Virginia Easley DeMarce




Marriage Record, St-Luc, St-Jean Co., Quebec.

Baptismal Records, St-Cyprien-de-Lery, Napierville, Quebec.

Baptismal, Marriage and Burial Records, St-Valentin, Quebec.

Vital Statistics, North Hero, Grand Isle, Vt.

1840 U.S. Census, Grand Isle, Grand Isle Co., Vt.

1843 School List, Grand Isle Twp., Grand Isle, Vt.

1850 U.S. Census, Grand Isle Co., Vt.

1860 U.S. Census, Grand Isle Co., Vt.

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1870 U.S. Census, Pepin Co., Wis.

1880 U.S. Census, Grand Isle Co., Vt.

1880 U.S. Census, Pepin Co., Wis.

1900 U.S. Census, Pepin Co., Wis.

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, Pepin Co., Wis.

Marriage Records, Dunn Co., Wis.

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, Pierce Co., Wis.

French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.


1. Leon Patnode (Leo Patno, Lea Padno, Leo Pateno, etc.), baptized 16 September 1802, Chambly, Quebec, Canada, son of Alexis Patenaude and Marie-Desanges Monty. Census records say b. c. 1799 (or 1800, 1803, 1806) in Canada or Vt.--died 14 August 1883, North Hero, Vt., aged 86. Living by 1840 in Grand Isle, Grand Isle Co., Vt. m. (1) 30 May 1825, St-Luc, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Marie-Henriette Trempe, minor dau. of Francois Trempe and Marguerite Germain. She d. 30 October 1837, St-Valentin, St-Jean Co., Quebec. m. (2) Esther Cameron, b. c. 1819/1821/1802/1825, in Canadau, dau. of John/Moise and Frances (Valois) Cameron/Cameraire.


1.1 Henriette Patenaude, b. 13 October 1826. Baptized 14 October 1826, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, with her mother called Henriette Trahan. Godparents: Francois Trahan and DesAnges Monty. m. 14 November 1843, St-Valentin, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Canada (called daughter of Leon Patenaude and Marie Tremblay of the United States) to Cyprien Constantineau, son of David Constantineau and Charlotte Plouffe.


1.2 Leonard Patnode, b. 25 March 1824, in Canada (or March 1826, c. 1828). Baptized 5 July 1829, St- Cyprien-de-Lery, Napierville, Quebec, called son of Leon Patenaude and Henriette Trahan. Godparents: Jean-Baptiste Duguay and Rose Gelineau. The record says, "born three months ago." He d. 11 March 1905, Elton, Wis. His obituary is in the Entering Wedge, Durand, Wis., 16 March 1905. m. c. 1849/50, Northlieu [North Hero?], Vt., Julia H. Lapine, b. 25 May 1831 (or 1828, June 1830), in Queen Ann, Canada--d. 4 September 1914, Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Antoine and Margaret (Germain dit Belisle) Lapine (Berard dit Lepine).

The marriage record is 10 October 1851 at St. Joseph du Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., she age 19. Her obituary is in the Pepin County Courier, 11 September 1914.


1.2.1 Leonard (or Israel) Patnode Jr., b. 25 June 1852, N.Y. or Vt.--d. 9 October 1920, St. Paul, Minn. m. 4 December 1873, Pepin Co., Wis., Alice J. Demo (DeMoe, Guimond), b. Dec. 1855, N.Y.--d. 1926, age 70, Manitowoc, Wis., dau. of Marcellus and Esther (Bashaw/Bergeron) Demo. 1905 lived in Elton, Wis. 13 children, of whom 4 died young. Salina (Saline, Selmia) Patnode, b. c. 1875, Wis.--d. 29 August 1904. m. 28 December 1892, Pierce Co., Wis., Christ/ Curtis Metcalf, b. 18 July 1864, Grant Co., Wis.--d. 28 January 1924, son of William and Elizabeth (Curtis) Metcalf. Margaret Metcalf. m. Fred Nowak. Lived at Springfield, Ill. Norma Nowak. m. Rodney A. Mills. 3709 Maryland St., Alexandria, Va. 22309. Has provided information on this line in 1978. Metcalf. m. Melvin White. Metcalf. m. W. C. Holden. Metcalf. m. Jay McMahon. Clive Metcalf. Metcalf. Annis Patnode, b. 13 January 1876, Wis.--d. 12 October 1881. Leonard Marcellus Patnode, b. 4 March 1878, Wis.--d. 18 April 1882. Arminta E. Patnode, b. May 1882, Wis. m. George E. Bashaw, b. August 1879 in Wis. or Dacota, adopted son of Louis and Aurilla (Lafleche) Bashaw. Manitowoc, Wis. Antony Patnode, b. June 1884, Wis. Lived at Seattle, Washington. Ida/Ada Patnode, b. September 1886, Wis. m. Mike Mikkleson. Lived at Antigo, Wis. Marcellus/Marshall Patnode, b. July 1888, Wis. Lived at Antigo, Wis. Alfred Patnode, b. September 1890, Wis. Lived at Bryant, Wis. Dora Lee Patnode, b. May 1893, Wis. m. C. E. Mikkleson. Lived at Poplar, Wis. Myrtle Mikkelson. m. Arthur Ingalls. Roger Ingalls. m. Sharon Fleischman. DeAnna Ingalls, 761 San Pablo Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Obtained copies of Pepin Co. research diskettes, 25 April 1997. Myrtel J. Patnode, b. August 1896, Wis. m. Herman Fuhrman. Jeneva (Gelene) Patnode, b. October 1898, Wis. m. Charles Yates (or Gates). Patnode, d. young. Patnode, d. young.


