, of Kabul, Afghanistan and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Metcalfe, Durand, Wis. and Mrs. Bertha Sumner of River Falls, Wis. He was the nephew of Dr. Darrel Metcalfe, formerly of the Iowa State staff.

[F]uneral services will be held on Monday at 1:30 p.m. from the First Methodist Church with the Rev. Paul Johnson of Onawa officiating, assisted by the Rev. Lawrence B. Beals. The body will lie in state at the Adams Funeral Home until noon, Monday.

A memorial fund has been established. Gifts may be left at the Ames Trust and Savings Bank. Karyl Ann Sumner, b. 2 May 1950, Huron, Beadle Co., S.D. m. 31 March 1972, Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona, Theodore Adam "Ted" Bainbridge, b. 7 May 1946, Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pa., son of Clarence Adam "C.A." and Althea Avas (English) Bainbridge. Ted Bainbridge was a hospital administrator. Address 1988: 401 30th Ave. N., Apt. 14, Fargo, ND 58102. Address 1991: 2100 Scott Blvd. #31, Iowa City, IA 52240. Sarah Ann Bainbridge, b. 24 August 1980, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio. Article, Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10 March 1990: "Skating means travel for 9-year-old Sarah." With photograph. Burr Howard Metcalfe, b. 7 February 1919, Frankfort Twp., Pepin Co., Wis. m. 18 April 1941, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis., Marie Fern Kochendorfer, b. 3 July 1920, Menomonie, Dunn Co., Wis., dau. of Stanley McKinley and Nellie Stella Marie (Hill) Kochendorfer.


Obituary, The Courier-Wedge, Thursday, 7 September 1995:


Burr Howard Metcalfe, 76, passed away August 8, 1995. He was born February 7, 1919 in Arkansaw and was a dairy farmer there before moving to Tucson in 1960. He retired from Anamax Mining in 1982.

He is survived by his wife, Marie ofTucson; daughters, Shari (Edward) Montgomery of Tucson; Jean Metcalfe of Los Osos, CA; Kay Harrell of Tehachapi, CA; sons,Roy Metcalf of Tucson; James (Roberta) Metcalfe of Tempe, AZ; Mark Metcalfe of Tucson, Seven grandchildren; Brother, Darrel (Lucille) Metcalfe; sisters, Marguerite (Earl) Sumner and Hope (Clifford) Swenson of WI; several nieces and nephews.

Memorial services were held Thursday, August 17, 1995 at St. Mark's United Methodist Church, McGee and LaCanada. Sharie Marie Metcalfe, b. 22 March 1942, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. (1) 1 April 1961, Menomonie, Dunn Co., Wis., Robert Lee Hoover, b. 1 February 1941, Rock Falls, Dunn Co., WI; m. (2) Edward Montgomery. She was a teacher in 1973. 1995 res. Tucson, AZ. Kim Marie Hoover, b. 3 November 1961. Terry Lee Hoover (son), b. 4 September 1964. Jean Leslie Metcalfe, b. 15 July 1946, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. She was a teacher in 1973. 1995 res. Los Osos, CA. Roy Burr Metcalfe, b. 7 May 1951, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 27 November 1970, Tucson, Pima Co., Ariz., Cynthia Marie Maeser. He was a mechanic. Kay Ann Metcalfe, b. 6 January 1955, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. Harrell. 1995 res. Tehachapi, CA. James Howard Metcalfe, b. 13 August 1858, Plum City, Pierce Co., WI. m. Roberta . 1995 res. Tempe, AZ. Mark Robert Metcalfe, b. 23 July 1962, Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona. Hope Leslie Metcalfe, b. 13 October 1926, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 9 August 1956, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis., Clifford Knute Swenson, b. 9 May 1917, Knute Twp., Polk Co., Minn., son of Swen and Edla Elizabeth (Nelson) Swenson. She taught art in the public schools for many years. Address 1991: Route 1, Box 794A, Poplar, WI 54864-9618. Lee Swen Swenson, b. 2 December 1959, Superior, Douglas Co., Wis. m. Darla Dassow. Res. 1986, Crystal, Minn. Nathaniel Swenson. Rebecca Lynn Swenson, b. 13 August 1988. Clifton Perry Swenson, b. 15 February 1964, Superior, Douglas Co., Wis. m. 9 September 1989, Kari Ames of Cloquet, MN. Address 1993: 700 Plymouth Road, Minnetonka, MN 55343.










1.3.5 Peter James DeMarce, b. ____ January 1864, in Canada--d. c. 15 April 1953, Canada. Bur. High River, Alberta, Canada. In 1900 he lived in Fargo, Cass Co., N.D. Later lived in Alberta, Canada. m. 20 April 1891, Pepin Co., Wis., Jessie Clara Supri, b.c. 1868/____ July 1871, Wis.--d. 15 May 1923, General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, dau. of Emery and Sophia (Gayou/Gaynon) Supri/Surprenant. Nur. Catholic Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


1900 U.S. Census Soundex, North Dakota. DeMars, Peter, vol. 3, E.D. 35, Sheet 21, Line 22. White, b. Jan. 1864, age 36,b. Canada, res, Cass Co., 705 N. 11 St., Fargo City. DeMars, Jessie, wife, b. July 1871, age 28, b. Wis.; DeMars, Alvin, son, b. April 1893, age 7, b. Wis.; DeMars, Pearl, dau., b. Dec. 1898, age 1, b. N. Dak.


The great majority of the information in this section was received in February, 1994, from Larry A. Carr. 147 - Berkshire Close N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3K-1Z2, a great-grandson of Peter James and Jessie (Supri) DeMarce. Peter Alvin DeMarce, b. 25 April 1893, Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis.--d. 11 September 1961, Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. Bur. Okatoks Cemetery, Alberta, Canada. m. (1) 9 June 1915, Veronica Elizabeth Popel, b. 27 March 1898, Dubuque, Iowa, dau. of Peter Miller and Mary Elizabeth Popel (divorced) (mother of his first four children); m. (2) June 1937, Jenny Welychka, b. 1916 (mother of his last three children).

Veronica Elizabeth Popel m. (2) August 1936, Joseph William Zima.

