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Continued Site History prior to 1999

 December 10, 1998: An interesting family history for the Gauthier and Desjardins family added to the family history section of the family room.

 December 7, 1998: Two student research papers added to the Study: "L'Histoire d'Eau Claire" by Diane Loza and Jacques Vieau: Sa vie et son influence dans le Wisconsin" by Jessica Tritsch.

 November 4, 1998: Milwaukee "Bastille Days" Photo Essay in the Wisconsin section of the Library.

 November 3, 1998: Students of Longfellow Middle School show their artistic talents with floats of the Mardi Gras representing French Culture. In the Art Studio.

 November 1, 1998: Students of Longfellow Middle school also contributed text and drawings of French explorers in Wisconsin. . In the Study.

 November 1, 1998: Students of Longfellow Middle school prepared this virtual exhibit of art and history of French place names in Wisconsin in the Study.

 November 1, 1998: We've built another room onto the WFC house. Visit the Study where you'll find school projects, student research, etc. Soon there will also be online cultural quizzes about Wisconsin's French history and guided Web tours.

 October 22, 1998: Comments by business students from France who participated in the Marché Français during Bastille Days in Milwaukee in July, 1998. (See also October 10).

 October 22, 1998: Example of an informed consent form used for interviewing business people for inclusion on this web site. This form could be adapted for other types of interviews.

 October 22, 1998: Death Notice for Solomon Juneau from the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, Tuesday, November 18, 1856.

 October 21, 1998:Pictorial essay on Solomon Juneau, Founder of Milwaukee

 October 10, 1998: November calendar of Francophone events. Check back to the October calendar as well. Many recently announced events added. Busy months for Francophone language and culture in Wisconsin. The December calendar was started. Watch for further announcements. SEND ANY ANNOUNCEMENTS YOU WOULD LIKE INCLUDED ON THE WFC CALENDAR OF FRANCOPHONE EVENTS

 October 10, 1998: Director Paul LaPoule's Report on French BTS marketing students project to promote French products in Milwaukee in the summer of 1998. In the WFC business office. In French.

 October 6, 1998: Lazar, opera libretto based on the story of Eleazer Williams, claimed by some to have been the lost Dauphin, Louis XVII of France. Composer and librettist, Gordon Parmentier, is a Green Bay resident who lived and studied in Paris.

 October 5, 1998: Père Marquette discovers the Mississippi; materials from an exhibit in Laon, France, Marquette's native city.

 October 2, 1998: The Life of Père Marquette and his influence on Wisconsin and the Midwest, in images and words of the newspaper L'Union de Laon, France, Marquette's native city (in French).

 September 29, 1998: First student artwork added to Art Studio. Looking for many more artistic interpretations of French life in Wisconsin and around the world.

 September 9, 1998: The annual conference of the Center for French Colonial Studies takes place in Green Bay on October 16, 17, 18. See announcement in October WFC calendar

 September 8, 1998: Central Wisconsin's French Connection Fair will take place in Stevens Point, Saturday September 26. See announcement in in WFC calendar for September

 August 7, 1998:Visit the Family History archives for new additions including Allard, Bouchard, Corbine and Deguire

 August 6, 1998:Twenty new photographs added to the Photo Album

 August 4, 1998:Brochure on Solomon Juneau written by the Theresa Historical Society in commemoration of the founder of the city of Milwaukee and of the village of Theresa, Wisconsin. In the Library.

 August 3, 1988: Wax Museum of Famous French People created by students at Wauwatosa West High School added to the Photo Album.

 July 28, 1998: A piece of Medieval France can be found in Milwaukee. A chapel dedicated to Joan of Arc has been rebuilt stone-by-stone on the Marquette campus.

 July 28, 1998: If you are of Belgian ancestry and are interested in your roots, check out a new e-mail discussion group from Belgium

 July 28, 1998: Professor Robert Hall, an eight-generation native of Green Bay tells some of the early history of the Deguire-Larose family of Old Green Bay. This excerpted material from a book-in-progress contains interesting comments on Wisconsin French during and following the War of 1812. The town of Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin is named after Alexander Larose's father-in-law, Ashwaubomay.

 July 23, 1998: Eleazer Williams who lived in Green Bay from 1822 was rumored to be the lost dauphin, the son of Louis XVI of France. Robert L. Hall has contributed his article Eleazer Williams, Mohawk Between Two Worlds to the WFC library.

