Virginia Easley DeMarce




1900 U.S. Census, Pepin Co., Wis.

Marriage Records, Pierce Co., Wis.

French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.

Old Settlers Association Scrapbooks, Arkansaw, Wis.

Data from Mrs. Joy Reisinger, 1020 Central Avenue, Sparta, WI 54656

Pepin County History Book, 1985.



1. Toussaint/Joseph Girard, b. c. 1810, Canada--d. between June 1880 and June 1884, Trempeleau Co., Wis. m. (1) 8 April 1839, St-Hermas, Deux Montagnes Co., Quebec, Canada, Therese Gibault, dau. of Jean-Marie Gibault and Therese Brugiere/Bruyere; m. (2) 1 February 1876, Trempeleau Co., Wis., Rosetta Carlew, b. N.Y. Consult Joy Reisinger for more data on the ancestry of these families.


1.1 George Andrew Girard, b. 15 May 1842/13 May 1838, St-Andre-d'Argenteuil, Ontario, Canada--d. 22 February 1912, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. (1) 26 May 1862, Kemptville, Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada, Marguerite Brunette, b. c. 1841/43--d. 5 May 1895, Lacrosse, Wis., dau. of Michel and Agathe (Langlois) Brunette; m. (2) 22 September 1895, Lacrosse, Wis., Mrs. Josephine (Labbe) Griffel, b. April 1847, Riviere-du-Loup, Canada--d. age 107, Pepin Co., Wis. He had ten children by the first marriage.


1.1.1 George Girard, b. 10 December 1863/1861/1865, Amby, Canada West--d. 25 December 1924?, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 27 November 1888, Lacrosse, Wis., Mary E. Labbe (illegitimate daughter of Josephine Labbe's sister; adopted by a stepfather named Maigrot, anglicized as McGraw), b. 20 April 1876/70, Riviere-du-Loup, Canada--d. 4 December 1921. This family moved to Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Town, Pepin Co., Wis., in 1893. Peter W. Girard, b. April 1890. m. Mina Stewart. Frank Girard, b. 9 July 1918, Maxwell Twp., Buffalo Co., Wis. m. 8 August 1937, Marie Poquette, b. 9 February 1918, dau. of Corliece and Margaret (Supri) Poquette. Lyle Girard, b. 25 May 1938, Buffalo Co., Wis. m. 20 February 1962, Eunice Bradshaw. Leslie Girard, b. 10 February 1940, Buffalo Co., Wis. m. 28 November 1959, Barbara Schoessou. Lorna Girard, b. 16 May 1941, Buffalo Co., Wis. m. (1) 24 December 1960, J. D. Jackson (div.); m. (2) 18 December 1972, Robert Jawakowski. Larry Girard, b. 18 July 1942, Buffalo Co., Wis. m. 29 June 1968, Maggie Oswald. Richard Girard, b. 22 November 1943, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 24 February 1967, Jane Susen. Frank Girard, b. 5 February 1945, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 8 February 1964, Diane Hutter. Duane Girard, b. 26 September 1946, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 28 August 1962, Judy Niedzolkowski. Robert Girard, b. 1 December 1947, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 23 September 1972, Joy Ann Kosek. Lynette Girard, b. 2 July 1949, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 19 September 1970, Jim Jankowski. Lynda Girard, b. 9 August 1950, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 17 November 1968, Jon Young. Jerry Girard, b. 8 March 1953, Plum City, Pierce Co., Wis. m. 29 December 1971, Sharon Sluka. Eugene Girard, b. 26 April 1954, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 26 May 1973, Regina Stefanowski. Judy Girard, b. 28 July 1955, Plum City, Pierce Co., Wis. m. 19 June 1976, Lewandowski. Tony Girard, b. 29 January 1962, Cudahy, Milwaukee Co., Wis. Bessie E. Girard, b. January