Jenny Welychka m. (2) 1962, Clayton Burrows. Mary Jessie DeMarce, b. 21 November 1917, Brocket, Alberta, Canada--d. 8 January 1994, Sunset Lodge, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. m. 22 October 1938, Turney Valley, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Donald Alexander Carr, b. 6 January 1917, Michichi, Alberta, Canada--d. 1990, Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, son of Howard Esty and Jennie Ewilda (Farley) Carr. Both bur. Queen's Park Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Donna Marie Carr, b. 6 June 1940, Turner Valley, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Merle Wesley Carr, b. 19 May 1943, Turner Valley, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. m. 15 December 1962, Trail, British Columbia, Canada, Judith Vivian Paugh, b. 15 January 1942, Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Shonna Lee Carr, b. 4 July 1963, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. m. 31 August 1985, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Larry Douglas Bedford, b. 1963. Wanda Jean Carr, b. 7 March 1966, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Donald Edward Carr, b. 15 October 1967, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Linda Jean Carr, b. 6 April 1949, Calmar, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. m. 4 March 1972, Parkdale United, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alan Edward Johnson, b. 3 September 1949, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jeffrey Alan Johnson, b. 23 March 1977, Didsbury, Alberta, Canada. Lindsey Mary Johnson, b. 20 September 1978, Didsbury, Alberta, Canada. Larry Alexander Carr, b. 6 April 1949, Calmar, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. m. 29 December 1973, Anglican Cathedral, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Christina Ann Walker, b. 18 January 1947, Blairmore, Alberta, Canada, daughter of Ian and Ethel (Wilson) Walker. Christine Ann Carr, b. 22 October 1975, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. William Norman Carr, b. 5 June 1979, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Donald Allan Carr, b. 27 July 1952, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. m. 9 January 1976, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Ivy Darlene Vincent, b. 17 July 1951. Christopher Allan Carr. b. 12 December 1977, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nickolas Adam Carr, b. 29 May 1980, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Kevin Michael Carr, b. 30 December 1981, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Gregory Ryan Carr, b. 1 April 1986, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Brent Ralph Carr, b. 3 May 1954, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. m. 14 September 1974, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Colleen Leslie Bootsman, b. 3 August 1956. Vickie Lynn Carr, b. 18 December 1975, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jason Robert Carr, b. 14 October 1978, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lucille Veronica DeMarce, b. 8 June 1916, Rossfork, Montana. m. August 1935, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Robert Edgecombe Cowie (divorced); m. (2) 11 April 1942, Leland Howard Trerice, b. 1917 (divorced); m. (3) 8 August 1968, Arthur Orman Marsh, b. 20 October 1912--d. July 1984. Robert Alvin Cowie, b. 7 March 1936, home of Mrs. Zima, Natal, British Columbia, Canada. m. Gerine Herman (mother of his first child; m. 1962, Arlene Johnson; m. Marie Wanlin; m. 19 December 1973, Linda Kathleen Vaile, b. 28 January 1948 (mother of his second and third children). Valerie Lynn Trerice, b. 1957. m. Randy Lillow. Christopher Lee Trerice, b. 1985. Brandon Gregory Trerice, b. 1985. Robin Kathleen Trerice, b. 4 December 1972. Scott Robert Trerice, b. 11 April 1974. Cecelia Mabell DeMarce, b. 31 October 1918, Lundbrick, Alberta, Canada. m. 3 January 1945, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Francis William Churcott, b. 23 July 1914, Deseronto, Ontario, Canada. Terry Francis Churcott, b. 9 May 1947, Holy Cross, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. m. 24 August 1968, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dianna Ruth Thieland, b. 10 January 1948, Milk River, Alberta, Canada. Robert William Churcott, b. 19 March 1969. Wade Vincent Churcott, b. 23 March 1973. Richard William Churcott, b. 15 February 1953, Misericordia, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. m. Darlene Anne Julie Zadorozny, b. 25 March 1955. Randy William Churcott, b. 20 May 1982, Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Amber Rose Churcott, b. 27 February 1984. Irene Myrtle DeMarce, b. 28 February 1921, Lundbrick, Alberta, Canada. m. 15 August 1938, John Clifton "Jack" Scott, b. 15 February 1917, Homestead, Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada--d. 20 February 1981, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Sherry Lenora Scott, b. 6 July 1940. m. (1) Charles Davies; m. (2) David Schmidt. Debra Davies. Lorne Davies Schmidt. Heidi Michelle Schmidt. Holly Marie Schmidt. John Clifton Scott, b. June 1948, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. m. 5 April 1969, Jan MacKinnon, b. 1948. Nadean Mae Scott, b. 7 October 1974, Brooks Hospital, Brooks, Alberta, Canada. Kerri Ann Scott, b. 7 February 1976, Innisfail Hospital, Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. James Alvin DeMarce, b. 16 January 1942, Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. Jeanette Arlene DeMarce, b. 23 June 1949, Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. Kenneth Roy DeMarce, b. 17 February 1951, Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. Stephen Emaery DeMarce, b. 2 May 1894--d. 2 May 1894. Maisy Margarie DeMarce, b. 1896--d. 1896. Died at birth. Joseph Neyploian DeMarce, b. 27 October 1897--d. 27 October 1897. Pearl Ann DeMarce, b. 14 December 1898, N.D. Loran Josephine DeMarce, b. 2 November 1899--d. 2 November 1899. Thomas Leon DeMarce, b. 4 October 1902--d. 4 October 1902. Cecelia Denise DeMarce, b. 3 October 1904. Florence Milvina DeMarce, b. 6 February 1908, Winnifred, Alberta, Canada. Jessie Minnie Anna-May DeMarce, b. 18 December 1910, Winnifred, Alberta, Canada. Earl Theodore DeMarce, b. 12 March 1914., Winnifred, Alberta, Canada






1.3.6 Mary Malinda DeMarce, b. 29 November 1865, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 6 June 1950, Fond du Lac Co., Wis. m. 23 November 1885, Dunn Co., Wis., Frank Edgar Patnode, b. 16 March 1864/1863, Vt.--d. 29 January 1934, Langlade Co., Wis., son of Leonard and Julia H. (LaPean/Lapine) Patnode. 1900 said to have lived in Antigo, Wis., but listed in 1900 U.S. Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co., Wis. Both buried at Antigo, Wis.


Data on this family received from Mrs. Evelyn (Patnode) Marbes.


Data received via e-mail:

Subj: Greetings from a WI Patnode

Date: 98-05-28 08:42:58 EDT

From: (D. Patnode)



Hello Virginia. I've been doing genealogical research on the PATNODE

family for a couple of years now and almost feel I know you, having used

so much of your research on the PATNODEs, BELISLEs, LAPINEs, CATURIAs,

and others. My paternal great grandmother was Mary Melinda DEMARCE

(wife of Frank Edgar PATNODE) b. 29 Nov 1865 in Waterville Twp., Pepin,

WI, and d. 6 Jun 1950 in Fond du Lac, WI. I would appreciate knowing

how you are related to Mary, assuming that you are? I'd love to be able

to include your ancestry as it relates to her in my database (I use

Brother's Keeper). If you would like, I would be happy to send you what

I know of my more immediate ancestry. You appear to have it up to John

William PATNODE, son of Frank Edgar and Mary Melinda DEMARCE. John was

my grandfather and I have most of the vitals on him, his siblings, and

many of their children and grandchildren including my paternal aunts &

uncles and their children.


I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.



Dan Patnode



Obituary, Daily Journal, no location or date of paper.


Frank Patnode, aged 70, who passed away suddenly Monday morning, January 29, at White Lake, was born in Franklin county, New York March 16, 1863. He came to Wisconsin with his parents when a very small child, settling in Pepin county.

He was united in marriage to Mary De Marce at Eau Galle, Wisconsin, November 23, 1885. To this union nine children were born, eight of whom are living: Eudena and Peter, White Lake; John and Merle, Three Lakes; Paul, Springfield, Illinois; Mrs. Josephine Gillispie, Mrs. Arvin Courtice (Inez), Shawano; Alta, at home. One daughter, Emma, (Mrs. Joseph Kaskey) preceded him in death Jan. 9 of this year.

Besides his wife and children he is survived by twenty-seven grandchildren and one great grandchild, also two brothers and four sisters.

Funeral services were held at the St. James' Catholic Church at White Lake, Rev. A. Trzebiatowski officiating. The body was placed in the Mausoleum in Antigo. Burial is to be in St. John's cemetery in the spring beside his daughter, Emma.

