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May 31, 2004 The Bougie family, added to family room

April 1, 2004 Search for Augustin family ancestors in France, part 2: Return to Savigny by Eva Augustin Rumpf

December 1, 2002 links added: connecting Wisconsin to the French-speaking world. Those interested in Belgian/Wallonie and Wisconsin connections see the site of Walloniye-Wisconsin

November 4, 2002  Page updated on "Typing French accents on the PC"

August 1, 2002 Check each month for the Wisconsin Francophone Calendar. "What's new" will no longer regularly mention the monthly updates.

July 31, 2002 links added: connecting Wisconsin to the French-speaking world

July 29, 2002 Links to 19th century drawings of the Solomon Juneau's log cabin and the court house he built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the image collection of the Québec National Library. Opens in separate window. Added to WFC Library.

July 29, 2002 Article on the Robillard and Laviolette families, two French-Canadian families from Western Québec (the Outaouais region) who settled in Door County, Wisconsin and helped found a Christian Catholic parish there. Link to external site which will open in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. May open slowly. Added to Family Histories section of the WFC Family Room.

July 29, 2002  August 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

July 1, 2002  July 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

June 1, 2002  June 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

April 29, 2002  May 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

March 29, 2002  April 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

February 28, 2002  March 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

February 8, 2002Links updated.

January 31, 2002  February 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

January 28, 2002  Visit the Belgian-American Research Center at the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay, and link to other sites of interest for francophone North America on the WFC Wisconsin -- Francophone World link page

January 8, 2002 Augustin family search for French roots by Eva Augustin Rumpf, in the family room.

January 1, 2002  January 2002 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

December 1, 2001  December 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

November 1, 2001  November 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

October 1, 2001  October 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

September 1, 2001  September 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

July 31, 2001  August 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

July 12, 2001 Eight more French Canadian and voyageur songs added to the Media Center. Includes songs by Lilianne Labbé and Don Hinckley, with text. Excerpts available in Real Audio and Windows .wav formats

July 3, 2001 New photos (Nicolet painting from Brown County Courthouse and Old Catholic cemetery in Duvall) added to the WFC Photo Album.

July 2, 2001 Shepherd or Wolf? Joseph René Vilatte in Francophone Wisconsin. Old Catholicism among the Belgian settlers in Northeast Wisconsin. A senior distinction in the major research paper by Leah Kemp, University of Wisconsin--Green Bay.

July 1, 2001  July 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar. Don't miss Milwaukee's Bastille Days Celebration of Wisconsin's French ethnic heritage.

June 20, 2001 See new ideas for the French classroom in the Study

May 23, 2001  June 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

May 16, 2001 The Lost Dauphin. Libretto of the opera about a man who claimed to be heir to the French throne while living in Wisconsin. The opera by Green Bay resident F. Gordon Parmentier premiered in 2000 and will be televised this summer on Wisconsin Public Television. This text replaces an earlier version of the opera previously in the WFC library under the title Lazar.

May 1, 2001  May 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

April 1, 2001  April 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

February 28, 2001  March 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar.

February 20, 2001:  Link to commemorative plaque honoring first families to leave Brabant for Wisconsin, at the City Hall of Grez-Doiceau, Brabant, Belgium. Also see photo of one of the first Belgian families to arrive in Wisconsin from Grez-Doiceau, Belgium.

February 9, 2001:  Information added on the Valley (Vallée), Papineau, Detienne and Jossart families in the family histories section of the Family Room.

January 28, 2001:  February 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar See information on French film festival this month in Milwaukee.

December 31, 2000:  January 2001 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar

December 4, 2000:  How to type French accents on the PC. Page modified to include MS Office 2000 shortcut keys along with ways to type accents in any Windows document.

November 29, 2000: December 2000 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar

November 1, 2000: November 2000 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar

October 1, 2000: October 2000 Wisconsin Francophone Calendar

September 25, 2000: Additional Wisconsin francophone family histories and anecdotes added to the Family room

September 22, 2000:   Le sel de Guérande was one of the Breton products at the Marché français of Bastille Days 2000. History of this sea salt added to the Office.

September 22, 2000:  Ozios/Boudreau family of Wisconsin added to Family History page

September 16, 2000: Read comments of students from France who participated in Milwaukee's Bastille Days Celebration in July 2000. (in French). These reactions to their experience working at the Marché français and to life in the Midwest US are interesting to read and have pedagogical possibilities for French classes in American high schools and universities. Additional comments from 1999 participants have also been added in the WFC Office.