1892. m. Fred Lobitz. Josephine Girard, b. July 1894. m. Joseph Kerchbaum/Karchbaum. Lived at Maxville Prairie, Buffalo Co., Wis. John A. Girard, b. 6 May 1896--d. 14 August 1957. m. 12 December 1922, Pepin Co., Wis., Frances DeMarce, b. 1905, dau. of Lemuel and Caroline (Holmstad/Homestead) DeMarce. Merwyn James Girard, b. 12 July . m. 26 October , Iowa City, Iowa, Almeda (Bignell) (Mrs. C. L. Peterson), b. 19 May . Virginia Girard. m. (1) Carl Capion (div.); m. (2) Supri. John A. Girard, b. 28 February --d. 19 June 1969. Lived at St. Paul, Minn. Never married. George Lemuel Girard, b. Durand, Wis. m. 4 July 1957, Menomonie, Dunn Co., Wis., Charlotte Lorette Stiver. Pamela Ann Girard, b. 25 August 1958, Wiesbaden, Germany. Johnny Edward Girard, b. 29 April 1962, Denver, Colorado. Lisa Marie Girard, b. 2 December 1963, Menomonie, Wis. Sarah Jane Girard, b. 8 July 1966, Lakenheath, England. Betty Girard. m. Gilbert F. Bauer. Lived at Lima, Wis. DeVerna Girard. m. Robert Logslett. Lived at Durand, Wis. Girard (dau.). d. young. Margaret Girard, b. June 1898. m. John Vanvolkenburg Smith Jr., son of John Vanvolkenburg and Mary Louise (Manore) Smith. Agnes Girard. m. Howard Martin. Lived at Rogers, N.D. Eva Girard. m. Bert Sylvester, b. 1893, son of Jerome and Ida (Martin) Sylvester.


1.1.2 Frank Girard, d. infancy.


1.1.3 William A./J. Girard, b. 5 October 1880, Trempeleau Co., Wis.--d. 1975/1976. m. 16 February 1904, Pepin Co., Wis., Lila/Lillie B. Longsdorf, dau. of George and Anna Mary ( ) Longsdorf, d. 1968. Fyrn LaRue Girard, b. 5 September 1904. Hale LeClaire Girard, b. 6 March 1909. m. 21 March 1935, Lorene Marcks, b. 11 April 1915, only dau. of George Edward and Huldah (Axelson) Marcks. Vaughn Girard. m. Janice Myers, dau. of Glen Myers. Gwen Marie Girard. Liza Kay Girard. Jill Leslie Girard. Jennifer Lynn Girard. William Girard. Kenneth Girard. m. Melodie Kirby, dau. of Arthur Kirby. Luke Girard. Nathaniel David Girard (twin). David Nathaniel Girard (twin). Mark Vernon Girard. Natalie Kay Girard. m. Michael Fleming, son of Elvin and Tillie ( ) Fleming. Jozette Fleming. Nicole Fleming. LaVey Girard. m. Wayne Schmitt, son of Joe Schmitt. Jeffery Schmitt. Christine Schmitt. Gregory Schmitt. Stacey Schmitt. Merrill Leslie Girard, b. 5 August 1910.


1.1.4 Mary Elilah Girard, b. c. 1861/63/23 January 1861, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada--d. 8 January 1947, Waterville Township, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 18 August 1878, Trempeleau Co., Wis., Frank Latew/Hetu/Etu/

l'Etu/l'Hetu (the French version of his name was Marie-Francois-Xavier Hetu), b. 17 May 1856, Ste-

