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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay faculty & staff provide an interdisciplinary, problem-focused educational experience that prepares students to think critically and address complex issues in a multicultural and evolving world. The University enriches the quality of life for students and the community by embracing the educational value of diversity, promoting environmental sustainability, encouraging engaged citizenship and serving as an intellectual, cultural and economic resource.

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Name Title
Abler, Rebecca Professor
Adsit, Theresa Senior Lecturer
Ahmed, Riaz Assistant Professor
Ahsan, Tanim Assistant Professor
Akakpo, Tohoro (Francis) Associate Professor
Albers, Patricia Senior Lecturer
Aldrete, Gregory Professor
Alexander, Michael Provost
Anam, Asm Assistant Professor
Arendt, Sherri Director of the Learning Center
Arendt, John Director, EMBI
Ashmann, Scott Professor and Assoc. Dean of the College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare
Atwood, Dana Associate Professor
Austin, Andrew Associate Professor
Baeten, Denise Office Manager, Counseling and Health
Bailey, Cindy CEO, UW-Green Bay|Marinette
Bakic, Rachele CEO, UW-Green Bay|Manitowoc
Bakshi, Mandeep Assistant Professor
Bandara, Dhanamalee Assistant Professor
Bankson, Lori Community Member
Bansal, Gaurav Professor
Bartelme, Amy Coordinator; Education
Battaglia, Carl Senior Lecturer
Baumgart, Cassandra Community Member
Baumgart, Paul Assistant Scientist
Bennett, Nolan Assistant Professor
Benzow, Jeffery Associate Professor
Bickner, Devin Associate Professor
Bina, Danielle Senior Lecturer
Blahnik, Brent Director, Office of International Education
Bodilly, Susan Director of Marketing
Boswell, Caroline Associate Professor
Bozzo, Alexander Lecturer
Brooks, Forrest Lecturer
Brusich, Doug Assistant Professor
Buboltz, Sadie Assistant Professor
Bubolz, Michael Applications Developer
Bugaj, Albert Professor
Burke, Katie Lecturer
Burns, Kathleen Associate Professor
Campbell, Thomas Associate Professor
Carlson-Gardner, Denise Lecturer
Carr, Bryan Associate Professor
Carrozzino-Lyon, Amy Adjunct Graduate Faculty Status (ES&P)
Casbourne, Michael Director of TRIO and Precollege Programs
Case, Julialicia Assistant Professor
Casper, Gary Adjunct Graduate Faculty Status (ES&P)
Chacon, Mario Assistant Professor
Chaloupka, Sara University Union Financial Specialist
Chaloupka, Wayne Repair Worker, Facilities
Chandna, Vallari Associate Professor
Charapata, Jenny HR Assistant
Chataut, Laxmi Assistant Professor
Chen, Franklin Associate Professor
Choi, Jae Hoon Assistant Professor
Christens, Gary Lecturer
Christian, Stacie Dir., Inclusive Excellence & Pride Center
Chu, Tsz Lun (Alan) Assistant Professor
Clampitt, Phillip Professor
Clarke, Heather Assistant Professor
Coen, Alise Associate Professor
Collins, Kevin Associate Professor
Cook, David Assistant Technical Director
Coury, David Professor
Cowell, Jason Assistant Professor
Cruz, Marcelo Associate Professor
Cupit, Illene Professor
Cutlan, Stephanie Lecturer
Dalberg, Jared Associate Professor
Damkoehler, Toni Professor
DaPra, Tara Lecturer
Darner, Linc Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Davis, Gregory Professor
Deetz, Kristy Professor
deHart, Pieter Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies
Delikowski, Laura Advisor/Transfer Recruiter
Depas, Jacob Director Of Development
Depeau, Amy Student Health Nurse
DePouw, Christin Associate Professor
Deprez, Terrisa Lecturer
Detweiler, Sarah Associate Professor
Dirienzo, William Assistant Professor
Dornbush, Mathew Dean of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business
Dovekas, Joanie Assistant Director, Residence Life
Draney, Michael Professor
Dresser, Todd Lead Instructional Designer
Emmett, Paul Professor
Entwistle, Jeffrey Professor
Erdman, Paul Associate Professor
Estrup, Cynthia Sergeant, Public Safety
Evenson, Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Fameree, Hannah GBOSS
Farley, Kate Instructional Technologist, ATS
