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Commitment to Education

"The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is dedicated to the idea of an educated person as one who is guided by the love of learning, committed to inquiry, creativity and scholarship through interdisciplinary and disciplinary approaches to defining and solving problems, and who is an active citizen providing service to the community (Chancellor's commitment to the idea of an educated person)."

We Pledge

In support of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s Urban-serving Strategic Vision, and in alignment with the University’s Select Mission, Academic Affairs pledges to:

  1. Make student success our highest priority;
  2. Increase student access in order to meet the needs of the region;
  3. Offer distinctive programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  4. Create opportunities for Coastal NE to flourish;
  5. Develop a diverse university that reflects the community;
  6. Foster community relationships; and
  7. Enable professional growth of faculty and staff through creativity, innovation, and scholarship.

Distinctive Programs

Distinctive programs and relationships that create opportunities for Coastal NE to flourish (#3 and #4). UW-Green Bay will offer an array of high-quality, diverse, innovative, and transformative educational programs that reflect the present and future needs of Coastal NE Wisconsin.

Access & Support

Success of students, whether it be through access to education, academic achievement, student retention and advancement, or holistic development, is our highest priority (#1 and #2 and #5). UW-Green Bay will enroll and graduate students to meet the needs of the region for talent and workforce development. UW-Green Bay will recruit and retains a diverse student body that reflects the diversity of the Greater Green Bay Community and the Coastal NE Wisconsin region we serve.

Meaningful Growth

A leading regional comprehensive university that fosters community relationships and an environment of professional and personal growth through creativity, service, and scholarship (#6 and #7). UW-Green Bay actively seeks out and builds strong and long-lasting relationships, partnerships, and collaborations with businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals within Northeast Wisconsin and beyond.