Mr. Patnode came to Langlade county thirty-three years ago, residing in White Lake the past eleven years. Eudena Frank Patnode, b. 7 October 1886, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 1 October 1951, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wis. Buried at Antigo, Langlade Co., Wis. m. 25 June 1908, Bryant, Langlade Co., Wis., Alberta Lee Jacobs, b. 19 February 1888, Carter Co., Ky.--d. 21 July 1964 in Milwaukee, Wis. Buried at Antigo, Wis. Luella Claire Patnode, b. 28 June 1910, Elton, Langlade Co., Wis.--d. 10 December 1985, Chandler, AZ. m. 28 May 1929, Merrill, Wis., Sigurd N. Johnson, b. Norway--d. 1963, Irma, WI. Kenneth Eugene Johnson, b. ____ September 1929, White Lake, Langlade Co., WI. m. Flora Vasquez. Robert Johnson, b. 11 June 1953--d. 10 June 1987, auto accident. Never married. David Johnson, b. 4 February 1955. m. Cynthia __________. David Johnson, Jr., b. 12 July 1982, AZ. Jessica Johnson, b. 10 July 1984, AZ. Maurine Helen Patnode, b. 27 July 1913, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. 16 October 1943, Milwaukee, Wis., Robert Benjamin Leischer, b. 17 October 1910. Address: 7789 So. Pennsylvania Avenue, Oak Creek, Wis., 53154. Robert Christian Leischer, b. 28 May 1945, Milwaukee, WI. m. 28 April 1968, Diane H. Christianson. Michelle Lynn Leischer, b. 13 September 1972. Tammy Leischer, b. 22 December 1975. Clayton Carter Leischer, b. 22 December 1946, Milwaukee, WI. m. 18 August 1979, Milwaukee, WI., Yasmin K. Toska, b. 6 September 1958, Toronto, Canada. Alex Leischer. Julia Toska Leischer, b. 6 November 1986, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Suzanne Elizabeth Leischer, b. 27 July 1948, Lincoln Co., WI. m. (1) 14 December 1968, Milwaukee, WI., Fred Chovanec, divorced 1974; m. (2) in 1980, Reinhold Fritsch. Aimee Elizabeth Chovanec, b. 24 January 1973, Cudahy, WI. Eric R. Fritsch, b. 22 July 1980. Alan Louis Leischer, b. 3 October 1952, Tomahawk, Lincoln Co., WI. m. 23 October 1974, Milwaukee, WI., Mary Louise Minikel, b. 2 February 1957, dau. of Harold and Mary Katherine (Kiehl) Minikel. Kara M. Leischer, b. 22 May 1977. __________ Leischer, b. November 1987. Irene Patnode, b. 1914--d. 1915. Arthur Eudena Patnode, b. 28 December 1915, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. ____ April 1944, Rhode Island, Elaine May Hancock, b. 21 December 1922, Utah. 1052 E. Ave., J-5, Lancaster, Calif. 93534. She is a Patnode genealogist. Carolyn Patnode, b. 26 April 1945, Los Angeles, CA. Maurine Leslie Patnode, b. 16 September 1946, Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. Patrick Kelley. Lynette Elaine Kelley, b. 26 June 1964. m. 4 March 1982, Lancaster Co., CA, Brian Kinney, b. 11 May 1961. Tiffany Crystal Kinney, b. 14 September 1981, Lancaster, CA. Patrick Michael Speed Kelley, b. 7 September 1966, Lancaster, CA. Maria Dawn Kelley, b. 27 September 1968, Burbank, CA. Married. __________ _________. Kerry Don Kelley, b. 21 September 1970, Lancaster, CA. Christine April Kelley, b. 6 April 1977, Lancaster, CA. Anita Ralee Spring Kelley, b. 22 April 1979, Los Angeles, CA. Benjamin Arthur Kelley, b. 7 April 1981, Lancaster, CA--d. 26 May 1982, Lancaster, CA. Paul Dennis Patnode, b. 12 June 1948, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. (1) 30 August 1969, Palmdale, CA, Rose Marie Ellis, b. 15 September 1951; m. (2) c. 1985, __________ __________. Donald Russell Patnode, b. 16 June 1951, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. April, c. 1985, __________ __________. Anita Louise Patnode, b. 4 September 1953, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. 20 December 1974, Dr. Brock Guernsey, son of Gerald and Jeanette (__________) Guernsey. Quentin Scott Guernsey, b. 15 January 1976, Salt Lake City, Utah. David Michael Guernsey, b. 30 December 1978, San Antonio (Bexar Co.?), TX. John Daniel Guernsey, b. 12 June 1980, San Antonio, TX. Jennifer Elaine Guernsey, b. 2 April 1982, Galveston, TX. Stephen Christopher Guernsey, b. 25 July 1986, Kansas City, MO. Denise Elaine Patnode, b. 26 June 1955, Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA. Not married as of 1987. Eugene Leonard Patnode, b. 11 August 1961, Lancaster, Los Angeles Co., CA. Not married as of 1987. Russell William Patnode, b. 1 May 1919, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. Evelyn Louise Roos. Louise Patnode (adopted). Evelyn's daughter by a previous marriage and adopted by Russell Patnode, b. 19 June 1951, Milwaukee, WI. m. 19 June 1971, William Holder. April Louise Holder. Holder (daughter). Valerie Patnode, b. 14 March 1957, Milwaukee, WI. m. c. 1980, Alvin Hagemann. Alma Marie Hagemann, b. 19 March 1985. __________ Hagemann. Evelyn G. Patnode, b. 15 May 1921, Elton, Langlade Co., Wis. m. 19 September 1942, Arlington, Fairfax Co., VA [sic], Louis Frank Marbes, b. 9 December 1909, Milwaukee, WI., son of Oscar C. J. and Anna (Herold) Marbes. 