Fencl, Heidi Professor
Fenster, Diane Community Member
Fermanich, Jill Environmental Health Specialist
Fermanich, Kevin Professor
Fernandez, Luis Assistant Professor
Fernandez-Meardi, Hernan Associate Professor
Flenz, Julie Human Resources Assistant
Fogaca, Janaina Assistant Professor
Forsythe, Patrick Associate Professor
Francl, Lisa Campus Executive Officer's Assistant (Manitowoc Campus)
Froelich, Shauna Lecturer
Froh-Tyrell, Jamie Student Teaching Coordinator
Gaines, Adam Associate Professor
Gallagher, Michael Assist. Director, Admissions
Gallagher-Lepak, Susan Dean of the College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare
Ganyard, Clifton Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Ganyard, Paula Director, Cofrin Library/Asst. Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
Gardner, Joanne
Garvey, McKenna Graduate Student
Gates, Alison Professor
Gear, William Assistant Professor
Geimer, Matthew Lecturer
Gerow, John Associate Director
Gichobi, Mary Assistant Professor
Gilreath, Myra Assistant Director/Advisor, TRIO
Gilson, Pamela Coordinator of Testing Services
Groessl, Joan Associate Professor
Grubisha, Lisa Associate Professor
Gunn, Kpoti Assistant Professor
Gurtu, Amulya Associate Professor
Guthrie, Charles Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Guy, Mary Senior Lecturer
Guzman, Claudia Director of Student Life
Hall, Stefan Associate Professor
Ham, Jennifer Professor
Hansen, Eric Associate Professor
Harris, Bud Professor Emeritus
Hart, Nancy Student Life and Development Coordinator
Harvey, Ethan Outdoor Adventure Rec. Coordinator
Haslam, Jamee Senior Advisor
Hein, Richard Professor
Helpap, David Associate Professor
Hencheck, Mike Associate Professor
Henniges, Amy Director of Health Service
Heyrman, Georgette Assistant Professor
Hicks, Patricia Senior Lecturer
Higgins, Doreen Associate Professor
Holly, Michael Assistant Professor
Holstead, Jenell Associate Professor
Hornick, Linda
Hossain, Maruf Assistant Professor
Houghton, Chris Post-Doctoral Associate
Hovarter, Rebecca Lecturer
Howe, Robert Professor
Huffcutt, Allen Associate Professor
Hulbert, Bryan Student Life
Hunt, Jenna Receptionist, Counseling and Health
Hutchison, Ray Professor
Ikizer, Elif Assistant Professor
Intemann, Jeremy Assistant Professor
Islam, MD Rasedul Assistant Professor
Jackson, Dolly Travel Coordinator, Controller's Office
Jacobson, Kinga Director of Institutional Strategy and Effectiveness
Jaio, Wei Assistant Professor
Jeffreys, Derek Professor
Jeon, Woo Professor
Johnson, Melvin Associate Professor
Jones, David Chief, Public Safety
Joniaux, Benjamin Chief of Staff
Jun, Myunghee Assistant Professor
Jurecki, Kathleen Dean Assistant, AECSOB
Kabrhel, Amy Associate Professor
Kabrhel, James Associate Professor
Kain, Kevin Senior Lecturer
Kallgren, Daniel Associate Professor
Kaminski, Heather Assistant Professor
Kannenberg, Greg Lead Custodian, Facilities Mgt
Kanzenbach, Nora Senior Advisor
Kaponya, Stephanie Program Coordinator, Student Life
Karau, Mark Professor
Katers, John Dean of the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Kaufman, Timothy Associate Professor
Kauth, Ryan Lecturer
Kaye, Harvey Professor
Keener, Holly Univ Exec Staff Assistant
Kennerhed, Fred Network Systems Administrator
Khalili, Setareh Associate Lecturer
Khan, Taskia Ahammad Lecturer
Kibbe, Carly Assistant Professor
Kiehn, Mark Associate Professor
Kim, Hye-Kyung Associate Professor
Klemp, Mark Associate Professor
Kline, Mike SA Services Coordinator / Head CC Coach
Kluge, Jayne University Services Program Associate, TRIO
Koffarnus, Amy Community Member
Konkol, Luke Instructional Technologist, ATS
Koroll, Jennifer Sr Advisor
Kottnitz, Ron Techn. Maint. Supervisor
Kraft, Michael Emeritus Faculty Member
Kraftcheck, Nathan Instructional Technologist
Krause, Synde Lecturer
Krueger, Jeffrey Director of the Kress Events Center Operations
Kuenzi, Kerry Assistant Professor
Kumar, Sampath Associate Professor
Kurth, Nicole Area Coordinator, Residence Life
Kusserow, Deanne Advisor
Lacey, Arthur Senior Lecturer
LaCount, Kate Academic Dept. Assoc.
