The "Wisconsin's French Connections" Sesquicentennial project is made possible in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council. We would also like to thank the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Consulate General, the Canadian Consulate General and GE Medical Systems for their generous support of the project and the Fair.

WFC Fair Organizers:
Gabrielle Verdier and Martine Meyer, UWM, and Toni Wulff, Mount Mary College

WFC Webmaster: Ken Fleurant, Green Bay

WFC Fair Steering Committee: SWAAF (Southeast Wisconsin Academic Alliance in French) Paula Fox-Johnson, Muskego High School; Claudia Kabler-Babbitt, Milwaukee French Immersion School PTA; Carole Kincaid, Sarah Scott Middle School; Amy Lewis, University School of Milwaukee; Anne Line, Wauwatosa East HS; Martine Meyer, UWM; Jim Radtke, Marquette HS; Nancy Sturino, Wauwatosa West HS; Gabrielle Verdier, UWM; Toni Wulff, Mount Mary College

Distinguished Guests:
The Honorable John Norquist, Mayor of Milwaukee; Stéphane Catta, Deputy Consul General of France; Jeanne Braun, Cultural Affairs Officer of the Canadian Consulate General; Timothy Rogus, Public Affairs Officer of the Quebec Trade Commission; Charles Kroncke, Dean, School of Business Administration, UWM; Marshall Goodman, Dean, College of Letters and Science, UWM

UWM Faculty, Staff, Students: Tony Ciccone, Penny Crandall, Colin Deval, Carrie Diener, Alex Dye, Anne Kern, Charles Lorum, Brad Matthews, Lisa McFarland, Jim Mileham, Marie-Noelle Olivier, Beth Poquette, Ron Snyder, Jackie Vinson, Andy Wallis, Greg Whitten

Alliance Française Members:
Sharon Andonor, Nathalie Bouvert, Vivian Corres, Brigitte Coste, Jerôme Davne, Mary Emory, Ann Fieldhack, Mary Fossier, Virginia Goldberg, Yann Hélouvry, Caroline Jacobs, Paula Johnson-Fox, Amy Lewis, Gwen Plunkett, Jim Radtke, Jennifer Vemmer

PLACE: UWM Student Union, 2200 East Kenwood Avenue, between Downer and Maryland. Activities will take place at various locations on campus. (Please see Campus Map, attached)

In Student Union:

Union Cinema Theater, Second Floor E 240 -- Media Room (across from Wisconsin Room)
E 250 -- Computer Room
E 260 -- Performance Room - French /Canadian Folk dancing and other performances

In Fine Arts Theater:

In Golda Meir Library, American Geographical Society Collection:

Third Floor of Library; Walk up two flights of stairs and cross walkway. "Où est Ouisconsin? Mapping Wisconsin's French Connections" In the green area between the Library and Garland Hall:
Pétanque tournament In green area between Garland and Curtin Halls:
Voyageur encampment; pea-soup tasting



(All shows are 1/2 hour long, but we must allow time for students to come into and out of the theaters; other performances and presentations in the Wisconsin Room vary in length.)

9: 00 "Edith Piaf Songs" - DeAngela Ellis, Nicolet HS (Wisconsin Room)

9:00 "Voyageur Days" - Bonni Knight and student re-enactors from Eau Claire North HS (Union Theater)

9:30 "How Did Our French-Canadian Ancestors Live?" - Hands-on presentation by historian and curator , Mary Antoine de Julio (from Prairie du Chien) (Wisconsin Room)

9:45 "Embrassez le passé: A Musical Celebration of Wisconsin's French-Canadian Pioneers" Denise Wilson, (Union Theater)

10:15 "French Footsteps in Wisconsin" - Original Skits by Woodlands School (Union Theater)

10:15 "Chamber Concert--Fauré Song" - Wauwatosa East HS (Wisconsin Room)

10:30 "Wax Museum" - Wauwatosa West HS (Wisconsin Room)

11: 00 Fair Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: The Honorable John Norquist, Mayor of Milwaukee Stéphane Catta, Deputy Consul General, French Consulate General, Chicago Jeanne Braun, Public Affairs Officer, Canadian Consulate General, Chicago Timothy Rogus, Public Affairs Attaché, Québec Trade Commission, Chicago