1.2.2 Joseph H. Patnode, b. July 1853 (or 1855), Vt. or N.Y.--d. 26 September 1927, Pepin Co., Wis. Baptismal record says born 26 July and baptized 28 August, 1853, St. Joseph du Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. m. (1) 2 January 1884, Pepin Co., Wis., Ada/ Adia J. Martin, b. October 1866, dau. of David and Elnora (Poquette) Martin; m. (2) 5 July 1886, Pepin Co., Wis., Abby Bashaw, b. N.Y., dau. of John and Almira (Richard/LaFletch/Richer dit Lafleche) Bashaw/Bergeron. Patnode (son), d. 10 December 1888, age 18 months. Tomas L. Patnode, b. May 1890. Raymon M. Patnode, b. September 1894. m. 15 October 1919, Pepin Co., Wis., Mary Lydia LaPean, b. c. 1898, dau. of Stephen and Mary (Guyette) LaPean. Ruben E. Patnode, b. 18 September 1893/ 1894--d. 23 January 1912. Ada A. Patnode, b. March, 1897. John Henry "Johnie" Patnode, b. November 1899. m. 4 December 1922, Pepin Co., Wis., Myrtle Engli, b. c. 1902, dau. of Luis and Francis (Brunner) Engli.


1.2.3 Lewis Patnode, b. c. 1854/56, Jefferson Co., N.Y. m. 26 December 1876, Pepin Co., Wis., Maryette Caturia, b. c. 1858, N.Y., dau. of Louis and Harriet (Jarvis) Caturia. Lived at Comfort, Wis. One record says d. 7 February 1932, Weston, Dunn Co., Wis. Other says d. Medicine Hat, Manitoba, Canada. Lewis Patnode Jr., b. c. 1879, Wis. Maybell (Mabel) Patnode, b. 4 August 1881--d. 8 February 1900. m. 10 November 1897, Pepin Co., Wis., Joseph F. Bashaw, son of John and Almira (Richard/LaFletch/ Richer dit Lafleche) Bashaw. Clyde Patnode. m. 23 October 1905, Dunn Co., Wis., Grace Decker, dau. of Anthony and Hattie (Anderson) Decker.


1.2.4 Julia May Patnode, b. 28 November 1857, Malone, Jefferson Co., N.Y. [sic, but Malone is in Franklin Co., N.Y.] m. 28 November 1878, Dunn Co., Wis., William Henry Bashaw, b. Franklin Co., N.Y., adopted son of Louis and Aurelia (Lafleche) Bashaw/Bergeron.


1.2.5 Eli Patnode, b. 27 November 1858 or 1860, N.Y.--d. 1943. Baptismal record says Hilaire Patenaude, b. 27 November last, baptized 1 January 1859, St. Joseph du Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents: Hilaire Lepine and Louise Rondeau. m. 14 November 1886, Pepin Co., Wis., Esther Demo, b. 4 November 1863, Franklin Co., N.Y.-- d. 1936, dau. of Marcellus and Esther (Bashaw/ Bergeron) Demo (Guimond). Patnode (dau.), d. 20 October 1889, age 4 days. Robert Lee/Ruebert L./Rupert Patnode, b. February 1891. m. 20 April 1915, Pierce Co., Wis., Bessie Ellen Sylvester, age 18, dau. of Noah and Mary (Supri) Sylvester. Lillie M. Patnode, b. September 1894. m. 25 March 1913, Pepin Co., Wis., George Supri, age 27, son of Charles and Ellen (Drinkwine/Boivin) Supri (Surprenant). Wilford Eli Patnode, b. February 1898. m. 3 March 1924, Pepin Co., Wis., Clara Supri, b. 20 December 1906--d. 10 October 1932, dau. of Frank and Leah (Bodnett) Supri. Warren Patnode, b. c. 1925. Gwelda Patnode, b. c. 1926. Giles Patnode, b. c. 1930. Fern Patnode, b. c. 1932. Ella Marie Patnode, b. 23 January 1904-- d. 26 April 1911.


1.2.6 Eleanor/Ellenore Patnode, b. c. 1861/69, N.Y. Baptismal record says Marie Leonore Patenaude, b. 28 February and baptized 25 March 1861, St. Joseph du Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents: Francois Rondeau and Leonore Lepine. m. John Nelson. 1905 lived in Spring Valley, Wis.; later lived in Idaho.