1979 moved to Fla. Address 1987: 404 Dorchester Square, Lake Mary, FL 32746. Address 1991: 231 Dogwood Court, Winter Springs, FL 32708. Summers in Weyauwega, Wis. (address: P.O. Box 149, Weyauwega, WI 54983-0149). Provided data on this branch of the family. Kathleen "Kaye" Anne Marbes, b. 27 June 1943, Lake Forest, IL. m. (1) in Milwaukee, WI, J. James Bayer, divorced 1974; m. (2) 1 October 1983, Richard Madison. Geoffrey Paul Bayer, b. 17 July 1963, Blue Island, IL. m. 8 May 1992, Little Chute, WI, Elizabeth "Liz" Sardina. Geoffrey Paul Bayer, Jr., b. 23 September 1992, Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI. Brian James Bayer, b. 25 September 1965, Blue Island, IL. Camille Marie Madison, b. 6 August 1984, Milwaukee, WI. Lynda Joyce Marbes, b. 22 Feb. 1947, Milwaukee, WI. m. (1) 27 February 1965, Hammond, IN, James Joseph Shaffer, divorced; m. (2) 23 June 1978, Broward Co., FL, Paul LeRoux; m. (3) 25 January 1992, Coral Gables, FL, William Miesch. James Joseph Shaffer, b. 7 February 1965, Milwaukee, WI. Diana Jane Marbes, b. 13 August 1948, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., WI. m. 5 September 1969, Dade Co., FL., William Corbett Davis, b. 18 March 1940, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI, son of William and Margaret (Corbett) Davis. Colette Anne Davis, b. 12 September 1973, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI. 1992 a sophomore in college. Katherine Margaret "Katie" Barngrover, b. 29 July 1992. At the time of her birth, Collette and Katie's father, Matthew Barngrover, were not yet married. William Carter Davis, b. 4 March 1975, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI. Darren John Davis, b. 7 October 1985, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI. Tamara Jane Marbes, b. 16 December 1951, Fond du Lac, WI. m. (1) 9 October 1971, Milwaukee, WI., Ronald Philip Mann, divorced; m. (2) Michael Dahm, divorced; m. (3) William Tucker, divorced; m. (4) 14 August 1992, Milwaukee, WI, Randy Josing. Michael Arthur Mann, b. 19 September 1977, Milwaukee, WI. Matthew Louis Marbes (son of William Tucker), b. 6 November 1986, Milwaukee, WI. Geoffrey William Marbes, b. 12 July 1960, Milwaukee, WI. m. 5 June 1981, Casselberry, FL, Susan Gaylene Peterson, dau. of LeRoy and Susan (__________) Peterson. Jamie Sue Peterson, [sic], b. 28 September 1983, Winter Park, FL. Kathlyn Alberta Patnode, b. 29 September 1922, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. ____ August 1944, Milwaukee, WI., Arthur Casper Mann, b. Milwaukee, WI. Divorced. Peter Charles Mann, b. 12 June 1952, Milwaukee, WI. m. 28 December 1981, Milwaukee, WI., Diana Fessenbecker, dau. of Ruel and Dorothy (Korff) Fessenbecker. Nathan Ruel Mann, b. 12 June 1984, Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI. Forrest Arthur Mann, b. 16 September 1987, Marquette, WI. Russell Mann, b. 24 February 1955, Milwaukee, WI. Not married as of 1987. Carol Katherine Mann, b. 6 March 1956, Milwaukee, WI. m. ____ March 1980, Milwaukee, WI., Richard Volkmann. Heidi Volkmann, b. 15 June 1981, Milwaukee, WI. Bethany Volkmann, b. 13 February 1983, Milwaukee, WI. Eric Volkmann, b. 10 October 1984, Milwaukee, WI. Peter Leonard Patnode, b. 20 May 1889, Arkansaw, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 16 May 1962. m. 20 May 1911, Pepin Co., Wis., Lillie L. Bien, b. c. 1893, dau. of Mark and Minnie (Martin) Bien. Gladys Patnode. m. c. 1940, Joseph Sanders. Goldeen L. Patnode, b. 5 December 1914, Buffalo Co., WI. m. Arthur Kriesel, b. 15 July 1901, Caroline, Shawano Co., Wi., son of Paul W. and Martha (Forster) Kriesel. Arthur L. Kriesel, b. 25 December 1935, White Lake, Langlade Co., WI. m. 15 September 1962, Tigerton, WI., Patricia Menge. No children. Carl D. Kriesel, b. 26 June 1937, White Lake, Langlade Co., Wi. m. 15 June 1963, Tigerton, WI., Betty Menge. No children. John W. Kriesel, b. 19 December 1938, Three Lakes, Oneida Co., WI. m. 17 November 1977, Shirley M. Barchman. (Shirley was divorced with three children.) Frank N. Kriesel, b. 28 July 1941, Antigo, WI. m. 12 July 1977, Chicago, IL, Nancy Van Ryzin, a widow with five children. James Frank Kriesel, b. 24 February 1973, Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI. Roy R. Kriesel, b. 22 January 1943, White Lake, WI. m. 7 November 1982, Racine, WI., Marilyn Janssen, a divorcee with three children. No children as of 1987. Catherine M. Kriesel, b. 15 December 1946, Shawano, WI. m. in Appleton, WI, Dennis Burke. Michael D. Burke, b. 25 September 1967, Neenah, WI. Dawn M. Burke, b. 3 March 1969, Neenah, WI. Rebecca A. Burke, b. 1 January 1983, Neenah, WI. Mary Jane Kriesel, b. 29 January 1949, Shawano, WI. m. 6 September 1969, Wittenberg, WI., Robert Knitter. No children. Eugene P. Kriesel, b. 26 August 1956, Clintonville, WI. m. 1979 ___________ __________ ( divorced). No children. Mary Patnode. m. John Popelka. Both deceased by 1987. Darrell Patnode. Josephine Patnode. m. Joe Schlesinger, deceased by 1987. Vivian Patnode. Douglas Francis Patnode, b. 13 September 1925, Antigo, WI. m. 5 June 1948, Milwaukee, WI., Florence Irene Ryan, b. 3 January 1931, dau. of Fred and Helen (Odeja) Ryan. Donna Mae Patnode, b. 1 September 1950, Milwaukee, WI. m. 22 August 1970, Milwaukee, WI., Bradley McDonald. Adam McDonald, b. 17 September 1971, Milwaukee, WI. Matthew McDonald, b. 6 March 1974, Milwaukee, WI. Katie McDonald, b. 1 September 1978, Milwaukee, WI. Phyllis Patnode. m. Robert Dollar, who was deceased by 1987. Josephine F. Patnode, b. 19 July, 1891--d. 3 February 1976. m. William Gillespie. Green Bay, Wis.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Mrs. Josephine


