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When it comes to education, adult learners have different concerns than traditional students. You are balancing a job, family, career aspirations and other responsibilities. You have dreams, but you also need to manage the day by day. You don't have time to waste.

That's where the Accelerated Degree Program comes in.

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Choose Your Path

Choose the path that fits your life, experience and goals. As you work with Anne Flesch, your dedicated Student Services Coordinator, she will help you build a success plan milestone by milestone. Gain confidence with a Certificate in Business Concepts, Organizational Development, Foundations of Education or Workforce Solution. Seamlessly proceed to your next goal. Or jump right into an associate's or bachelor's degree. You decide.

Area of Emphasis/Certificate

12 credits can apply toward an associate degree designed to meet workforce demand.

Associate of Arts & Science Degree

48 credits plus a 12 credit certificate for 60 total credits. You're halfway to a bachelor's degree!

Bachelor's Degree

Complete a total of 120 credits. Many degree pathways exist, which can be evaluated based on your experience and goals.

Get Credit for Prior Learning

What do we mean by prior learning? Prior learning can be any knowledge or abilities that you have gained outside of formal higher education. Any skills acquired through work, military, technical training or other experiences may be recognized and applied toward the required credits. Ask Anne for an unofficial credit evaluation to learn where you stand with prior learning.

Flexible Class Scheduling

You can enroll in the Accelerated Degree Program at any time during the year and will start taking classes during the first available semester — January, Fall, Spring or Summer. 3-week courses are offered in January. During fall and spring, 7-week courses are the primary option with 14-week courses recommended as needed. In summer, 4-week, 6-week, 8-week and 10-week courses are offered. Each class is typically 3 credits.

Childcare Support

We have launched a Phoenix Childcare Support Program. Students who are Pell Grant eligible or have a demonstrated financial need can apply each semester for a grant to be applied towards the expense of daycare for children aged infant to 12-years old.


The cost of a class is determined by the number of credits and will depend on whether you are degree or non-degree seeking. See Bursar's Office for tuition and fees.

Next Steps

All accelerated classes will be offered online. When you enroll in the program, you will benefit from branch campus tuition. Therefore, you will need to choose a branch campus location closest to where you live — either Manitowoc, Marinette or Sheboygan. Important enrollment deadlines are available from the Bursar's Office.

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First, reach out to Anne. She will work with you to evaluate your long-term goals and prior learning and help you identify the best pathway for you to achieve your desired result.

Check out our helpful hints.

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Apply Online

Remember if you are applying for the Accelerated Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree, choose one of our branch campus locations — Manitowoc, Marinette or Sheboygan. New users will need to create an account.

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All applications to the Accelerated Degree Program go to Anne. When she sees your application, she will reach out with assistance to make sure there aren't any holdups.

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Your Helping hand

Anne Flesch is your helping hand to getting started with the Accelerated Degree Program and your first step to accomplishing your goals and career aspirations! 

Contact Anne