1.2.7 Frank Patnode, b. 16 March 1863 or 18 March 1864/65, N.Y. or Wis.--d. 29 January 1934. 1905 lived in Elton, Wis. m. 23 November 1885, Dunn Co., Wis., Mary Malinda DeMarce. dau. of Joseph and Eliza (Kelley) DeMarce, b. November 1865, Wis.--d. 6 June 1950, Fond du Lac Co., Wis. Lived at White Lake, Langlade Co., Wis.; both buried at Antigo, Wis. Eudena Frank Patnode, b. 7 October 1886, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 1 October 1951, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wis. Buried at Antigo, Langlade Co., Wis. m. 25 June 1908, Bryant, Langlade Co., Wis., Alberta Lee Jacobs, b. 19 February 1888, Carter Co., Ky.--d. 21 July 1964 in Milwaukee, Wis. Buried at Antigo, Wis. Luella Claire Patnode, b. 28 June 1910, Elton, Langlade Co., Wis.-- d. 10 December 1985, Chandler, AZ. m. 28 May 1929, Merrill, Wis., Sigurd N. Johnson, b. Norway--d. 1963, Irma, WI. Kenneth Eugene Johnson, b. September 1929, White Lake, Langlade Co., WI. m. Flora Vasquez. Robert Johnson, b. 11 June 1953--d. 10 June 1987, auto accident. Never married. David Johnson, b. 4 February 1955. m. Cynthia . David Johnson, Jr., b. 12 July 1982, AZ. Jessica Johnson, b. 10 July 1984, AZ. Maurine Helen Patnode, b. 27 July 1913, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. 16 October 1943, Milwaukee, Wis., Robert Benjamin Leischer, b. 17 October 1910. 7789 So. Pennsylvania Avenue, Oak Creek, Wis., 53154. Robert Christian Leischer, b. 28 May 1945, Milwaukee, WI. m. 28 April 1968, Diane H. Christianson. Michelle Lynn Leischer, b. 13 September 1972. Tammy Leischer, b. 22 December 1975. Clayton Carter Leischer, b. 22 December 1946, Milwaukee, WI. m. 18 August 1979, Milwaukee, WI., Yasmin K. Toska, b. 6 September 1958, Toronto, Canada. Alex Leischer. Julia Toska Leischer, b. 6 November 1986, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Suzanne Elizabeth Leischer, b. 27 July 1948, Lincoln Co., WI. m. (1) 14 December 1968, Milwaukee, WI., Fred Chovanec, divorced 1974; m. (2) in 1980, Reinhold Fritsch. Aimee Elizabeth Chovanec, b. 24 January 1973, Cudahy, WI. Eric R. Fritsch, b. 22 July 1980. Alan Louis Leischer, b. 3 October 1952, Tomahawk, Lincoln Co., WI. m. 23 October 1974, Milwaukee, WI., Mary Louise Minikel, b. 2 February 1957, dau. of Harold and Mary Katherine (Kiehl) Minikel. Kara M. Leischer, b. 22 May 1977. Leischer, b. November 1987. Irene Patnode, b. 1914--d. 1915. Arthur Eudena Patnode, b. 28 December 1915, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. April 1944, Rhode Island, Elaine May Hancock, b. 21 December 1922, Utah. 1052 E. Ave., J-5, Lancaster, Calif. 93534. She is a Patnode genealogist. Carolyn Patnode, b. 26 April 1945, Los Angeles, CA. Maurine Leslie Patnode, b. 16 September 1946, Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. Patrick Kelley. Lynette Elaine Kelley, b. 26 June 1964. m. 4 March 1982, Lancaster Co., CA, Brian Kinney, b. 11 May 1961. Tiffany Crystal Kinney, b. 14 September 1981, Lancaster, CA. Patrick Michael Speed Kelley, b. 7 September 1966, Lancaster, CA. Maria Dawn Kelley, b. 27 September 1968, Burbank, CA. m. . . Kerry Don Kelley, b. 21 September 1970, Lancaster, CA. Christine April Kelley, b. 6 April 1977, Lancaster, CA. Anita Ralee Spring Kelley, b. 22 April 1979, Los Angeles, CA. Benjamin Arthur Kelley, b. 7 April 1981, Lancaster, CA--d. 26 May 1982, Lancaster, CA. Paul Dennis Patnode, b. 12 June 1948, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. (1) 30 August 1969, Palmdale, CA, Rose Marie Ellis, b. 15 September 1951; m. (2) c. 1985, . Donald Russell Patnode, b. 16 June 1951, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. April, c. 1985, . Anita Louise Patnode, b. 4 September 1953, Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA. m. 20 December 1974, Dr. Brock Guernsey son of Gerald and Jeanette ( ) Guernsey. Quentin Scott Guernsey, b. 15 January 1976, Salt Lake City, Utah. David Michael Guernsey, b. 30 December 1978, San Antonio (Bexar Co.?), TX. John Daniel Guernsey, b. 12 June 1980, San Antonio, TX. Jennifer Elaine Guernsey, b. 2 April 1982, Galveston, TX. Stephen Christopher Guernsey, b. 25 July 1986, Kansas City, MO. Denise Elaine Patnode, b. 26 June 1955, Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA. Not married as of 1987. Eugene Leonard Patnode, b. 11 August 1961, Lancaster, Los Angeles Co., CA. Not married as of 1987. Russell William Patnode, b. 1 May 1919, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. Evelyn Louise Roos. Louise Patnode (adopted). Evelyn's daughter by a previous marriage and adopted by Russell Patnode, b. 19 June 1951, Milwaukee, WI. m. 19 June 1971, William Holder. April Louise Holder. _ _ Holder (daughter). Valerie Patnode, b. 14 March 1957, Milwaukee, WI. m. c. 1980, Alvin Hagemann. Alma Marie Hagemann, b. 19 March 1985. _ _ Hagemann. Evelyn G. Patnode, b. 15 May 1921, Elton, Langlade Co., Wis. m. 19 September 1942, Arlington, Fairfax Co., VA [sic], Louis Frank Marbes, b. 9 December 1909, Milwaukee, WI., son of Oscar C. J. and Anna (Herold) Marbes. 