Mrs. Josephine (Josie) Gillespie, 84, 843 Gross Ave., died this morning. She was born July 19, 1891 and was daughter of the late Frank and Mary Patnode. Her husband, William C. Gillespie, preceded her in death Sept. 8, 1928.

Mrs. Gillespie was employed by the Schultz Bros. Stores, Shawano, and the Clover Farm Store of Chilton until her retirement in 1957. She was a member of St. Joseph Altar Society; the Daughters of Isabella, Chilton, and the Royal Neighbors of America, Shawano. Mrs. Gillespie had lived in Green Bay for the past 18 years.

Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Richard O. (Margaret) Meister, los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Lorne E. (Dorothy) Doan; Mrs. John W. (Marion) Varney, both of Green Bay; one son, William R. (Bob) Gillespie, De Pere; nine grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; two brothers, Paul Patnode, Akron, Ohio; John Patnode, Mira Loma, Calif.; two sisters, Mrs. Arvin L. (Inez) Courtice, Ridge Manor, Fla.; Mrs. Otto N. (Alta) Schiltz, Hustisford, Wis. One sister, Emma Kaskey, and three brothers, Eudena, Peter and Merle, preceded her in death.

Friends may call at Schauer and Schumacher West Side Funeral Home, 838 S. Fisk St., after 4 p.m. Wednesday. Wake service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Funeral 10 a.m. Thursday, St. Joseph Church, the Rev. Arthur Danks officiating. Burial in Allouez Cemetery. Margaret Gillespie. m. _________ Meister. Dorothy Marie Gillespie, b. 19 February 1917, Elton, Langlade Co., Wis. m. 10 August 1936, Lorne E. Doan, b. 24 August 1914, Tower, MN. James Kelly Doan, b. 18 June 1949, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI. m. 22 March 1979, Dolores Hart Lupinacci. Mary Kristin Doan, b. 29 November 1952, Green Bay, Brown Co.,, Wis. Unmarried in 1987. Arlene Gillespie, b. 21 May 1921, Elton, WI. Robert Gillespie, b. 5 May 1924, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. 1 March 1945, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI., Elizabeth "Betty" Lucille Heyse, b. 2 December 1926, Milwaukee, WI. Gerald Paul Gillespie, b. 2 May 1945, Shawano Co., WI. James Patrick Gillespie, b. 7 January 1950, Antigo, WI. Jennifer Gillespie, b. 27 October 1854, Antigo, WI. Emma J. Patnode, b. ____ June 1894. m. _________ Casky. Died in a fire. John W. Patnode, b. ____ July 1896. 1975 lived in California. Merle/Merrel David Patnode, b. 14 July 1899/14 April 1900, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 27 October 1962, Eagle River, WI. Died in an auto accident. Buried Three Lakes Cemetery, Three Lakes, WI. m. Alice L. Berg, b. 6 February 1903, Clearwater Lakes, WI--d. 7 February 1970, Racine, WI. Buried Three Lakes, WI. Geraldine "Gerry" A. Patnode, b. 17 May 1923, Three Lakes, WI. Baptized St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI, 1923. m. 16 October 1945, Three Lakes, WI., William (NMI) Kiser, b. 11 August 1924, Crandon, WI. Baptized U.S. Navy, Gulfport, MS, 1943. Address 1987: P.O. Box 65, Caledonia, WI 53108. Provided information on this branch of the family. Pamela L. Kiser, b. 12 February 1947, Three Lakes, WI. m. (1) 19 June 1969, Caledonia, WI., Robert Renz, divorced 1971, Milwaukee, WI; m. (2) 1976 in Fairbanks, Alaska, Joseph Colorado, divorced 1981; m. (3) 23 December 1982, Ketchikan, Alaska, Woodrow Morrison. Address 1987: 1515 Columbia Pl., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K- 5A8. Danielle M. Renz, b. 9 January 1969, Peoria, IL. Joseph Colorado, b. 11 November 1977, Cambridge, MA. Chyna L. Colorado, b. Cambridge, MA, 10 March 1980. John P. Kiser, b. 28 April 1952, Ironwood, MI. m. 20 December 1975, Wood, WI., Carol J. Burks, b. 7 August 1953, Elkhorn, WI. Address 1987: 2404 Santa Barbara Dr., Ashwaubenon, WI 54303. Meghan M. Kiser, b. 7 August 1980, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI. Allison A. Kiser, b. 27 March 1984. Kimberly A. Kiser, b. 7 September 1958, Woodruff, WI. m. 31 July 1987, Marcel Van Eerd, b. Curaco, W.I., 22 December 1954. Address 1987: 4224 Riverside Dr., Waterford, WI 53185. Tracey L. Kiser, b. 30 May 1961, Woodruff, WI. m. 27 June 1987, Michael W. Jones, b. 26 July 1961, Indianapolis, IN. Address 1987: 7964 S. Wildwood Dr., Apt. #2, Oak Creek, WI 53154. Arlyle L. Patnode, b. 13 April 1925, Three Lakes, WI. Baptized St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI, 1925. m. Arthur (?) Campbell. Address 1987: P.O. Box 67, Monico, WI 54549. Merle A. Patnode, b. 30 June 1931, Three Lakes, WI. Baptized St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI, 1931. m. (1) 1949, Three Lakes, WI., Kathleen Maney, divorced 1962; m. (2) 19 December 1965, Milwaukee, WI., Jacqueline Walker, divorced November 1985. Address 1987: P.O. Box C, Three Lakes, WI 54562. Linda L. Patnode, b. 14 November 1949, Rhinelander, WI. m. (1) 6 July 1969, Paul Timothy, divorced 1973; m. (2) 14 February 1979, Milwaukee, WI., James S. Genrich. Todd Michel Genrich, b. 27 July 1971. MaLisa L. Genrich, b. 31 March 1980, Milwaukee, WI. Thomas A. Patnode, b. 13 January 1952, Milwaukee, WI. Unmarried as of 1987. Merle A. Patnode, Jr., b. 6 August 1953, Milwaukee, WI. m. (1) 1 October 1976, Dawn Schippla, divorced 1977; m. (2) 17 June 1981, Jo Ann Fass. Jamie Patnode (12-87 in process of adoption), b. 30 March 1979. James Allen Patnode, b. 22 May 1981, Milwaukee, WI. Bambi L. Patnode, b. 7 September 1952, Milwaukee, WI. Jade David Patnode Olson, b. 3 August 1976, Milwaukee, WI. Jeffrey W. Patnode, b. 24 January 1967, Milwaukee, WI. Jessica A. Patnode, b. 16 March 1970, Milwaukee, WI. Paul Patnode, b. 15 April 1902, probably in Langlade Co., WI. m. (1) Evelyn __________ (div.), no ch.; m. (2) 5 April 1941, Philadelphia, Pa., Loretta Cecelia Chance, b. 12 July 1915, Minneapolis, Minn., dau. of Philip Norman and Loretta Cecelia (_________) Chance--d. 10 November 1975. Lived at Akron, Ohio. Philip Paul Patnode, b. 25 September 1942, Philadelphia, Pa. m. 12 July 1973, Barbara M. Burtscher. Michael John Patnode, b. 28 August 1944, Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. m. 15 April 1972, Anette/Annette Marie Judge, b. 19 April 1945. Susan Renee Patnode, b. 9 May 1975. Karen Ann Patnode, b. 18 June 1977. Susan Marie Patnode, b. 18 January 1954, Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. Student in 1975. Married by 1987. Inez Patnode, b. 8 November 1904--d. 7 August 1985. m. Arvin Courtice. No children. Lived at Ridge Manor, Florida. Alta Patnode, b. 8 November 1904, Langlade Co., WI--d. 10 October 1985. m. Otto Schiltz. Hustisford, Wis. Mary Francis Schiltz, b. Milwaukee, WI. m. John Beyer. Judith Schiltz. Nancy Schiltz.






1.3.7 John L. DeMarce, b. 7 February 1868, Wis.--d. 26 February 1962, Eau Claire, WI. Buried in the French Canadian Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Pepin Co., WI. m. 8 April 1890, Pepin Co., Wis., Mary Ina Grammond, b. 25 December 1870, Ill.--d. 10 March 1925, Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Oliver and Seraphine (Barcelore) Grammond.


1895 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-17): John Demarce, 3 white males, 1 white female, 4 b. U.S.


1900 U.S. Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co., Wis.: Johnny Demarce, b. Feb. 1868, Wis., father b. Canada, mother b. N.Y.; Ina, b. Dec. 1870, Ill., parents b. Canada; Marshel O., b. Apr. 1891, Wis.; J. Ray, b. Sept. 1893, Wis.; Edward Kelley, b. Aug. 1861, N.Y., father b. Ireland, mother b. Canada.


1905 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-46): Page 127, Family # 10: Demarce, John, 36, b. Wis., father b. Can., mother b. NY, farmer, owns farm free of mortgage; Ina J., 33, b. Ill., parents b. Canada; Marshall J., 14, b. Wis., farm laborer; Ray O., 10, b. Wis.; Patnod, Udina, nephew, 18, b. Wis., parents b. Wis., farm laborer.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: DeMarce, John L., white, 51, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; DeMarce, Ina M., wife, 50, b. Ill.


Pepin County Courier, 7 April 1911.

John DeMarce's residence in the town of Waterville was burned to the ground yesterday morning with a loss estimated at $1500. A few household goods on the ground floor were saved. The flames were first discovered in the dining room and are thought to have been caused by an overheated stovepipe. There was a small insurance. They plan to rebuild.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Mrs. John L. DeMarce

Mary Ina Grammond was born in Illinois on December 25 1870. She was the daughter of Oliver and Seraphine Grammond and was one of a family of eleven children. At the age of two years she moved with her parents to a farm near Cadott in Chippewa Co., Wis. She made this her home until her marriage.

On April 7, 1890, she was united in marriage to John L. DeMarce at the Catholic church in Durand, Wis.

After their marriage they lived on a farm on Maple Ridge for four years, when they moved on the old DeMarce homestead in Forest Vale, where she lived until eight years ago, when they moved to the home on Dead Lake, where she passed away at 6:45 a. m. on Tuesday, March 10, 1925.

To this union were born two sons, Marshall of South Dakota, and Ray of Arkansaw.

She leaves to mourn their loss her husband, two sons and a grandson, Donald DeMarce, who has made his home with his grandparents for the past three years, also three brothers, five sisters and an aged father.

