Whereas it is made necessary by Instructions from the Department of War bearing Date 10th May 1816 that because of the trade with Indian Tribes carried on by Foreigners since the peace by************** & *** it is required of all such foreigners who have been thus engaged in Trade with Indian Tribes within the American [limits?] and who approach this Post That they Shall Take out a license authorising the sale of all goods, wares, and merchandise, thus previously Introduced without a knowledge of the existence of a law of Congress on that Subject before 29th April 1816.

Then therefore Jacques Vieau (having this day applied for a license as above stated) he the said Jacques Vieau is hereby Authorized & Licensed to Barter, Trade & exchange all goods, wares, & merchandise by him thus previously Introduced. To wit on the waters of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee with any Indian or Tribe of Indians, he having given Bond and Security agreeably to [law?] which license shall and will expire on the 31st Day of December ****** , & farther he the said Jacques Vieau is hereby released from any act arising from the having gone into the Indian Country without a knowledge of the law aforesaid provided nevertheless, that this release can only extend to the acquital from Damages, Fines, forfeitures or penalties which might otherwise have arisen from a fair & honest Trade carried on by the party aforesaid without a Knowledge of the aforesaid act of Congress.

Given under My hand at
Michilimackinac this
15th day of July 1816

Mr. Henry *********


Document submitted by Susan Campbell, descendant of Jacques Vieau

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