1979 moved to Fla. Address 1987: 404 Dorchester Square, Lake Mary, FL 32746. Summers in Weyauwega, Wis. Provided data on this branch. Kathleen "Kaye" Anne Marbes, b. 27 June 1943, Lake Forest, IL. m. (1) in Milwaukee, WI, J. James Bayer, divorced 1974; m. (2) 1 October 1983, Richard Madison. Geoffrey Paul Bayer, b. 17 July 1963, Blue Island, IL. Brian James Bayer, b. 25 September 1965, Blue Island, IL. Camille Marie Madison, b. 6 August 1984, Milwaukee, WI. Lynda Joyce Marbes, b. 22 Feb. 1947, Milwaukee, WI. m. (1) 27 February 1965, Hammond, IN, James Joseph Shaffer, divorced; m. (2) 23 June 1978, Broward Co., FL, Paul LeRoux. James Joseph Shaffer, b. 7 February 1965, Milwaukee, WI. Diana Jane Marbes, b. 13 August 1948, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., WI. m. 5 September 1969, Dade Co., FL., William Corbett Davis, b. 18 March 1940, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI, son of William and Margaret (Corbett) Davis. Colette Anne Davis, b. 12 September 1973, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI. William Carter Davis, b. 4 March 1975, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI. Darren John Davis, b. 7 October 1985, Escanaba, Delta Co., MI. Tamara Jane Marbes, b. 16 December 1951, Fond du Lac, WI. m. (1) 9 October 1971, Milwaukee, WI., Ronald Philip Mann, divorced; m. (2) Michael Dahm, divorced; m. (3) William Tucker, divorced. Michael Arthur Mann, b. 19 September 1977, Milwaukee, WI. Matthew Louis Marbes (son of William Tucker), b. 6 November 1986, Milwaukee, WI. Geoffrey William Marbes, b. 12 July 1960, Milwaukee, WI. m. 5 June 1981, Casselberry, FL, Susan Gaylene Peterson, dau. of LeRoy and Susan ( ) Peterson. Jamie Sue Peterson, [sic], b. 28 September 1983, Winter Park, FL. Kathlyn Alberta Patnode, b. 29 September 1922, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. August 1944, Milwaukee, WI., Arthur Casper Mann, b. Milwaukee, WI. Divorced. Peter Charles Mann, b. 12 June 1952, Milwaukee, WI. m. 28 December 1981, Milwaukee, WI., Diana Fessenbecker, dau. of Ruel and Dorothy (Korff) Fessenbecker. Nathan Ruel Mann, b. 12 June 1984, Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI. Forrest Arthur Mann, b. 16 September 1987, Marquette, WI. Russell Mann, b. 24 February 1955, Milwaukee, WI. Not married as of 1987. Carol Katherine Mann, b. 6 March 1956, Milwaukee, WI. m. March 1980, Milwaukee, WI., Richard Volkmann. Heidi Volkmann, b. 15 June 1981, Milwaukee, WI. Bethany Volkmann, b. 13 February 1983, Milwaukee, WI. Eric Volkmann, b. 10 October 1984, Milwaukee, WI. Peter Leonard Patnode, b. 20 May 1889, Arkansaw, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 16 May 1962. m. 20 May 1911, Pepin Co., Wis., Lillie L. Bien, b. c. 1893, dau. of Mark and Minnie (Martin) Bien. Gladys Patnode. m. c. 1940, Joseph Sanders. Goldeen L. Patnode, b. 5 December 1914, Buffalo Co., WI. m. Arthur Kriesel, b. 15 July 1901, Caroline, Shawano Co., Wi., son of Paul W. and Martha (Forster) Kriesel. Arthur L. Kriesel, b. 25 December 1935, White Lake, Langlade Co., WI. m. 15 September 1962, Tigerton, WI., Patricia Menge. No children. Carl D. Kriesel, b. 26 June 1937, White Lake, Langlade Co., Wi. m. 15 June 1963, Tigerton, WI., Betty Menge. No children. John W. Kriesel, b. 19 December 1938, Three Lakes, Oneida Co., WI. m. 17 November 1977, Shirley M. Barchman. (Shirley was divorced with three children.) Frank N. Kriesel, b. 28 July 1941, Antigo, WI. m. 12 July 1977, Chicago, IL, Nancy Van Ryzin, a widow with five children. James Frank Kriesel, b. 24 February 1973, Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI. Roy R. Kriesel, b. 22 January 1943, White Lake, WI. m. 7 November 1982, Racine, WI., Marilyn Janssen, a divorcee with three children. No children as of 1987. Catherine M. Kriesel, b. 15 December 1946, Shawano, WI. m. in Appleton, WI, Dennis Burke. Michael D. Burke, b. 25 September 1967, Neenah, WI. Dawn M. Burke, b. 3 March 1969, Neenah, WI. Rebecca A. Burke, b. 1 January 1983, Neenah, WI. Mary Jane Kriesel, b. 29 January 1949, Shawano, WI. m. 6 September 1969, Wittenberg, WI., Robert Knitter. No children. Eugene P. Kriesel, b. 26 August 1956, Clintonville, WI. m. 1979 , divorced. No children. Mary Patnode. m. John Popelka. Both deceased by 1987. Darrell Patnode. Josephine Patnode. m. Joe Schlesinger, deceased by 1987. Vivian Patnode. Douglas Francis Patnode, b. 13 September 1925, Antigo, WI. m. 5 June 1948, Milwaukee, WI., Florence Irene Ryan, b. 3 January 1931, dau. of Fred and Helen (Odeja) Ryan. Donna Mae Patnode, b. 1 September 1950, Milwaukee, WI. m. 22 August 1970, Milwaukee, WI., Bradley McDonald. Adam McDonald, b. 17 September 1971, Milwaukee, WI. Matthew McDonald, b. 6 March 1974, Milwaukee, WI. Katie McDonald, b. 1 September 1978, Milwaukee, WI. Phyllis Patnode. m. Robert Dollar, who was deceased by 1987. Josephine F. Patnode, b. 19 July, 1891--d. 3 February 1976. m. William Gillespie. Green Bay, Wis. Margaret Gillespie. m. Meister. Dorothy Marie Gillespie, b. 19 February 1917, Elton, Langlade Co., Wis. m. 