The deceased was of a kind and loving disposition, and was highly respected by all who knew her. She was in very poor health for a number of years but bore her suffering with courage.

She was a member of the "League of the Kindly Tongue" and the "Sew" of the community in which she lived.

A host of friends join with the bereaved ones in their sorrow.

Funeral services were held Friday, March 13, at St. Joseph's church, near Arkansaw, and interment in the cemetery near her home.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1962].


Funeral services will be held Thursday at 10 a.m. in St. Joseph;'s Catholic church near Arkansaw for John L. DeMarce, 94. The Rev. Emil Twardochleb will officiate and burial will be in the Arkansaw French cemetery.

Mr. DeMarce died Monday, Feb. 26, at a hospital in Eau Claire, where he was being treated for a broken hip suffered in a fall a few days ago. Born Feb. 7, 1868, in the town of Waterville, he was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeMarce. He farmed throughout his life in the town of Waterville. His wife, the former Ina Grammond, died in 1925.

Surviving are a son, Marshall of Arkansaw, one grandchild and a brother, Frank DeMarce of Durand. The body was held in state at the Goodrich chapel in Durand. Rosary services were conducted there Wednesday at 8 p.m. by Rev. Twardochleb. Marshall John DeMarce, b. 21 April 1891, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 8 July 1962. m. (1) 10 April 1917, Eula Stewart, dau. of F. A. Stewart; m. (2) 19 May 1926, Detroit, Michigan, Olga Elvira Nystrom. 1925 resided in South Dakota; 1962 resided in Arkansaw, WI.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: DeMarce, Marshall J., white, 29, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; DeMarce, Eula M., wife, 24, b. Wis.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1962].


Funeral services were held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Goodrich chapel at Durand for Marshall John DeMarce, 71. The Rev. Roger Bronsted of St. John Lutheran church officiated and burial was in the Arkansaw cemetery.

Mr. DeMarce died Sunday, July 8, at the hospital in Durand. Born Apr. 21, 1891, in Pepin county, he was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. DeMarce. He lived at Arkansaw after working for Ford Motor Co. at Detroit and Hamilton Manufacturing Co. at Two Rivers. Mr. DeMarce and the former Olga Elvira Nystrom were married May 19, 1926, at Detroit.

Surviving with the wife are a son, Donald, by a previous marriage. There are three grandchildren. Donald DeMarce. m. __________ __________. She was from Wabasha, Minn. Address 1975: Box 333, Alma, Wis., 54710.


A 1986 address listing gave: Mr. Donald C. DeMarce, 105 S. 2nd, Alma WI 54610; also Ms. Juanita B. DeMarce, RR 2, Box 333, Alma, WI 54610. DeMarce. DeMarce. DeMarce. Ray Oliver DeMarce, b. 3 October 1894/___September 1893, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 28 March 1917, Elsie Gifford, b.c. 1897, Wis., dau. of David and Dora ( ) Gifford. About 1927, he was a mail man running the route from Arkansaw to Durand, Pepin Co., Wis.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: DeMarce, Ray O., white, 25, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; DeMarce, Elsie M., wife, 23, b. Wis.























1.3.8 Infant DeMarce, d. aged 1 day. Buried French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.






1.3.9 Franklin DeMarce, b. 25 September 1873, Wis.--d. 16 January 1963, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 4/24 June 1895, Pepin Co., Wis., Mary Emma LaPean, b. 31 March 1977--d. age 93 at Durand, Wis., dau. of Louis and Christine (Taylor) LaPean.


1905 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-46): Page 130, Family # 31: Demarce, Frank, 32, b. Wis., parents b. Canada, farmer, owns farm with mortgage; Emma, 28, b. Wis., parents b. NY; Louis, 9, b. Wis.; Florence, 7, b. Wis.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: Demarce, Frank, white, 56, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; Demarce, Emma, wife, 42, b. Wis.; Demarce, Daisy, dau., 7, b. Wis.


The following is an extract from the entry on Frank DeMarce in the History of Buffalo and Pepin Counties, Wisconsin, Compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Winona, Minn., H. C. Cooper, Jr., & Co., 1919.

Frank Demarce, born Waterville township, Pepin Co., Sept. 25, 1873, son of Joseph and Eliza (Kelly) Demarce who were natives of Canada. Joseph, who was a carpenter by trade, came to Pepin county, Wis. at an early date, locating first at Round Hill, but soon moving from there to a tract of wild land 4 miles east, which was so thickly wooded that his first task was to clear a space large enough on which to build a log house. He resided there a number of years, earning a living by doing carpenter work and clearing his land as he found opportunity. After making a number of improvements he died on his farm in 1899 [sic]. He had been a widower for four years previous to his death, his wife having passed away in or about l895 [sic]. In early days he took an active part in school work, and was a useful and industrious citizen. Frank Demarce was next to the youngest member in a family of nine children. In his boyhood he attended Forest Vale school in Waterville township. Aged 17 went to S. Dak. for 4 years, then married, June 24, 1895, Emma LaPean, daughter of Louis & Christine LaPean, natives of Canada who came to the U.S. later than the Demarce family, taking a farm on Dead Lake Prairie. He was a member of the Roman Catholic Church at Arkansaw . . .


Pepin County History, p. 134 (with photograph, Franklin and Emma Demarce--Golden Wedding).


Franklin (Frank) DeMarce was born September 25, 1873 in Waterville Township and married Emma Margarete La Pean, born March 31, 1877 also Waterville Township in Pepin County, in a double ceremony wither her brother Steven La Pean and Mary Goyette, June 24, 1895. Dad was a woodsman cutting logs in the Area of Cornell, Glen Flora and Cadott. In the Spring the logs were floated down the river to the mill. Later dad built a house in Irvington and worked in a basket factory until it burned. He then bought timber land on Maple Ridge, cleared a spot and built a shanty. They had a cow, pig and chickens all housed in a large pole shed covered with straw. In summer Dad cleared land to farm. In winter he hired out cutting logs with a cross cut saw for a dollar a day. Eventually they had enough money to dig a well. Before they hauled water in tanks from the neighbors.

Mom was a good seamstress cutting patterns from newspapers and sewing on a treadle machine. She washed clothes on a wash board, using soap she made of tallow and lye.

I remember mom telling me that she walked across the river on planks to Durand when they were building the first bridge.

In 1903 they built a house. In 1923 dad built a basement barn. The wall was made of rocks that he picked from a quarry. In those days they had raising "Bees" and many men came to raise the timbers for the framework. Mom was busy cooking meals for them as she did at thrashing time. What a thrill hearing that whistle when the machine was coming. Dad had a big pile of wood cut which they burned to create steam for power. They remodeled the house now and were milking twelve cows by hand. Dad bought a new Model T Ford in 1922, he used a crank to start it. I enjoyed riding in it.

We were a family of five, Louis Joseph born June 10, 1896 died April 17, 1976; Anna Florence (Reichhard) born June 2, 1898; Loyal William (twin) born July 20, 1903, died August 13, 1903; Royal John (twin) born July 20, died August 27, 1903 of Whopping cough; Delphene Daisy (Martin) born July 14, 1912.

We spoke Canadian French. Mom sang French songs and would quote psalms from the Bible. After chores we played cards or dominoes and listened to our battery radio. Mom would treat us with popcorn covered with melted butter.

Dad was a diabetic, his sight was failing. We share cropped from 1933-1956. Then sold the farm and bought a duplex in Durand. Dad loved fishing and cards. Mom loved to entertain.

