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Forward-thinking companies are "building" skilled people by training personnel in-house to meet the unique needs of their business. Training costs are an investment and provide an opportunity for companies to develop organizational knowledge. 

The Accelerated Degree is an innovative solution for companies that are ready to advance their people with a timely and pertinent degree program.

Offering Relevant Coursework for Today's Workplace

With the Accelerated Degree, employees will pursue an Associate of Arts and Science (AAS) degree and will select an area of emphasis that encompasses courses relevant for today's workplace.

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Business Concepts
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Foundations of Education
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Organizational Development
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Workforce Solutions

As part of the degree requirements, employees will complete a Capstone Experience right at the company they work for. The capstone will synthesize all their learning by requiring employees to apply knowledge and concepts on an actionable project or initiative. Employees will earn credits towards their AAS degree. Employers will win strategic payback by promoting employees to essential positions of growth and an intentional return on their investment in employee retention and motivation.

Developing a Culture of Talent-Driven Innovation

Senior business leaders in both the public and private sectors have identified talent-driven innovation as the number one determinant of competitiveness. Training and developing existing employees may be one of the most effective ways to address the skills challenge and to develop a sustainable talent strategy. 

A sustainable talent strategy contributes to the culture of a company in many tangible and intangible ways:

Investing in current employees not only improves retention but having a talent-driven reputation enables a company to attract future talent.

Forward-thinking companies increase productivity and achieve growth and successfully evolve employees' workforce skills in areas that matter: communication, leadership, operations and global awareness.

With Accelerated Degree, employees may also earn credit for prior learning experiences at the company or in the military, which is all part of the initial onboarding evaluation. 


Employees can undertake an Accelerated Degree full-speed over the course of five semesters or self-paced over a longer duration, allowing companies to plan appropriately for the investment

Ensuring Success with a Dedicated Success Coach

Employees will work directly with a dedicated Student Success Coach during every phase of the process, including:

  1. Application Process

  2. Academic and Career Counseling Process

  3. Process of Exploring Prior Learning for Credit

State of the Workforce
The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that seven million job vacan­cies now exist in the American economy, confirmed by a near-universal complaint from business leaders, “We can’t find enough people who can do the job.” Of surveyed employers:
  • 75% across industry sectors reported a shortage of skilled workers.

  • 60% were dissatisfied with the preparation of entry-level job applicants.

  • 90% reported the skills shortage is negatively impacting productivity and employee satisfaction, and is exacerbating staff turnover.

  • A survey among U.S. manufacturers indicated that the positions most difficult to fill are often essential to their growth plans.

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