Installé dans le salon 1900, bourgeois et accueillant, du couple Boulingrin dont il est l'invité ce soir, M. Des Rillettes pense qu'il reviendra souvent chez ce couple, qu'il n'a rencontré qu'une seule fois, et goûter, "à l'oeil", au plaisirs de la table. Et ce d'autant plus que Félicie, la femme de ménage, malicieuse et futée, ayant reçu un bon pourboire, lui a laissé entendre que le ménage Boulingrin était des plu unis, des plus reposants.

Mais surprise! C'est en plein querelle de ménage que les Boulingrins se présentent, prenant tour à tour Des Rillettes à témoin.

Sous prétexte de mieux lui faire comprendre les mauvais traitements qu'ils s'infligent mutuellement, et joignant le geste à la parole, ils le busculent, le pincent, lui tirent les cheveaux, etc.

Entering the bourgeois and cozy 1900's sitting room of Mr. and Mrs. Boulingrin, Mr. Des Rillettes, who has only met them once and is at present their guest for the evening, starts settling in, taking in all the future comforts their bourgeois home will offer. This veritable sponger anticipates with relish his frequent visits, the free food and drink as will as the warm chimney to thaw the winter chill. His aspirations are further fueled by Félicie, the crafty and mischievous maid, who having been promised a handsome payment for providing insider tips, misinforms him of how quiet, peaceful and content the Boulingrins are - in her own words, two lovebirds!

But what a surprise awaits the unwitting Mr. Des Rillettes...

The Boulingrins make their entry into the sitting room in full domestic dispute. Mr. Des Rillettes, standing in the crossfire, is asked by each to bear witness to their grievances. To ensure that he understands their side of the story both Mr. and Mrs. Boulingrin demonstrate, on his person, the miseries that one inflicts on the other. They push him here, pull him there, and torture him in turn, each inflicting more and more damage to the unfortunate sponger who, in vain, tries to flee the presence of his tormentors.


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