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Coastal NE Wisconsin

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UW-Green Bay creates opportunities for Coastal NE to flourish.

Priority Actions

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C. Engage Sheboygan initiatives and activities

Goal is to Create Access

The additional locations will serve as an affordable, open-access starting point for students in our region. We anticipate 50% of our students who earn their AAS Degree will transition to main campus for baccalaureate completion. Additionally, place bound students will have the opportunity to complete signature majors at each of the locations. Students who are not admissible to main campus will be redirected to begin their studies at an additional location. Continued work to create involvement opportunities for these students will be necessary.

Sheboygan Enrollment Increase by 2025

2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022 2022/2023 2023/2024 2024/2025
320 +5%
16 Students Overall = 336
31 Students Overall = 367
62 Students Overall = 429
86 Students Overall = 515
113 Students Overall = 628

Degree Programs at Sheboygan Campus

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering with a 3+2 program with Milwaukee
  3. Engineering Technology
  4. Visual Arts
  5. BFA in Writing
  6. Business Administration
  7. Health information Management and Technology
  8. Psychology

Top Priorities

  • The Sheboygan campus focus moving forward includes:‚Äč
    • Students who go direct from high school into workplace and within a year or two determine that they need further education.
      • There is a significant (approximately 50%) of Sheboygan students who graduate from the local high schools who do not pursue higher education. Many of these students are minority students who do not visualize themselves as “college” students.
      • Marketing to the South from Sheboygan could be a tactic. Especially to communities just North of Milwaukee including Northern Milwaukee, Saukville and Port Washington.
      • Grow scholarship opportunities (70% of students Pell grant eligible)/