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Professional Growth

Create an environment that allows, encourages, and supports faculty and staff to grow both professionally and personally.

Priority Actions

  1. Define the Ways We Achieve the Values of Innovation, Transformation, and Place.
  2. Develop and Implement a Comprehensive Professional Development Plan led by a Chair’s Council.
    1. Focus on university-wide and constituency-specific groups and outcomes.
    2. Address changing professional development needs throughout an employee's career.
    3. Incorporate sound pedagogical approaches.
  3. Promote Institutional Structures (review, tenure, promotion) that Support Professional Growth Goals.
  4. Clarify and Cultivate Faculty and Staff Service Expectations to Broaden the Definition of Service.
  5. Support Scholarship and Creative Activities.
    1. Transform Office of Grants and Research to better promote and facilitate faculty, staff, and student scholarship and creative activities:
      • Increase Professional Development Offerings and Training Options
      • Build preliminary infrastructure for the promotion of Undergraduate Research Scholarly and Creative Activities (URSCA) activities
    2. Increase effectiveness of university funds in promoting faculty scholarly and creative productivity (e.g. infrastructure development, workload distribution)
    3. Transform Office of Grants and Research to expand extramural granting:
      • Clarify extra-mural Processes and Policies
      • Increase number of submissions, distribution of proposals among Colleges and Departments, and total requested/awarded dollars
      • Increase effectiveness of university funds in leveraging faculty and staff extramural funding (e.g. infrastructure development, workload distribution, matching funds)
      • Identify a mechanism for improved communication and dissemination of faculty, staff, and student scholarly and creative products Concept of lifecycle approach (concept to creation to completion to celebration)