Short ceremony honoring the awardees of AATF, Alliance Française, Fetter, and Marielle Schirmer Scholarships, and the French Government Bourse Pédagogique (Wisconsin Room)

11:30 Les Boulingrins, a comedy by Courteline, directed by Colette Lesage and performed by Alliance Française players (Fine Arts Theater)

11:30 "Voyageur Days" (Union Theater)

12:15 Les Toussaints, All Saints Church and Messmer HS Gospel Choir, directed by Arlene Skwierawski. The Choir has been invited to sing in France this summer. (Fine Arts Theater)

12:15 "Embrassez le passé" (Union Theater)

1: 00 "Les Toussaints" (Fine Arts Theater)

1:00 Visit the Voyageur encampment for special presentation

1:45 "Embrassez le passé" Denise Wilson (Union Theater)

1:45 "Les Boulingrins" (Fine Arts Theater)

The hands-on presentation, "How did out French-Canadian Ancestors Live," by historian Mary Antoine de Julio (from Prairie du Chien) will be repeated several times on the small stage in the Wisconsin Room.

The map exhibit, the Voyageur camp, the pétanque tournament will be on-going.


Business Connections (Organized by Toni Wulff, Mount Mary College)

Eight companies will demonstrate their international operations with a focus on the Francophone world. Our special thanks to:

Special displays:

Courtesy of the French Consulate, Chicago:

  • "C'est beau un monde qui joue" World Cup Soccer in France, June 1998
  • "Voyage en France" - video
  • Francophone writers
  • Courtesy of the Quebec Trade Council:
  • Courtesy of Landmarks Gallery, Huetta Manion:
  • Courtesy of Jerome Davre, Bodywise Therapeutic Massage
  • Haitian Display: Haiti: Mind, Body Bread Organization; Mme Poma, artist
  • French Canadian/Acadian Genealogical Society of Wisconsin: Jo Christon, Maxine Plasa, Suzanne Krasovich
  • Milwaukee Public Museum: French-Indian cultural exchange
  • Map Quiz and Solomon Juneau Exhibit: Diane Duffey, UWM and David Pruszka, Alliance Française School Projects:
    --French Immersion School Classroom: Various Demonstrations including
               "How do you say 'moo' in French?" Hélène Wimmerlin, UWM TA
    --Voyageur Performance: Sheboygan North High School
    --Père Marquette and Wisconsin: Marquette High School
    --French families in South Milwaukee: South Milwaukee HS
    --French Families in Wauwatosa: Wauwatosa West High School
    --Mardi Gras in Wauwatosa "                    "
    --Wax Museum "                    "
    --Exchange programs: Divine Savior Holy Angels
    --Mardi Gras Parade: Longfellow Middle School
                        Woodlands School --Personal French Connections: Milton Middle School
    --French games on CD-ROM demonstration and contest: Sarah Scott Middle School (E 250)
    --"Tarte Tatin" tasting and demonstration:
    -- Fondue Tasting: Wauwatosa East HS (In French Café)
    -- Crêpes (citron, Nutella, sucre)
    -- Crêpes (sucre, confiture) Wauwatosa West

    Other cultural activities:

    French and French-Canadian Folkdancing (E 260)

    Carol Lee Smith, International Folkdancers of Milwaukee, Penny Crandall, and Becky Larson, UWM French and Dance major, will demonstrate and teach French and French-Canadian Folk dances

    Media Room (E 240) room will feature the following videos:

    Computer Room (E 250) Courtesy of John Bowden and UWM Language Resource Center WFC Website contest: http://www.uwgb.edu/wisfrench

    French CD-ROM games: Sarah Scott Middle School Champions

    FRENCH CAFÉ: opens at 10 am

    The French Café is made possible by generous donations of gastronomical treats. In addition to the school chefs, we thank the following businesses and restaurants:

    Alliance Française of Milwaukee members
    Au Bon Appétit Restaurant, Lebanese-French delicacies, Mme Rihab Aris
    Besnier, USA, French Cheeses made in Belmont, Wisconsin; M. Rémy Colas
    Breadsmith on Downer: Stacey Dennison and Matthew Finco
    Société Demarle and Mme Nathalie Bouvet, for delicious pastries

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