Landrum, John Student Life
Lavin, Mary Sue Director of Phuture Phoenix
Lawrence, Heather Lecturer
Leary, J P Associate Professor
Lee, Minkyu Associate Professor
Levintova, Katia Professor
Lo Lee, Mai Diversity Director - MESA
Lockard, Craig Professor Emeritus
Locke, Sarah Financial Specialist, Purchasing
Loebl, James Associate Professor
Lor, Pao Professor
Louzecky, David Professor
Lowery, J. Vincent Associate Professor; Director of Student Success
Luczaj, John Professor
Lutsky, Berel Professor
Lybbert, Breeyawn Assistant Professor
Machuca, Susan Campus Executive Officer Asst - Sheboygan
Mahfuz, Mohammad Assistant Professor
Malloy, Kaoime Professor
Malysheva, Tetyana Assistant Professor
Mariano, John Associate Professor
Marker, James Associate Professor
Martin, Ryan Professor
Maternowski, Aaron Database Administrator
Mattis, Ann Associate Professor
McIntire, Michael Associate Professor
McMillion, John Electronics Technician, ATS
McQuade Dewhirst, Michelle Professor
Meacham, Rebecca Professor
Meder, Randall Associate Professor
Medland, Vicki Associate Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity
Meinhardt, Daniel Associate Professor
Meredith Livingston, Sarah Professor
Merkel, Brian Associate Professor
Merry, Anna Research/Instruction Librarian
Meyer, James Senior Lecturer
Meyer, Steven Associate Professor
Meyer, Andrew Advisor, Admissions
Mezger, Kim University Services Associate
Moore, Dan University Videographer/Photographer
Morgan, Eric Associate Professor
Mueller, Paul Assistant Professor
Mullen, Theresa Academic Department Associate and ADA Coordinator
Murphy, Stephanie Senior Advisor
Murphy, Dianne Assistant Professor
Murrenus Pilmaier, Valerie Associate Professor
Nadeau, Parker
Nash, Melissa HR Specialist/AA Officer
Nelson, Amanda Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Science and Technology
Nesslein, Thomas Associate Professor
Nesvet, Rebecca Associate Professor
Neverman, Brock General Manager, Weidner Center
Newton, Steven Program Coordinator for Career Development
Niemi, Lynn Director of Disability Services
Nikolakakis, Kiel Lecturer
Nimmer, Kurt Electrician, Facilities
Nolan, Laura Cpe & Wi Cbrf Trn Reg Prg Spec
Noltner, Megan Human Resources Specialist
Norfleet, Mark Assistant Professor
Novotny, Adam Student Life
O'Claire, Kaitlyn Campus Executive Officer Asst. - Marinette
Olkowski, Mark Assistant Dean of Students
Olson Hunt, Megan Associate Professor
Onoda, Megumi Associate Professor
Ortiz, Cristina Professor
Paquet, Christopher Special Assistant, Business and Finance
Pearson, Debra Associate Professor
Pearson, Ruth Student Services Specialist
Phoenix, Laurel Associate Professor
Pierre, Jodi Research/Instruction Librarian
Pinkston, Paul Director of Facilities Management
Pott, Uwe Associate Professor
Poupart, Lisa Associate Professor
Powell, Nina Lecturer
Pynaker, Monika Network System Administrator
Rabideau, Brian
Radosevich, David Associate Professor
Ransom, Emily Assistant Professor
Raunio, Matthew Associate Professor
Rector, Michael Associate Professor
Reichenberger, Alexandra Fitness Coordinator
Reilly, Kimberley Associate Professor
Reilly, Janet Associate Professor
Renier, Darrel Director
Resch, Wayne Community Member
Rhee, Stephanie Assistant Professor
Richer, Renee Assistant Professor
Richter Landers, Jena Social Media Specialist
Riddle, Laura Professor
Rodesch, Jerrold Emeritus Professor, HUS
Ronsman, Jennifer Lecturer
Ross, Lacy Chief Justice, Student Court
Rotter, Lynn Manager, University Ticketing
Rouse, Janice
Rubaiya, Nabila Lecturer
Rued, Nichole Associate Lecturer
Ruzek, Joy Director of Continuing Education and Community Engagement
Rybak, Chuck Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Rysavy, Tracy Lecturer
Sager, Paul Professor Emeritus, NAS
Salerno, John Associate Professor
Sallak, William Assistant Professor
Sallmann, Jolanda Associate Professor
Santy, Katelyn Student Recruit & Enrollment Coordinator
