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Areas of Emphasis

Relevant Classes for Today’s Workplace

The Accelerated Degree allows for the option of one of four emphases Business Concepts, Foundations of Education, Organizational Development or Workforce Solutions. 

Business Concepts will develop your business skills, covering strategic and people management, operations and financial planning.

Foundations of Education anticipates the demand for teachers and instructors inside and outside the classroom at the elementary, high school, postsecondary and professional levels. An Accelerated Degree with an Education Emphasis will meet the requirements needed for students to apply for a substitute teacher license.‚Äč

Organizational Development is concerned with the dynamic between individuals, teams and organizations in the setting and achievement of goals.

Workforce Solutions interfaces culture, interpersonal communications and organizational behavior, creating synergy for the workplaces of tomorrow.

The degree program also includes an opportunity for a capstone experience or final project, which puts together everything students have learned in the context of a real-world problem or challenge. Students are encouraged to use their own work environment for their capstone experience.

Course List

General Education Courses
Introduction to Leadership
College Writing
Intro to Psychology
Business Ethics
World Regions and Concepts
Human Disease & Society
Math Appreciation or Social Science Statistics
Intro to Film
Cultural Images in Materials
Intro to Social Justice
Business and Its Environment
Professional Writing for Business Majors
Intro to Environmental Science (Lab)
Popular Music Since 1955
Emphasis Courses
Badge for Business Concepts
Business Concepts

Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
Business and its Environment
Personal Financial Planning
Organizational Behavior Across Sectors

Badge for foundations of education
Foundations of Education Emphasis

Cultural Images in Materials
Concepts, Issues, & Field Experience in Education
Special Topics (substitute teacher prep requirement with DPI)
Fundamentals of Public Address

Badge for organizational development
Organizational Development Emphasis

Organizational Behavior Across Sectors
Budgeting & Financial Management
Human Resource & Risk Management
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication

Badge for workforce solutions
Workforce Solutions Emphasis

Organizational Behavior Across Sectors
Personal Financial Planning
Ethnic Diversity & Human Values
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication


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