Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields by recruiting and training the next generation of aerospace stakeholders.    

Industry Education/Training Program
Program #11 B For 2014-2015

B. Provide Industrial Education/Training Awards to Industry

Training Awards to Industry; minimum 1 out of 2 match of cost is required (i.e., 50% match by industry). An Announcement of Opportunity (AO) to WSGC member industries that provides up to $2,500 maximum support for industrial education/training for an aerospace-related program, workshop or conference for a member industry employee. A minimum of 50% match of the total cost by industry of all related costs is required. Typically this would include the cost of the conference/workshop, the associated travel, and the associated labor and overhead cost of the trainee to attend. To be eligible, the conference workshop must not begin before the award is made. The stipend would be awarded when the training has been completed. Specific instructions for "B" applications are:
  • Complete your proposal in a separate file
    • Describe the company scope and activities.
    • Describe the training course, workshop or conference.    
    • Provide a brief biosketch of the company trainee.
    • Describe the training that is expected and how it will benefit the employee, the company, and state and national space activities.
    • Provide a detailed budget summary of how all related funds would be spent and who would pay for what (be sure to include and define matching funds [50% of total]).
  • Fill out the online Industry Education/Training Application.
  • Upload your proposal
  • Upload the signed Certifications Page
  • Upon award and completion, industry member is to provide a brief summary of final costs and match data. Required information shall be emailed to
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