Decorating the French Classroom with a Mural
French classroom mural

IDEA TO SHARE: I thought that it would be neat to have a mural of Paris in my classroom to really bring French class to life. I asked the art teacher to see if anyone would be willing to do this for me. A 7th grade student said that she would be willing to create a mural for me. I chose all of the important monuments of Paris to be drawn on the mural because each year I do a unit on Paris and study the history of the monuments, where they are, and just what they look like. Attached is a photo of my artist, Tara, and the mural. It's a neat idea to be able to work with the art department or a French student that is very artistic to help bring France to life in your classroom. It has also been very appealing to the younger students when they come to look at our school!

Gail Peskie
Bay View Middle School
Green Bay, Wisconsin
June 2001

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