10 August 1936, Lorne E. Doan, b. 24 August 1914, Tower, MN. James Kelly Doan, b. 18 June 1949, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI. m. 22 March 1979, Dolores Hart Lupinacci. Mary Kristin Doan, b. 29 November 1952, Green Bay, Brown Co., Wis. Unmarried in 1987. Arlene Gillespie, b. 21 May 1921, Elton, WI. Robert Gillespie, b. 5 May 1924, Elton, Langlade Co., WI. m. 1 March 1945, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI., Elizabeth "Betty" Lucille Heyse, b. 2 December 1926, Milwaukee, WI. Gerald Paul Gillespie, b. 2 May 1945, Shawano Co., WI. James Patrick Gillespie, b. 7 January 1950, Antigo, WI. Jennifer Gillespie, b. 27 October 1854, Antigo, WI. Emma J. Patnode, b. June 1894. m. Casky. Died in a fire. John W. Patnode, b. July 1896. 1975 lived in California. Merle/Merrel David Patnode, b. 14 July 1899/14 April 1900, Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis.--d. 27 October 1962, Eagle River, WI. Died in an auto accident. Buried Three Lakes Cemetery, Three Lakes, WI. m. Alice L. Berg, b. 6 February 1903, Clearwater Lakes, WI--d. 7 February 1970, Racine, WI. Buried Three Lakes, WI. Geraldine "Gerry" A. Patnode, b. 17 May 1923, Three Lakes, WI. Baptized St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI, 1923. m. 16 October 1945, Three Lakes, WI., William (NMI) Kiser, b. 11 August 1924, Crandon, WI. Baptized U.S. Navy, Gulfport, MS, 1943. Address 1987: P.O. Box 65, Caledonia, WI 53108. Provided information on this branch of the family. Pamela L. Kiser, b. 12 February 1947, Three Lakes, WI. m. (1) 19 June 1969, Caledonia, WI., Robert Renz, divorced 1971, Milwaukee, WI; m. (2) 1976 in Fairbanks, Alaska, Joseph Colorado, divorced 1981; m. (3) 23 December 1982, Ketchikan, Alaska, Woodrow Morrison. Address 1987: 1515 Columbia Pl., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K-5A8. Danielle M. Renz, b. 9 January 1969, Peoria, IL. Joseph Colorado, b. 11 November 1977, Cambridge, MA. Chyna L. Colorado, b. Cambridge, MA, 10 March 1980. John P. Kiser, b. 28 April 1952, Ironwood, MI. m. 20 December 1975, Wood, WI., Carol J. Burks, b. 7 August 1953, Elkhorn, WI. Address 1987: 2404 Santa Barbara Dr., Ashwaubenon, WI 54303. Meghan M. Kiser, b. 7 August 1980, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI. Allison A. Kiser, b. 27 March 1984. Kimberly A. Kiser, b. 7 September 1958, Woodruff, WI. m. 31 July 1987, Marcel Van Eerd, b. Curaco, W.I., 22 December 1954. Address 1987: 4224 Riverside Dr., Waterford, WI 53185. Tracey L. Kiser, b. 30 May 1961, Woodruff, WI. m. 27 June 1987, Michael W. Jones, b. 26 July 1961, Indianapolis, IN. Address 1987: 7964 S. Wildwood Dr., Apt. #2, Oak Creek, WI 53154. Arlyle L. Patnode, b. 13 April 1925, Three Lakes, WI. Baptized St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI, 1925. m. Arthur (?) Campbell. Address 1987: P.O. Box 67, Monico, WI 54549. Merle A. Patnode, b. 30 June 1931, Three Lakes, WI. Baptized St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI, 1931. m. (1) 1949, Three Lakes, WI., Kathleen Maney, divorced 1962; m. (2) 19 December 1965, Milwaukee, WI., Jacqueline Walker, divorced November 1985. Address 1987: P.O. Box C, Three Lakes, WI 54562. Linda L. Patnode, b. 14 November 1949, Rhinelander, WI. m. (1) 6 July 1969, Paul Timothy, divorced 1973; m. (2) 14 February 1979, Milwaukee, WI., James S. Genrich. Todd Michel Genrich, b. 27 July 1971. MaLisa L. Genrich, b. 31 March 1980, Milwaukee, WI. Thomas A. Patnode, b. 13 January 1952, Milwaukee, WI. Unmarried as of 1987. Merle A. Patnode, Jr., b. 6 August 1953, Milwaukee, WI. m. (1) 1 October 1976, Dawn Schippla, divorced 1977; m. (2) 17 June 1981, Jo Ann Fass. Jamie Patnode (12-87 in process of adoption), b. 30 March 1979. James Allen Patnode, b. 22 May 1981, Milwaukee, WI. Bambi L. Patnode, b. 7 September 1952, Milwaukee, WI. Jade David Patnode Olson, b. 3 August 1976, Myilwaukee, WI. Jeffrey W. Patnode, b. 24 January 1967, Milwaukee, WI. Jessica A. Patnode, b. 16 March 1970, Milwaukee, WI. Paul Patnode, b. 15 April 1902, probably in Langlade Co., WI. m. (1) Evelyn (div.), no ch.; m. (2) 5 April 1941, Philadelphia, Pa., Loretta Cecelia Chance, b. 12 July 1915, Minneapolis, Minn., dau. of Philip Norman and Loretta Cecelia ( ) Chance--d. 10 November 1975. Lived at Akron, Ohio. Philip Paul Patnode, b. 25 Sept. 1942, Philadelphia, Pa. m. 12 July 1973, Barbara M. Burtscher. Michael John Patnode, b. 28 August 1944, Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. m. 15 April 1972, Anette/Annette Marie Judge, b. 19 April 1945. Susan Renee Patnode, b. 9 May 1975. Karen Ann Patnode, b. 18 June 1977. Susan Marie Patnode, b. 18 January 1954, Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. Student in 1975. Married by 1987. Inez Patnode, b. 8 November 1904--d. 7 August 1985. m. Arvin Courtice. No children. Lived at Ridge Manor, Florida. Alta Patnode, b. 8 November 1904, Langlade Co., WI--d. 10 October 1985. m. Otto Schiltz. Hustisford, Wis. Mary Francis Schiltz, b. Milwaukee, WI. m. John Beyer. Judith Schiltz. Nancy Schiltz.