Sauter, Mark Instructional Specialist
Schanen, Jennifer Lecturer
Schindl, Karl Professor
Schmelzer, Lisa Program Asst., USPA, TRIO
Schoenebeck, Joseph Lab Manager
Schornack, Miranda Assistant Professor
Schramm, James CEO, UW-Green Bay|Sheboygan
Schuetze, Sarah Assistant Professor
Schulz, Jeffery Campus Facilities Planner
Sengkhammee, Bao Multicultural Advisor, Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs Office
Senzaki, Sawa Associate Professor
Serrano, Rosa Multicultural Advisor
Shedrow, Stephanie Assistant Professor
Shelton, Jon Associate Professor
Sherman, Courtney Associate Professor
Sherman, Heidi Associate Professor
Sigismondi, Anthony Academic Librarian
Sims-Aubert, Gail Director, Residence Housing; Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Climate
Sipiorski, Kimberly Payroll & Benefits Supervisor / ADA
Smith, Christine Associate Professor
Smith, Larry Professor Emeritus, SCD
Smith, Raelynn Athletic Compliance & Degree Audit Specialist, Registrars Office
Smith Leiker, Tracy Senior Lecturer
Sorbo, Addie Senior Lecturer
Stack, Jared Associate Justice, Student Court
Stahlheber, Karen Assistant Professor
Staudinger, Alison Associate Professor
Stoll, John Professor
Stone Thornberry, Rebecca Associate Professor
Strelka, Debra Coordinator, Library Processing
Strickland, Kelli Executive Director, Weidner Center
Strzok, Katelyn Admissions Advisor
Stueber, Dana Health Educator, Couns and Health
Talbott, Christy Associate Professor
TBA, Student
Teclezion, Mussie Associate Professor
Ternes, Teri University Services Associate
Terry, Patricia Professor
Theobald, Morgan Enrollment Services Front Desk Advisor
Thota, Jagadeep Assistant Professor
Tiwari, Praneet Lecturer
Tomashek-Ditter, Barb Business Analyst
Toonen, Linda Senior Lecturer
Trimberger, Gail Associate Professor
Truckenbrod, Jolene Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Turkiewicz, Katie Associate Professor
Tyczkowski, Brenda Associate Professor
Uebelherr, Thomas Professor
Van Erem, Tracy Univ Exec Staff Asst
Van Gruensven, Sheryl Vice Chancellor for Bus & Finance / HR Director
Van Oss, Amy Advisor, Academic Advising
Van Slooten, Jessica Associate Professor
Vande Yacht, Daniel Registrar
Vandenhouten, Christine Associate Professor
Vespia, Kristin Associate Professor
Villanueva, Nydia Senior Lecturer
Vlies, Kimberly Web/Graphic Designer
Voelker, David Professor
Voelker, Allen Student Employment / Scholarship Coordinator
VonDras, Dean Professor
Voss, Kay Advisor, Business
Wagner, Sara Lecturer
Walter, Lynn Professor Emerita, SCD
Warner, Lora Associate Professor
Warpinski, Patrick Community Veterinarian
Warren, Sherry Assistant Professor
Warwick, Jessica Lecturer
Watson, Samuel Assistant Professor
Webb, Kenneth Post-Doctoral Associate
Webster, Bobbie Natural Areas Ecologist, Ctr for Biodiversity
Weinschenk, Aaron Associate Professor
Welch, Bethany
Welhouse, Lauri Academic Advisor, Enrollment Services
Welsch, Brian Assistant Professor
Wenger, Robert Professor Emeritus, NAS
West, Keith Associate Professor
Wheat, Elizabeth Associate Professor
Wicka, Lisa Assistant Professor
Wikgren, Paul IS Business Automation Specialist
Wildenberg, Amanda University Services Associate
Williams, Crystal Program Associate, Education Outreach
Williams, Christopher Assistant Professor
Wilson-Doenges, Georjeanna Professor
Winkler, Kerry Continuing Professional Education & WI Caregiver Academic Program Specialist
Wolf, Amy Professor
Wondergem, Julie Associate Professor
Yadav, Dinesh Assistant Professor
Yang, Sheng Lee Lecturer
Yang, Pang University Services Program Assoc
Yang, Yongjun Associate Professor
Yazbec, Bill Associate Lecturer
Yoo, Joseph Assistant Professor
Young, Jennifer Assistant Professor
Zarling, James Area Coordinator
Zhou, WenKai Assistant Professor
Zhu, Le Associate Professor
Zorn, Michael Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Science and Technology
Zuege-Halvorsen, Teri Dir Cpe & Wi Caregiver Acad