 July 22, 1998: Additional family histories (Bouchard, Tachon, Valiquette, etc.) have been added to the Family room.

 July 22, 1998: The following history research projects by students at the University of Wisconsin--Madison have been added to the Library:

 July 21, 1998: L. Agriculture et Les Valeurs Européennes: Fabrication du Fromage à Belmont, dans le Wisconsin , a student research paper by Amy Marczewski, University of Wisconsin-Madison, added to the Office.

 May 20, 1998: An interesting and humorous Footnote on the French Language in the Old Northwest by Robert L. Hall.

 May 6, 1998: Père Marquette and the Religious legacy of the French in Wisconsin. Marquette University was named for Jacques Marquette who came to Wisconsin in the 17th Century. Also see photos of Joan of Arc Chapel on the Marquette campus.

 May 5, 1998: Mardi Gras at Wauwatosa West High School. A photo essay for the WFC album.

  May4, 1998: Flambeau, a settlement on the Chippewa by Richard Casey.

  May 2, 1998: Descendents in the Chippewa Falls, Boyd, and Marshfield areas can consult this account of ten generations of the Venet and Loiselle families.

  May 1, 1998:Reflections on the early history of Flambeau, Wisconsin and history of the Gourdoux family of Flambeau

 April 30, 1998: A dozen more school exchange programs added to the WFC Office. If your school has one that you would like to make known, tell us about it.

 April 29, 1998: Students in Business French at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse interviewed representatives of State companies doing business in France

  April 7, 1998: A new book on American Indian Catholics reviewed.

 April 7, 1998: Mouton and Degeyser family members can consult this document in the family history archives.

 March 20, 1998: We have added a Site Map or Blueprint of the ever-growing Wisconsin's French Connections Web Site. It is readily accessible as the first link on the opening page (the Front Door), and describes the contents of the site's "rooms." The links on the "site blueprint" page are identical to those on the "front door" page, and the blueprint page will also function as an alternative to those whose browsers balk at loading the animation and audio on the front door.

 March 18, 1998: See update on UW-Milwaukee French film festival (March 21,22, 28,29) on the March calendar.

 March 17, 1998: Historical reenactors each year recreate the experience of life in "La Nouvelle France." Charles Balesi tells about the experience (in French)" and discusses the 18th Century historical context.

 March 17, 1998: Jacques Vieau was one of the European fathers of what was to become the State of Wisconsin. In 1816 he received this license to trade in Milwaukee.

 March 16, 1998: Attend the day-long Wisconsin's French Connections School Fair at UW-Milwaukee on May 7. See Information on WFC Fair. There is also an online Registration Form to print and return. See you at the Fair.

 March 16, 1998:Look ahead to Wisconsin Franco events for April and May In the WFC calendar of events.. Return often as more events are added.

&npsp;March 16, 1998: N.E. Wisconsin Dupuis, Archambault, Galarneau, and Piché families might like to consult this Dupuis family pedigree chart. Visit the WFC Family Room for periodic updates, and consider contributing the history of your own Wisconsin francophone connection.

 March11, 1998:"A Loose and Disorderly People: British Views of the French Canadians of the Upper Great Lakes, 1760-1774" an article by Kerry Trask from the Voyageur Magazine.

 March 5, 1998:One of the best "boudin" recipes on the Web is in the WFC Kitchen.

 March 3, 1998: March Calendar of Francophone events

 March 3, 1998:An article on French Island , an old French settlement on the Black River in La Crosse, from the La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press, August 4, 1935.

 March 2, 1998: Photos of the St. Croix River and other places with French names added to the photo album.

 February 20, 1998: Visit the WFC kitchen from time to time for new recipes. Find out what scrapple and "gigot qui pleure" are.

 February 5, 1998: Papineau is an important historical name in the history of Québec. Read part of the family history of the Wisconsin Papineaus in the family room.

 January 29, 1998: New category, Teaching Exchanges, added to the WFC Office. If you have participated in one, consider submitting text, photos etc.

