Language Learning and Public Performance
Some Examples from French

Gabrielle Verdier, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Toni Wulff, Mount Mary College, Milwaukee

April 15th, 1999 was a banner day for young Francophiles in Southeastern Wisconsin. On that day Mount Mary College hosted Variétés françaises, a series of 22 acts created and performed in French by students from 15 area middle and high schools. The dramatic offerings ranged from classical theatre to juggling and dance and were well received by the audience of over 700 young speakers of French, for whom the morning's entertainment was an official field trip. [continue below]

I Introduction to Variétés Françaises; Public Performances by and for French Students, by Gabrielle Verdier and Toni Wulff
II Benefits of Performance for Second Language Acquisition. How do the various kinds of performance discussed here contribute the language-learning/acquisition process? by Lawrence Kuiper

Théâtre de Chambre, by Carrie Schulz

IV Personnages importants de la francophonie, Petite biographie et Présentation PowerPoint, by Amy Lewis
V The Art of Puppetry in French Language Learning, by Debroah Walther
VI Student Original Performance Skits: Commercials, byBeth Waschow



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