1.2.8 Olive Patnode, b. April 1865/67, Wis. m. 15 October 1882, George Dupree, b. May 1835 in Canada, widower of Betsey Bashaw. 1905 in Spring Valley, Wis. Lived at Birchwood, Wis. Jerry L. Dupree, b. October 1883. Charley J. Dupree, b. April 1892. George W. Dupree, b. August 1894. Margaret D. Dupree, b. October 1894. m. Holety. Frank M. Dupree, b. June 1899.


1.2.9 George Patnode, b. September 1867 (or 1865, 1866), Wis.--d. 30 June 1943. m. (1) 3 April 1890, Pepin Co., Wis., Clara Patnode, dau. of David and Clara (Poquette) Patnode; m. (2) Hattie M. Caturia, b. January 1882-- d. 1945, dau. of Winfield and Maryette (Patraw) Caturia. Starr Patnode. Gale/Galen Patnode, b. 1915--d. 1965. Rose Patnode. Lucille Patnode. Nora Patnode.


1.2.10 Maggie (Margaret) Patnode, b. c. 1870. m. 31 October 1895, Pierce Co., Wis., John Andrews, son of Samuel and Mary (Melrose) Andrews. 1905 lived in Durand, Wis.; later lived in Walla Walla, Washington.


1.2.11 Alexander Patnode, b. September 1871. 1905 lived in Elton, Wis. Never married. Drowned at Lake City, Minn.


1.2.12 Delphine Patnode, b. c. 1874. m. (1) 6 September 1894, Pierce Co., Wis., James H. Mattison (or Mattson), son of A. L. and Jenetie (Everett) Mattson. 1905 lived in Elton, Wis. m. (2) Bartlett. Lived in DesMoines, Iowa.


1.3 Frank Patnode (Francis Patenaude), b. c. 1831, Canada. Born 21 September, 1831, and baptized 25 September 1831, at St-Valentin, as Francois Patenaude, son of Leon Patenaude and Henriette Trempe. Godparents: Ignace Martin and Marguerite Patenaude.


1.4 David Patnode, b. c. 1833/34, Canada. Born 30 May 1833 and baptized 31 May 1833, St-Valentin, as Paul David Patenaude, son of Leon Patenaude and Henriette Trahan, Godparents: Paul Martin and Olive Cote--d. 1896, probably in Pepin Co., Wis. m. Clara (or Clarissa) Poquette, b. April 1835 (or c. 1836), Vt.--d. 1903, probably in Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Michel and Margaret (Fournier) Poquette. Both buried in the French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie.


1.4.1 Mary Rose Patnode, b. c. 1855, Vt.


1.4.2 Paulina (or Cordelia) Patnode, b. c. 1859/60, N.Y.--d. 1878.


1.4.3 Harriet "Heattie" Patnode, b. c. 1859/60, N.Y. m. 17 March 1882, Pepin Co., Wis., Edward Evans of Lake City, Minn., son of Thomas and Ann ( ) Evans. Lived at Ashland, Wis.


1.4.4 Louisa Patnode, b. c. 1862, N.Y.


1.4.5 Clara (or Clarissa) Patnode, b. c. 1864, N.Y. m. 3 April 1890, Pepin Co., Wis., George Patnode, son of Leonard and Julia H. (Lapine) Patnode.


1.4.6 Jane Patnode, b. c. 1866, Wis.


1.4.7 Mary (Margaret) Patnode, b. c. 1869, Wis. m. 24 September 1887, Charles E. STewart, b. 1856, Albany, Greene Co., Wis. Jennie Stewart. Mable Stewart. Frank Stewart. Charles Stewart. Clara Stewart. Mary Stewart.


1.4.8 Olive Patnode, b. c. 1871--d. 7 April 1935, Pontiac, Mich. m. 11 September 1889, Pepin Co., Wis., Elwin (or Edwin) C. Stewart, son of Charles and Mary (Sleeper) Stewart. Pauline Stewart. m. A_ _ Freitag. Paul Stewart. Pontiac, Mich. Dean Stewart. Pontiac, Mich. Fred Stewart. Minneapolis, Minnd.



??1.4.9 Patnode (son). m. . David Patnode (grandson), b. February 1878, Wis.


1.5 Louisa?? Patnode (girl on the 1843 school list, Grand Isle, Grand Isle Co., Vt.).


1.6 Joseph Patnode, b. 28 December 1835--baptized 28 January 1836, St-Valentin, Quebec, Canada, son of Leon Patenaude and Henriette Trempe, Godparents: Francois Hebert and Marguerite Germain--d. 1916, Grand Isle, Vt. In the 1843 school list, Grand Isle, Vt., living with Francis and Margaret Tromp as Joseph Tromp or Patnode. Probably identical with Joseph Patnode, b. c. 1835, Ile aux Noix, P.Q., who lived in Grand Isle Co., Vt., and m. (1) Eunice Savage, b. Saranac, N.Y.--d. 6 March 1875, Grand Isle, Vt., age 35, and (2) c. 1876, Josephine Bushey, b. Plattsburgh, N.Y.


1.6.1 Patnode (dau.), b. 31 July 1868, Grand Isle Town.


1.6.2 Adaline Patnode, b. 10 September 1869, Grand Isle Town.


1.6.3 David Patnoeu, b. 9 August 1872, Grand Isle Town.


1.6.4 Clara Patnode, b. 18 June 1874, Grand Isle Town.


1.6.5 Anna M. Patnode, b. 4 April 1878, Grand Isle Town.


1.6.6 Sarah S. Patno, b. 15 July 1879, Grand Isle Town.


1.6.7 Joseph Patno, b. 9 March 1882, Grand Isle Town.


1.7 Delete Patnode, b. c. 1838/39, Vt. Probably identical with the Delia Patnod, b. Grand Isle, Vt., who m. Fred Dubuque, b. Canada, son of Charles and Elizabeth (Patenaude) Dubuque.