Dad suffered strokes but could walk with help. He died of Pneumonia at 89 in 1963. Mom had failing sight and dropsy. She broke her arm, then her hip so later lived with us. She died of heart failure at 93 in 1970.

Submitted by Daughter Daisy Martin


Obituary, no name of paper, 15 January 1963.

Frank DeMarce

DURAND - Funeral services for Frank DeMarce, 89, will be held at St. Mary's Catholic Church today at 9:30 a.m. Burial will be in the Little French Cemetery.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Anderl will officiate.

Survivors are his wife, Emma; and three children, Louis, of Richfield, Mrs. frank Reichhard of Red Wing, Minn., and Mrs. Frank Martin of Durand; seven grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren.


Obituary, no name or date of paper [1963].


Funeral services were held Saturday at 9:30 a. m. in St. Mary's Catholic church for Frank DeMarce, 89. Msgr. Stephen Anderl officiated and burial was in the Little French cemetery on Dead Lake prairie.

Mr. DeMarce died Wednesday Jan. 16, at the hospital in Durand after brief confinement. Born Sept. 25, 1873, in the town of Waterville, he was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeMarce, who came to the United States from Canada. His father was a pioneer farmer in Waterville.

The former Emma LaPean and Mr. DeMarce were married June 24, 1895. They farmed until 1956, when they came to the city of Durand. The couple observed their 67th wedding anniversary last spring.

Surviving with the wife are a son, Louis of Richfield, two daughters, Mrs. Frank (Florence) Reichard of red Wing, Minn., and Mrs. Frank (Daisy) Martin of Durand, seven grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. Mr. DeMarce was preceded in death by twin sons.


Obituary, no name or date of paper.

Mrs. Emma DeMarce

DURAND -- Mrs. Emma DeMarce, 93, died at St. Benedict's Hospital in Durand Wednesday.

Born in Waterville, Wis., Pepin County, March 31, 1877, she was the former Emma LaPean. Her marriage to Frank DeMarce took place June 14, 1895, and they lived in Waterville until 1956. After retiring they moved to Durand. She was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church of Durand and the Altar Society.

Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Frank (Florence) Reichard of Red Wing and Mrs. Frank (Daisy) Martin of Durand; one son, Louis of Richfield, Wis.; seven grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren.

Preceding her in death were her husband and twin sons, Royal and Lloyd in infancy.

Funeral mass will be at 9:30 a.m. Friday at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Durand. Burial will be in the French Cemetery at Arkansaw. The Msgr. Stephen Anderl will officiate.

Friends may call at Rhiel Funeral Home in Durand after 2:30 p.m. today. Prayers will be said at 8:30 p.m. today at the funeral home. Louis Joseph DeMarce, b. 10 June 1896, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 17 April 1977, Hartford, WI. m. 26 December 1918, Pepin Co., Wis., Margaret/Margarette A./B. "Maggie" Sylvester, b. 26 March 1901, Arkansaw, Wis.--d. 15 September 1984, Hartford, WI, dau. of Noah and Mary (Supri) Sylvester. Lived at Milwaukee, Wis.; 1974 at Hartford, Wis.; later Slinger and Richfield, Wis.


1920 U.S. Census Soundex, NARS Microfilm Series M1595, Reel 39: DeMarce, Louis, white, 23, b. Wis., res. Pepin Co.; DeMarce, Maggie, wife, 18, b. Wis.


Obituary, Hartford Times-Press, 21 April 1977:

Louis J. DeMarce

Funeral services for Louis J. DeMarce, 80, Gateway Nursing Home, Hartford, were held at St. Mary's church, town of Richfield, with the Rev. John Kujawa officiating. Visitation was at the Rothenbach Funeral Home, Slinger after 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

Mr. DeMarce died Sunday, Apr. 17. He was born June 10, 1896, in Arkansaw, Wis. In 1918 at Arkansaw, he married Margaret B. Sylvester. They moved to the Slinger and Richfield area in 1940. Mr. DeMarce was employed at the Phoenix Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, until his retirement.

Survivors include his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Bethel (William) Klein, hubertus, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


Obituary, Durand Courier-Wedge, no date of paper:


Funeral services were held Monday, Sept. 17, for Margaret B. DeMarce, 83, formerly of Arkansaw, at St. Mary's Catholic church in Slinger, the Rev. Wendell Badum officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery. Mrs. DeMarce died Saturday, Sept. 15, at the hospital in Hartford.

The former Margaret Sylvester was born Mar. 26, 1901, in Arkansaw, a daughter of Noah and Mary Sylvester. She was married Dec. 26, 1918, to Louis DeMarce at Arkansaw. They lived in the Slinger and Richfield areas for 40 years. She resided recently in Gateway nursing home at Hartford and was a member of St. Mary's Catholic church.

Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. William (Bethel) Klein of Hubertus; a brother, Charles Sylvester of Arkansaw; a sister, Bessie Patnode of South Milwaukee; four grandchildren, an adopted grandson, and five great-grandchildren. Her husband preceded her in death in 1977. Bethel Mary DeMarce, b. 25 November 1925, Pepin Co., Wis. m. William Klein. Lived at Hubertus, Wis. Four children and one adopted child. Florence Ann DeMarce, b. 2 June 1898, Dunn Co., Wis. m. ____ November 1919, Pepin Co., Wis., Frank Reichard. Lived in Red Wing, Minn. Lucy Reichard. m. Luther Halvorsen. Lives in California. Diane Halvorsen. Alan Halvorsen. Michael Halvorsen. Daniel Halvorsen. Nancy Halvorsen. Dorothy Reichard. m. Eugene Steinmetz. Lives in Minneapolis, Minn. Bruce Steinmetz. Linda Steinmetz. Mark Steinmetz. Therese Reichard. m. Walter Munson. Lives in River Falls, Wis. Steven Munson. Karen Munson. Loyal DeMarce (twin), b. 12 July 1903--d. 1903. Buried French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Pepin Co., Wis. Royal William DeMarce (twin), b. 12 July 1903--d. 13 August 1903 (these dates according to the Pepin Co., Wis., death records). A notice in the Pepin County Courier said b. 20 July, d. 27 August 1903 of whooping cough. Buried French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Pepin Co., Wis. Delphene Daisy DeMarce, b. 14 July 1912, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 23 September 1930, Pepin Co., Wis., Frank Carl Martin, b. 13 December 1903--d. 2 July 1981, son of Napoleon and Louise (Kannel) Martin. Address: 317 5th Ave., West, Durand, WI 54736.


Pepin County History, p. 138 (with photograph).


Frank, the son of Napolian (Polie) Martin and Louise (Kannel) Martin, born December 13, 1903, and Delphene Daisy De Marce, born July 14, 1912, were married September 23, 1930, at a beautiful church wedding on the first day of Autumn. We were both born in Arkansaw, Township of Waterville, Pepin County. Frank attended Big Coulie school and I attended Forest Vale school. the first three years of our married life, we farmed on Dead Lake Prairie. Here our son Frank Jr. was born March 10, 1932.

We then moved to Maple Ridge and share farmed with my father for a few years, then we bought the farm. Here our two girls were born, Mary Louise (Fisher) August 20, 1934 and Anna Mae (Bauer) May 5, 1936.

Times were hard having married during the depression. We raised our vegetables and meat and canned as we didn't have electricity. We sold eggs for 12 cents a dozen and a Holstein cow sold for $9.50 just to name two. We farmed with horses until we could afford a tractor which we also used to run a milking machine. In 1939 we bought our first washing machine with gas motor. Having to wash by hand for the family before seemed like child's play even though we had to heat the water in a boiler on the stove.

