Exchange Program


D.C Everest High School, Schofield, WI


Lycée Jacques Monod, St. Jean de Braye, FR

This summer from June 10-24 ,1997 five French students from D.C. Everest flew out of Chicago and landed in Paris, France. The students were: Alissa Chack, Brendan Leonard, Erin Goga, Charissa Kersten and Heather Kunkel. We stayed in France for 2 weeks, 11 days with our host families from our exchange school, Jacques Monod in St. Jean de Braye near Orleans and 3 days in Paris. This trip marks the first trip to France from D.C. Everest since the French program started 4 years ago. In April of 1996 we hosted 8 students and 2 teachers from Lycee Jacques Monod for 2 weeks. While staying with the families, we participated in various

activities during the day, such as observing in the local schools and meeting French students, and being welcomed by the Mayor of Saint Jean de Braye. We then had the nights and weekends free with out host families. Most activities involved touring and sightseeing. We visited castles like Versailles and Chambord. We also visited the historic city of Orleans, the perfume factory ,Christian Dior, biked along the Loire river and spent time in the town of Saint Jean de Braye where our host lycee was located. Our time with the families was spent relaxing and experiencing life in France such as eating lots of cheese and organ meats.

The last 3 days in France were spent in Paris. While in the city, we visited many famous sites and monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe , the Louvre, and Notre Dame to name a few. The trip was a lot of fun, we learned a lot of French and made new friends and rekindled acquaintences of some of the students who traveled to Everest the previous year. This trip will always be remembered.

By: Alissa Chack
D.C. Everest High School
Schofield, WI 54476
teacher: Ann Berns

Wisconsin's French Connections
17 November, 1997
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