1.7.1 Zoa/Loe DeBuke, b. c. 1857.


1.7.2 Thomas DeBuke, b. c. 1859.


1.7.3 Henry DeBuke, b. c. 1863.


1.7.4 Mary DeBuke, b. c. 1868.


1.7.5 William DeBuke, b. 30 May 1870, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt.


1.7.6 Joseph DeBuke, b. 26 April 1872, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt.


1.7.7 Minne Dubuque, b. 1 April 1874 North Hero, Vt.


1.7.8 Maude Dubuque, b. 23 July 1876, North Hero, Vt.


1.7.9 Lillian Mabel (Lillie) Dubuque, b. 23/25 November 1872, North Hero, Vt.


1.8 John Patnode, b. c. 1840/41, Vt. Probably identical with the John Patnode in the 1870 U.S. Census, Grand Isle Co., Vt. m. Catherine , b. c. 1846.


1.8.1 Josephine Patnode, b. c. 1862, Vt.


1.8.2 John Patnode, b. c. 1867, Vt.


1.8.3 William Patnode, b. c. 1870, Vt.


1.9 Judima (1850 census) or David (1860 census) Patnode, b. c. 1842/43. Probably identical with Daniel Patnode, b. May 1842. m. (1) Melissa ; m. (2) Julia Young.


1.9.1 Julia Patnode, b. c. 1865, Vt.


1.9.2 Evelin Patnode, b. c. 1866, Vt.


1.9.3 Alexander Patnode, b. c. 1868, Vt.


1.9.4 William Patnod, b. 15 August 1870, North Hero, Vt.


1.9.5 Clarisa Patnod, b. 28 August 1872, North Heor, Vt.


1.9.6 Estes Patnod, b. c. 1876, Vt.


1.10 Sarah Ann Patnode, b. c. 1844. m. probably Lewis Young/Lajeunesse.


1.10.1 Henry Young, b. 25 February 1869, North Hero, Vt.


1.11 Lewis Patnode, b. c. 1846/48, Vt.


1.12 Alexander Patnode, b. 1850, Grand Isle, Vt. m. (1) 7 June 1870, North Hero, vt., Frances Marian Martin, b. 25 September 1850, North Hero, Vt., dau. of David and Edis (Germain dit Belisle) Martin--d. 15 December 1876, North Hero, Vt., aged 26 y 11 mo 19 d.; m. (2) before 1880, Margaret , b. c. 1844.


1.12.1 Alexander Patnode, b. c. 1872.


1.12.2 Martin Patnod, b. 28 February 1873, North Hero, Vt.--d. 4 September 1874, North Hero, Vt., aged 1 y 6 d.


1.12.3 Albert Joseph Patno, b. 7 July 1876, North Hero, Vt.


1.13 Julia Patnode, b. c. 1852, Vt. Probably Julia Patneau m. to Joseph Martin.


1.13.1 Joseph Martin, b. c. 1869. m. 4 April 1890, North Hero, Vt., Ellen Bushey, age 31, dau. of David and Matilda (Cateract) Dewyea.


1.13.2 Sheridan Martin, b. 8 April 1876.


1.13.3 Cora Martin, b. 7 May 1880, North Hero, Vt.


1.14 Moses Patnode, b. 14 October 1854/1855, North Hero, Vt.--d. 9 December 1925, North Hero, Vt. m. Mary Bruley, b. 1853, Rouses Point, N.Y.--d. 8 December 1903, daughter of James and Mary/Henriette (Surprenant) Bruley. Buried South End Cemetery, North Hero, Vt.


1.14.1 Joseph Patnode. m. Ora Dunlap, 1907, Empire, Ohio. Lived in the area of Wellsville, Ohio until 1918, when he died of Spanish flu. Kathleen Chloe Patnode. Mother of Marilyn Pumphrey, Rt. 2, Box 237-A, Weston, West Virginia 26452, who enquired about the family in 1987.


1.14.2 Henrey/Harry Patnode.


1.14.3 Emma Patnode. m. Sweeney.


1.14.4 Carrie Patnode, b. 13 October 1874, North Hero, Vt. m. Townclock.


1.14.5 Anna Patnode, b. 15 January 1881, North Hero, Vt. m. McSweeney.


1.14.6 Josie Patnode. m. McNalley.


1.14.7 Edward Patnode.


1.14.8 J. Steven/Steve Patnode, b. 1893--d. 1973.


1.15 Marceline/Melissa/Angeline Patnode, b. c. 1856/61, North Hero, Vt. Marcelline, dau. Leonu Pateneau and Esther Camarer, bap. 1 August 1857, St. Mary's, St. Albans, Vt. Godparents: Francis Patineau and Delina Camarer. m. 18 February 1885, North Hero, Vt., Arthur Claar, age 29, b. Germany, son of Rudolf and Madeline ( ) Claar.



The following Patnodes in Grand Isle Co., Vt. are unidentified:


Eliza Patnod. m. Antoine Young. Dau. Mary, age 2, d. 18 May 1872, North Hero, Vt. Possibly #1.5.


Adelaid Patnod, b. Grand Isle. m. Adolphus Debuque, b. Canada. Son Joseph Debuque b. 26 April 1872, North Hero, Vt. Probably names in error for #1.7 and her husband.


"Old Man Francis Tromp, aged about 105, supposed to be Canada" died Jany. 1866, Grand Isle, Vt. Margaret Tromp, a widow aged 87, is there in the 1880 census. Probably the parents of Leonard Patnode's first wife.


George Padno m. 9 December 1838, South Hero, vt., Angeline Levy.






NOTE: Marie Monty, widow of Alexis Patenaude, m. 18 April 1831, St-Valentin, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre, widower of Marie Louise Janotte.


Marie Monty, widow of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre, m. 28 January 1850, St-Valentin, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Louis Roch, widower of Amable Badeau, of Lacadie.




Known children of Alexis Patnode and Marie-Desanges Monty.