At haying and harvest time we changed time with our neighbors. Our children enjoyed getting together. They enjoyed the Halloween dress up parties at each other's house while parents got together with a big treat for all. They enjoyed hiking and the sliding parties were a must. They were a great help on the farm. In winter when we were drifted in we enjoyed games and listening to our battery radio, with a big pan of popcorn. The girls practicing music as they both played in the band. On Saturday evening we took the family grocery shopping and to enjoy the outdoor movie by Hartung Store. We all sat on the ground.

They loved the card games at their grandparents who lived across the road and the special treats grandma always had for them.

Having finished High School, Frank Jr. served four years in the Air Force, one year in Korea. After discharged in 1952 he went on to business college, and was married in 1957. After finishing technical school, Mary Louise worked in Minneapolis until she married in 1954. Anna Mae married from High School in 1954, fifteen days later in St. Joseph's Catholic Church which we were members.

Frank Sr. had emphysema, so we quit farming in 1956 and moved to Durand. He worked at various jobs, the last in the hospital laundry until 1977. He had to retire because of failing health. He was a patient sufferer. Our 49th and especially our Golden wedding anniversary celebration was very special, put on by our family. Frank Sr. passed away July 2, 1981. I've been working in a clothing store for over 28 years.

Submitted by Delphene Daisy Martin Frank Carl Martin, Jr., b. 10 March 1932, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1957, Lois Peterson. Bradley Martin. Kelly Martin. Mary Louise Martin, b. 20 August 1934, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1954, Sylvester Fisher. Gary Fisher, b. 1955. David Fisher, b. 1955. James Fisher. Donald Fisher. Vicki Fisher. Anna Mae/May Martin, b. 5 May 1936, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1954, Norbert B. Bauer. Ronald Bauer. Larry Bauer (twin). Sherry Bauer (twin). Diane Bauer. Donald Bauer. Martin Bauer.






1.6 Joseph Solyme Demers, born 29 April 1841; baptized 13 May 1841, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Godparents Pierre Moret and Sophie Plamondon. As Salem DeMers, died 6 August 1911, Jefferson, Union Co., S.D. m. 1866 in Canada, Marguerite Desmarais, b. 28 October 1847--died 1 January 1920. In the U.S., he was known as Salem DeMers.

It was the records of this man's life which enabled the tracing of the ancestry of the DeMarce family of Pepin Co., Wis. The local news column from the Durand, Wis., newspaper indicated in 1903 that Joseph DeMarce went to South Dakota to visit a brother whom he had not seen for 40 years. Two men of appropriate age to be Joseph's brother were located in the 1900 U.S. census of South Dakota: they were Amedee Demers in Lawrence Co. and Salem Demers in Union Co. Amedee, according to his death certificate, was born in Ste-Brigitte-d'Iberville, son of Luc Demers and Pelagie Audet, who were married 25 November 1828 at St-Luc, near Lacadie. The baptismal records at St-Luc listed the older children of this couple as Flavie Demers, born 13 July 1829; Anasthasie Demers, born 2 October 1831; Perpetue Demers, b. 7 January 1834; and Celeste Demers, b. 20 February 1836. The birth dates of Perpetue and Celeste made it improbable that the couple had a son born in the summer of either 1834 or 1835, while no birth of a son Solime was listed for them.

The death certificate for Salem Demers named his father as Leon Demerse. The dates suited the birth of Salime Demers, son of Leon Demers and Elisabeth Morais found in the 1851 census of the Parish of St-Athanase- d'Iberville, Rouville Co., Quebec.


1.6.1 Phillip/Philias DeMers. Settled near Cumberland, Wis.


1.6.2 Hector J. DeMers, b. 13 June 1882--d. 26 February 1956, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 12 February 1906, Jefferson, S.D., Arline Trudeau, b. 20 February 1885, Jefferson, S.D.--d. 18 June 1973, Gregory, S.D., dau. of George and Alvina (Montagne) Trudeau. Information supplied by Mrs. Lyle Manzer, Colome, S.D., 57528. Armen DeMers, b. 3 June 1908, Jefferson, S.D.--d. 24 January 1909. Archille DeMers, b. 30 June 1909, Jefferson, Union Co., S.D. Clarence Joseph DeMers, b. 15 December 1910, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 3 June 1936, Hazel Peterson. Blanche Agnes DeMers, b. 9 July 1913, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D.--d. 12 July 1910. Bernice Arline DeMers, b. 11 March 1915, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 1 June 1938, Lyle Manzer. Mary Lucille DeMers, b. 17 October 1916, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 30 October 1945, Clarence Benson. Lawrence George DeMers, b. 2 April 1919, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 15 September 1949, Louise Kartak.

Query received April 1998 from Katherine AKate@ DeMers, RR3, Box 19, Colome, SD 57528, who states that her husband is a nephew of Bernice Manzer. She stated: AMy husband=s name is Ronald DeMers the son of Lawrence DeMers. He is a brother to Bernice Manzer, therefore Hector was their father and Salime DeMers was Hector=s father.@ Raymond Hector DeMers, b. 14 October 1921, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 18 August 1956, Geraldine Sailer. Leo Vincent Demers, b. 2 November 1922, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 26 November 1953, Maryann Foerster. Edna Irene DeMers, b. 28 February 1925, Colome, Tripp Co., S.D. m. 4 June 1945, Ervin Borland.


1.6.3 Zelma Demers.


1.6.4 Eva DeMers.


1.6.5 Anna A. DeMers, b. 1884.


1.6.6 Alice M. DeMers, b. 1885.


1.6.7 Eugene N. DeMers, b. 3 October 1889--d. 7 January 1955, Jefferson, Union Co., S.D. m. (1) ____ January 1910, Evelyn Deranleau, who d. ____ November 1918; m. (2) 24 March 1920, Catherine Mandel, b. 14 October 1900. On the honeymoon of his second marriage, they visited Demers relatives in Elgin, Conn., and Waterbury, Conn. Information supplied by Inez (DeMers) Larson. Inez G. DeMers, b. 31 October 1910. m. c. 1931, Charles Larson, b. 5 July 1903--d. 19 November 1968. Librarian in Elk Point, S.D. 57025. Evelyn Lena Larson, b. 6 September 1931. m. 8 June 1955, Darrell Arms, b. 9 January 1930. Bruce Allen Arms, b. 12 May 1957. Pamela Dawn Arms, b. 29 October 1959. David Loren Arms, b. 19 July 1962. Laura Denae Arms, b. 10 March 1971. Jon Charles Larson, b. 31 May 1937. m. 4 August 1946, Shirley Hoffman, b. 21 July 1938. Charles Edward Larson, b. 2 January 1958. Todd Richard Larson, b. 21 June 1960. Joseph Jon Larson, b. 8 July 1964. Steve Lee Larson, b. 16 July 1969. Donald DeMers. b. 31 January 1917--d. 18 July 1979. m. 2 June 1947, Bonnie Bauer, b. 29 August 1923. Lived at Cleghorn, Iowa. Margo/Marge DeMers, b. 8 March 1949. m. 23 August 1969, Thomas Gates. Philip Gates, b. 16 November 1971. Sheila Gates, b. 27 December 1972. Keith DeMers, b. 4 January 1952. m. 11 August 1973, Sharon Flanagan. Candace DeMers, b. 24 November 1953. m. 16 November 1974, Randal Nichel/Nuibel. Harold DeMers, b. 14 June 1923. m. 14 April 1950, Florence Crowder, b. 10 June _____. She had a daughter by a former marriage.



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