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Industry Program
Announcement of Opportunity (AO)
Program #11 For 2014-2015

This Industry Program (IP) Announcement of Opportunity (AO) replaces and supersedes the previous AO that was released last year. This AO is being provided only to Members of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium. The lead proposing organization for these opportunities must be a WSGC Industrial Member on the date of submittal.  

To provide grants and match grants for new and on-going projects which have space-related content to support Wisconsin industry initiatives and cooperation with Wisconsin academic institutions of Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium.

Eligibility Requirements:
Any WSGC industrial member, that is a large or small business, incorporated for profit, can submit an application proposal for this Announcement of Opportunity. Proposals must be submitted online. They are page limited, have specific format requirements, and shall only use CY-2014 WSGC Industrial Proposal Cover Page

Maximum value of awards and approximate number of awards are indicated below in Paragraphs A, B and D. Proposal efforts are typically one year in length or less. However, two-year proposed efforts will be considered.

Grant Period Covered by This IP:
April 23, 2014 – April 22, 2015  

Application Deadlines (Email received by Noon of the deadline day):
January 29, 2014

Award Announcements Anticipated:
March 21, 2014

AO Amendments:
Amendments may be made to this AO document at any time. If changes are made, a revised document will be sent out to the members via email.

For any clarifications regarding this AO, please contact:

Eric E. Rice
Associate Director, Industry Program
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
Space Center, 1212 Fourier Drive
Madison, WI 53717
Phone: 608-229-2730
Fax: 608-827-5050

Application Format:
The proposal applications are different for each IP Program Element.  The CY-2014 provided cover page must be used. No proposal may be over 4 pages in length - see special limits below. Font should be no smaller than 11 pt and margins no less than 1-inch are acceptable. Proposals that do not meet these requirements may not be evaluated.

General Evaluation Criteria:

The following list of criteria will be used in evaluating and selecting awards through a peer-review process. All proposals will be reviewed by the WSGC Director, the Associate Director for Industry Programs, and a Technical Advisory Panel composed of Industry Program Committee (IPC) members and other experts as necessary. All proposals must be approved by the WSGC Director. IPC members that submit proposals are excluded from evaluating their own proposals, but may evaluate others in non-competing categories. The criteria are as follows:

    1. Proposal is responsive to the specific AO topic and meets the basic proposal instructions
    2. Degree that the proposal meets the goals of the WSGC and Industry Program
    3. Degree of benefit to the space grant member(s) involved
    4. Potential for growth and expansion of aerospace business and activity
    5. Potential to benefit the involved individual(s) in space-related activities
    6. Potential to enhance education, knowledge and involvement of underrepresented groups
    7. Potential to solve a research or technology need and provide a payoff to state and national space activities
    8. Degree of commitment by the proposing organization
    9. Past performance on WSGC IP awards, if applicable
    10. Available WSGC budget
    11. Match provided to the proposed effort
    12. All proposals must align with NASA and WSGC goals (see and


Debriefings for successful or unsuccessful applications will not be provided.

Award Notification and Processing:
Once you have been notified of an award, to activate your grant(s), please submit invoices to WSGC referencing the name of the PI (Principal Investigator), organization, proposal number and type (A, B or D), and title of proposal and you will receive a check to carry out your project as per the funding procedures established for A, B and D. Award recipients should submit invoices to:

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
UW-Green Bay
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

Industrial Program Announcement of Opportunity and Additional Special Application Preparation Instructions:

Each of the paragraphs below (A, B and D) provide a description of the topic and additional instructions. Funding in all areas is contingent upon availability. Note: Opportunity D contains additional special requirements, which are discussed at the end of the specific instructions. We have dropped C, E and F elements because of a limited budget.

For instructions on applying, please read the Industry Program Application Instructions

A. Industrial Internship Program Announcement of Opportunity (AO)

Industrial Internship Program Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for students from member schools; a minimum 1:1 (1 out of 2) match is required (i.e. 50% of the total student direct salary or wages). Industry is encouraged to place intern job postings, if available, on the WSGC industrial website by the first of each year (50-word max job announcement text). This program could provide up to $2,500 per calendar year per student based upon a 1 to 1 match of student direct salary or wages. Students considered must be attending a WSGC member academic institution and working toward a degree. The company must be an industry member of the WSGC. Students should contact the companies directly for consideration. Students may post their biosketch on the WSGC website if they choose. A maximum of two students per company per calendar year are allowed. If a specific student is not proposed at the time of the proposal submittal, a detailed job description must be submitted and benefits to the hired student must be discussed.  Exceptions can be made if applications are limited. A WSGC Industry Program Committee (IPC) will make award recommendations to the WSGC Director.

Industrial Internship Program Instructions
Industrial Internship Application Page

B. Provide Industrial Education/Training Awards to Industry

Provide Industrial Education/Training Awards to Industry; minimum 1 out of 2 match of cost is required (i.e., 50% match by industry). An Announcement of Opportunity (AO) to WSGC member industries that provides up to $2,500 maximum support for industrial education/training for an aerospace-related program, workshop or conference for a member industry employee. A minimum of 50% match of the total cost by industry of all related costs is required. Typically this would include the cost of the conference/workshop, the associated travel, and the associated labor and overhead cost of the trainee to attend. To be eligible, the conference workshop must not begin before the award is made. The stipend would be awarded when the training has been completed.

Industrial Education/Training Program Instructions
Industrial Education/Training Application Page

D. Industry/Academic Partnerships for Space-Related Activities

Industry/Academic Partnerships for Space-Related Activities — No match required. This is an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) to WSGC member industries of seed money (up to a maximum of $4,000 per year) to develop member industrial/university collaboration/partnerships on an aerospace-related research problem. A maximum of two competitive selections per year will made by the IPC based upon technical review and potential. Companies may resubmit proposals to continue work from year-to-year, but must demonstrate how the activity has been beneficial to the company, the academic institution, the goals of WSGC, and how additional funding is necessary to expand upon those benefits. The partnership must be led by the industry organization and must have a member university/college element. A minimum of 25% must be spent by the company and academic institution or academic participant to qualify. WSGC will provide the budgeted funds to the lead company at the start of the effort. The company will make payment to the educational institution or its faculty or staff as it agrees with the school (subcontract or consulting agreement to the faculty). The company will develop a plan for development of new technology and IP that all involved parties agree to. Follow-on government proposals are encouraged if the program is successful.

Industry/Academic Partnerships Program Instructions
Industry/Academic Partnerships Application Page

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