Alexis Patenote, bap. 11 May 1791, Chambly. Alexis Patenaude, son of Alexis Patenaude and Marie Monty, m. 9 November 1824, St-Luc, St-Jean Co., Quebec, to Louise Menard, dau. of Jean Menard and Marguerite Courtemanche. She remarried 1854, St. John the Baptist, Keeseville, Clinton Co., N.Y., to her brother-in-law Ignace Martin, widower of Marguerite Patenaude.


Leocadie Patenaude, buried 8 May 1826, Napierville.


Alexis Patenaude, baptized 11 December 1828, Napierville.


Marie-Louise Patenode, bap. 22 August 1830, St- Valentin, parents of Lacolle. Godparents: Leon Patenode and Henriette Trempe. m. 17 February 1852, St-Valentin, Hilaire Landry, widower of Suzanne Ethier, of the United States.


Rosalie Patenaude, bap. 30 March 1833, St- Valentin. Godparents: Louis Seguin and Marguerite Patenaude. Died yesterday aged 16 months, buried 19 July 1834, St-Valentin.


Jean-Baptiste Israel Patenaude, born 22 current, baptized 28 February 1836, St-Valentin. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Alexandre and Marie Monty.


Marthe Mathilde Patenaude, born last evening, bap. 30 July 1838, St-Valentin. Godparents: Francois Patenaude and Magdeleine Courtemanche. PROBABLY same as: Domitilde Patenaude, m. 7 January 1852, St-Valentin, Antoine Roque, son of Antoine Roque and Adelaide Ethier.


Philomene Patenaude, born yesterday, bap. 31 January 1841, St-Valentin. Godparents: Louis Thouin dit Roque and Marguerite Cognac. m. 26 August 1861, St-Valentin, Ambroise Menard, son of Toussaint Menard and Josephte Benoit.


Marie Angelique Patenode, bap. 17 January 1793, Chambly--

Angelique Patenaude, dau. of Alexis Patenaude and Marie Monty, buried 25 September 1827, Napierville.


Marie-Desanges Patenaude, dau. of Alexis Patenaude and Catherine Monty of Riviere Lacolle, m. 18 February 1811, Lacadie, to Francois Hebert, son of Simon Hebert and Marguerite Richard of Ste-Philippe.


Margueritte Patenote, bap. 2 July 1795, Chambly.


Marguerite Patenotre, bap. 24 February 1799, Chambly--buried 26 February 1799, Chambly.


Leon Patrenotes, bap. 16 September 1802, Chambly. See main section.


David Patenaude, bap. 24 March 1805, Chambly. David Patenaude, son of Alexis Patenaude and Marie Monty, m. 6 February 1826, Napierville, Marie-Olive Cote, dau. of Louis-Romain Cote and Marie Tremblay.


Olive Patenaude, baptized 31 July 1826, Napierville. Died 19 and buried 24 Oct. 1830, St-Valentin.


Marie Julie Patenaude, baptized 26 July 1829, Napierville.


Marguerite Patenaude, bap. 11 April 1809, Chambly. Marguerite Patenaude, dau. Alexis Patenaude and Marie Monty, m. 3 October 1826, Napierville, Ignace Martin, son of Francois Martin and Marie Houle. Witnesses: Leon Patenaude, Jean-Baptiste Hemond, Francois Trahan and Francois Martin. Settled at St-John-the-Baptist, Keeseville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Ignace Martin, widower of Marguerite Patenaude, m. 1854, St. John the Baptiste, Keeseville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Louise Menard, widow of Alexis Patenaude [i.e., she was his sister-in-law].


Ignace Martin, bap. 3 June 1827, Napierville.


Abraham Martin, bap. 11 October 1828, Napierville.


Alexis Martin, born 2 days ago, bap. 12 September 1830, St-Valentin, parents of Lacolle. Godparents: Alexis Patenode and Marie Houle.


Marguerite Martin, bap. 17 May 1832, St-Valentin. Godparents: Baptiste Alexandre and Olive Cote.


Angelique Martin, bap. 18 October 1835, St-Valentin. Godparents: David Patenaude and Marguerite Leveille.


Rosalie Martin, born and bap. 22 August 1837, St- Valentin. Godparents illegible. m. 1855, St. John the Baptist, Keeseville, Clinton Co., N.Y., David Labonte.


Francois Salomon Martin, b. 13 current of Ignace Martin and Marguerite Patenaude of Champlain, United States. Baptized 31 January 1841, St-Valentin. Godparents: Francois Salomon Patenaude and Julie Patenaude.


Emma Martin, m. 1866, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Antoine Picard.




Probable child of Alexis Patenaude and Marie-Desanges Monty.


Francois Patenaude, son of Alexis Patenaude and Marguerite Monty. m. 13 January 1824, Chambly, Marguerite Cognac, dau. of Barthelemi Cognac and Charlotte Denicourt.




Children of an AMABLE Patenaude and a later Desanges Monty, who lived at St-Gregoire, Iberville Co., Quebec.


Calixte Patenaude, son of Amable Patenaude and Desange Monty, of Cornwall, Vt., m. 11 July 1851, St. Joseph, Burlington, Vt., Marie Lefevre, dau. of Louis Lefevre and Emilie Patenaude of Cornwall, Vt.


Octave Patenaude, son of Ambroise Patenaude and Desanges Monty, of Addison, Vt., m. 9 October 1853, St. Joseph, Burlington, Vt., Sophronie Thibodeau, dau. Jean-Baptiste Thibodeau and Marie Lapointe, Addison, Vt.






1825 census, Delery (St-Cyprien-de-Lery, Napierville), St-Luc


Leon Patnaute, 3 in family

Alexis Patnoude, 2 in family

Ambrose Patnoude, 6 in family


Leon Patenaude m. 2 Septe. 1866, St. Joseph, Burlington, Vt.,

Philomene Leclair (incomplete record). Later at Churu-

busco, Clinton Co., N.Y.


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