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Affordable Investment

Full Speed: The Accelerated Degree can be completed at full speed over the course of five semesters, allowing students to spread out the investment. Tuition breakdown may vary when students are taking their area of emphasis courses.

Semester   Credits     Cost 
Fall 1 12-15 credits $2,927.88
Spring 1 12-15 credits $2,927.88
Summer 9 credits $1,412.58
Fall 2 12-15 credits $2,927.88
Spring 2 12-15 credits $2,927.88
TOTAL 60 credits $13,124.10

Self-Paced: Students may also earn the degree at their own pace, paying for classes as they go. 

Course Levels Cost Per Credit
100-200  $197.93
300+ $262.43
The majority of coursework will be 100-200 level with 1-3 courses within the area of emphasis being 300 level. Tuition will include cost per credit, listed above, plus distance education and segregated fees. Detailed fee information can be found on our Bursar's Office webpage. 

NOTE: All c
osts are an ESTIMATE of tuition, distance education and segregated fees, subject to student's customized program.