August 30, 2000:  September Calendar of francophone events in Wisconsin

August 15, 2000:  Wisconsin links to the Francophone World page updated in the Media Center.

July 17, 2000:  August Calendar, including interesting franco museum exhibits ending mid-August in Milwaukee and Green Bay.

June 29, 2000:  July Calendar including Milwaukee's summer franco festival, Bastille Days.

May 31, 2000: June Calendar including summer opportunities for teachers, francophiles and art lovers.

April 26, 2000: May Calendar. See information on The Lost Dauphin, an opera by Green Bay native Gordon Parmentier performed at the Weidner center in Green Bay on Friday, May 19.

April 11, 2000: Two ways of typing French accents in any Windows program

April 2, 2000: Calendar for April, 2000

 March 23, 2000:Language Learning and Public Performance Five articles discuss the value and methodology of student performances in French such as Théatre de chambre, puppetry, PowerPoint Presentations, and skits.

 February 26, 2000: March, 2000 Calendar of Francophone events in Wisconsin

 February 9, 2000:Nicolas Perrot and Solomon Juneau are two important names in Wisconsin history. Read this account (in French) of how the Perrot and Juneau Families are both part of a Montréal woman's family history.

 January 29, 2000: Check new Media Center links to the francophone world related to Wisconsin and the Midwest. See in particular early accounts of Jesuits in the New World in the online text of the Jesuit Relations from the website of Le Moyne College.

 January 29, 2000:February, 2000 Calendar of francophone events in Wisconsin. See free French film festival in Milwaukee during first two weeks of February.

 January 14, 2000:Lamartine, Wisconsin and French author Alphone de Lamartine. In the library under Wisconsin Information.

 January 4, 2000:The francophone ministries of the Christian (Old) Rite Catholic Church in Wisconsin and Illinois, an interesting episode in the story of the religious reform tradition of some of the French, Swiss, French-Canadian and Belgian settlers in 19th and 20th century Wisconsin.

 January 3, 2000:January, 2000 Calendar of francophone events in Wisconsin.

 December 16, 1999: French Entrepreneurship in the Post Colonial Fur Trade by Pierre Lebeau. A study of early French businessmen in the midwest from Louisiana to Wisconsin. In the Library.

 9,1999: Les Fondateurs de Green Bay: histoire de mariages entre Indiens et Blancs par Jacqueline Peterson, Voyageur, Printemps, 1984. Translation of The Founders of Green Bay: A Marriage of Indian and White, also available in WFC Library.

 December 1, 1999:. See the December calendar of francophone cultural and education events in Wisconsin for December.

 November 4, 1999:Sieur Charles de Langlade: Lost Cause, Lost Culture" by Sandra Zipperer, from Voyageur Magazine, Winter/Spring 1999. Although he died before statehood, Langlade has on occasion been referred to as "the Father of Wisconsin."

 October 31, 1999:Many activities added to November's calendar. National French week becomes Wisconsin French Month.

 September 23, 1999: October and November calendars begun.

 September 22, 1999: L'Origine du "Booyah"

 September 21,1999: Conseils pour les Généalogistes en herbe

 August 18, 1999: Wisconsin Huguenots, The Wisconsin Huguenot Society preserves the history of French Protestants.

 August 18, 1999:September calendar begun

 August 18, 1999:A Swiss Immigration Project announcement added to the Family Room.

 August 18, 1999:Jean Nicolet, Interpreter and Voyageur in Canada. 1618-1642. Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1888.

 August 17, 1999: Two newspaper articles on French settlement in Dane County from The Capital Times (1945, 1962): "Belleville Cemetery Represents a bit of France in Dane County," and "Jule Remy's Memories of Life in French settlement."

 August 17, 1999: Comments from French student participants, Bastille Days 1999.

 August 17, 1999: French Voyageurs and Fur Trade Program. Mr. John T. Rivard, retired district manager of the Minnesota Historical Society offers historical programs for schools.

 August 17, 1999:French Art; Research Unit on Impressionism, submitted by Julie Rose, Daniel Webster Middle School, in the Study.

 August 2, 1999: Nicolas Perrot, Early Wisconsinite, student research paper by Jamie Kneisler, University of Wisconsin La Crosse added to the Study.

 July 29, 1999: Excerpts from five traditional French-Canadian songs by Denise Wilson and Bon Jolais added to the Media Center in two audio formats (Real Audio and Windows WAV).

 July 27, 1999: Additional links added to Online French Connections with Wisconsin

 July 26-27, 1999: Research papers by students in French 4 and 5, Waukesha South High School (in French)

 July 23, 1999:"Le Wisconsin Français", discours historique présenté par Mme Elisabeth Gaenslen à l'Alliance Française de Milwaukee en 1970.