Julienne, Quebec Province, Canada--d. 25 May 1943, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis., son of Jean-Francois-Xavier and Marie-Marguerite (Vezina) Hetu. Julia Latew, b. July 1881, Wis. m. 26 June 1906, Pepin Co., Wis., Godfrey King, son of John Baptist and Mary Hazel (Remi) King. See under KING. Archie Francois-Xavier Latew, b. 5 November 1883, Lacrosse, Wis.--d. 21 December 1973, Red Wing, Minn. m. 24 April 1907, Pierce Co., Wis., Emma Magdalena Staehli, b. 20 April 1888, Pittsville, Wood Co. Wis., dau. Melchoir/Mike and Anna (Bartsch) Staehli. Div. She m. (2) 1919, Gus Schultz. She d. 9 January 1983, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis., age 94; buried Free Home Cemetery. Latew, died at birth. Adeline Mercedes Latew, b. 2 August 1910, Nelson, Wis. m. 22 February 1934, Plum City, Wis., Alvin John Deters, b. 15 December 1901, Salem, Hanson Co., S.D., son of Franz Anton and Anna Elizabeth (Koppert) Deters--d. 15 November 1982, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. Joy Ann Deters, b. 3 August 1934, Durand, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 27 April 1954, Sparta, Wis., James Reisinger, son of Joseph and Leone (Schmitz) Reisinger. Mary Reisinger. 1987 in Dallas, Texas. Barbara Reisinger. Jane Reisinger. 1987 in Chicago, Ill. Martha Reisinger. m. J. David McKenzie. Emelie McKenzie, b. c. 1982. June Deters. m. John Wulff. Port Washington, WI. Sandra Wulff. m. Michael Echart. Dallax, Tex. Cynthia Wulff. Eau Claire, WI. Jeffrey Wulff. Mark Wulff, d. before 1983. John Deters. Rogers, Minn. m. . John Deters. Karen Deters. Linda Deters. Aspen, CO. Lanny Deters. Sparta, Wis. m. . Heidi Deters. Tony Deters. Ida Latew, b. July 1886, Wis. m. 12 June 1907, Pepin Co., Wis., Joseph M. King, b. Lacrosse, Wis., son of John Baptist and Mary Hazel (Remi) King. See under KING. Bessie Latew, b. June 1889, Wis. m. George Walters. Stillwater. Lillian Latew, b. November 1891, Wis. m. Albert Anderson. Fayette, Mo. Mayme Latew, b. December 1896, Wis. m. William Johnson. Minneapolis, Minn. Flossie Latew, b. October 1899, Wis. m. Ralph Livingston. Minneapolis, Minn. Latew, d. inf.


1.1.5 Joseph Girard, b. 14 April 1873, Winona, Minn. Lived at Stanley, Wis. m. Brenna? Idell Girard. m. Brenna?


1.1.6 Margaret Lila "Maggie" Girard, b. 11 March 1871, Winona, Minn. m. 31 January 1888, Alfred Beach. Lived Flandreau, S.D. Beach, d. inf. Beach, d. inf. Beach, d. inf. Beach. m. Clarence Johnson. Esma Beach. m. Barron. Lived Redmond, Wis., and Washington. Beach. m. John Facklam. St. Paul, Minn. Vincent Beach. Mark Beach. Beach. m. Norvald Boyum. Sioux Falls, S.D. Lloyd Beach.


1.1.7 Agnes Angeline Girard, b. 21 January 1878, Trempeleau, Wis.--d. 1938. m. Frank Cooper. Sanger, Cal.


1.1.8 Isabell Girard. m. William Farr. White Bear, Minn. Vincent Farr, d. age 20. Thelma Farr. Florence Farr. George Farr. Donald Farr.


1.1.9 Peter Girard, b. c. 1868--d. 1 March 1871, Winona, Minn.


1.1.10 Francis Girard, b. 10 October 1875, Winona, Minn.--d. 1899, Durand, Wis. Buried Round Hill Cemetery, Pepin Co., Wis.


1.2 Ellen/Artemisia/Arthura Girard. m. before 1895, Isaiah/

Severe Brunette/Izare Brown, b. 27 August 1858, La Petite Nation--d. 1938, Barron Co., Wis., son of Michel and Agathe (Langlois) Brunette. See under BRUNETTE.



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