M A R D I     G R A S

Welcome to our Mardi Gras at Wauwatosa West. On Mardi Gras this year we celebrated this French festival by inviting the fourth and fifth grade students from Eisenhower Elementary to our high school. The eighth grade students from Whitman Middle School also came to our school and participated in Mardi Gras by making small floats and helping the high school students. This joint effort by all three schools provided a wonderful and fun Mardi Gras experience.


Our photo album will show you the fun and cultural afternoon spent at Wauwatosa West. We played loto where the kids learned the names of colors, animals and numbers in French. Mardi Gras necklaces were the prizes. Colorful masks were decorated and worn by the students. Delicious crepes topped with chocolate and whipped cream were eagerly eaten. Homemade French pastries were sold to raise money for scholarships for French Club. The students voted for the best float of Mardi Gras. A king and queen paraded around amid the red, white, and blue confetti. Finally, the "live wax museum" provided the opportunity for the young students to learn about famous French people.

Come join us and share the fun of our Mardi Gras.

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