 January 28, 1998: Two interviews with the sons of Jacques Vieau, fur trader in Green Bay and the first white settler in Milwaukee in the WFC library

 January 28, 1998: Photos of French and Indian war reenactment; early French colonial buildings; a Walloon Belgian Farm, and others scenes added to the Photo Album

 January 27, 1998:Locating International Business Resources in Wisconsin

 January 20, 1998: List of French family names in Madison, Wisconsin

 January 20, 1998: February francophone activities

 January 9, 1998: The new year begins with a lot of francophone activities in Milwaukee

 January 8, 1998:The Milwaukee Immersion School in pictures and text.

 January 7, 1998: "The Founders of Green Bay: A Marriage of Indian and White" by Jacqueline Peterson. Article from Voyageur added to Library.

 December 30, 1997: Booyah is an interesting and well-know feature in Wisconsin. Find out how it is made and where it came from in the Kitchen

 :December 30, 1997: Expanded Wisconsin/Francophone school exchange listing in Office

 December 23, 1997: The Wisconsin French Connections Project received a special commendation from Governor Thompson. Also see photo of presentation ceremony in the Photo Album

 December 22, 1997: Links to Wisconsin Study Abroad Programs added to Internet links in Media Center

 December 22, 1997: Sister City and Sister State update in the WFC Office.

 November 17, 1997:School Exchange Section (Wisconsin--Francophone countries) begun in the Office

 November 18,1997: See new business links in the Media Center.

 October 31, 1997:Early maps of Prairie du Chien and Green Bay in the Library. Article by Patrick Jung

 October 31, 1997: Article by Patrick Jung of Marquette University on French-Indian Intermarriage and the Creation of Métis Society in the Library.

 October 14, 1997:See photos added to the photo album

 October12, 1997:More Internet links added to theMedia Center.

 October 2. 1997: Newspaper article on discovery of what might have been an encampment site of French explorer, Nicholas Perrot along the Mississippi River. In Library.

 October 1, 1997: Early maps of North America and the Great Lakes added to Library.

 September 27, 1997: Internet Links to the Francophone World. Page started in theMedia Center.

 September 23, 1997: Article on Jacques Vieau, a father of European Wisconsin, added to the Library

 September 22, 1997:Wisconsin producers of French cheese. (Newspaper article in the Office).

 September 12, 1997:Recipe Collection begun in Kitchen

 September 12, 1997: Bibliography of Print Resources for the Study of the French and Francophone presence in Wisconsin added to the Library. This bibliography will be updated and expanded from time to time.

 September 5, 1997: Brochure on Walloon (Belgian) settlement in Wiscinsin added to the Library

 September 3, 1997: Article added to Library: "The Mapping of the Great Lakes in the 17th Century," by Mark Steuer.

 August 26, 1997: Traditional music section begun with several MIDI files in the Media Center

 August 13, 1997: Suggestions for beginning genealogists in Family Room

 August 6, 1997: Article in Library on Alexis de Tocqueville's 1831 visit to Green Bay

 August 6, 1997:Calendar of events with a francophone flavor around the state. August and September started. Consult regularly for updates.

 August 6, 1997: Revue de Presse notice about French foreign investment in the Office.

 August 4, 1997: Congressional Commemoration of two early explorers, Nicolet and La Salle.

 August 3, 1997: Family History Section Reorganized. Individual contributions now on separate pages.

 July 31, 1997: Family History section begun in Family Room. Through letter G


 July 31.1997: Article added to Library: "Origins of the French and English Names for the Bay of Green Bay"by Clifford Kraft.

 July 28.1997: A list of French Canadian and Acadian Family Names being researched by the French Canadian/Acadian Geologists of Wisconsin (Family Room.)

 July 25.1997: A list of SE Wisconsin French Family Names in "Family Room."

 July 25, 1997:1990 Census statistics indicating number of people in Wisconsin (by county) claiming French or French Canadian heritage (as their first response) in "Family Room"

 July 23, 1997: Practical Guidelines for submitting documents, photos, etc. for inclusion on the WFC Web site.

 July 21, 1997: This "What's New" section added to make it easier for frequent visitors to see what has been added since their last visit.

 July 14, 1997: Article added to "Library":Jean Nicolet, by Jerrold Rodesch (Voyageur Magazine). Also "Photo Album" started with picture of the Nicolet commemorative statue near the site of Nicolet's arrival in Ouisconsin in 1634

 July 12, 1997: Brochure on La Crosse (WI) -- Epinal (France) sister city agreement in "Office".

 July 8, 1997: List of francophone countries.

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