Apostle Islands, Madeline Island

The Apostle Islands in Lake Superior: French arrived in the area in the 17th century.

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Here are several views of Madeline Island and La Pointe [Madeline Island]
[La Pointe]
[La Pointe and Island View]
[Historical Marker]

The largest of the Apostle Islands was one of the earliest areas of Indian settlement, fur trade, Indian activity and commercial fishing in the interior of North America. It was discovered by French explorers in 1659. Trading posts were built here for the French by Le Sueur in 1693 and for the British by Michel Cadotte in 1793. In 1834 the site of the present La Pointe dock became headquarters for the Northern Outfit of the American Fur Company. Missionary operations began about 1830 with the erection of a Protestant church followed by Father Baraga's Catholic church.
Photos by Gabrielle Verdier

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