 July 14, 1999: Wisconsin's French Connections: Quatre Siècles de Rencontres.Added to the Study under "Teaching Materials." In French. Ce document pédagogique, préparé à l'intention de Association Américaine des Professeurs de Français, juillet 1999, est composé d'extraits tirés du site Web, Wisconsin's French Connections.

 July 8, 1999: French Colonial Wisconsin, by Stephanie Rose Marsala, Waukesha South High School.

 July 1, 1999: July WFC Calendar. Don't miss Milwaukee's Bastille Days from July 8 to the 11th.

 June 1, 1999: June WFC Calendar. See Notice of State Historical Society Meeting in Green Bay

 May 21, 1999: French Connections: Ties to France, Belgium and Canada celebrated on Internet website, newspaper article about the Wisconsin's French Connections Project, Green Bay Press-Gazette, October, 1997.

 May 20, 1999: "Frenchman Makes Wine in Land of Cheese," newspaper article on winemaker Philippe Coquard of Prairie du Sac Wisconsin, by syndicated columnist Steve Hannah.

 May 7, 1999:Newspaper article on Sydney Bedore and "the Spirit of the Northwest"

 May 7, 1999: Census listing of catholic parishes using French in 1930

 May 5, 1999: May WFC Calendar.

 April 25, 1999:La Légende de Louis Durand, translation of English version added January 25.

 April 25, 1999: Follow the progress of The De Pere (WI) History Walk, a 60-ft. diameter monument proposed by sculptor Donald Claude Noel to honor explorers, missionaries and native people (1634-1734).

 March 31, 1999:Frontier Valentines: Josette and Solomon Juneau, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 7, 1999.

 March 23, 1999:Take note in the April WFC calendar of a conference and exhibit on The French and Italian Presence in Wisconsin, April 9, 10 in Madison, WI.

 March 18, 1999:Of special interest to teachers and students: See April WFC calendar for information on French Performance Day, April 15, 1999 at Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, sponsored by Wisconsin's French Connections.

 March 18, 1999: Internet links to Francophone World updated in the Media Center.

 March 17, 1999:Jean Nicolet arrive chez les Gens de Mer

 March 17, 1999:Monument to Père Jacques Marquette, Milwaukee

 March 17, 1999: A 1902 newspaper article and other documents on French Settlements in Montrose, Belleville, and French Town, Wisconsin.

 March 16, 1999: Louis Durand, voyageur, and Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, an ancestor's account.

 February 2, 1999: Follow the progress of students participating in the UWM semester in Paris program on the spring semester website. Includes student comments and observations.

  January 31, 1999: March and April WFC calendars

 January 31, 1999:Brief descriptions with locating maps of places of French historical interest in Wisconsin.

 January 30, 1999: Genealogical notes on the Belisle, Brunette, Girard, La Pean, and Patnaude families added to an account of the French in pepin County, Wisconsin

 January 30, 1999: Wisconsin French Connections Fair at UW-Stevens Point, photo essay.

 January 28, 1999:Comments of students whose families hosted exchange students in LaCrosse, WI.

 January 27, 1999: Read about two of the country's best known French-Canadian, Franco-American folk musicians, Lilianne Labbé and Don Hinkley-- in the Media Center.

 January 27, 1999: Half dozen new recipes added to the Kitchen.

 January 25, 1999: The Legend of Louis Durand, Mike Durand's account of his voyageur ancestor.

 January 15, 1999: Three new student research papers have been added to the Study. They are on the French history of Fond du Lac and Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and Alexis de Tocqueville's visit to Green Bay.

 January14, 1999: Photo essay by Shorewood High Student, Nora Phillips, invited to France as a guest of the French Government for the World Cup in summer 1998.

 January 13, 1999: French-Canadian Settlement of Waterville Township, Pepin County, WI"

 January 13, 1999: DeMarce, Dumais, Demers family histories Also family history of Bashaw, Bergeron family

 January 12, 1999: New recipes added to the WFC Kitchen, including "pain perdu" and "bisque."

 January12, 1999: Check the Family Room for additional genealogical information and family histories (Vieux, Pelletier, Durand, etc.)

 January 11, 1999: Last May more than 2000 students attended the Wisconsin's French Connections Fair. You can relive the event in a photo essay.

 January 5, 1999: Winter 96/97 edition of Les Echos du Midwest, newsletter of the Consulat Général de France à Chicago.

 January 5, 1999: Calendars of francophone activity begun for January and February, 1999

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