THE PATHS OF KATERI'S KIN, American Indian Catholics, Volume 2. Christopher Vescey, 1997, University of Notre Dame Press, 392 pages. (Includes extensive research from the Marquette University Archives.)

Summary by Mark Thiel, Marquette University

A comprehensive study on the cultural interweaving of French Catholicism and North American Indian religious tradition from the mission era of the 1600s to the complex tapestry of today's Indian Catholic spirituality.

Chapter Three, The Central Algonkians, describes the development of Ojibwa and Potawatomi Catholicism in the Great Lakes region. While little related specifically to Wisconsin, the narrative outlines well the introduction and enduring elements from "French religion," including native acceptance and resistance and the incorporation of certain Catholic elements into native religious practice.

Volume 3, the last volume of American Indian Catholics, is to feature a biography of Philip B. Gordon, a nationally known 20th century Wisconsin priest of mixed Ojibwa and French heritage.


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